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Eugene Wesley Roddenberry
Gene Roddenberry
Gene Roddenberry (American television screenwriter and producer)
Gene Roddenberry (Amerikaans scenarioschrijver (1921-1991))
Gene Roddenberry (amerikansk manusforfatter og produsent)
Gene Roddenberry (amerykański producent filmowy)
Gene Roddenberry (sceneggiatore e produttore televisivo statunitense)
Gene Roddenberry (US-amerikanischer Drehbuchautor, Fernseh- und Filmproduzent und Schöpfer von Star Trek)
Gene Roddenberry (yhdysvaltalainen käsikirjoittaja ja tuottaja)
Roddenberry, Eugene Wesley
Roddenberry, Gene
Wesley, Robert
Wesley, Robert (Pseudonym)
Джийн Родънбери
Джин Родденберрі
Джын Родэнбэры
Родденберри, Джин
Џин Роденбери
ჯინ როდენბერი
ג'ין רודנברי
جين رودينبيري
جین رادنبری
जीन रॉडेनबेरी
진 로덴베리
ロッデンベリー, ジーン
ロッデンベリイ, ジーン
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
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Bennett, Harve
Berman, Rick (1945-...)
Blish, James (-1991; see also from)
Burton, LeVar (1957-)
Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress)
Frakes, Jonathan
Goldsmith, Jerry (1929-2004)
Kelley, DeForest (1920-1999)
Nimoy, Leonard
Pannen, Stephanie
Paramount pictures corporation
Roloff, Stephen
Shatner, William
Stewart, Patrick
Ward, Dayton
Wise, Robert (1914-2005))
冬川, 亘 (1948-)
About Science Fiction
Amok time
Asimov's World of Science Fiction
Court martial
Cyborg Tools and E.T. Life Forms
deadly years
devil in the dark
Earth final conflict Invasion planète Terre
enemy within
Enterprise Runs Around, The
Errand of mercy
final frontier, The
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
Genesis II Pilot, The
Inside Star Trek
Introduction: Nichelle Nichols
Introduction to Live Show
Invasion, planète terre
la recherche de Spock, A
last round-up, The
Letter from a Network Censor, A
McCoy's Rx for Life
Mirror, mirror
Missing in action
naked time
Origin of Spock, The
Premier contact
Questor Affair, The
questor tapes, The
Sarek's Son Spock
search for Spock, The
Sign Off: Nichelle Nichols
Space seed
Star trek 2 La Colère de Kahn
Star trek. 313306 (Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo)
Star trek cinq : l'ultime frontière
Star trek: deep space nine [the complete season 2]
Star trek deux : la colère de Kahn
Star Trek Dream (Ballad 1 / Ballad 2), The
Star Trek. films 1 à 10. 314489 (EDV 14)
Star trek : first contact
Star trek generations
Star Trek II la ira de Khan : the wrath of Khan
Star Trek III en busca de Spock
Star trek III (Pel·lícula cinematogràfica).
Star Trek into darkness
Star trek IV retour sur terre
Star trek, la colección definitiva en DVD
Star trek la película el montaje del director
Star Trek Philosophy, The
Star trek (Programa de televisió).
