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Basil Poledouris
Basil Poledouris (American composer)
Basil Poledouris (Amerikaans componist (1945-2006))
Basil Poledouris (amerykański kompozytor)
Basil Poledouris (compositeur américain)
Basil Poledouris (compositore statunitense)
Basil Poledouris (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist)
Poledourēs, Vasil
Poledouris, Basil
Βασίλης Πολυδούρης
Базил Поледорис
Бэзил Поледурис
باسیل پولدوریس
바실 폴레두리스
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Feitshans, Buzz
Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo
Milius, John (1944-)
Neumeier, Edward
Orlicz, Tomasz (1950- ))
Poledouris, Basil (1945-2006)
Schwarzenegger, Arnold (1947-)
Verhoeven, Paul (1938-)
Warner bros
Warner home video France
Wincer, Simon
Wincer, Simon (1943-...)
"218", The
3 Bears / Flurvian Sea, The
3 Points to Port / End Titles
50 Minutes Left
À la poursuite d'Octobre rouge
Abandon Ship!
Aborigines Return, The
Access Codes (extended version)
Access Codes / On the Run
Accident, The
Across the Board (End Credits)
Adieu au roi original soundtrack record
Administrative Punishment
Aegis Flameout
Aerial Ballet
After the Gunfight / Freedom
After The Storm
Age Undreamed of / Anvil of Crom (with Mako dialogue), An
Agnes and Kathleen
Agnes's Wagon
Aigle de fer
Akiro – Cavemen Fight / Elite Guard Riders
Akiro – Cavemen Fight (film version)
Aldys Follows / Phone Search
All Prisoners
Aloha, Jack
Alpha Mike Fox Trot
Alpha Strike
Alternates: Chappy Talks
Alternates: Flight Line I
Alternates: Flight Line II
Alternates: Three Days / Minister Sinister
Am Evil! / Hitting the Camel, I
Amanda Pushes Biddle
Amanda's Gift
Ambush At Planet P
Ambush in the Cave / Truck Fight
Ancestors' Strength
Ancestral Aid
Ancient Gift
Andrei's View
Andy’s Return
Angel Of Death
Angel of Mercy
Ann Buttons
Anthem of the Soviet Union (vocal), The
Anvil of Crom (first version)
Apology, The
Approach to Shadizaar
Arachnids Attack / Ambushed
Arkansas Pilgrim (Clara, July, Lorena)
Arkansas Pilgrim (Clara, July, Lorrainna)
Arnolfini Assault
Arrival, The
Assault on Agnes
Atlantean sword (3 min 51 s)
Atlantean Sword (From "Conan the Barbarian")
Attack of the Helicopters
Attack of the Wolverines
Attack on Kate
aube rouge
Awakening, The
Baby Swim
Baby, The
Bad People / Baby Swim
Bank / Bringing Money to Earl, The
Bank (early alternate), The
Bank, Part I, The
Bank, Part II, The
Bank, Part III, The
Bank Robbery
Bank / Route 7-North (alternate segments), The
Barricades (alternate), The
Barricades: Funeral Attack / Valjean Saves Marius / Farewell / Javert's Suicide, The
Basil Poledouris Collection: Vol. 1, The
Battle Montage (alternate mix)
Battle Montage, The
Battle of the Mounds, Part 1 (From Conan the Barbarian)
Battle of the Mounds, Part II (first version)
Battle of the Mounds, Part II (original version), The
Battle of the Mounds, Part III (first version)
Battle of the Mounds, Part III (revised) / Night of Doom
Battle of the Mounds / Resourceful Warriors, The
Battle Preparations / Battle of the Mounds, Part I
Battle Ready
Be Strong For Me
Beach Meeting
Bear Attack, The
Bear's Story
Bear's Wedding
Bear's Wharf
Beginning, The
Believe, I
Belle's Diner
Bend It Like Beckham (KMN Score-Like OST remix)
Bickle Attacks the Whale
Biddle Lightens Up
Biddle Remembers
Biddle Sees
Biddle to Barn
Biff and Muffy
Big Chase, The
Big Is Better
Big Wednesday Montage (alternate)
Bike Ride, The
Billion Dollars / Modem Time, A
Bird – The Princess / Boating In
Birth/Bad People, The
Bishop, The
Blue Lagoon Main Title, The
Bodies, The
Bookstore / Phone Call
Boot Camp Greetings
Born on the Wind (feat. The Amazons)
Box (edited version), The
Box (with percussion overlay), The
Boxman's Death (alternate)
Boys from the Bush
Brain Bug
Brainbug / Cave Nuke
Brainy Bug
Break-Up, The
Breaking News
Breckinridge Killed
Bridge, The
brigadas del espacio, Las
Buck’s Sendoff
Buckle Up, Scotty!!
