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Baldwin, R.
Baldwin, R. E.
Baldwin, Richard
Baldwin, Richard E.
Baldwin, Richard E. (econoom)
Baldwin, Richard (économiste)
Baldwin, Richard Edward
Richard Baldwin
Richard Baldwin (European economist)
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Computer file
Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Alesina, Alberto
Anderton, Robert
Baldwin, R.E.
Baldwin, Richard E
Baldwin, Richard E.
Baldwin, Richard Edward
Baldwin, Robert E.
Baldwin, Robert Edward
Berglöf, Erik
Boeri, Tito
Braconier, H.
Braconier, Henrik
Cohen, Daniel
Columbia University Affiliation (see also from)
Di Nino, Virginia
DiNino, Virginia
E. Baldwin, Richard
Evenett, Simon J.
Flam, Harry
Fontagné, Lionel
Forslid, R.
Forslid, Rikard
Francois, Joseph
Francois, Joseph F.
Giavazzi, Francesco
Haaland, J.I.
Haaland, Jan
Haaland, Jan I.
Haaparanta, Pertti
Harrigan, James
Hufbauer, Gary Clyde
Ito, Tadashi
Jaimovich, Dany
Krugman, Paul
Krugman, Paul R.
Lopez-Gonzalez, Javier
Lyons, R.K.
Lyons, Richard
Lyons, Richard K
Lyons, Richard K.
Martin, P.
Martin, Philippe
Martin, Philippe J.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Bureau of Economic Research Affiliation (see also from)
Nino, Richard Baldwin Virginia Di
Nino, Virginia Di
Okubo, Toshihiro
Ottaviano, G.I.P.
Ottaviano, Gianmarco I P
Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
Ottaviano, Gianmarco I.P.
Ottaviano, Gianmarco Ireo Paolo
Portes, Richard
Rieder, Roland
Robert-Nicoud, Frédéric
Robert, Anderton
Sapir, André
Seghezza, Elena
Skudelny, Frauke
Taglioni, Daria
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies / International Economics Section
Toshihiro, OKUBO
Université de Genève Institut de hautes études internationales Affiliation (see also from)
Venables, Anthony
Venables, Anthony J
Venables, Anthony J.
Venables, Tony
Widgrén, Mika
Wyplosz, Charles
Agglomeration and endogenous capital
Agglomeration and growth with and without capital mobility
Agglomeration and regional growth
Agglomeration, integration and tax harmonisation
Agglomeration, integration and tax harmonization
Agglomeration, Offshoring and Heterogenous Firms
Alternate approaches to the political economy of endogenous trade liberalization
Are Free Trade Agreements contagious?
Are trade blocs building or stumbling blocks? : new evidence
Are Trade Blocs Building or Stumbling Blocs?
Beggar-thy-neighbour policies during the crisis era: causes, constraints, and lessons for maintaining open borders
Big-think regionalism a critical survey
Causes of regionalism, The
Challenges to globalization : analyzing the economics
Come sta cambiando l'Italia
Comment on Gros and Gonciarz
Coordination of industrial policy in the European Union
Core-Periphery Model and Endogenous Growth: Stabilising and De-Stabilising Integration, The
Core-Periphery Model and Endogenous Growth: Stabilizing and Destabilizing Integration., The
core-periphery model and endogenous growth, The : stabilising and de-stabilising integration
core-periphery model with forward-looking expectations, The
costs and benefits of eastern enlargement: the impact on the EU and central Europe, The
Directory 1987
Domino Theory of Regionalism, A
Dynamic issues in applied commercial policy analysis
East Asian Economic Regionalism Feasibilities and Challenges
Eastern enlargement of the European Union, The
Economic geography and public policy
Economic impact of EU membership on entrants : new methods and issues
economic logic of EFTA countries joining the EEA and the EC
Economics of European integration, The
Ekonomie evropské integrace
EMU : assessing the impact of the euro
Entry and asymmetric lobbying why governments pick losers
EU Institutional Reform: Evidence on Globalization and International Cooperation
EU Integration and Outsiders. A Simulation Study of industrial Location.
EU reforms for tomorrow's Europe
euro's trade effect., The
Europas Bankenkrise: ein Aufruf zum Handeln
Euros and zeros: the common currency effect on trade in new goods
Exchange rate hysteresis? Large versus small policy misalignments
Exchange rate hysteresis : the real effects of large vs small policy misalignments
Expanding membership of the European Union
External Economies and European Integration: The Potential for Self-fulfilling Expectations
Factor market barriers are trade barriers : Gains from trade from 1992
Factor Market Barriers are Trade Barriers: Gains From Trade in 1992
Free trade agreements without delocation
Global Income Divergence, Trade and Industrialisation: The Geography of Growth Take-Offs
Global Income Divergence, Trade and Industrializatiion: The Geography of Growth Take-Offs
Global income divergence, trade and industrialization: the geography of growth take-offs
Global supply chains: Why they emerged, why they matter, and where they are going
Gravity chains: estimating bilateral trade flows when parts and components trade is important
Gravity for dummies and dummies for gravity equations
Growth and European Integration: Towards an Empirical Assessment
Growth Effects of 1992, The
Heterogeneous firms, agglomeration and economic geography: spatial selection and sorting
Heterogeneous Firms and Trade: Testable and Untestable Properties of the Melitz Model
Hysteresis In Import Prices: The Beachhead Effect
Hysteresis in Trade.
