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An Phiarsaigh
Mac Piarais, Pádraic
Mac Piarais, Pádraig
Mac Piarais, Pádraig Anrai
Mac Piarais, Phádraig
MacPiarais, Pádraic
MacPiarais, Pádraig
MacPiarais, Phádraig
Pádraig Anraí Mac Piarais
Pádraig Mac Piarais (oide, file, scríbhneoir, náisiúnaí agus gníomhaire polaitiúil Éireannach)
Pádraig Mac Piarais/Patrick Pearse
Pádraig Pearse
Pádraig Pearse (irsk poet)
Patrick Pearse
Patrick Pearse (dichter uit Ierland (1879-1916))
Patrick Pearse (irischer Lehrer, Schriftsteller und Aufständischer)
Patrick Pearse (Irish revolutionary)
Patrick Pearse (irländsk poet)
Patrick Pearse (irsk poet)
Patrick Pearse (letterato e poeta irlandese)
Pearse, P. H.
Pearse, Pádraic
Pearse, Pádraic H.
Pearse, Padraic Henry
Pearse, Pádraig
Pearse, Pádraig H.
Pearse, Padriac
Pearse, Patrick
Pearse, Patrick H.
Pearse, Patrick Henry
Pearse, Patrick Henry (Vollstaendiger Name)
Pearse, Patrick (Mr.)
Piarais, Pádraic Mac
Патрик Пирс
Патрик Пиърс
Патрык Пірс
Пирс, Патрик
პატრიკ პირსი
פטריק פירס
پاتریک پیرس (شاعر ایرلندی)
패트릭 피어스
Creation class: 
Language material
Manuscript language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
De Buitléir, Máire (1873-1920)
Fagan, George (1879-1907)
Hayden, Mary (1862-1942)
Hyde, Douglas (1860-1949)
Ireland (Provisional government, 1916)
Ó Ciosáin, Éamon
Ó hIcí, Micheál P.
Ó Muirgheasa, Énrí (1872-1945)
Ó Réagáin, Liam
O'Daly, Patrick (1873–1932)
Paluch, Anna (1978- ))
Pokorny, Julius (1887-1970)
Sala, Enric
St. Enda's School (Dublin, Ireland)
Tiemersma, E.W. (1972-)
Tiemersma, Everdina Wubbina (1972-)
Ua Dubhghaill, Séamus (1855-1929)
Yeats, William Butler
1916 poets, The
Bodach an chóta lachtna
Bruidhean Chaorthainn : sgéal Fiannaidheachta
Collected plays
Collected works of Padraic H. Pearse...
coming revolution, The : political writings of Patrick Pearse
Connemara stories
Diarmuid Ó Donnabháin Rosa, 1831-1915 : souvenir of public funeral to Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, August 1st, 1915.
Easter proclamation of the Irish Republic, 1916., The
Eoghainín na néan.
Eoineen of the birds.
Fianna handbook
Gearrscéalta an Phiarsaigh
home life of Padraig Pearse, The : as told by himself, his family, and friends
How does she stand? : Three addresses
Île et d'autres îles poèmes gaéliques du XXe siècle
Iosagan and other stories
Last letter & poem of Padraic Pearse, first president of the Irish republic.
Letter to Patrick Pearse from George Moore regarding the ill health of his nephews Maurice and Ulick Moore (children of Colonel Maurice Moore) and the delay in their return to school
Letter to Patrick Pearse from Richard Henebry of Colorado Springs, Colorado, on behalf of the Denver Branch of the Gaelic League, regarding books which he wishes to purchase
Letter to Patrick Pearse informing him that the President and community of St. Mary's [College?] regret that they will not be able to attend the theatrical performances at St. Enda's School
letters of P.H. Pearse, The
Letters to Patrick Pearse in relation to his role as a Gaelic League organiser and his position as Secretary to the League's Publication Committee
Letters to Patrick Pearse including one from the Pan-Celtic Congress
Letters to Patrick Pearse, St. Enda's School, from Alex. Dickson and Sons Ltd., Seedsmen, Nurserymen and Florists, Dawson Street, Dublin, regarding invoices and remittances outstanding
Lullaby of the Woman of the Mountain
Manuscript of poem entitled 'A mother speaks' by Padraic Pearse from the point of view of his mother
ṁáṫair agus sgéalta eile, An
Memorandum from the Royal University to Patrick H Pearse requesting him to fill in a form of acknowledgement because his previous one included an incorrect number
mhathair agus sgealta eile, An
Michael MacLiammoir in revolutionary speeches and poems of Ireland.
