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Bugge Wesseltoft
Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz
Bugge Wessertoft
Bugge Wessltoft
Jens Bugge Wesseltoft
Jens Christian Bugge Wesseltoft
New Conception of Jazz
Wesseltoft, Bugge
Wesseltoft, Jens Christian Bugge
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
New conception for jazz (pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Azevedo, Nailor "Proveta" (co-performer)
Banda Maluca (isMemberOf)
Berglund, Dan (co-performer)
Cardoso, Teco (co-performer)
Crimetime Orchestra (isMemberOf)
ECM Records GmbH
Endresen, Sidsel (1956-...)
Jazzland recordings
Molvær, Nils Petter (1960-...)
Moreno, Tutty (co-performer)
Öström, Magnus (co-performer)
Polygram-Division Phonogram 19..-1995
Pschent music
Rymden (isMemberOf)
Silva, Roberto (co-performer)
Stroeter, Rodolfo (co-performer)
Universal licensing music
Universal music international
Vasconcelos, Naná (1944-...)
Wagram music
Weber, Eberhard (1940-...)
130 Steps
3 Reasons
(4 min 29 s), I
("All I Wanted Was to Make You") Feel Good
Always Hopeful
BLACK PEARL makes dream
Blowing in the Wind
Brand New Song
Breed It
Breen'n Glue
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Bueno hora, bueno vientos (8 min 51 s)
Bugge & Friends
Celestial Dog and the Funeral Ship, The
Chain Of Fools
Change (Chilluminati mix)
Change (Chilluminati remix)
Change (edit)
Change (live in Japan)
Change (live in Yokohama)
Chicken Feathers
Clauss It
("Come on Buddy-You Got") Green Light
Darn That Dream
Deilig er jorden
Den fyrste songen
Det kimer nå til julefest
Do It
Draum (6 min 04 s), Part I
dreaming (4 min 37 s), The
Du grønne, glitrende tre
Dust (7 min 59 s)
Eisemo (2 min 18 s), Part I
Endless (2 min 20 s)
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen
Es sungen drei Engel
Eve Nin (Future remix)
Eve Nin (Holtzer and Gscheldie mix)
Eve Nin (Les Gammas remix)
Eve Nin (long version)
Eve Nin (Oliver Holtzer & R. Gscheidle remix)
Every Moment
Everybody Loves Angels
Exile (8 min 08 s)
Existence (5 min 04 s)
Existence (Chilluminati mix)
Existence (Chilluminati remix)
Existence (edit)
Existence (February 2000)
Faz It
Feel Good (February 2000)
Feel Good (live)
Film Ing (live in Yokohama)
Full Moon High Noon
Future jazz from Norway
Gamlestev (2 min 29 s), Part II
Gardsjenta (2 min 57 s), Part I
Gare du Nord
Giant Steps
Greensleeves [What Child Is This]
Gula Gula (5 min 55 s)
Heim (South)
Here the moon (2 min 29 s)
hi IS?
His eyes were suns (6 min 04 s)
Hope (unreleased version)
How High the Moon
Hunger (6 min 25 s)
Hymn (5 min 19 s)
II (6 min 34 s)
III a (5 min 35 s)
III b (7 min 06 s)
In Dulce Jubilo
In dulci jubilo/Det kimer nå til julefest
Into Eternal Silence
Is Somewhere Out There
It's Snowing on My Piano
Jazzland community
Jazzland remixedalbum de 10 remix inédits
Jazzlandsangen (live at Blå)
Kimer, I klokker
Kryss fem (5 min 45 s)
Lady Is A Tramp
Lament (5 min 27 s)
Lane (10 min 04 s)
Last spring
Laurdagskveld (3 min 39 s), Part I
Let It Be
Like someone in love (7 min 07 s)
Lilja (5 min 08 s)
Live at Blå (December 2002)
live enregistrement sonore
Live in Amiens (April 2000)
Live in Cologne (9 min 33 s)
Live in Cologne (April 2000)
(live in Yokohama), El
Live live
Locked Out of Heaven
Lone (edit)
Lone Live in Paris (June 2001)
Lussi (5 min 33 s), Part III
Magic moments in the spirit of jazz
Make It
Mamullah (5 min)
Man With the Red Face (live in Paris)
Many Rivers to Cross
Margit Hjukse (3 min 25 s)
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging (4 min 41 s)
Mélange bleu
mezzanine de l'Alcazar. Pschent 3126712, 3067522, 3075032, 3083752, 3110102, 3115842, La
MIN by
Mitt hjerte alltid vanker
Modle canticle
Modular (6 min 38 s)
Molde Canticle
Moon river (5 min 53 s)
Morning Has Broken
Moving (12 min)
Moving Mountains
Musiques électroniques [disque publicitaire pour la marque Nissan]
My foolish heart (5 min 18 s)
My street (5 min 32 s)
My World is OK
N-COJnew conception of jazz
New conception of jazz 2 (7 min 16 s)
New conception of jazz (5 min 06 s)
New Conception of Jazz: FiLM iNG
