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Absolute and Abitofhell, Author of
Arbuthnott Knox, Ronald
Author of Absolute and Abitofhell
K, R. A.
K, Ronald Arbuthnott Knox
Knox, R. A.
Knox, R. A. Hilary
Knox (Ronald)
Knox, Ronald A.
Knox, Ronald Arburthnott
Knox, Ronald Arbuthnott
Knox, Ronald Arbuthnott Hilary
Knox, Ronald Arbuthnott (sac)
Knox, Ronaldus Arbuthnott
Opal, lady Porstock
R. A. K
R. A. K, Ronald Arbuthnott Knox
Ronald A. Knox (brittisk präst)
Ronald Knox (britischer Theologe, Satiriker und Kriminalschriftsteller)
Ronald Knox (britisk præst)
Ronald Knox (britisk prest)
Ronald Knox (Brits priester (1888-1957))
Ronald Knox (English priest and theologian)
Ronald Knox (teologo, prete e scrittore britannico)
Нокс, Рональд (английский религиозный деятель и писатель, автор детективов)
Роналд Нокс
ノックス, ロナルド・A
ノックス, ロナルド・アーバスノット
Creation class: 
Language material
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Baring, Maurice (co-author)
Belloc, Hilaire (co-author)
Browning, Robert (co-author)
Caraman, Philip (1911-)
Chandler, Stephanie (co-author)
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith (1874-1936)
Cox, Ronald (1911-1970)
Cox, Ronald R. (1941- ))
Delpierre-Delattre, Eugène-Guy (co-author)
Delpierre-Delattre, Eugène-Guy S.J. Le P.
Emídio, Manuel Tavares (1936-)
Eyres, Laurence Edwin (co-author)
Green-Armytage, A. H. N. (co-author)
Havelaar, Paula
Johnson, Vernon (1886-1969))
Jutte, Fidelis
Knox, Edmund Valpy (1881-1971; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Knox, Wilfred L. (1886-1950; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Leslie, Shane (co-author)
Leslie, Shane (n. 1885)
Lunn, Arnold (1888-1974)
Lunn, Arnold (co-author)
Morera, Manuel
Novoa, Fernando
Pontificio Istituto biblico
Szottowa, Anna
Tenneson, André (co-author)
Trollope, Anthony (1815-1882)
Trollope, Anthony (co-author)
Waugh, Evelyn
宇野, 利泰 (1909-1997)
Absolute and Abitofhell, or, Noah's Ark put in commission and set adrift ... on a new voyage of discovery, 1915:
Autobiography of a saint Thérèse of Lisieux
Barchester pilgrimage
beginning and end of man, The
belief of Catholics, The
Best detective stories
Bin ich es, Herr Kurzbetrachtungen
body in the silo., The
Book of Psalms in Latin and English, The : with the Canticles used in the Divine Office
Bread or stone, 1915:
Bridegroom and bride.
Broadcast minds
Caliban in Grub Street, by Ronald A. Knox
Christliches Schwärmertum : ein Beitrag zur Religions-Geschichte
church in bondage, 1914:, The
church on earth, The
Collected verse, with an introduction by Ronald Knox
commentary on the Gospels., A
credo a cámara lenta, El
creed in slow motion, The
Czyja ręka? : powieść
Difficulties, being a correspondence about the catholic religion between Ronald Knox and Arnold Lunn... [3rd] edition with 2 additional letters...
Double cross purposes
Ejercicios para seglares
Enthusiasm; a chapter in the history of religion, with special reference to the XVII and XVIII centuries
Essays in satire
Father Brown : selected stories
Footsteps at the lock
Fussspuren an der Schleuse Ein Kriminalroman
God and the atom.
Hidden stream., The
Holy Bible, The : a translation from the Latin Vulgate in the light of the Hebrew and Greek originals authorized by the hierarchy of England and Wales and the hierarchy of Scotland
imitation of Christ, The
In soft garments : a collection of Oxford conferences
In three tongues. Edited by L. E. Eyres
L'Évangile de saint Paul["St. Paul's Gospel"], traduit de l'anglais par E. Delpierre-Delattre,...
La Messe vécue, adapté de l'anglais par E. Delpierre-Delattre. Préface du R. P. H. de Lubac,...
layman and his conscience; a retreat., The
Le Cadavre dans le silo. Traduit de l'anglais par Stéphanie Chandler. [Présentation par Paul Grosjean.]
Le Credo ["the Creed in slow motion"], adapté de l'anglais
Let dons delight : being variations on a theme in an Oxford common-room
Lightning Meditations.
Literary distractions
Maurice Baring, a postscript [Memoir] by Laura Lovat, with some Letters and verse [of Maurice Baring. On the effect of the Classics on Maurice Baring's mind, by Ronald A. Knox. Letter to Laura Lovat from Princess Marthe Bibesco]
Meditaciones sobre la vida cristiana
Memories of the future, being memoirs of the years 1915-1972, written in the year of grace 1988 by Opal, lady Porstock. Edited by Ronald A. Knox. 3d edition
Memories of the future, being memories of the years 1915-1972
miracles of King Henry VI, The : being an account and translation of twenty-three miracles taken from the manuscript in the British museum (Royal 13 c. viii)
Mis voor de lens, De
Mord am Viadukt
mystery of the kingdom and other sermons, The
Nazi and Nazarene
New Testament commentary for English readers, A
New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ;, The
Off the record.
Old Testament, The
On English translation, by R. A. Knox,...
open-air pulpit, An
Pastoral sermons of Ronald A. Knox., The
Pippa passes, III, Evening : talk by the way. Translated into Theocritean hexameters...
Portrait of St Luke, by A. H. N. Green-Armytage... Introduction by R. A. Knox, A
Priestly life, a retreat. Ronald Knox, The
Proving God : a new apologetic
quotable Knox, The : a topical compendium of the wit and wisdom of Ronald Knox
Remigium alarum, carmen latinum, premio cancellari donatum et in schola theologica recitatum a. d. x. kal. jul. 1910 ; scripist Ronaldus Arbuthnott Knox,...
Retiro para gente joven
Retreat for lay people
Retreat for priests
Reunion all round, or, Jael's hammer laid aside ... and serv'd in a lordly dish, 1914:
Richesses de l'Ancien Testament, retraite sacerdotale, traduit de l'anglais par le R. P. A. [André] Tenneson,...
Ronald Knox
Sanctions: a frivolity
Semper agens, semper quietus : ein brüderliches Gespräch unter Priestern
Settled out of court
Six against Scotland yard, in which Margery Allingham, Anthony Berkeley, Freeman Wills Crofts, Father Ronald Knox, Dorothy L. Sayers, Russell Thorndike commit the crime of murder which ex-Superintendent Cornish, C.I.D., is called upon to solve.
Sobre la fe católica : conferencias para estudiantes
sodródó admirális, A
Some loose stones ... 1913:
Spiritual Aeneid, by R. A. Knox,..., A
St. Paul's gospel
three taps; a detective story without a moral, The
Tiempos y fiestas del año litúrgico
Torrente oculto, El
Trials of a translator.
Ukryty strumień
Une Énéide spirituelle["A spiritual Aeneid"], adapté de l'anglais par E. Delpierre-Delattre. Préface de S. E. Mgr Le Couëdic,...
Une retraite pour laïques["A Retreat for lay people"], adapté de l'anglais par le R.P. [Eugene-Guy] Delpierre-Delattre,...
Viaduct murder
Waiting for Christ
Warden. With an introduction by Ronald Knox. Illustrations by Edward Ardizzone, The
window in the wall and other sermons on the Holy Eucharist, The