Buenos Aires Sports Arena
Bug City
Bug Threat
Bugs!! (alternate)
Bugs!! (film version)
Bugs Strike Again
"Bugs!!" (Version 1)
Bumper #1 take 83 wild
Bumper #2 alternate take 85 wild
Bumper #2 take 86 wild
Burning Wheel, The
Butch and Sundance: Main Title
Cabin (Revised version), The
Call Home From Rico, A
Call to War / Bad News From Home
Camparelli Crashes
Can I Stay
Cannibal Party Drums No. 1
Cannibal Party Drums No. 2
Cantigas de Santa Maria” (The Snake), “Las
Canyon / Outpost Fort Arrival, The
Capsule Landing Initiation / Fleet Under Plasma Shelling
Captain Call's Journey
Capture, The
Captured Creepo
Car Chase
Care Package
Caring for Fantine
Carl and the Capture / Zim the Hero
Carmen & Rico’s Farewell
Carmen's Departure
Carmen’s Fleet Trainer Ride
Carmen’s Message
Carmen's Shuttle Flight
Carmen’s Shuttle Ride
Carmen's Test Flight
Carrier/Coming Home, The
Cary Grant
Casey and Sarah / Choppers Approach
Casey Goes Outside (alternative)
Casey Is Back
Casey Off the Train
Casey on War I
Casey on War II (alternative)
Casey Reboards Train
Casey Ryback
Casey's Family
Casey's Farewell / After the Train Has Gone
Casey’s Farewell / After the Train Is Gone
Casey to the Rescue
Cask and St. Martin
Castle Invasion
Caught in the Storm
Cease Fire Shanty
Cecil B. Demented
Celtic Pride
Cemetery (film version)
Ceremony Montage
chair et le sang
Challenge (alternate), The
Challenge / Big Wednesday Montage, The
Chamber of Mirrors (from Conan the Destroyer)
Chance, A
Chappy Gets Hit / Chappy Crashes / Chappy Talks
Chappy's Story / Appetite
Charles Takes a Walk (alternate)
Chase Begins, The
Chase for Five Dollars (alternate)
Cherry 2000 / Flesh+Blood
Cherry 2000 / No Man’s Land
Cherry 2000 / The House of God
Cherry 2000 Theme
Cherry Awakens
Cherry Shorts Out
Chief Is Shot, The
Chief Meets Forrest
Chief Resident
Children Grow, The
Children of Doom
Children Pray, The
China Target
Choice, The
Cholera Scare
Choppers Are on Their Way
Church Robbery
Clarance Frags Bob
Clarence Frags Bob
Class Act / Good Presents
Clear the Mechanism
Cliff Fight / Train Pulls Away
Cliff, The
Cliffside Rescue
Club Source
Cole Decides to Bomb Hanoi
Colonel Torture
Column of sadness (4 min 09 s)
Column of Sadness / Wheel of Pain
Coming Back
Common Ground
Compound Assault
Compound Escape
Compound, The
Conan & Bombaata Battle
Conan - Der Barbar: Theme
Conan Il Barbaro
Conan le barbare - Riddle of steel - Riders of Doom
Conan le destructeur
Conan: Main Title
Conan the Barbarian (complete score)
Conan the Barbarian (KMN score remix)
Conan the Barbarian: The Anvil of Crom
Conan the Barbarian: The Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Conan the Barbarian: The Orgy
Conan the Destroyer: New Recording of the Complete Score
Conan the destroyer. Selections
Conan the King / End Title
Conan the King / End Titles (with Mako dialogue)
Contest, The
Cop Hit
Cop Pursues
Cops Help Rebels / Robo vs. Otomo
Cora's Story
Corridors II
Cosette's Farewell
Cosmic Indifference
Course Check Emergency Evasion Asteroid Grazing
Course Two-Five-Zero / Interlude / Two-Five-Zero / Padorin Reads
Course Two-Five-Zero / On Course
Court Martial
Courtroom Suite (In Memory of a Fashion Victim)
Courtship and Mandrake
Coven Flashback
Cowboys Down the Street
Croc Sinks the Boat - Crock Eats the Boat - Swimming - Mystical Nick
Crocodile Dundee 3
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Crocodile Dundee (Main Title)
Cruiser Pilot Carmen Ibanez Takeoff and Warp Drive
Crumple Car (extended version)
Crystal Palace
Cutlery Interruptus / Akiro's Magic
Cyrano the Ferret
Dagoth Ceremony (film version)
Dagoth Ceremony (original version with choir)
Dallas' Sonar
Dance begins, The
Dancing Continues / Rico & Dizzy Intimate
Dane Message (alternative)
Dane Shoots Airliner
Dane Starts Final Count
Daryl Shot / Windmill
Dating and Training
Davis in the News
Davis Meets Mobster
Day of the dead (1 min 7 s)
Dead Air
Dead, Not Dead (Searching Ryback)
Dead Tanks
Dear John
Death and Freedom / End Credits (take 3)
Death and Freedom (End Title) (From Red Dawn / L'Aube Rouge)