Murder Machine and other Essays, The
Na scríbhinní liteartha le Pádraig Mac Piarais
Ó pheann an Phiarsaigh : téacsanna a togadh as an saothar liteartha
Óró sé do bheatha abhaile
Partial letter from the unidentified resident of Summerville House, Goat Street, Haverfordwest, Wales to the Secretary of the Gaelic League regarding the reaction to an article on "Lenton Pastorals" which appeared in 'An Claidheamh Soluis'
Partial letter from Tomás Bán Ó Coicncheannáin to Padraic Pearse regarding the setting up of a new branch of the Gaelic League in [Donegal Town] and also speaking of Father MacFadden and the controversial matters he may speak of in his talk to the Oireachtas which they do not approve of
Partial letter from U. Ua Seanlaoie to Padraic Pearse regarding ideas Pearse had for An Claidheamh Soluis and also mentions an unamed person had been under the impression that Pearse would not have suffiient confidence in himself to undertake the editorship
Patrick Pearse et l'insurrection irlandaise de Pâques 1916, c2000:
Pearse & Rossa.
Poblacht na h-Eireann: The Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to the people of Ireland.
Poems of the Irish revolutionary brotherhood, Thomas MacDonagh, P.H. Pearse (Padraic MacPiarais), Joseph Mary Plunkett, Sir Roger Casement;
Poems. Selections
Political writings and speeches.
Poll an phíobaire
Postcard from [E. Ua N] to Pádraig Mac Piarais arranging to meet regarding Wednesday's paper
Postcard from Eleanor Hull, London, to Padraic Pearse requesting that Pearse forward the manuscripts for her Lessons in Irish History to Mr. [David James] O'Donoghue without delay
Postcard from Robert [Durge?], 11 Charleston Road, Dublin to Padraic Pearse suggesting 'The Oireachtas Choir Series' as the title for a set of songs about to be published
Postcard from Seosamh Laoide to Pádraig Mac Piarais regarding an issue that he will put to the Gaelic League Committee related to Tadhg [Ó Donnchadha?] editing his own work
Postcard from [Spiddy?] to Padraic Pearse informing him not to write to Murphy's regarding Desmond as he has already done so and the respodent informed him they would make no change
Postcard to Patrick Pearse from Máire Ní Tuathaigh, Hon. Treasurer, 41 Rutland Square, Dublin, informing him that the yearly subs to Archbishop MacHale (Dublin) Branch of the Gaelic League became due in March
Printed draft of a short story 'The Wood' by Padraic Pearse, with corrections in ink by Joseph Mary Plunkett
Printed postcard from Séamus Ua Dubhghaill to [Padraic Pearse] regarding copies of 'Leabhar Cainte' for review with the 'Ulster Herald' and the 'Derry Journal'
Proclamation of Independence
Rebel, The
Receipt from Browne and Nolan, Ltd. to Padraic Pearse for the balance of an account
Śahīdano sandeśa
Seele Irlands, Die : Novellen und Gedichte aus dem Irisch-Gälischen des Patrick Henry Pearse und anderer
sgoil, An : a direct method course in Irish
Short stories. Selections.
significant Irish educationalist, A : the educational writings of P.H. Pearse
singer., The
Songs and poems of the rebels who fought and died for Ireland in Easter week, 1916.
sovereign people, The
Speeches. Selections
spiritual nation., The
story of a success, The
'Supplement to The Irish Volunteer' newspaper containing the scheme of military organisation by Patrick Pearse and lyrics to the song 'Freedom's Hill' by Thomas MacDonagh
Suvremena irska poezija
t'amhránaidhe., An
teachings of Padraig Pearse, 1966:, The
Thomas MacDonagh Letters
Three lectures on Gaelic topics
Trobaire, El : drama patriòtic
Vijf korte verhalen