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Neichelson, Guillaume
Nichelson, Guillaume
Nicholson, William
Nicholson, William (kemičar)
Weak but Sincere Christian
Weak Christian
William Nicholson (britischer Elektrochemiker, Schriftsteller, Übersetzer, Journalist, Verleger, Wissenschaftler, Erfinder des Aräometers und Entdecker der Elektrolyse)
William Nicholson (chemicus)
William Nicholson (chimico e saggista inglese)
William Nicholson (chimiste)
William Nicholson (founder of early scientific journal in Britain)
Уильям Николсон
വില്യം നിക്കോൾസൺ
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Beniowski, Maurycy August (1746-1786))
Benyovszky, Móric Ágost (1741-1786)
Benyowsky, Maurice Auguste
Duverne de Praile, Thomas
Kajdański, Edward
Oliver, Samuel Pasfield (1838-1907))
Parker Society
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Robinson, George (1736-1801))
Tredgold, Thomas (1788-1829))
Ure, Andrew (1778-1857)
Venturi, Giovanni Battista (1746-1822))
Young, Thomas (1773-1829))
abstract of such acts of Parliament as are now in force, for preventing the exportation of wool and other commodities, tools and implements used in the manufacture thereof, An : and also for preventing the seducing of artists to foreign parts : with a copious index extracted from the statutes and printed by order of the General Chamber of Manufacturers of Great Britain
Annual report of The Parker Society, 2
Art of bleaching piece-goods, cottons and threads... by Pajot Des Charmes,... Translated from french, with an appendix., The
British encyclopedia; or, Dictionary of arts and sciences, comprising an accurate and popular view of the present improved state of human knowledge.
Description des machines à vapeur, et détail des principaux changemens qu'elles ont éprouvés depuis l'époque de leur invention, et des améliorations qui les ont fait parvenir à leur état actuel de perfection
description of a new instrument for measuring the specific gravity of bodies. By William Nicholson, in a letter to Mr. Magellan., A
dictionary of chemistry and mineralogy, with their applications, A
dictionary of chemistry, ... with a considerable number of tables, ... Illustrated with engravings. By William Nicholson. In two volumes., A
doubts of infidels ... 1840?:, The
doubts of the infidels or, queries relative to scriptural inconsistencies and contradictions. Submitted to the consideration of the bench of bishops. By a weak Christian., The
Einleitung in die Naturlehre. - 1787 -
Elémens de chimie.
Elements of chemistry. By M. I.A. Chaptal, Chevalier of the Order of the King, professor of chemistry at Montpellier, honorary inspector of the mines of France, and member of several academies of sciences, medicine, agriculture, inscriptions, and belles lettres. Translated from the French. Three volumes in one
Experimental enquiries concerning the principle of the lateral communication of motion in fluids : applied to the explanation of various hydraulic phenomena
Experiments and observations on electricity by Mr. William Nicholson
exposition of the catechism of the church of England...., An
First principles of chemistry
General biography, or Lives critical and historical of the most eminent persons of all ages, countries, conditions and professions, arranged according to alphabetical order, composed by John Aikin, Mr. Nicholson and others. Vol. the 2d [-and the 3d]
introduction to natural philosophy, An
Introduzionne alla filosofia naturale di Guglielmo Nicholson, tradotta dall' inglese con note ed emendazioni,...
Journal of natural philosophy, chemistry and the arts...
Lancelot : le premier chevalier
Mémoire sur la communication laterale du mouvement dans les fluides.
Memoirs and travels of Mauritius Augustus count de Benyowsky.
navigator's assistant containing the theory and practice of navigation, with all the tables requisite for determining a ship's place at sea. By William Nicholson., The
Nicholson's journal
Public General Acts.
remains of Edmund Grindal, D. D. successively Bishop of London, and Archbishop of York and Canterbury, The
Tracts on hydraulics.
Voyages et mémoires de Maurice-Auguste, Comte de Benyowsky.
האנציקלופדיה הבריטית