Death and Freedom (Rejected version) / End Credits (take 4)
Death Is OK by Me
Death of Fantine, The
Death of Kiche (Revised version)
Death of Lewis
Death of Potts
Death of Rexor / Conan the Assassin, The
Decision, The
Deep Wacko / Heist Explained
Deeper Relations
Defilers, The
Deke Freeze / Car Chase (original revised composition)
Delta City / Media Break / Nikko
Demo Theme #1
Demo Theme #2
Denouement / End Title (alternate version)
Denouncement / End Title
Desert Trek
Destiny Awaits
Destruction of the Rodger Young / Lifepod Escape
Destruction of the Roger Young
Deux mille
Devin's Return
Diary / Wolf Attack, The
Diceman’s Dilemma / Shopping for Preppies
Dieter's View
Dinghy Adrift
Dinghy Race (Senta), The
Dingo Attack
Dipsong Fight
Directive 4
Directive IV
Discipline of Steel / Freedom Council, The
Discipline of Steel / What Is Best in Life, The
Distant Cannibal Drumming
Distant Drumming (Alternate No. 1)
Distant Drumming (Alternate No. 2)
Distant Drumming Continues (Alternate)
Distant Drumming Continues (Irregular)
Dizzy Dies / Starfleet Strategy Shift
Dizzy Flores’ Funeral
Dizzy Instructs the Tigers
Dizzy's Death
Dizzy’s Funeral
Doc and Charles
Dock Run
Doom Decapitated
Door Lift / Dragon's Head / Conan the Destroyer
Doug and Dad
Down Under
Dragon / Mordor's Death, The
Dream Quest
Dream, The
Drifting Apart
Drive / Car Crash
Drive-In, The
Drive Montage
Drive My Car?
Drive to Glory Hole
Drive to Gloryhole
Drive to Jones's Office
Driven From the City
Drop ’em
Drum Postlude / End Credits
Drum Prelude / Main Title (original version)
Drums Montage
Dueling Wizards
"E" Flips Sam
Earl and Cop Shot (alternate overlay)
Earl and Cop Shot / Truck Climb (original revised composition)
Earl & Jeff
Earl's Truck By / Leaving Belle's
Earl's Truck By / Photos / No Help
Early Birds (alternate version)
Early Row
Easter Egg Hunt (Alternate), The
Easter Egg Hunt (Original), The
Eating the Elite / Crypt Rocks
Elite Guard Attacks
Emmeline - Theme From The Blue Lagoon (Alternate)
Encounter With Rexor
End Credit From IT’s MY PARTY
End Credits (original version)
End Credits Suite
End of Lester
End of Thulsa Doom, The
End Title (Ancestral Aid / Hymn to Red October [Main Titles] / Nuclear Scam)
Ending, The
Epilogue / End Titles
Eraser Rat - Monkey Wrangler
Escape from the Tower of Set / Valeria's Gift
Etta Takes Picture
Eulogy, The
Evacuation Vessel / Rasczak Dies / Dizzy Is Stabbed
Evil Quinlan And Fight Sequence
F****** Cookie!
Fade Into You
Family Story
Fang on Sled
Fang's Revenge
Fantine Sells Her Hair
Farewell Kind Soul
Farewell King Soul
Farewell Ladies / Finale
Farewell Suite
Farewell to My King
Farewell to the King (From Farewell to the King / L'Adieu Au Roi)
Farewell Valeria
FBI Request
Feast for Martin
Feast, The
Fed-Net #1 / Bug Attack on Newsman
Fed-Net #2 / Crime and Punishment
Fed-Net #3 / Countdown to Victory
Fed Net #4
Fed Net March
Federal Network (2)
Federal Network (3)
Federal Network Intro
Fednet Continued
Fight / Fight II
Fight in the Jeep
Fighting to Breathe
Final Scene
Final Waltz
Finding The (Disk)
Finding the Flight Pack
Fire Drill / La Crosse / Hoover Award
Fire Drill / Lacrosse / Hoover Award
Fire on the Mountain: Boots / Cruza / Cabdle
Fire on the Mountain: Drop Off / Rascal
Fire on the Mountain: End Titles
Fire on the Mountain / Flyers
Fire on the Mountain: Forever / Shutters
Fire on the Mountain: Good-bye Ol' Horse
Fire on the Mountain: Gracias
Fire on the Mountain: Mountain Lost
Fire on the Mountain: The Ride
Fire on the Mountain: Tree Chop
Fire Out
First Kill
First Menstruation
First Robbery
First Score
Fixing Jane's Car
Flame Job / Nikko Remembers / Kanemitsu Building
Flare of Youth
Flashback #2
Flashback, FBI Arrival / Bullet Holes
Flea Market Suite (Stood Up and Skewered)
Fleet Limps Home, The
Flesh and Blood: Prelude
Flight From Vigau
Flight of the Intruder
Flyers: Aerail Ballet
Flyers: Night Flight / The Canyon
Flyers: Soaring
Flyers: Stunt Work / More Stunt Work
Flyers: The Carrier / Coming Home
Flyers: The Test
Flyers: We'll Talk / Coming Home II
Flying Bug!
