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Franco Modigliani (Economist)
Franco Modigliani (economista italiano)
Franco Modigliani (économiste italien)
Franco Modigliani (ekonomista amerykański pochodzenia włoskiego, noblista)
Franco Modigliani (Italiaans econoom (1918-2003))
Franco Modigliani (italienischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und Nobelpreisträger)
Francus Modigliani
Franko Modiljani
Franko Modilyani
Modigliani, F.
Modigliani, Franco
Modigliani, Franco G.
Φράνκο Μοντιλιάνι
Модильяни, Франко
Франка Мадыльяні
Франко Модилјани (економист)
Франко Модиляни
Франко Модиљани
Франко Модільяні
Ֆրանկո Մոդիլյանի
פרנקו מודיליאני
فرانكو موديلياني
فرانکو مودیلیانی
فرانکو موڈگ لیامی
فرانکو موڈیگلیانی
프랑코 모딜리아니
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Miller, Merton
Miller, Merton H
Miller, Merton H.
Modigliani, F
Modigliani, Francio
Modigliani, Franco
Monti, Mario (1943-)
Moro, Beniamino
Muralidhar, Arun
Muralidhar, Arun Sundarram
Muth, John F.
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Tarantelli, Ezio
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1974 Report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: A Critique of Past and Prospective Economic Policies., The
25 Years after the Rediscovery of Money: What Have We Learned? Discussion.
Adventures of an economist
Age-Saving Profile and the Life-Cycle Hypothesis, The
Aggregate Unemployment in Italy, 1960-1983.
Appendix To Part 1: Equations And Definitions Of Variables For The FRB-MIT-Penn Econometric Model, November, 1969
Avventure di un economista la mia vita, le mie idee, la nostra epoca
Bibliography of Franco Modigliani's Publications, 1944-1985.
Black Monday in Retrospect and Prospect: A Roundtable
bugaboo of double taxation, The
Business Reasons for Holding Inventories and Their Macro-Economic Implications
Capital markets institutions and instruments
caso Italia, Il : seminari dello Studio Ambrosetti a Villa d'Este: 1979-1986
Central Bank Policy, the Money Supply, and the Short-Term Rate of Interest.
Chinese Saving Puzzle and the Life-Cycle Hypothesis, The
Collected Papers of Franco Modigliani, Volume 4: Monetary Theory and Stabilization Policies, The
Collected Papers of Franco Modigliani, Volume 6, The
Comment on The Determination of Long-Term Interest Rates: Implications for Monetary and Fiscal Policies.
Comment on the Modigliani-Miller Cost of Capital Thesis: Reply., A
Comments and Discussion [Efficient-Markets Theory: Implications for Monetary Policy]
Consumer spending and monetary policy: the linkages : proceedings of a monetary conference, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, June, 1971
Consumo, risparmio, finanza
Consumption decisions under uncertainty
consumption function in a developing economy and the Italian experience, The : preliminary draft
Coupon and tax effects on new and seasoned bond yields and the measurement of the cost of debt capital
crise du chômage en Europe, La : Une Interprétation keynésienne
Curva di Phillips, sottosviluppo e disoccupazione strutturale ... Tre saggi.
Cycle de vie, épargne individuelle et richesse des nations
Debate Over Stabilization Policy, The
Debt, Dividend Policy, Taxes, Inflation, and Market Valuation: Erratum.
Debt Management and the Term Structure of Interest Rates: An Empirical Analysis of Recent Experience
Derivation of a Linear Decision Rule for Production and Employment
determinanti del valore dell'impresa
determinants of national saving and wealth proceedings of a conference held by the International economic association at Bergamo, Italy
Determinants of private saving with special reference to the role of social security : cross country tests
Dialogo tra un professore e la Banca d'Italia
Dividend Policy and Market Valuation: A Reply
Dividend policy, growth and the valuation of shares
Econometric Analysis of Stabilization Policies.
Economic Expectations and Plans of Firms in Relation to Short-term Forecasting
economists' manifesto on unemployment in the European Union., An
Effect of the Availability of Funds, and the Terms Thereof, on Business Investment, The
Estimates of the Cost of Capital Relevant for Investment Decisions Under Uncertainty
Europe's economic problems prepared for the 3rd Monetary & Finance Lecture 2000 at Albrechts-Ludwigs-University Freiburg i. Br.
European economic recovery, The : a need for new policies? : Almqvist & Wiksell International [distributore], c1987
Fluctuations in the Saving-Income Ratio: A Problem in Economic Forecasting
forza delle idee, La : scritti di economia e politica
Foundations of financial markets and institutions
Generalization of the Phillips Curve for a Developing Country., A
Government Debt, Government Spending, and Private Sector Behavior: A Further Comment.
