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Saxon Musical group (Musical group or band)
Saxon (Musical group or band)
began 1976
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Byford, Biff (hasMember)
Carter, Nibbs (hasMember)
Dawson, Steve (hasMember)
Durham, Nigel (hasMember)
Gill, Pete (hasMember)
Glockler, Nigel (hasMember)
Johnson, Paul (hasMember)
Michael, Jörg (hasMember)
Oliver, Graham (hasMember)
Quinn, Paul (hasMember)
Randow, Fritz (hasMember)
Scarratt, Doug (hasMember)
100 % rock
2 originals of Saxon
20,000 Feet
20,000 ft. (7" remix)
20,000 ft. (Abbey Road mix 2008)
20,000 ft. (live)
20,000 FT (San Antonio 2018)
20, 000ft (live)
2003-01-22: Hugenottenhalle, Neu-Isenburg, Germany
2007-05-05: Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki, Finland
747 (Strangers in the Night) (edit)
747 (Strangers in the Night) (Helsinki 2015)
747 (Strangers in the Night) (live at Donnington)
747 (Strangers in the Sky)
757 Strangers in the Night
Absent friends
Ace of Spades (London 2016) (Motörhead cover)
Ain’t Gonna Take It
Ain’t You Glad to Be Alive
All Guns Blazing
All Hell Breaking Loose
Altar of the Gods
And the Band Played On (live Hammersmith)
And the Bands Play On
And the Bands Played On (2009 Remaster)
And the Bands Played On (live)
Ann Marie
Are We Travellers in Time
Ashes to Ashes
Atila the Hun
Attila the Hun (Berlin 2007)
Back in '79 (Berlin 2011)
Back on the Street
Back On The Streets (12" Club Mix) (Bonus Track)
Back on the Streets (7" version)
Back on the streets (extended version)
Back on the Streets (live)
Back on the Streets (promo clip)
Backs to the Wall (demo)
Backs to the Wall (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Bad Boys (Like to Rock 'n' Roll)
Ballad of the Working Man
Bands Played On, The
Bap Shoo Ap (live)
Bap Shu Ap
Bapshooap (live)
Baptism of Fire: The Collection 1991–2009
Battalions of Steel (Wacken Open Air 2014)
Battering Ram (London 2018)
Battle Cry / [drum solo]
Bavarian Rhapsody
BBC Sessions / Live at Reading Festival ’86
Best of Saxon 1972-1984, The
Beyond The Grave (5.1 mix)
Beyond the Grave (single version)
Beyond The Grave Video Clip
Big Teaser (demo)
Big Teaser (original)
Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)
Borderline (Kaley Studio demo)
Broken Heroes (Live In Madrid - B-Side Of I Can't Wait Anymore) (Bonus Track)
Broken Heroes (orchestrated version)
Broken Heroes, The
Burning Wheels
Call of the Wild
Call to Arms (Berlin 2011)
Call to Arms (orchestral version)
Calm Before the Storm
Can’t Stop Rockin’
Can't Wait Anymore (12" Mix) (Bonus Track), I
Carrere Years (1979-1984), The
CD Hoard, The
Champions of Rock
Chase The Fade (B-Side Of Waiting For The Night) (Bonus Track)
Chasing the Bullet (Berlin 2011)
Circle of Light
Cloud Nine
Collection of Metal, A
Come Rock of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)
Coming Home (acoustic version)
Coming Home (Bottleneck‐version)
Coming to the Rescue
Complete Albums 1979-1988, The
Conquistador + Drum Solo (BYH Balingen 2013)
Court of the Crimson King
Crash Dive
Crime of Passion
Crusader (Kaley Studio demo)
Crusader (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Crusader (orchestrated version)
Crusader Prelude, The
Crusader (Wacken Open Air 2014)
Cut Out the Disease
Dallas 1 PM (live Hammersmith)
Dallas 1PM (Live In Madrid) (B-Side Of Northen Lady) (Bonus Track)
Dallas 1pm (Wacken Open Air 2014)
Decade of the Eagle: The Anthology 1979–1988
Deeds of Glory
Demolition Alley
Demon Sweeney Todd (Berlin 2009)
Denim and Leather (live)
Denim and Leather (Wacken Open Air 2014)
Devil Rides Out (live)
Devil Rides Out, The
Devil’s Footprint, The
Diamonds and Nuggets
Do It All for You (intro) / Run for Your Lives (Kaley Studio demo)
Dogs of War (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Don’t Worry
Dragon's Lair (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Drum Solo
Eagle Has Landed 40: Live, The
Eagle Has Landed II, The
Eagle Has Landed III, The
Eagle Has Landed (orchestrated version), The
Eagle Has Landed (Wacken Open Air 2014), The
Early Years, The
EMI Years (1985-1988), The
Empire Rising
Empty Promises
English Man 'O' War (5.1 mix)
Essential rock [16 rock classics]
Everybody Up (Live In Madrid) (B-Side Of Northen Lady) (Bonus Track)
Eye of the Storm (Zoetemeer 2015)
Fire in the Sky (live)
Flying On The Edge (5.1 mix)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Monitor mix)
Forever Free (live)
Forever Free (re‐recorded version)
Freeway Mad (live)
Freeway Mad (Part 1)
Freeway Mad (Part 2)
Frozen Rainbow (acoustic version)
Frozen Rainbow (demo)
Frozen Rainbow (live Hammersmith)
Get Down and Dirty
Give It All Away
Give It Everything You’ve Got
Going Nowhere Fast
Gonna Shout (Live In Madrid - B-Side Of I Can't Wait Anymore) (Bonus Track)
Gothic Dreams
Great White Buffalo (live), The
Greatest Hits Live!
