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Granit, Arthur Ragnar
Granit, R.
Granit, Ragnar
Granit, Ragnar Arthur
Granit, Ragnar Arthur.‏
Ragnar Arthur Granit
Ragnar Granit
Ragnar Granit (finnisch-schwedischer Neurophysiologe und Nobelpreisträger)
Ragnar Granit (Finnish scientist)
Ragnar Granit (Fins neurowetenschapper (1900-1991))
Ragnar Granit (neurofisiologo finlandese)
Гранит, Рагнар
Рагнар Гранит
Рагнар Граніт
راگنار گرنیت
راگنر گرانٹ
رانيار غرانيت
ڕانیار گرانیت
グラニット, ラーグナ
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Broberg, Gunnar (1942-)
Helsingin yliopisto
International Brain Research Organization
Kungl. Svenska vetenskapsakademien
Merton, Patrick Anthony (1920-2000))
Pompeiano, Ottavio
Skoglund, Sten
Ström, Gunnar
Thesleff, Stephen
Wright, W.D.
Yale University Press
渡部, 士郎 (1923-)
action of succinylcholine and curare on the muscle spindles, The
Autogenetic modulation of excitability of single ventral horn cells
basis of motor control; integrating the activity of muscles, alpha and gamma motoneurons and their leading control systems., The
Centrifugal and antidromic effects on ganglion cells of retina
Charles Scott Sherrington: an appraisal.
Conduction velocities in rabbit's optic nerve and some observations on antidromic retinal spikes
development of retinal neurophysiology. Nobel lecture., The
Discovery and Understanding.
discussion on excitation and inhibition, A : discussion held 21 February 1952, MS received 12 May 1952.
distribution of excitation and inhibition in single-fibre responses from a polarized retina, The
effect of menthol on the thermoreceptors, The
effect of two wave-lengths of light upon the same retinal elements, The
Electromyographic and monosynaptic definition of reflex excitability during muscle stretch
Èlektrofiziologičeskoe issledovanie recepcii
Elektrophysiologie der Netzhaut und des Sehnerven mit bes. Berücks. d. theoret. Begründg d. Flimmermethode
Farbentransformation und Farbenkontrast Experiment. Beiträge z. Theorie d. Transformation
Farbentransformation und Farbenkontrast ; experimentelle Beiträge zur Theorie der Transformation
finalità del cervello, Le
Finlandssvenskarna : en antologi
Frithiof Holmgren. Minnesteckning.
Functional role of the muscle spindle's primary end organs, The
Heat- and cold-sensitive mammalian nerve fibres : Some somatic reflexes to thermostimulation
Hur det kom sig : forskarminnen och motiveringar
Impulsis in the giant nerve fibres of earthworms
In defense of teleology : teleological and causal explanations
Influence of stimulation of central nervous structures on muscle spindles in cat
Inhibition and the polarity of the retinal elements : letters to the editors
Johan Gadolin.
mammalian colour modulators, The
Mechanisms regulating the discharge of motoneurons.
Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Elektroretinographie
Mokuteki o motsu nō
Muscular afferents and motor control : proceedings of the first Nobel symposium, held in June 1965 at Södergarn on the island of Lidingö in the County of Stockholm
Nerve as model temperature end organ
Observations on "intact", de-afferented and de-efferented muscle spindles
off/on-ratio of the isolated on-off-elements in the mammalian eye, The
Om möjligheterna till analys av processerna i det centrala nervsystemet
On the correlation of some sensory and physiological phenomena of vision
organization of the vertebrate retinal elements, The : with 28 figures
Principles and technique of the electro-physiological analysis of colour reception with the aid of microelectrodes
Processes of adaptation in the vertebrate retina in the light of recent photochemical and electrophysiological research
Purposive Brain
Ragnar Granitin Nobel-ura
Receptors and sensory perception a discussion of aims, means, and results of electrophysiological research into the process of reception
Reflex control of posture and movement : proceedings of an IBRO Symposium held in Pisa, Italy, on September 11-14, 1978
Reflexes to stretch and contraction of antagonists around ankle joint
retinal centre as an amplifier of potential differences, The
Rods, cones and the localization of pre-excitatory inhibition in the mammalian retina
Scotopic dominator and state of visual purple in the retina
Selective effects of different adapting wave-lengths on the dark adapted frog's retina
Self-regulation of the muscle contraction by facilitation and inhibition from its proprioceptors
Sensory mechanisms of the retina, with an appendix on electroretinography.
Some properties of post-excitatory inhibition, studied in the optic nerve with micro-electrodes
Stretch reflexes before and after de-efferentation
Supraspinal control of the muscle spindles and its significance
Svenskt studentliv i Finland, 1909-1929
Synpunkter på forskningen
Undō seigyo no genri
Ung mans väg till Minerva
Utur stubbotan rot : essäer till 200-årsminnet av Carl von Linnés död
Thesis (doctoral)--Universität Helsingfors, 1926
Nobel laureate. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1967