Football Game
For love of the game
Force Shoots Robo
Forrest Blown Up
Forrest Decides / Horse Chase
Forrest Doesn’t Fight
Forrest Enters Aegis
Forrest Found
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Friends Forever
Friends Montage
Friends Vow (extended)
Fun Order
Funeral Attack
Funeral (National Anthem of the Soviet Union), The
funeral pyre (4 min 29 s)
Funeral Pyre (From Conan the Barbarian), The
Gallows / Flight Line I, The
Gas Station Blow‐Up
Gas Station / Leaving Belle's
Gates of Hell / Penn's Wish, The
General Owen
Get Good Vibes, I
Get Shorty
Getting Answers
Ghost and Indoctrination
Ghost Town, The
gift of fury (3 min 50 s)
Gift of Fury (From "Conan the Barbarian"), The
Gifts, The
Gina Explains
Gina Runs From Ambulance
Glasses, The
Glider, The
Glimpses Down the Path
God Head
Going to Gina
Going West
Gold Test
Golden Staircase
Golf Chase
Golondrina (traditional), La
Gonna Ride Spoke
Good Cops Revolt / Johnny Rehab Commercial
Good Fortune
Gotta Light?
Graduation Ceremony
Gravin Dock #4 / Two Keys
Green Light to Bombers
Green Onions
Gunfight at Hugh’s
Gus and P-Eye / The Search
Gus Dies
Gus Hits
Gus & Pea Eye / The Search
Guy Montage
Hall of King Osric, The
Hanging Attempt
Harley Davidson and the marlboro man
Have a Heart
Head Chop
Healing / Aldys in Closet
Healing of Hearts
Heart of Don Huang, The
Heart of Dun Huang, The
Heaven for Thieves
Heist Explained
Helpless Woman
Hog Play
Homeless' March, The
Honor and Glory
Hooded Love
Hoover Academy
Hopefuls at the Tower of Set
Hopper Canyon / Mess Hall Mess
Horn of Dagoth, The
Horse Chase
Hostage Car Shootout
Hostages Are Safe / Graveyard, The
Hot Shots 2
Hot Shots! Part Deux
House Search / Fight in House
How Do You Like to Be Kissed
Hugh Torture
Humiliation of Alethea
Hunt for Red October: Complete Score, The
Hunt for Red October. Hymn to Red October
Hunt for Red October (KMN score remix), The
Hunt for Red October: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Hut Chase
Hymn to Red October (main Title) - From "The Hunt for Red October"
Hypnotize the Pig - Walking with Mickey - Beverly Hills
I'll Be There
I’ll Move My Bed
I'll Never Leave You
I'm an American
I'm Coming Home!
Ice Palace
If these walls could talk 2
Illusion’s Lake
Impaling the Guard / Dagoth's Death
Imperialist Waltz
In Space
In the Bank
In the Barn
In the Court of King Osric
In the Freezer / Deke Freeze / Car Chase
In the Freezer (early alternate)
In the Heart of the Night
In the House
Indulgence / Mettle
Intercept Decision
Interiors Inspection
Into Our Lives
Intro / Fed Net March
Intruder Discovered† (extended version)
Intruder Discovered (Roof Fight)
Invasion Live Coverage
Invasion, The
Iron Eagle: One Vision
Iron Eagle Story / Flight Line II / The Coast
Iron Hand Mission
Island, The
It's a Deal/Whalers
It's My Party: It's My Party
It's Not My Fault / Setting Sun
It's War
It's Your Mother
Its Been a Crazy Day, Hasn't It?
Jack and White Fang
Jack Bit
Jack Forces Fang Away
Jack's Back, Part 2
Jack Surfs Alone
Jail Toast
Jake Killed
Jake's Fate
Jake’s Jukebox
Jake Shot
Jane's Home
Japanese Radio Source Cue
Javert Is Too Late
Javert Rides to Paris
Javert's Suicide
Javert's Visit
Javert Suspects
Jed and Matt / Bella Letter
Jeff in the Truck / Jeff Stabs Earl
Jeff Sneaks Into House / Deke Freeze / Car Chase
Jennings Goes Down (extended version)
Jessie says goodbye
Johnny and Dizzy
Johnny's Funeral
Johnson's Home
Jonesys' Theory
Journey (alternate segment), The
Jump Ball
Jungle Book, The
Jungle Drums
Just Friends
Kaboom !!!