greatest rock album, The
Guardians of the Tomb
[guitar solo] / Wheels of Steel
Hammer of the Gods (Berlin 2011)
Hard and Fast
Hard rock
Heavy Metal Thunder (Abbey Road mix 2008)
Heavy Metal Thunder (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Heavy Metal Thunder - Live: Eagles Over Wacken
Hell Freezes Over
Helter Skelter (Kaley Studio demo)
Hold On
Hole in the Sky
Hungry Years (live Hammersmith)
I’m on Fire
I've Got to Rock (To Stay Alive) [Berlin 2011]
If I Was You (Sheffield 2007)
If I Was You (single version)
Inner Sanctum, The
Innocence is no excuse
Interview With Saxon
[Interview with the Band]
Into the Labyrinth
Intro / And the Bands Played On (live)
Intro / Hammer of the Gods
Intro / Heavy Metal Thunder
Intro / See the Light Shining
Intro / Warlord
Iron Wheels (live acoustic version)
Jack Tars (5.1 mix)
Jericho Siren
Judgement Day (live)
Just Can’t Get Enough, I
Just Let Me Rock (Kaley Studio demo)
Just Let Me Rock (re‐recorded version)
Just Wanna Make Love to You
Justice (5.1 mix)
Killing Ground (London 2016)
Kingdom of the Cross
Krakatoa (B-Side Of Rock N' Roll Gypsy) (Bonus Track)
Let Me Feel Your Power
Letter + Valley of the Kings (London 2009), The
Lift Up Your Eyes
Lights in the Sky
Lionheart (5.1 mix)
Lionheart Live Clip
Lionheart Making Of Clip
Little Bit of What You Fancy (Kaley Studio demo), A
Live at Donnington 1980
Live at Monsters of Rock
Live at Rock Sound Festival 2006
Live Fast Die Young (B-Side Of Back On The Streets) (Bonus Track)
Live From Wacken
Live in Germany 1991
Live in Nottingham
Live... in the Raw
Live Innocence!
Live to Rock (Berlin 2009)
Live to Rock (single version)
Luck of the Draw
Machine Gun (live)
Machine Gun (London 2009)
Made in Belfast
Make ’em Rock
Mame 'em Rock
Man And Machine (5.1 mix)
Masters of Rock
Maximum heavy metal
Medley: i) Heavy Metal Thunder / ii) Stand Up and Be Counted / iii) Taking Your Chances / iv) Warrior (live), The
Medley (Live, B-Side Of Rock N' Roll Gypsy) (Bonus Track), The
Midas Touch (Kaley Studio demo 1982)
Midnight Rider (live Hammersmith)
Militia Guard
Ministry of Fools
Mists of Avalon
Most Famous Hits - The Album
Motorcycle Man (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Need for Speed
Never Surrender (live)
Night of the Wolf (BYH Balingen 2013)
Nightmare (Kaley Studio demo 1982)
No Rest for the Wicked
Northern Lady (7" Single Edit) (Bonus Track)
Northern lady (album version)
Nosferatu (Raw version)
Nosferatu (The Vampire’s Waltz) (live, 2018-04-22: Los Angeles, USA)
Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz) (Manchester 2018)
Nothern Lady
Olympus Rising
One Step Away
Opening Theme
Original Album Series
original heavy metal album 18 essential head bangin' hits, The
Out of Control
Overture in B-Minor / Refugee
Party ’til You Puke
Piss Off
Play It Loud (Berlin 2011)
Play It Loud (live)
Power and the Glory (Kaley Studio demo 1982)
Power and the Glory (live)
Power and the Glory (Wacken Open Air 2014)
Power & the Glory, The
Preacher, The
Predator (Manchester 2018)
Prelude to War (intro)
Premonition in D Minor
Princess of the Night (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Princess of the Night (Wacken Open Air 2014)
Protect Yourselves
Queen of Hearts
Rainbow Theme (demo)
Rainbow Theme / Frozen Rainbow
Raise Some Hell
Red Alert
Red Line (live in Oklahoma City 1985)
Red Star Falling (Berlin 2007)
Red Star Falling (orchestrated version)
Redline (Kaley Studio demo 1982)
Reeperbahn Stomp
Requiem (acoustic version)
Requiem EP
Requiem (we will remember) (single version)
Return (5.1 mix), The
Ride Like the Wind (Monitor mix)
Roadies’ Song
Rock Champions
Rock City
Rock collection
Rock giants
Rock inferno
Rock Is Our Life
Rock 'n' ride
Rock ’n’ Roll Gipsy
Rock 'n' roll gypsies
Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy (Berlin 2011)
Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy (live)
Rock 'n' Roll Gypsys
Rock oldies orig. top hits
Rock on the road
Rock The Nation
Rock The Nations (Live At Hammersmith - B-Side Of Ride Like The Wind) (Bonus Track)
rock the nations sr p
Rock triumphs
Rockin' Again [Promo Clip]
Rocking Again (promo clip)
Rough and Ready
Run for Your Lives
Running for the Border
Running Hot
Sacrifice (BYH Balingen 2013)
Sailing to America (Kaley Studio demo)
Saturday Night (Kaley Studio demo 1982)
Saxon - A collection of metal
Saxon - Greatest hits live
Saxon - Live Innocence / The Power and the Glory
Saxon's greatest hits
