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Čcheng-tung Čchiou
Čchiou Čcheng-tung
Ch'iu, Ch'eng-t'ung
Chʻiu, Chʻeng-tʻung
Cju Čentuns
Khâu Thành Đồng
Khiu Sṳ̀n-thûng
Khu Sêng-tông
Qiu, Chengtong
Shing-Tung Yau
Shing-Tung Yau (Amerikaans wiskundige)
Shing-Tung Yau (amerikansk matematikar)
Shing-Tung Yau (amerikansk matematiker)
Shing-Tung Yau (chinesischer Mathematiker)
Shing-Tung Yau (matematico cinese)
Shing-Tung Yau (Mathematician)
Šing-Tung Jau
Yau, S. S.-T.
Yau, S. -T.
Yau, Shing T.
Yau, Shing-Tung,
Yau, Stephen S.
Шинтан Яу
Яу Шинтан
شنگ تنگ یاو
شينغ تونغ ياو
شینگ تونگ یائو (ریاضی‌دان آمریکایی)
শিং-টুং ইয়াউ
丘成桐 ((數學))
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Language material
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Cao, Huai-Dong
Coates, J.
Greene, Robert Everist (1943-)
Harvard University Department of Mathematics Affiliation (see also from)
Hsiung, Chuan-Chih (1916-...)
International Press of Boston
Ji, Lizhen (1964-)
Jost, Jürgen (1956-)
Mazur, Barry (1937-....))
Nadis, Steven J.
Phong, Duong H.
Schmid, Wilfried (1943-....))
Summer Research Institute on Differential Geometry (1990 : University of California, Los Angeles)
Summer Research Institute on Differential Geometry (Los Angeles : 1990)
University of California, Berkeley, June 1971
Vinet, Luc
Yin, Xiaotian Tim
水谷, 淳 (1970-)
Addendum To "Finite-Dimensional Filters With Nonlinear Drift": A Response To F. Daum's Comments
Advanced series in mathematical physics
Asian journal of mathematics, The
Chen Ning Yang a great physicist of the twentieth century
Chuanqi shuxuejia Hualuogeng
Classification of finite dimensional estimation algebras and Schrodinger equation
Classification of isolated hypersurface singularities by their moduli algebras
Classification of Jacobian ideals invariant by sl(2,C) actions
Classification of topological types of isolated quasi-homogeneous two-dimensional hypersurface singularities
Clustering DNA sequences by feature vectors
Coding region prediction based on a universal DNA sequence representation method.
Cohomology of groups and algebraic k-theory
Complement of arrangement of hyperplanes
Complete Algebraic CR Invariants of codimension 3 strongly pseudoconvex CR manifolds
Computational conformal geometry
Construction of Finite-Dimensional Nonlinear Filter via ODEs
Continuous family of finite-dimensional representations of a solvable Lie algebra arising from singularities.
Continuous family of finite dimensional reprsentations of a solvable Lie algebra arising from singularities
Contribution to Munuera's problem on the main conjecture of geometric hyperelliptic MDS codes
Criteria for right-left equivalence and right equivalance of holomorphic functions with isolated critical points, Complex Analysis Several complex Variables
Criterion for biholomorphic equivalence of isolated hypersurface singularities.
