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Rashid Alievich Sunyaev (fisico e astronomo russo)
Rashid Sunyaev
Rashid Sunyaev (Russian astronomer)
Rashid Sunyaev (Russisch natuurkundige)
Rashid Sunyaev (russischer Astrophysiker)
Rashid Sunyaev (rysk astronom och fysiker)
Rashid Syunyaev
Räşid Sönniev
Raszid Suniajew
Si︠u︡ni︠a︡ev, R. A.
Si︠u︡ni︠a︡ev, Rashid Alievich
Sjunjaev, R. A.
Sjunjaev, R. A. ([t])
Sjunjajev, Rašid Alijevič
Souniaev, Rachid Alievitch
Sunâev, R. A.
Sunâev, Rašid
Sûnâev, Rašid Alievič
Suniaev, Rashid Alievich
Sunjaev, Rašid A.
Sunjajew, Raschid Alijewitsch
Sunyaev, R.
Sunyaev, R. A.
Sunyaev, Rashid
Sunyaev, Rashid A.
Sunyaev, Rashid Alievich
Sunyaev, Rašid Alievič
Сюняев, Рашид Алиевич
Сюняєв Рашид Алійович
رشید سونیایف (فیزیک‌دان و ستاره‌شناس روسی)
റാഷിദ് അലിയെവിച്ച് സ്യുന്യായെവ്
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Barenblatt, G. I.
Čurazov, Evgenij
Drožžin-Labinskij, Ju. N.
Granik, A.
Jackson, E.
Merloni, Andrea
Ostriker, J. P.
Ostriker, Jeremiah Paul
Romero, Gustavo
Romero, Gustavo E.
Sazonov, Sergej J.
Sibgatullin, Nail' R.
Somov, B. V.
Zel'dovič, Âkov Borisovič (1914-1987))
Zelʹdovič, Â. B. (1914-...)
Zelʹdovich, I︠A︡. B.
Zelʹdovich, I︠A︡kov Borisovich
angular function for Compton scattering in mildly and ultra-relativistic astrophysical plasmas, The
Astrofizika i kosmičeskaja fizika
Astrofizika vysokih energij
Asymmetry of Compton scattering by relativistic electrons with an isotropic velocity distribution astrophysical implications
Chastitsy, iadra, vselennaia
Chemical physics and hydrodynamics
deep ROSATPSPC observation towards the CMB decrement close to PC1643+4631 A & B no cluster X-ray emission
disc accretion in the gravitational field of a rapidly rotating neutron star with a rotationnally induced quadrupol mass distribution
Discovery of near infrared jets in the galactic microquasar GRS 1915+105
Equivalent width, shape and proper motion of the iron fluorescent line emission from the molecular clouds as an indicator of the illuminating source X-ray flux history
Fizika kosmosa : malenʹkai︠a︡ ėnt︠s︡iklopedii︠a︡
Fourier power spectra at high frequencies a way to distinguish a neutron star from a black hole
Growing black holes accretion in a cosmological context
Growing black holes ; Heidelberg, cop. 2005.
High-energy astrophysics and cosmology proceedings of the COSPAR/IAU Symposium held in Rojen, Bulgaria, 18-23 July 1983.
High-energy spectroscopic astrophysics
Internal shock model for microquasars
Is 1E1740.7-2942 inside the dense molecular cloud? constraints from ASCA data
Jets at all scales proceedings of the 275th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 13-17, 2010
Khimicheskaīa fizika i gidrodinamika
Large scale motions in superclusters their imprint in the CMB
Lighthouses of the universe the most luminous celestial objects and their use for cosmology proceedings of the MPA/ESO/MPE/USM Joint Astronomy Conference held in Garching, Germany, 6-10 August 2001
Microwave polarization in the direction of galaxy clusters induced by the CMB quadrupole anisotropy
Neutron Stars and Pulsars
Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Plasmas
obscured universe
Oeuvres choisies
On the nature of optical variability : Priroda opticheskoj peremennosti
Optics of cosmic dust I
Particles, nuclei, and the universe
Pekuli︠a︡rnye zvezdy, silʹnye magnitnye poli︠a︡ i gamma-astronomii︠a︡
profile of a narrow line after single scattering by Maxwellian electrons relativistic corrections to the kernel of the integral kinetic equation
Scattering of X-ray emission lines by the neutral and molecular hydrogen in the sun's atmosphere and in the vicinity of active galactic nuclei and compact sources
Selected works of Yakov Borisovich Zeldovich
Spectral distortions of the cosmic microwave radiation due to interaction with the hot gas in a moving cluster inclusion of relativistic corrections
Spread of matter over a neutron star surface during disk accretion
U.S.-USSR Workshop on High-Energy Astrophysics (1989 : Institute for Space Research and Abastumani Laboratory and Observatory). High-energy astrophysics, 1991:
Vspyshki na zvezdakh, 1982:
Zeldovich : reminiscences
Znakomyĭ neznakomyĭ Zelʹdovich : v vospominanii︠a︡kh druzeĭ, kolleg, uchenikov