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Ehrlich, P. R.
Ehrlich, Paul
Ehrlich, Paul R.
Ehrlich, Paul Ralph
Èrlih, P.
Paul R. Ehrlich (ambientalista, biologo e entomologo statunitense)
Paul R. Ehrlich (American scientist and environmentalist)
Paul R. Ehrlich (americký vědec a ekolog)
Paul R. Ehrlich (Amerikaans entomoloog)
Paul R. Ehrlich (cientista estadounidense)
Paul R. Ehrlich (US-amerikanischer Biologe)
Paul Ralph EHRLICH
Эрлих, Пол
إهرلتش، بول
إيرليش، بول
بول إيرليش
エーアリック, ポール・R
エーリック, ポール
エーリック, ポール・R
エールリッヒ, ポール・R
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Daily, Gretchen C.
Dobkin, David S.
Ehrlich, A. H.
Ehrlich, Anne (1933-....))
Ehrlich, Anne H.
Ehrlich, Anne Howland
Hanawalt, Philip C.
Harriman, Richard L.
Holdren, John P.
Holm, Richard W.
Thomas, Lewis (1913-1993)
Wheye, Darryl
مستجير، أحمد
山口, 彦之 (1929-)
Ark II; social response to environmental imperatives
Bee community shifts with landscape context in a tropical countryside.
Befolkning, resurser, miljö : människans ekologiska framtid.
Betrayal of science and reason : how anti-environmental rhetoric threatens our future
Bevölkerungswachstum und Umweltkrise : die Oekologie des Menschen
bevolkingsexplosie, De
Biodiversity studies: science and policy.
Biology and society
Bird assemblages in patchy woodlands: Modeling the effects of edge and matrix habitats
Birds in jeopardy : the imperiled and extinct birds of the United States and Canada including Hawaii and Puerto Rico
birdwatcher's handbook, The : a guide to the natural history of the birds of Britain and Europe : including 516 species that regularly breed in Europe and adjacent parts of the Middle East and North Africa
Bombe P, La
Butterflies : ecology and evolution taking flight
Cambio della ruota, Il : risorse, popolazione, cultura, potere
Can sex ratio defined or determined? The case of a population of checkerspot butterflies.
Cassandra Conf. (1985 : Tex. A & M Univ.). The Cassandra Conference, c1987:
Cassandra Conference, The : resources and the human predicament
Climate change hastens population extinctions.
cold and the dark, The : the world after nuclear war : the Conference on the Long-Term Worldwide Biological Consequences of Nuclear War
Colloquium paper: where does biodiversity go from here? A grim business-as-usual forecast and a hopeful portfolio of partial solutions.
Conservation biology for all
Conservation in temperate forests : what do we need to know and do?
Conservation of insect diversity: a habitat approach.
Conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services.
Coping with uncertainty: a call for a new science-policy forum.
Cost-effective priorities for global mammal conservation
Countryside Biogeography of Moths in a Fragmented Landscape: Biodiversity in Native and Agricultural Habitats
Countryside biogeography: Use of human-dominated habitats by the avifauna of southern Costa Rica
Cultural evolution and the human predicament.
Delayed population explosion of an introduced butterfly
Determinants of spatial distribution in a population of the subalpine butterfly Oeneis chryxus .
Disappearance of insectivorous birds from tropical forest fragments.
Diversity in Current Ecological Thinking: Implications for Environmental Management
Diversity, natural history and conservation of amphibians and reptiles from the San Vito Region, southwestern Costa Rica.
[Diversity, natural history and conservation of mammals from San Vito de Coto Brus, Costa Rica].
Dominant animal.
Double keystone bird in a keystone species complex.
Economic incentives for rain forest conservation across scales.
Economic value of tropical forest to coffee production
Ecoscience : population, resources, environment
Ecosystem consequences of bird declines
Effects of household dynamics on resource consumption and biodiversity
End of affluence, The : a blueprint for your future
Environmental directions.
Evolution, ecology and terrorism
evolution of norms., The
exploratory model of the impact of rapid climate change on the world food situation., An
Explosión demográfica, La : el principal problema ecológico
Extinción : la desaparición de las especies vivientes en el planeta
Extinction : the causes and consequences of the disappearance of species
fertility plateau in Costa Rica: A review of causes and remedies, The
Food production, population growth, and the environment.