How to Make a Burden of the Public Debt: A Reply to Mishan
impegno civile di un economista, L' : scritti editi e inediti sull'economia e la società italiana
Implications for Policy
Inflation and corporate financial management
Inflation and the housing market : problems and potential solutions
Inflation, financial and fiscal structure, and the monetary mechanism
Inflation, Rational Expectations and the Term Structure of Interest Rates.
introduction to risk and return concepts and evidence, An
Introduction to "The Quality and Economic Significance of Anticipations Data"
Is a Tax Rebate an Effective Tool for Stabilization Policy?
Italia 93.
Italia vista dall'America, L' : battaglie e riflessioni di un esule
Italian economy What next ?
James Tobin, Franco Modigliani, Finn E. Kydland and Edward C. Prescott
Lessons Learned from Barbara
life cycle hypothesis of saving
Life Cycle, Individual Thrift, and the Wealth of Nations.
Linear Decision Rule for Production and Employment Scheduling, A
lira italiana problemi e prospettive aspetti dell'economia monetaria, bancaria e finanziaria di oggi
List of funded research projects for the year 1994
Long-term financing in an inflationary environment
Macroeconomics and finance : essays in honor of Franco Modigliani
management of an open economy with "100% plus" wage indexation, The
Manifiesto sobre el desempleo en la Unión Europea
Mercados e instituciones financieras
Mercato del lavoro, distribuzione del reddito e consumi privati
miracolo possibile un programma per l'economia italiana, Il
MIT solution to the social security crisis, An
MM--Past, Present, Future.
monetarist controversy: a presentation, The
monetarist controversy: discussion, The
monetarist controversy; or, should we forsake stabilization policies?, The
Monetary Mechanism and Its Interaction with Real Phenomena, The
Mortgage and mortgage-backed securities markets
National incomes and international trade.
New Developments on the Oligopoly Front: Reply
Note on Capital Movements and the Relation of Spread in Spot and Forward Rates to Variations in the Short-Term Interest Differential., A
Nuevos desarrollos en el frente del oligopolio
Optimal demand policies against stagflation
Pārskats par zinātnisko darbību 1995.gadā : Nozaru zinātniskie pētījumi. Tirgus orientētie pētījumi
política de la deuda pública y la estructura temporal de los tipos de interés, La : un análisis empírico de las recientes experiencias
Predictability of Social Events, The
Problems of capital formation : concepts, measurement, and controlling factors
Protection of minority interest and the development of security markets
Rasprava o stabilizacijskoj politici
Readings in microeconomics
Reagan's Economic Policies: A Critique.
Reddito, interesse, inflazione
Reducing unemployment in Europe : the role of capital formation
reform of the international payments system, The
Report of the CEPS Macroeconomic Policy Group, 1986:
Rethinking pension reform
risparmio nel ciclo vitale
Ristagno dell'Europa e ruolo del coordinamento delle politiche economiche : discorso tenuto il 19 giugno 1985, nella sede sociale dell'EUR dal Banco di Roma, sotto gli auspici del centro italiano di studi per la conciliazione internazionale
role of anticipations and plans in economic behavior and their use in economic analysis and forecasting, The
Role of Intergenerational Transfers and Life Cycle Saving in the Accumulation of Wealth., The
Saving, deficits, inflation and financial theory
Security Markets versus Bank Finance: Legal Enforcement and Investors' Protection
Security versus bank finance: the importance of a proper enforcement of legal rules
Should control theory be used for economic stabilization?: A comment
Some currently suggested explanations and cures for inflation: A comment
Some economic implications of the indexing of financial assets with special reference to mortgages.
Some Empirical Tests of Monetary Management and of Rules versus Discretion
Sostenibilità e solvibilità del debito pubblico in Italia : il conto dei flussi e degli stock della pubblica amministrazione a livello nazionale e regionale
Source Of Regressiveness In Surveys Of Businessmen's Short-Run Expectations, The
Stock Market and the Economy: Discussion., The
study of market line investment performance fees, A
supply of money and the control of nominal income, The
Targets for Monetary Policy in the Coming Year
taxonomy of pension reform issues, A : the case of social security
Term Structure of Interest Rates: A Re-examination of the Evidence., The
test of the capital asset pricing model on European stock markets, A
Theory and Test of Credit Rationing: Reply., A
theory of finance and other essays
Towards an understanding of the real effects and costs of inflation
trade-off between real wages and employment in an open economy (Belgium), The
Transmission of Demand Fluctuations Through a Distribution and Production System, the Tv-Set Industry, The
Twenty five years of floating: some observations
U.S. Deficits since World War I: Comment.
W.A. Mackintosh Lecture 1980: A New Look at the Monetary Mechanism
World savings : an international survey
Сколько стоит фирма? : Теорема ММ