Hyteresis in Import Prices: The Beachhead Effect.
impact of monetary union on trade prices, The
impact of the 1986 US--Japan semiconductor agreement, The
impact of trade on intra-industry reallocations and aggregate industry productivity: a comment, The
Impact of Trade on Intraindustry Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity: A Comment, The
Impact of Turkey's Membership on EU Voting, The
In or out: does it matter? : an evidence-based analysis of the euro's trade effects
Incremental trade policy and endogenous growth:: A q-theory approach
Industrial Policy and International Competition in Wide-Bodied Jet Aircraft
Industrial policy: why governments pick losers
Integration of the North American economy and new-paradigm globalisation
International Conference on International Trade: Growth and International Trade
International Migration, Capital Mobility and Transitional Dynamics.
International Trade, Offshoring and Heterogeneous Firms
Investment creation and investment diversion : simulation analysis of the single market programme
Investment Creation and Investment Diversion: Simulation Analysis of theSingle Market Programme
Is bigger better? : the economics of EC enlargement
Managing the noodle bowl: the fragility of East Asian regionalism
Market access and international ... 1986
Market Access and International Competition: A Simulation Study of 16K Random Access Memories
Market integration, regionalism and the global economy
Measurable Dynamic Gains from Trade.
Measureable Dynamic Gains from Trade
Measuring 1992's Medium-Term Dynamic Effects
Multilateralising Regionalism: Spaghetti Bowls as Building Blocs on the Path to Global Free Trade
Multilateralising Regionalism: Sphagetti Bowls as building Blocs on the Path to Global Free Trade
Multilateralizing regionalism
Multinationals, endogenous growth and technological spillovers : theory and evidence
Multiproduct multinationals and reciprocal FDI dumping
Mutual Amplification Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility and Unresponsive Trade Prices, The
Networked FDI : sales and sourcing patterns of Japanese foreign affiliates
New Growth Theory: Its Logic and Trade Policy Implications, The
Nice try : should the Treaty of Nice be ratified?
Offshoring general equilibrium effects on wages, production and trade
On the growth effects of import competition. -
Panel 2: Europe´s answer to the global changes in the division of labour
Persistence of the U.S. Trade Deficit, The
Persistent Trade Effects of Large Exchage Rate Shocks
Persistent Trade Effects of Large Exchange Rate Shocks.
Policy making in a globalising world
Politically realistic objective functions and trade policy PROFs and tariffs
Potential for Trade Between the Countries of EFTA and Central and Eastern Europe, The
Preferential Trade Liberalization in the North Atlantic
Preferential trade liberation in the North Atlantic
Preparing the ECB for enlargement
Progressive economic integration: making the magic work again
Protection for sale made easy
Quality competition versus price competition goods: an empirical classification
Re-interpreting the failure of foreign exchange market efficiency tests : small transaction costs, big hysteresis bands
Regional economic integration
Regional Integration and Growth in Developing Nations
Regulatory protectionism, developing nations and a two-tier world trade system
Relocating the value chain: off-shoring and agglomeration in the global economy
Sequencing and Depth of Regional Economic Integration: Lessons for the Americas from Europe
Sequencing Asian Regionalism: Theory and Lessons from Europe
Sequencing regionalism: theory, European practice, and lessons for Asia
Shape of a Swiss-US free trade agreement, The
simple model of the juggernaut effect of trade liberalisation, A
Some Empirical Evidence on Hysteresis in Aggregate US Import Prices
Spiders and snakes: offshoring and agglomeration in the global economy
Spoke trap, The : hub-and-spoke bilateralism in east Asia
Stolper-Samuelson Theorem Reconsidered: An Example of Ricardian Dynamic Trade Effects, The
Strategic trade policies in the market for 30–40 seat commuter aircraft
Study on the impact of the euro on trade and foreign direct investment
Sunk-cost hysteresis
Supply-Chain Trade : A Portrait of Global Patterns and Several Testable Hypotheses
Tax competition and the nature of capital
Tax Competition with Heterogeneous Firms
Tax Reform, Delocation and Heterogeneous Firms: Base Widening and Rate Lowering Reforms
Tax reform, delocation and heterogeneous firms: Base widening and rate lowering rule
test of endogenous trade bloc formation theory on EU data, A
Testing for Trade-induced Investment-led Growth
Towards an integrated Europe
Trade and growth Any unfinished business?
Trade and growth with heterogeneous firms
Trade and growth with heterogenous firms
Trade and industrialisation after globalisation's 2nd unbundling : how building and joining a supply chain are different and why it matters
Trade and Industrialisation after Globalisation’s Second Unbundling: How Building and Joining a Supply Chain are Different and Why it Matters
Trade Effects of the Euro: a Comparison of Estimators
Trade effects of the euro - evidence from sectoral data
Trade-in-goods and trade-in-tasks an integrating framework
Trade-induced investment-led growth
Trade liberalisation and endogenous growth: A q-theory approach
Trade liberalization and endogenous growth : a q-theory approach
Trade Liberalization with Heterogeneous Firms
Trade Liberalization with Heterogenous Firms
Transatlantic relations in a global economy
Two waves of globalisation : superficial similarities, fundamental differences
Unilateral tariff liberalisation
US-Japan Semiconductor Agreement, The
What Caused the Resurgence of Regionalism?
Winners and losers under various dual majority rules for the EU Council of Ministers
world trade organization for the 21st century, A : the Asian perspective
Zeros, quality and space trade theory and trade evidence
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