Kate and Eli Farewell
Kate Captured
Kate Follows Rondell
Kate Profiles Davis
Kate's Blood / Air Speed
Katta, The
Keeping the Faith
Kids and Bugs
Kill Hugh
Kimberly Confesses
Kiss Goodbye, The
Kiss in the Park (unused), A
Kiss/Love Montage, The
Kitchen Fight
Kitchen / The Orgy / Stealing the Princess / You!, The
Klandathu Drop
Klendathu Assult
Klendathu Battle (Version 1)
Klendathu Drop (Starship Troopers)
Klendathu Massacre
Knocked Down
Konovalov's Attack
- LA Thing, l
Lassie: Main Title
Lassie Protects the Herd
Lassie Saves Matt
Last Dance
Last Pitch
Learoyd and Nigel
Learoyd Sacrifices
Learoyd Saves Nigel
Learoyd Saves the Child
Learoyd Slays Lian the Magnificent
Learoyd surrenders (4 min 24 s)
Leave Me Alone
Leaving / The Search, The
Legend And Main Titles
Legend of Butch and Sundance, The
Legend of the Touch
Lesson in Nature
Lester Follows
Lester Heads South (alternate mix)
Lester on the Move
Lester's Demise
Let It Turn
'Let Them Sing' (Hymn) / US National Command Meeting
Levitation Truck
Lian the magnificent (1 min 22 s)
Lieutenant Rasczak Introduces
Light Dimmed, A
Lights On (alternate mix)
Lights Out
Like You Did a Million Times
Lilli Is Jealous
Lilli Pregnant
Line / Red Route I, The
Liquid Dreams
Live-Fire Assault Range Exercise
Living Alone/God Carry
livre de la jungle
Location Device
Locket, The
Lone Score
Lone Survivor, A
Lonesome Dove (Main Theme)
Lonesome Dove: Main Title
Lonesome Dove: Suite
Lono Processional
Looking for Me
Lord of the Lagoon
Losing Carmen
Love and Treason
Love Art, I
Love in the Sewers
Love Montage
Love Scene
Love theme (2 min 10 s)
Love Theme (Emmeline)
Love Theme (From "Conan the Barbarian")
Love Theme (reprise)
Loveable Thief, The
M101 take 25
M101A overlay take 98
M101A take 26
M101B pickup wild take 28
M101B take 27
M102 take 11
M11 take 5
M12 take 24
M21 take 17
M22 pickup wild take 14
M22 take 15
M24 take 29
M25_26 take 32
M31 take 36
M32 take 40
M41 Bumper take 91
M51 take 61
M52 take 82
M61 take 99
M62 overlay take 94
M62 take 22
M63 take 45
M64 take 21
M65 take 56
M71 alt take 90
M71 take 57
M72 take 43
M81 take 44
M82 take 48
M83 take 53
M84 take 80
M85 take 50
M86 take 74
M91 take 64
M92 alt B take 72
M93 take 76
Main Theme
Main Title (alternate mix)
Main Title and Opening Credits
Main Title, Billy Chapel Story
Main Title: Dark Territory
Main Title (film version)
Main Title (Flute version)
Main Title (Mom's Suburban Dream)
Main Title / Riders of Taramis
Main Title (South China Sea)
Main Title / The Resistance / The Searchlight
Main Titles / The Caravan
Making the Grade: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Man I Love, The
Map / Unfinished Business, The
Marius and Cosette
Marius Follows Cosette
Marston's Attack
Marston's Game
Marston's Murderers
Martin & Agnes Love Theme
Martin's Withdrawal / The Pointer / The Castle
Matt Morning and Ominosity
Matt's Rite of Passage
Matt Surfs / Kaliponi Slack Key / Bear's Shack
Matthew Quigley / End Credits
Meaning, The
Medicine / Dr. Leggio
Meet Casey Ryback
Meet the Whale
Meeting Valeria / Stealing the Eye of the Serpent
Memories of Days gone
Memories of the Glove
Menace, The
Mercs / Forest Decides, The
Mercs Take Over Train
Message From Carmen, A
Message from Charity: [untitled], A
Message, The
Mexican Montage
Mickey blue eyes
Mickey les yeux bleus
Milford Morning
Mille neuf cent soixante-et-un
Mini-Sub / Contact
Mining Montage
Misérables, Les
Missing Man / You've Earned Them
Missing Persons
Mistake, A
Molotov Cocktail - Lions
Monkey City
Monkey King Enthralls, The
Monsters: [untitled]
Mordor's Four
Morg's Death
Morg's Funeral
Morgue, The
Morning Glory
Morning in Barris
Morning Suite (I'll Get You Pussyface!)
Mountain of Power / Capture, The
Mountain of Power Procession, The
Mr. Big Talker
Murdering Horse Theives
Murdering Horse Thieves
Murphy Dies in O.R.
Murphy Goes Home
Murphy’s Death
Murphy’s Dream
Murphy's Memories
Mutiny / Setting the Bombs
My Name Is Murphy
Native Montage
Native Run
Necessary Force (alternate mix)
Net Fight
Never Happened
New Beginnings
New Boyfriend
New Orders
New Sky Marshal, A
New Twilight Zone, The
New Unit, A
New World (Hymn) / End Title, The
New Years / Benchkiss
Nicky Buys Hoover / Horse Play / 1st Call to Breakfast
Nigel's Trip (From Farewell to the King / L'Adieu Au Roi)
Night Bird
Night Fires
Night Flight/The Canyon
Night Mares (Deets, Newt)
Night of the living (1 min 16 s)
Night Sailing
Nikko and Murphy
Nikko and Robo
Nikko at Station / Otomo Meets Resistance
Nikko to O.C.P.
