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Benham, George
Bentam, George
Bentham, G.
Bentham, George
Bentham, George (Esq. F.L.S.)
Bentham, Georgius
Bentham, Jorge
Corc Bentam
George Bentham (botanico inglese)
George Bentham (botaniste anglais)
George Bentham (britischer Botaniker)
George Bentham (British botanist)
George Bentham (Brits botanicus (1800-1884))
Georgius Bentham
Джордж Бентам
Джордж Бентам (англійський ботанік)
ג'ורג' בנטם (בוטנאי בריטי)
جورج بنتهام
జార్జి బెంథామ్
ജോർജ്ജ് ബന്താം
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Arnott, George Arnold Walker (co-author)
Bentham, Jeremy (1748-1832))
Bentham, Jeremy (co-author)
Cosson, Ernest (co-author)
Durand, Théophile (co-author)
Filipiuk, Marion (co-author)
Hinds, Richard Brinsley (co-author)
Hocker, Joseph Dalton
Hooker, J.D. (1817-1911)
Hooker, Joseph Dalton
Hooker, Joseph Dalton (1817-1911)
Hooker, Joseph Dalton (co-author)
Hooker, William Jackson Sir, 1785-1865
Mueller, Ferdinand von (co-author)
Müller, Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich (1825-1896)
Müller, Ferdinand von (1825-1896)
Turgot, Anne Robert Jacques (1727-1781)
Vogel, Theodor (co-author)
Vogel, Theodore (1812-1841)
Webb, Philip Barker (1793-1854)
Account of two new genera allied to Olacineae
Address read at the anniversary meating of the Linnean Society ... -
botanical descriptions, The
Botany of the voyage of H. M. S. "Sulphur"... during the years 1836-1842... Edited and superintended by Richard Brinsley Hinds,... The botanical descriptions by George Bentham,..., The
Catalogue des plantes indigènes des Prénées et du Bas-Languedoc... précédé d'une notice sur un voyage botanique fait dans les Pyrénées pendant l'été de 1825, par George Bentham
Catalogue des plantes indigènes des Pyrénées et du Bas Languedoc, avec des observations sur les espèces nouvelles ou peu connues
Commentationes de leguminosarum generibus
Défense de l'usure
Descriptio plantarum novarum in itinere Cyrenaico a Cl. Rohls detectarum, auctore E. Cosson. - Compositarum genus novum Algeriense, auctoribus G. Bentham et E. Cosson. - Biscutellae species explanatae et dispositae, auctore E. Cosson
Enumeratio plantarum quas in Novae Hollandiae ora austro-occidentali ad Fluvium Cygnorum et in Sinu Regis Georgii collegit Carolus liber baro de Hügel.
Essai sur la nomenclature et la classification des principales branches d'art-et-science, ouvrage extrait du "Chrestomathia" de Jérémie Bentham, par George Bentham
Essai sur la situation politique de l'Espagne
Flora australiensis, a description of the plants of the australian territory, by George Bentham,... assisted by Ferdinand Mueller,...
Flora brasiliensis : sive enumeratio plantarum in Brasilia hactenus detectarum.
Flora Hongkongensis. -
flora sylvatica for southern India: containing quarto plates of all the principal timber trees in southern India and Ceylon, accompanied by a botanical manual, with descriptions of every known tree and shrub, and analysis of every genus not figured in the plates, The
Genera of flowering plants (Angiospermae), based principally on the "Genera plantarum", The
Genera plantarum ad exemplaria imprimis in herbariis kewensibus servata definita, auctoribus G. Bentham et J. D. Hooker,...
Géographie biologique
George Bentham autobiography, 1800-1834
Handbook of the british flora a description of the flowering plants and ferns indigenous to, or naturalized in, the british isles
Index generum phanerogamorum usque ad finem anni 1887 promulgatorum in Benthami et Hookeri "Genera plantarum" fundatus cum numero specierum synonymis et area geographica
Labiat. gen. spec.
Labiatarum genera et species, or A description of the genera and species of plants of the order labiatae, with their general history, characters, affinities, and geographical distribution
Leguminosae centroamericanae : Bestemmelser og beskrivelser
Leguminosae II et III : Swartzieae, Caesalpinieae, Mimoseae
Niger flora; or, An enumeration of the plants of western tropical Africa
Notes on Gramineae
Notes on Homalium
Notes on Mimoseae, with a synopsis of species
Notes on Orchidea
Notes on the classification, history, and geographical distribution of compositæ/ by George Bentham, 1873:
Observations on some genera of plants connected with flora of Guiana
Œuvres de J. Bentham, jurisconsulte anglais
On African Anonaceae
On Fissicalyx and Prioria, two recently published genera of Leguminosse
On the distribution of the monocotyledonous orders into primary groups, more especially in reference to the Australian flora, with notes on some prints of terminology
On the genus Henriquezia of Spruce : read February 3rd, 1859
On the Heliamphora nutans, a new pitcher-plant from British Guiana : read February 4, 1840
Outline of a new system of logic with a critical examination of Dr Whately's "Elements of logic"
Outlines of botany, with special reference to local Floras : for the use of beginners and amateurs
Outlines of elementary botany, as introductory to local floras
Papilionaceae ; Leguminosae I
Plantae Hartwegianae. -
précédé d'une Notice sur un voyage botanique fait dans les Pyrénées pendant l'été de 1825
Report on some of the more remarkable hardy ornamental plants : raised in the Horticultural Society's garden from seeds received from Mr. David Douglas in the years 1831, 1832, 1833
Revision of the genus Cassia : read March 4th, 1869
Revision of the suborder Mimoseae
Scrophularineae indicae a synopsis of the East Indian scrophularineae contained in the collections presented by the East India Company....
Scrophularineas' indica : A synopsis of the East Indian Scrophularineas' contained in the collection preseuted by the Indian company to the Linnean Society of London and in those of Mr Royle and others
Suite du travail de M. G. Bentham sur les Labiées (Troisième article.).
Supplemental papers to "Bentham and Hooker's genera plantarum"
Synopsis of Lagnotidae, a tribe of Rhirophorocea
synopsis of the dalbergieae, a tribe of the leguminosae, A
Twee engelse botanisten in de Pyreneeën, 1825