Food security, population, and environment
frio e a escuridão o mundo após a guerra nuclear, O
Frío y las tinieblas, El : el mundo después de una guerra nuclear
Froid et les Ténèbres, Le : [le Monde après une guerre atomique : Rapport de la Conférence sur les conséquences biologiques d'un conflit nucléaire, 31 oct. - 1 nov. 1983, Washington]
Genes and cultures: What creates our behavioral phenome?
Global change and human susceptibility to disease.
Global climate change and life on earth
Global ecology : readings toward a rational strategy for man
Global Mammal Conservation: What Must We Manage?
golden door, The : international migration, Mexico, and the United States
Guía del observador de aves : una guía sobre la historia natural de las aves de Europa
Healing the planet : strategies for resolving the environmental crisis
Hombre y la ecosfera, El
How to be a survivor
How to know the butterflies, 1961.
Human appropriation of renewable fresh water
Human ecology.
Human natures : genes, cultures and the human prospect
Humanity on a tightrope : thoughts on empathy, family, and big changes for a viable future
Humanökologie : der Mensch im Zentrum einer neuen Wissenschaft
Humans in Biosphere : can we do better to avoid global collapse?
Humans, nature, and birds : science art from cave walls to computer screens
Influence of social status on individual foraging and community structure in a bird guild
Instructor's manual to accompany Biology and society
Integrated pest management in Latin America
Introducción a la biología
Introduction to insect biology and diversity.
Island of dreams : environmental crisis in Japan
Jinkō ga bakuhatsusuru
Key issues for attention from ecological economists
Key issues for attention from ecological economists1
Killing the koala and poisoning the prairie : Australia, America, and the environment
machinery of nature, The
MAHB and the BioScience Gang, The
MAHB, the culture gap, and some really inconvenient truths., The
Mammal population losses and the extinction crisis.
Man and the ecosphere : readings from Scientific American
Millennium Assessment of Human Behavior
More than just indicators: A review of tropical butterfly ecology and conservation
Natural selection and cultural rates of change.
New world new mind : changing the way we think to save our future
New world new mind : moving toward conscious evolution
Nocturnality and species survival
nukleare Nacht d. langfristigen klimat. u. biolog. Auswirkungen von Atomkriegen
On the wings of checkerspots : a model system for population biology
One with Nineveh politics, consumption, and the human future
Optimum human population size
Oviposition behavior and offspring performance in herbivorous insects: consequences of climatic and habitat heterogeneity
Peace will give us a chance
Persistence of Forest Birds in the Costa Rican Agricultural Countryside
Población, recursos, medio ambiente : aspectos de ecología humana
Population biology of checkerspot butterflies and the preservation of global biodiversity.
population bomb, The
Population diversity: Its extent and extinction
Population, environment and people : twenty-four original essays
Population explosion
Population Growth, Economic Growth, and Market Economies
Population, resources, environment: issues in human ecology
Population, Sustainability, and Earth's Carrying Capacity
Preservation of biodiversity in small rainforest patches: Rapid evaluations using butterfly trapping
Process èvolûcii
process of evolution., The
Quick fixes for the environment: Part of the solution or part of the problem?
race bomb, The : skin color, prejudice, and intelligence
Range Occupancy and Endangerment: A Test With a Butterfly Community
Reconstruction of fragmented ecosystems : global and regional perspectives
Reisplan voor het ruimteschip Aarde
Repairing a damaged world
Reply to Sridhar: Agricultural landscapes remain an essential front for biodiversity conservation.
Response to Bartlett and Lytwak (1995): Population and immigration policy in the United States--Comment/reply
Retrospective. Stephen Schneider (1945-2010).
Science of ecology, The
Shakai no tameno seibutsugaku.
Socioeconomic equity, sustainability, and earth's carrying capacity
Some Roots of Terrorism
stork and the plow, The : the equity answer to the human dilemma
Sustainability. Millennium assessment of human behavior.
Sustaining biodiversity in ancient tropical countryside
Techniques and guidelines for monitoring Neotropical butterflies
When Agendas Collide: Human Welfare and Biological Conservation
Where does biodiversity go from here? A grim business-as-usual forecast and a hopeful portfolio of partial solutions.
Wild solutions : how biodiversity is money in the bank
Zetsumetsu no yukue
Процесс эволюции
آلة الطبيعة : الايكولوجيا من منظور تطورى
عقل جديد لعالم جديد : (كيف نغير طريقة تفكيرنا لنحمى مستقبلنا)
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