No Drinking With No Coward
No Help
No Hits (alternate)
No Joy in Barris
No man's land
Noose, The
Not for Radio
Not Him! / The Train Heist
Nuclear Scam
Nuke ’em
Number 2 Chair
O.C.P. Monitors
O.C.P. /Otomo / Otomo Exits
Ocean Quest
OCP Monitors
Off Island Drums
Off the Train
Omaha Morning / Helmut intervenes
On Deadly Ground: The Deluxe Edition
On the Beach
On the Roof
On the Trail
On the Train
One Time Offer / The Phone
Opening Credits
orgy (4 min 14 s)
Orgy Fight
Orgy (From Conan the Barbarian), The
Orphans of doom (5 min 32 s)
Orphans of Doom (chorus and harp) / The Awakening (first version)
Orphans of Doom (orchestra and solo voice)
Orphans of Doom / The Awakening (From Conan the Barbarian)
Otomo Underground
Out Of Rhythm Drums
Out of the Well
Out the Window / Bye Bye Thriller
Outer Doors
Outtake Suite (Electronic Textures & Unused Cues: Serious Discussion / We Know It’s Bob Lane Cuts / Departing Train / Bathroom Confrontation)
Paddy's Sunset/The Island
Paddy's Swim/Paddy's Death
Paintings - Clue Snoop - Who the Hell is that?
Palmer’s Mansion / Robin Hood
Paris: Valjean & Cosette / The Wall / Outside / Marius & Cosette / Valjean Remembers
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Passing of the Mantle / Song of Three Friends (Only Good Times)
Passing of the Years II
Passing of the Years III
Passing of the Years IV
Passing Wagon
Penn’s Wish
Pentagon Threat
Perfect Game (alternate), A
Petroglyph, The
Photo Grab (alternate mix)
Photo Tie
Photograb (alternate mix)
Photograph, The
Photos (early alternate)
Piège à grande vitesse
Pillow Talk
Pinkertons Arrive at Train / Funeral
Pinkertons Attack / Mike Shot
Pit Band
Pit Fight
Pit Fights
Place, The
Plague Dog, The
Plane Crash
Plane Flies Into Vegas
Plane Target / Casey Fights
Plane to Vegas
Pole Practice II
Police Alert / Robo Pack / Response / Armory Escape
Polijarny Inlet
Porsche Power
Pour l'amour du jeu
Preparation March
Prepare for Battle
Preparing to Leave
Price of Being an Outlaw
Princess Takes the Jewel / Forest Ride
Prison for Children
Pristine Hawaii
Prologue (3 min 39 s)
Prologue / Anvil of Crom (From "Conan the Barbarian")
Prologue (film version) / Anvil of Crom
Prologue (first version)
Prologue (original version)
Prologue - The Trek
Prologue (w/ narration) / Anvil of Crom
Promise, A
Propaganda Spot / Fleet Battle Station
Proposal / Finale
Proposal - Wedding Day
Psychic Abilities
Punishment / Asteroid Grazing
Puppy Things
Putin’s Demise
Quarry, The
Quigley & Cora
Quigley Down Under: Main Title
Quigley Gets Beat Up
Quigley Pans Out
Quinlan Spots Pearl (Alternate)
Quinlan Spots Pearl (Original)
Race, The
Radio Shack (unused)
Radio Shack / Whiskey Outpost Pt. 2 / Death of Dizzy
Raft (Alternate), The
Raid on Hanoi
Randa Mic
Rape, The
Rapid Retreat Watkins Keeps the Nuke
Rasczajk's Roughnecks
Rasczak’s Roughnecks Raid
Rauda (on) Mic
Readcoats Move On, The
Realization (1 min 35 s)
Red Alert
Red Dawn (Expanded Score)
Red Dawn Main Title (From Red Dawn / L'Aube Rouge)
Red Route I (album version)
Red Tide Pimple
Reel 5
Rehab Raid
Relationship Montage
Released / Butch Goes to Mike
Rescue Etta
Rescue Me
Rescue Party
Rescue, The
Resistance Base
Resourceful Warriors
Return of the Rodger Young Crew / Casualties Counting
Return / Reunion
Return to Base (extended)
Return to freedom
Return to the blue lagon
Return to the Blue Lagoon
Revolution Time
Richard Beguiled
Richard Dives For Pearl (Alternate)
Richard Dives For Pearl (Original)
Richard Enters Jungle (Original)
Richard Enters Jungle (Revised)
Richard Floats
Richard Looks At Lilli
Richard’s Toy Boat
Richard Sees Paddy
Richard Spies (Original)
Richard Spies (Revised)
Richard vs. Shark On Reef (Alternate)
Rico & Dizzy
Rico's Communication
Rico’s Recovery
Rico’s Roughnecks / Destruction of the Rodger Young / Bug City
Rico’s Roughnecks Recruits / The Plasma Strikes Recur
Rico’s Sweeper Squad in the Tunnels
Rico’s Tanker Stunt
Rico Scores
Rico Wins the Match
Ricos Perceptional Powers
Riddle of steel (5 min 38 s)
Riddle of Steel / Riders of Doom (From "Conan the Barbarian")
Ride to Brothel / Helmut and Alethea
Ride to Church
Riders of Doom (Alternate Take)
Riders of Doom (from Conan the Barbarian)
Riders of Doom (orchestral version)
Riding Contest (Butch Meets Sundance)
Ring Tradition, The
Rising of the Moon
Ritual (original version), The
Ritual / The Heart, The
River Run
River, The
Robert's End
Robo Drives to Jones
Robo & Ed 209 Fight
Robo Fights Otomo
Robo Flies / Rehabs Chase Marie
Robo Lives
Robo Recalls / Murphy, Is It You?