Current developments in mathematics, 1995
Deformations and equitopological deformations of strongly pseudoconvex manifolds
DNA sequence representation without degeneracy
Efficient association rule mining among both frequent and infrequent items
Eigenvalues of Laplacians and other geometric operators
Elliptic curves, modular forms and Fermat's last theorem
Equivalence between isolated hypersurface singularities
Essays in geometry in memory of S.S. Chern
Essays on mirror manifolds
estimate of the gap of the first two engenvalues in the Schrodinger operator, An
estimation algebra of nonlinear filtering systems, The
Existence of L2-integrable holomorphic forms and lower estimates of T1V
Experimental Result in Image Indexing using GEP-2D Strings, An
Explicit Computation of Generalized Hamming Weights for Some Algebraic Geometric Codes
Explicit computation of graph invariant for strongly pseudo-convex compact 3-dimensional rational CR manifolds
Explicit construction of finite-dimensional nonlinear filters with state space dimension 4
Explicit solution of DMZ equation in nonlinear filtering via solution of ODEs
Explicit solution to generalized time-varying Kolmogorov equation
Filtering systems with finite-dimensional estimation algebras
Finite dimensional filter with nonlinear drift III: Duncan-Mortenson-Zakai equation with arbitrary initial condition for Kalman-Bucy filtering system and Benes filtering system
Finite-dimensional filters nonlinear drift. XV - New direct method for construction of universal finite-dimensional filter
Finite dimensional filters wirh non-linear srifts I: A class of filters containing both Kalman filters and Benes filters
Finite dimensional filters with non-linear drift IX: construction of finite dimensional estimation algebra of non-maximal rank
Finite-dimensional filters with nonlinear drift. V - Solution to Kolmogorov equation arising from linear filtering with non-Gaussian initial condition
Finite dimensional filters with nonlinear drift VI: Linear structure of w matrix, (with Jie Chen)
Finite dimensional filters with nonlinear drift VIII: classification of finite dimensional estimation algebra of maximal rank with state space dimension 4
Finite dimensional filters with nonlinear drift X: Explicit solution of DMZ Equation
Finite dimensional filters with Nonlinear Drift XI: Explicit Solution of the Generalized Kolmogorov Equation in the Brockeet-Mitter Program
Finite dimensional filters with nonlinesr drift III: Dincan-Mortenson-Zakai equation with arbitrary initial condition for Kalman-Bucy filtering system and Benes filtering system
founders of index theory, The : reminiscences of and about sir Michael Atiyah, Raoul Bott, Friedrich Hirzebruch, and I. M. Singer
Geometria teorii strun : ukryte wymiary przestrzeni
Geometric flows
Geometry and topology lectures given at the Geometry and topology conferences at Harvard university in 2011 and at Lehigh university in 2012
Geometry of Riemann surfaces and their moduli spaces
Geometry of special holonomy and related topics
Geometry, topology, & physics for Raoul Bott
Gorenstein singularities with geometric genus equal to two
Handbook of group actions.
Harmonic maps and group representations
history in sum, A : 150 years of mathematics at Harvard (1825-1975)
Holomorphic symmetry
Hypersurface weighted dual graphs of normal singularities of surfaces
In Memory of C. C. Hsiung : lectures given at the JDG Symposium, Lehigh University, June 2010
Index theory for the boundaries of complex analytic varieties.
inequality 12pg-4 for weakly elliptic hypersurface singularities, The
interaction of Dirac particles with non-Abelian gauge fields and gravity bound states
Intersection lattices and the topological structures of complements of arrangements
Ji nian Hua Luogeng dan chen 100 zhou nian
Kohn-Rossi cohomology and its application to the complex Plateau problem1
Lectures on harmonic maps
Lie algebras and their representations arising from isolated singularities: Computer method in calculating the Lie algebra and their cohomology
Lie groups and automorphic forms proceedings of the 2003 summer program, Zhejiang University, Center of Mathematical Sciences, Hangzhou, China
Mathematical aspects of string theory proceedings of the Conference held at University of California, San Diego,July 21-August 1, 1986
Mathematical research today and tomorrow viewpoints of seven Fields medalists : lectures given at the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona, Spain, June 1991
Micro-local characterization of Quasi-homogeneous singularities
Miezaru uchu no katachi : Himo riron ni himerareta jigen no kikagaku.