Star Trek, the original series
Star Trek Theme
Star trek V la última frontera
Star Trek Voyager
sundered, The
Sutā torekku
Terre inconnue
Theme From Star Trek
trouble with tribbles
Turnabout intruder
ultime frontière, L'
undiscovered country
Where No Man Has Gone Before
William Shatner Meets Captain Kirk
スター・トレック : 宇宙大作戦
Contributed to or performed: 
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Gorgon Summoned (M54–60) / Gorgon Zapped (M61)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Main Title (soprano version, third season mix) (2006 recording)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Mislead Innocent (M38) / McCoy Mad (M41) / Out of Orbit (M42) / Call the Angel (M43/M43A)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Out of Orbit (alternate) (M42A)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Standard Orbit #1 (M31) / Starnes’ Tape (M32) / Kids’ Whammy #2 (M33) / Tommy’s Whammy (M34) / Standard Orbit #2 (M35) / Whammed Crew (M36/M36A) / Starnes’ Story (M37)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Starship Again (M21) / Instant Ice Cream (M22)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Triacus (M11) / What Goes Kids? (M12)
“Balance of Terror”: Theme from Star Trek (9MA part 4) / Romulan Warship (M31) / Romulan Theme (M22A take 3)
“Charlie X”: Main Title (cello version)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Ambassador Arrival (alternate) (M13A)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Ambassador Arrival (M13) / My Life Is Here (M14) / I Must Know (M15) / Starship Party (M21)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Don’t Move (M61) / Spock Out (M62) / No Change (M63) / Miranda Mad (M64/M64B/M64A/M64C) / Miranda’s Farewell (M65)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Enter Marvick (M11) / Enter Miranda (M12)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Hero Spock (M53/M53A/M53)
“Spectre of the Gun”: Final Curtain (alternate) (M63C)
“What Are Little Girls Made Of?”: End Title (cello version)
Cage”: Main Title (M10), “The
Cage”: Who Was Eve & End Credits (M82), “The
Conscience of the King”: Everything Is Later (M51) / Play-Off #3 (M52), “The
Conscience of the King”: Kirk and Lenore (M22) / He’s Dead (M23), “The
Conscience of the King”: Opheliamania (M62) / Bridge #2 (M63) / Last Cue (M64), “The
Conscience of the King”: Play-On #2 (M42) / Quick Ship (M43) / Phaser Overload (M44), “The
Conscience of the King”: Ship Play-On (M53) / Woodwind Fanfare (M54) / Reilly Gone (M55), “The
Conscience of the King”: Spaceship (M24) / 5 Sex and a 1 (M25) / 2 Play-Off #2 (M26), “The
Conscience of the King”: Spaceship Play-On (M27) / Toast and Corridor (M31) / Lenore’s Kiss (M32) / Short Bridge (M33), “The
Conscience of the King”: Spaceship Titles (M13) / Dr. Leighton’s Face (M14) / Bridge #1 (M15), “The
Down to Earth
Empath”: Empath Finale (M64), “The
Empath”: How’s It Going (M41) / Spock’s Hypo (M42) / Spock Stuck (M43) / McCoy Tortured (M44) / Gem Wistful (M45), “The
Empath”: Starship Again (M11) / Nova Phase (M12) / What Happened? (M13), “The
Empath”: Vians’ Farewell (M62/M62A) / Off Again (M63), “The
End Title (Soprano Version, Stereo; Cond. Hatch)
Enemy Within”: Alter Ego (M14), “The
Enemy Within”: Another Brandy (M45) / The Evil Grin (M46) / Double Dog Death (M51), “The
Enemy Within”: Kirk’s Log (M24) / Indecisive (M31) / Evil Fury (M32), “The
Enemy Within”: One Captain Kirk (M63) / Thank You, Yeoman (M64), “The
Enemy Within”: Spock Takes Over (M52) / Help Me (M53), “The
Enemy Within”: The Prone Body (M34–41) / Shivering Sulu (M42) / No Repair ( M43), “The
Enemy Within”: The Rock Slide (M11) / Beam Up (M12) / The Evil Kirk (M13), “The
Enemy Within”: The Tired Captain (M15), “The
Enemy Within”: Two Into One (M62), “The
Enemy Within”: What to Do (M44), “The
grandi sigle, volume 4: sigle telefilm, Le
Mächtige Teil 1, Der
Main Title (Season One)
Main Title (Season Three)
Man Trap”: Main Title (electric violin version), “The
Man Trap”: Warp One (M62), “The
Mission Farpoint Teil 2
Naked Time”: Brass Monkeys (M10) / Out of Glove (M11), “The
Naked Time”: Breaking Planet (M12) / Sweaty Palm (M13) / Itchy Hand (M14), “The
Naked Time”: End Title (electric violin version), “The
Naked Time”: Pulled Down (M22) / It Spreads (M23), “The
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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collection
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Single (The Original Television Soundtrack)
Star Trek: The Experience - Klingon Encounter
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (20th Anniversary Collectors' Edition)
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Unification I & II #208-207 - Theme From Star Trek (TV Series) ("Gene Roddenberry 1921-1991")
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Collection, Volume One
Star Trek: The Original Series 3: Spectre of the Gun / The Paradise Syndrome
Star Trek: The Original Series 9: The Man Trap / The Naked Time (Television Soundtrack)
Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection
Theme From "Star Trek"
Theme from Star Trek (TV Series) (Polka version)
Theme from Star Trek (TV Series) (Torch Song version)
Theme From Star Trek / Theme From "Planet of the Apes" TV Series (Apes' Shuffle) / Batman Theme / Superman Theme
Third Season Library Music: More Soup (from “Amok Time” M26-30B) (LM126)
Time Reverse / Future Risk and End Title