New Conception of Jazz Live
New Conception of Jazz: Moving
New Conception of Jazz: Sharing
New Conceptions of Jazz: Box
Night Song
Ntwananu (6 min 09 s)
Nystev (3 min 58 s), Part III
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Oh Ye
OK world
Out here. In there
Play It
Poem (6 min 49 s)
Poem (6 min 51 s)
Quest (6 min 31 s)
Rahkki sruvvis (2 min 26 s)
Reven (5 min 11 s), Part II
Road Home
Round Midnight
Rymden – The Odyssey
Rysen (4 min 56 s), Part III
Sæterjentens Søndag (4 min 58 s)
Sagn (2 min 36 s), Part III
Sagn (6 min 36 s), Part I
Saint-Germain-des-Prés café the finest electro-jazz compilation
Saint-Germain-des-Prés caféthe finest electro-jazz compilation
Sharanagati (6 min 21 s)
Sharing (10 min 50 s)
Sharing Live in Paris (June 2001)
Sharing (live in Yokohama)
Single engine
Skog (Chilluminati remix)
Somewhere in between (4 min 44 s)
Somewhere in between (4 min 46 s)
Somewhere in Between (Jan Bang remix)
Sorgmild (6 min 24 s), Part II
South (8 min 05 s)
Spectre supreme (5 min 01 s)
Spectre suprême (5 min 49 s)
Stages I, II, III (7 min 46 s)
Stevtone (5 min 44 s)
Stille Nacht
Svarm (2 min 13 s), Part II
Take 5
Talking to Myself, Part One
Talking to Myself, Part Two
Theme I (2 min 11 s)
Theme II (2 min 31 s)
Think It's Gonna Rain Today, I
Til Ungdommen (3 min 42 s)
Tjovane (5 min 07 s), Part II
To Treat Love Lightly
Toll (4 min 40 s), Part I
took up the runes (5 min 24 s), I
took up the runes. ECM 1419, 177 9877, I
Trio (6 min 58 s)
Trouble (4 min 55 s)
Try Chilluminati remix
Try - Out Here. In There.
TryChilluminati remix
Tune Inn
V (4 min 30 s)
Variation III (3 min 10 s)
VI (5 min 28 s)
VII (4 min 29 s)
Vive Maria a selection ef smooth beats
Vive Mariaa selection ef smooth beats
Vossabrygg op. 84
Waiting train (3 min 50 s)
We'll be together again (5 min 05 s)
What Child Is This (Greensleeves)
Wiegenlied (3 min 03 s)
Yellow is the color (10 min 39 s)
Yellow Is the Colour (Edited version)
Yokohama (live in Yokohama)
You Might Say (Andreas Dorau remix)
You Might Say (Miss Cattac remix)
Contributed to or performed: 
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
7. Uluslararası İstanbul Caz Festivali
A&B Sound Jazz Sampler
Absolute Sound 1997, The
ACT: Magic World, The World Jazz Anthology 3
All That...era jazzu
And Later, the Rain
Audio’s Audiophile, Volume 9: Cover Me
Bar Asfalt
Barbara Bui, Volume 2
Barbiturik Blues
Battle, The
Beginner's Guide to Jazz
Best of Lounge Music
Blue Box of Jazz, The
Brand New Song, A
Bugge & Friends
Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas
But I Say
Byssan Lull
Café del Mar Volumen Seis
Café del Mar, Volume Six
Café del Mar, volumen cinco y seis
Café del Mar, Volumen Seis
Café del Mar: Dreams 8
Café Mam Sp, Volume 2
Café Mundo: An Electro World Experience
Can I Come Home Now
Carl Craig: The Workout
Chain of Fools
Chicken Feather
Chilluminati Remixes, The
Christmas With My Friends
Christmas With My Friends / The Jubilee Collection
Cocktail Party 2
Compilation Verve Edition Speciale du Festival
Compilation Verve édition spéciale du Festival: Festival International de Jazz Montreal 2001
Conran Shop 2, The
Controlling the House
Cool Christmas
Cool Piano
Cool Side of the Pillow, The
Delicious Jazz, Volume 1: As You Like It
Den fyrste song
Duo Art - Creating Magic
Duplex Ride
durchatmen, Volume 2
Durchatmen: Musik aus nordischen Weiten
Electric Jazz Lounge
Electro Jazz Divas
Electro Jazz Divas, Volume 2
Electro Jazz Session
Enja Birthday Compilation, The
Entering the Stream
Every Moment
Excess Luggage
Fahrt ins Blaue: Relaxing in the Spirit of Jazz
Feather World
Festival International de Jazz de Montréal - Compilation 2002
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
Findomestic Jazz, Volume III
First Reactions
First Track
Full Moon - High Noon
Future Jazz From Norway
Gherbelize it
Gjendines Bådnlåt
Global Magic: The Ultimate Act World Jazz Anthology Vol. V
Good Music Cuisine: Ristorante Nujabes
Goodbye Porkpie Hat
Greetings From Oslo
Have a Little Faith in Me
Headbanger Polka
Hei hu
Hendrix in the Spirit of Jazz
