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Isaac Schapera
Isaac Schapera (britischer Anthropologe, Ethnologe und Afrikanist)
Isaac Schapera (British anthropologist)
Isaac Schapera (Brits antropoloog (1905-2003))
Schapera, I.
Schapera, I. (ethnograaf)
Schapera, Isaac
Schapera, Isaac (ethnograaf)
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Comaroff, John L.
Comaroff, John L. (1945-...)
Dart, Raymond Arthur (1893-1988)
Inter-university Committee for African Studies
International African Institute
Livingstone, D. (1813-1873)
Livingstone, David (1813-1873)
London School of Economics and Political Science
London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London)
Merwe, D. F. van der
Rey, Charles Fernand
Roberts, Simon
South African inter-university committee for African studies
account of the Hottentots
African journal, 1853-1856
Anthropology and the native problem
Bantu-speaking tribes of South Africa
Bogwera, Kgatla initiation, c1978:
Change and continuity in Africa monographs
Christianity and the Tswana : the Henry Myers Lecture, 1958
comparative study of Kgalagadi, Kwena, and other Sotho dialects, A
contributions of Western civilisation to modern Kxatla culture, The
crime of sorcery, The : the Huxley Memorial Lecture, 1969
Customs and laws of the Batswana
David Livingstone South African papers, 1849-1853
Ditirafalô tsa merafe ya batswana ba lefatshe la Tshireletsó
early Cape Hottentots, described in the writings of Olfert Dapper (1668), Willem Ten Rhyne (1686) and Johannes Gulielmus de Grevenbroek (1695), The
Eléments de corpus tswana le mariage : fiches établies
Essays presented to C. G. Seligman
ethnology of Africa, The
Family letters, 1841-1856
Gentis Hottentotten nuncupatae descriptio
Government and politics in tribal societies
Herding rites of the Bechuanaland Bakxatla
Kaffrarie of lant der Kaffers, anders Hottentots genaemt
Kgatla notions of ritual impurity
Khoisan peoples of South Africa, The : bushmen and hottentots
Kinship terminology in Jane Austen's novels
Livingstone and the Boers
Livingstone's missionary correspondence, 1841-1856.
Livingstone's private journals, 1851-1853
Married life in an african tribe
Mekgwa le melaŏ ya BaTswana, e tlhalositswe ke BaTswana bangwe e rulaganyeditswe kgatiso
Migrant labour and tribal life a study of conditions in the Bechuanaland protectorate
Ngwaketse inheritance : the devolution of cattle on women in a Tswana chiefdom
Notes on some Herero genealogies
Notes on the noun-classes of some Bantu languages of Ngamiland (Yeei, Subia, Gova, and Gcereku)
Notes on the tribal groupings, history, and customs of the Bakgalagadi
Oral sorcery among the natives of Bechuanaland
Picturing a colonial past the african photographs of Isaac Schapera
political annals of a Tswana tribe, The : minutes of Ngwaketse public assemblies 1910-1917
Politics in leadership : a comparative perspective
Rampedi revisited : another look at a Kgatla ward
Schediasma de Promontorio Bonae Spei, ejusve tractus incolis Hottentottis
Select bibliography of South African native life and problems
short history of the Bakgatla-bagaKgafela of Bechuananland Protectorate, A
Some aspects of Kgatla magic
Some Kgatla theories of procreation
Some notes on Tswaha Bogadi
Some problems of anthropological research in Kenya Colony
sources of law in Tswana tribal courts, The : legislation and precedent
Studies in African social anthropology
Studies in kinship and marriage dedicated to Brenda Z. Seligman on her 80th birthday
system of land tenure on the Barolong farms (Bechuanaland Protectorate), The : report and recommendations submitted to the B.P. Administration, June 1943
Systèmes politiques africains
Travels in the interior of southern Africa
Tribal innovators Tswana chiefs and social change, 1795-1940
tribal system in South Africa, The ; a study of the Bushmen and the Hottentots
Tswana, The
Uniformity and variation in chief-made law : a Tswana case study
Western civilization and the natives of South Africa: studies in culture contact
Thesis (Ph.D.)--London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), 1929