Robo Saves Lewis
Robo Tips His Hat
Robo Torches Rehabs / It’s Not a Robo Knock / Robo Visits McDaggit
Robo vs. ED‐209
Robocop 3
Robocop Home (From Robocop)
RoboCop in Pursuit / RoboCop Saves Lewis
Robocop (KMN score remix)
RoboCop: Main Title / Showdown
RoboCop: Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack
Robocop Van Chase (From Robocop)
Rock Shop
Rope Down
Rotten Trick, A
Rough Landing / Cavern Confrontation
Roughnecks, The
Route 7-North (original revised composition)
Roy & Molly
Royus Interrupts
Rude Awakening
Rush to the Hospital
Russian Army Cadence (Solo Percussion)
Ryan Leaves to Dallas (alternate version)
Ryan Lifts Off / Emergence
Ryan’s Wheels (revised) / Tupolov / Buckaroo
Ryback After the Train
Ryback Startles Bobby / China Blues
Saddam Battles / Freedom Fighters
Safe House / Chopper Explosion
Sail Locker
Sailing Into Barris (alternate)
Saint Martin
Saloon Source, Part II (alternate version)
Sam Flips
San Pedro Harbor Scene
Sands of Time, The
Sarah Reacts To Distant Drumming
Sarah Sails Alone
Sauvez Willy
Saving Amy / The Big Chase
Sayonara, McDaggit
Schalkse Ruiters
School House
Scramble Map
Scrolls of Skelos, The
Seagal / Nasso Logo
Seagal Pictures Logo Theme
search (3 min 09 s)
Search for Spoke
Search (From Conan the Barbarian), The
Searching for Herb (alternative)
Secrets Revealed
See You Now, I
Serial mother
Sex revelations
Sgt. Zim
Shadizar / Dream Quest
Shark On The Reef
Shark/The Hand of Fate
She's Not There
Shere Kahn Attacks
Sheriff Arrives, The
Ship To Shore
Shot Down
Showdown (From Robocop)
Siege of the City
Ski With Me
Skull/Acclimation Montage, The
Sky Marshal, The
Sky Shots / October
Slow Motion Wolves
Slugfest to Durango / Sergant
Snake / Infidels, The
Snowmobile Ride
Source Music: Army Air Corps
Source Music: Slappy's Place
Source Music: Slo-Slappy
South Swell (Passing of the Years I) / Main Title (March of the Hawaiian Kings) / Three Friends Theme, The
Speeding Truck Climb
Spider - Spider in Hat
Spoke Is Found
Spreader Fight
Squatters (Homeless)
St. Martin Leads the Way
Stabbing, The
Starship Collision / Mobile Infantry Drop
Starship Troopers (Bugs!)
Starship Troopers: Complete Score
Starship Troopers (Expanded)
Starship Troopers (Fed Net March, Klendathu Drop)
Starship Troopers (KMN score remix)
Starship troopers Las brigadas del espacio
Starship Troopers: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Statue / Deets Dies
Stealing Grazer One
Sterner Payback, The
Stopping the Truck
StoreHouse Shootout
Story, Part I / Night By, The
Story, Part II / Caleb's Fear, The
Story, Part III / Amanda Kills Spoke, The
Story, Part IV / The Sword, The
Strafing Run (unused)
Street of Deviants / Hopefuls at the Tower of Set, The
Strike 3
Strike it Up
Studio Gate - Jungle Set
Stunt Work/More Stunt Work
Submarine Dive / Necessary Force
Suite Of Themes
Suite, The
Summer Lovers
Sunny Slopes of Yesterday
Sunrise Bonding
Surf #1/Surf #2
Taking the Train
Tango Urilla Mop-up
Target Acquisition
Tavern Source
Tavern, The
Team With Billy, A
Ted on Trial
Ted to Tarmac / The Tower
Telepathy Practice / Carl Orders Cyrano
Telpathy Test
Terrain miné
Terrorists arrive / Capitol Means
Test, The
Texaco Station / Under the Truck
Theme From Les Miserables
Theme From Lonesome Dove
Theology / Civilization (From "Conan the Barbarian")
They Will Win
Think You Can Handle the Music?