Hold Det Realt
House Masters: Henrik Schwarz
House Remix Music 2005
Improvisation Over La Folia
Indispensables - Electrónica Hecha en Francia 07/08, Les
Ingen vinner frem til den evige ro
Inner Groove
Inrocks présentent : Musiques : Printemps été 2001, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent : World Jazz Chanson : Automne 2007, Les
Is Somewhere Out There
Jazz & The City
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic II: Norwegian Woods
Jazz Grooves
Jazz Lounge
Jazz Me Up!, Volume 2
Jazz Only Jazz: Winter Jazz Nights 3 (Chilled Jazz Edition) Volume 3 Jazz From Norway Jazz From Norway 2010, 4th set
Jazzism 6
Jazzland Community
Jazzland Remixed, Volume 1
Jazzland Remixed, Volume 2
Jazzland Sampler 2005
Jeg lagde meg så silde
Jubilee Album: 20 Magic Years, The
Judas Bolero (excerpt)
Jungle Jazz, Volume 4
Lady Is a Tramp, The
Last Spring
Leave My Head Alone Brain
Lifestyle2: Chill Lounge 1
M Bass
Magic Moments
Magic Moments: The Ultimate ACT World Jazz Anthology, Volume IV
Magic Nordic Voices
Man With the Red Face (live)
Mandarin: Chinese Chilling Thrills
Margit Hjukse
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging
Masterpiece: Created By Gilles Peterson
MBass (live)
Mezzanine de l'Alcazar, Volume 2
Motor Info CD 1999-03
Movement Eleven
Movement Seventeen
MTV Weekender
Music for Modern Living, Volume 7
Music Is Bigger Than Me
Mystery Man
Names, Numbers
Nassau Beach Club Ibiza
Nata Alma
Ned i vester soli glader
Nick the Nightfly - On Top of the World, Volume 8
Nobody's Fault but Mine
Nordic Lounge Weekend
Nordic Lounge, Vol. 2
Nordic Nights: A Late Junction Compilation, Volume 2
Norte do Brasil
Norway Nights
Nu Jazz Anthology
Nu Jazz Essentials
Nu Jazz: A Selection of Rare Electro Tunes With a Jazz Flavour
oH Ye
Om Kvelden
One One
Out Here in There
Out Here, in There
Out Here. In There.
Pennywhistle Poem
Piano Works: Romantic Freedom
Planète bleue, Volume 05, La
Playground, Volume 6
Power of Flower: The High-End of Electronic Lounge Music
Public Outburst
Quiet Place, A
Real Ibiza VII: Set Adrift...
Rendezvous Lounge
Reprise! When Jazz Meets Pop, Volume 3
Restez zen... au bureau
Round Midnight
S@motnosc w sieci
Sæterjentens Søndag
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume 1
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume 2
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café: Paris
Saint‐Germain-des-Prés Café
Salla nabi
See You Tomorrow
September Tennis
Shkoun li mes'oul
Shockadelica: 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Artist Known as Prince
Siggi Loch: A Life in the Spirit of Jazz
Sin Tempo
Six Minutes or So
Smooth Jazz Cafe 6
Smooth Jazz Cafe Collection
Solo 1981-1995
Sonet distribusjon: Sampler vår/sommer 2002
Sulle rive del tango
Supperclub 7 Presents Cruise
Survival Techniques, Part 3
Survival Techniques, Parts 1 & 2
Take a Quick Break
Take It With Me
Tea Lounge Oslo: Aroma No.1
Tellement gadjo que je suis gypsy
That May Be
Think It's Gonna Rain Today, I
Think It’s Gonna Rain Today, I
This Is My Day
Til Ungdommen
To Treat Love Lightly
Torch: A Six Degrees Collection of Modern Torch Songs
Try (Chilluminati mix)
Try (Chilluminati remix)
Trying Time
Venq Tolep
Verve & Blue Note: Today 2015
Verve Today 2001, Volume 5
Verve Today 2002
Verve Today 2004
Verve Today 2009
Verve Today 2011
Verve Today 2012
Verve Today 97
Verve Today 99, Volume 3
Wa moulana
Wastern Wind
Welcome to Club Jazz 2
Where Is the Edge?
Winter Jazz Nights – 50 Chilled Jazz Pieces
Wish U Heaven, I
Without Excuse
Worldwide, Volume 1
You Call Me
You Might Say
Your Guide to the North Sea Jazz 2001
إبنة الصحراء = Daughter of the Desert
إنعتاق = Released
احبك = Loving You
احلم بورد الطريق = My Dream Road of Roses
الصعود الى الشمس = Ascending to the Sun
الوتر الأخير = the Last Cord
ريم = Rim
صعب علي = Unable
صوت المقاومة = Voice of Resistance
غنائي يصدح في المساحات = My Songs Will Sound
لا أبالي = I Don't Care
لغة الصمت = Language of Silence
مريم = Maryam
موسيقاتله = Deadly Music
هذا صوتي = This Is My Voice
ورده في المعركة = a Rose in the Battlefield