Milnor algebras and equivalent relations among holomorphic functions
Milnor number and classification of isolated singularities of holomorphic maps
Mirror symmetry 1
Mirror symmetry I
More explicit formulas for the matrix exponential
Multiplicity of isolated two-dimensional hypersurface singularities: Zariski problem
necessary and sufficient condition for a local commutative algebra to be a moduli algebra: weighted homogeneous case, A
New Direct Method for Kalman-Bucy Filtering Systems with Arbitrary Initial Condition
New direct method for Yau filtering system with arbitrary initial conditions
new iconic indexing for 2D and 3D scenes, A
nonlinear elliptic system for maps from Hermitian to Riemannian manifolds and rigidity theorems in Hermitian geometry
Nonlinear filtering and time varying Schrodinger equation
Normal singularities of surfaces
Normal two-dimensional elliptic singularities
novel clustering method via nucleotide-based Fourier power spectrum analysis., A
novel construction of genome space with biological geometry., A
Nü xing yu shu xue
obstruction for smoothing of Gorenstein surface singularities, An
On a necessary and sufficient condition for finite dimensionality of estimation algebras.
On almost minimally elliptic singularities
On irregularity and geometric genus of isolated singularities
On maximally elliptic singularities
On strongly elliptic singularities
On the fundamental group of compact manifolds of non-positive curvature
One hundred years of general relativity : a jubilee volume on general relativity and mathematics
Open problems and surveys of contemporary mathematics
Ordinary differential equations
Parallel Computations for Yau Filters
Parallel ODE-solvers for Kalman-Bucy filter with arbitrary initial condition
Perspectives in mathematics and physics essays dedicated to Isadore Singer's 85th birthday
Prediction of Primate Splice Site Using Inhomogeneous Markov Chain and Neural Network
Prediction of protein coding regions by the 3-base periodicity analysis of a DNA sequence.
protein map and its application., A
Pure appl. math. q.
rapid method for characterization of protein relatedness using feature vectors., A
Recent advance in computing Kolmogorov equation arising from nonlinear filtering
Recent results on classification of finite dimensional maximal rank estimation algebras with state space dimension up to 5
Recent results on finite dimensional exact estimation algebra
Recent results on nonlinear filtering: New class of finite dimensional filters
Regularity and evolution of nonlinear equations : essays dedicated to Richard Hamilton, Leon Simon, and Karen Uhlenbeck
remark on moduli of complex hypersurface, A
Riemann-Roch theorem for strongly pseudoconvex manifolds of dimension three
s(n-1)invariant for isolated n-dimensional singularities and its application to moduli problems
Selected expository works of Shing-Tung Yau with commentary.
Shape of inner space string theory and the geometry of the universe's hidden dimensions
Sheaf cohomology on 1-convex manifolds, Recent Developments in Several Complex Variables
signature of Milnor Fibers and duality theorems for stongly pseudoconvex manifolds, The
signature of smoothing of higher dimensional singularities, The
Singularities defined by sl(2,C)invariant polynomials and solvability of Lie algegras arising from isolated singularities
Solvable Lie algebras and generalized Cartan Matrix arising from isolated singularities
Some remarks on the local moduli of tangent bundles over complex surfaces
Some surfaces covered by the ball and a problem in finite groups
Spherical extension property no longer true for domains in algebraic variety with isolated singularity
stepwise similarity approximation of spatial constraints for image retrieval, A
strong rigidity of locally symmetric complex manifolds of rank one and finite volume
strong rigidity theorem for a certain class of compact complex analytic surfaces
structure of Omega-matrix in nonlinear filters, The
Superstring theory
Surveys in differential geometry
TCOM, an innovative data structure for mining association rules among infrequent items
Third international congress of chinese mathematicians
Topological types and multiplicities of isolated quasi-homogeneous surface singularities
Topological types of isolated hypersurface singularities
Transformation groups and moduli spaces of curves
Tsing Hua lectures on geometry & analysis
Two theorems on higher dimensional singularities
Variations of complex structures and variation of Lie algebras
Various numerical invariants for isolated singularities
Wavelet-Galerkin method for the Kolmogorov equation
廿一世紀的中國與世界 : 數理資訊與語言文化
見えざる宇宙のかたち : ひも理論に秘められた次元の幾何学
Contributed to or performed: 
Thesis (Ph. D. in Mathematics)--University of California, Berkeley, June 1971