Thinking of Marius
Third Robbery
This day forth (2 min 42 s)
This is my child (3 min 24 s)
This Is My Home
Thrashing of Sky Ranch
Three Days / Minister Sinister
Three Days Only
Three Deep Wackos (Three Alternates)
Three Friends From BIG WEDNESDAY
Three Friends Theme (instrumental)
Three Points To Port
Throwing Hard
Thru' the Forest
Ticonderago, The
Ticonderoga Departure
Time for Counterstrike
Time to Choose
To Australia
To the Rescue
To the Rodeo/Biddle Accepts
Toast to the Wild Bunch
Today, I'm Throwing Hard
Toni's Death / Toni's Last Grenade
Torpedo, Bullets and the Cook / Kaboom!!!
Torpedo Impact... Now!
Touch, The
Tower of Set (alternate cues), The
Tower of Set, Part 1 (first version), The
Tower of Set / Snake Attack (Las Cantigas de Santa Maria), The
Town Source Music
Track 1
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Tradition of the Games (1996 Olympics Opening Ceremony), The
Tragedy at Buenos Aires
Trageting the F-117
Trailer (Big Waves)
Train Departs, The
Train Is Going, The
Train to Vladivostock
Train Wreck
Training March, The
Trashin' Sky Ranch
Trawwg march (2 min 45 s)
Treasure Room
Tree of Woe / Recovery, The
Trek (1 min 38 s)
Trek (From Farewell to the King / L'Adieu Au Roi), The
Tristar Logo
Trouble under Blue Skies
Truck Fight
Truck Ramming / Climb the Truck / The Truck Falls (original revised composition)
Truck Stops / Entering the Truck, The
Truckers on Time
Tupolov’s Torpedo / Torpedo Hits
Turbulence / Chopper
Turf of Jo
Tuttle Knockdown
Tuttle, Parts II, Memories
Two Weddings / End Credits: Butch and Sundance
Two Wives
Tyler’s Office / Ramius and the Doctor / Dallas Listens
U.N.S.S.U (United Nations Special Security Unit)
Ugly Planet, An
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Under the Boat
Underground / Tracking Beacon / Bertha to Base
Underwater Courtship
Unloading the Boat
Unused Plaisir D’Amor
Up the Ladder - Into the Jungle
Valeria Remembered
Valjean and Cosette
Valjean's Confession
Valjean's Journey: Theme From Les Misérables / The Bishop / Javert / The Quarry
Valjean's Promise
Valjean Saves Marius
Van Approach / Robo Awakens
Van Chase I
Van Chase II
Vanished Without a Trace
Vigau: Javert Suspects / Caring for Fantine / Valjean's Confession / The Death of Fantine / Flight From Vigau
Village attack (2 min 58 s)
Village Attack, The
Violet Twilight (Alternate)
Violins for Muffy
Wagon Attack
Wait, The
Wake Up
Waking Phone
Walk in the Park
Walking with Mikey #2 - Mikeyl, Nick and Sue
War at Home, The
War is over (3 min 21 s)
War Is Over, The
Wargame Victory
Warm Welcome
Warning / End Credits, The
Water Cask Work Party
Water Fall Climb
Water Play
Water Slide
Water (The Undoing)
We Got Him
We Killed You
We'll Talk/Coming Home II
We Need a Bait / Making a Bomb
We're all Prisoners now
We're Still Alive
Wealth Can Be Wonderful / King Osric
Wedding Reception
Whale for the Killing (instrumental), A
WHALE FOR THE KILLING - She's Not Gone, She's Free (Damaged), A
Whale for the Killing (vocal), A
Whale of a Tale, A
Whale Swim
Whaler Attack Aftermath
Whalers, The
What Could Happen?
Wheel of Pain
Whiskey Outpost Rescue (alternate)
White Fang
Who's With Me
Who Will Know?
Whomper Trials
Wifeing (Love Theme)
Wifeing (theme of love from Conan the Barbarian)
Wild Tree Bell
Will you be there
Wind Song
wind, The
Winds of the Woods
Windward Work
Witch, The
Witches Attack, The
Witching Hour, The
Wives Seat
Wolf Dance (Revised version)
Wolf Witch
Wolverines (From Red Dawn / L'Aube Rouge)
Woman saved me (1 min 23 s)
Woman Saved Me, The
Women Saved Me, The
Wrong Fire
Year Earlier..., A
You'll Be Back
You Make the Magic
You Oughta Know / What I Mean, Bear
You're Crazy Mister / Getting Horses
Zander’s End
Zed Force
Zula – Bombaata Fight (film version)
Contributed to or performed: 
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White Fang And Jack
Wild West, The
Wolf Mother Dies, The