Saxon - Ten years
Saxon the early years
Sea of Life
Searching For Atlantis (5.1 mix)
Secret of Flight (London 2018), The
See the Light Shinin'
See the Light Shining (live Hammersmith)
Set Me Free (Kaley Studio demo)
Shadows on the Wall
Shout It Out
Sixth Form Girls
Sixth from Girls
Slow Lane Blues
Solid Ball of Rock (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Solid Book of Rock
Song for Emma
Song of Evil
Sons of Odin (Los Angeles 2018)
Speed Merchants
St. George's Day Sacrifice: Live in Manchester
Stallions of the Highway (demo)
Stallions of the Highway (live)
Stallions of the Highway (remix)
Stand Up and Be Counted (live)
Stand Up and Fight (BYH Balingen 2013)
Stand Up and Rock (Kaley Studio demo 1982)
Stand Your Ground
Standing in a Queue
State of Grace (Berlin 2007)
Still Fight to Rock 'n' Roll
Still Fit to Boogie (live)
Still Fit to Rock’n’Roll
Stone Room Jam
Street Fighting Gang
Street Fighting Man
Strong arm metal
Strong Arm of the Law (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Studio Audio Rough Mix
Surviving Against the Odds
Suzie Hold On ’82 (Jeff Glixman version)
Suzie Hold On (83 version)
Suzie Hold On (demo)
Suzy Hold On
Taking Your Chances
Terminal Velocity
They Played Rock and Roll (Stockholm 2018)
Thin Red Line, The
This Town Rocks (Los Angeles 2018)
Three Sheets to the Wind (The Drinking Song)
Thunderbolt (live, 2018-03-02: Frankfurt)
Thunderbolt (San Antonio 2018)
To Hell and Back Again (alternate version)
To Hell & Back Again (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
To Live By The Sword (5.1 mix)
To Live by the Sword, Part 1
To Live by the Sword, Part 2
To the End
Top of the World
Travellers in Time
Turn Out the Light
Turn Out the Lights (Kaley Studio demo 1982)
Twenty Thousand Feet
Two originals of Saxon
Unleash the beast
Unplugged and Strung Up
Valley of the Kings
very best of Saxon 1979 - 1988, The
Very Best Saxon Album Ever, The
Waiting For The Night (7" Single Edit) (Bonus Track)
Waiting for the night (extended version)
Waiting for the Night (live)
Walking the Steel
Walking Through Tokyo
Warrior King, The
Warriors of the Road: The Saxon Chronicles, Part II
Watching the Sky
Watching You
We Are the Strong
We Came Here to Rock
We Will Remember (album version)
We Will Remember (single version)
What Goes Around Comes Around
Wheels of Steel (7" version 1997 Remaster)
Wheels of Steel (demo)
Wheels of Steel / Demolition Alley
Wheels Of Steel [Inc Doug Scaratt Solo]
Wheels of Steel (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Wheels of Steel / Strong Arm of the Law
Wheels of Terror
When Doomsday Comes (Hybrid Theory)
Where the Lightning Strikes
Witchfinder General (5.1 mix)
Witchfinder General (Berlin 2009)
Witchfinder General (Live at Rocksound Festival, 2006)
Wizard’s Tale, A
Yesterday’s Gone
You Ain't No Angel
You Don't Know What You've Got
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Contributed to or performed: 
+2 Musique Metal
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100% Rock
100% Rock, Volume 4
20 Years A Warrior Soul
80's Super Hits
80’s Generation
80’s Giga Hits Collection
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Giants of Rock: The Metal Decade, Volume 3: 1984-85
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Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
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Guitar Heroes: Rock the Night Away
Guitar Rock Heroes
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Hard Union: Festivals von Fans für Fans
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Lightnin' to the Nations: NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection
Lista Przebojów Programu III - 1986
Live 'n' Kickin'
Live at Wacken 2007
Live at Wacken 2016
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Love Music 1985-1989: Alive and Kicking, I
M!LF, Volume 2
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Massive Hits! Driving Rock
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Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 123: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
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Masters of Rock (disc 1)
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Media Markt Collection: Rockin’ the Hard Way
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Metal Hammer #143: Battle Metal II: Kiss My Axe
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