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Christof Koch (American neuroscientist)
Christof Koch (Amerikaans neurowetenschapper)
Christof Koch (US-amerikanischer Neurowissenschaftler)
Koch, C.
Koch, Christof
Koch, Christoph (neuroznanstvenik)
Кох, Кристоф
کریستف کخ
ক্রিস্টফ কখ
コッホ, クリストフ
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Computer file
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Allen Institute for Brain Science (Seattle, Wash.) Affiliation (see also from)
Braun, Jochen (1957-...)
California Institute of Technology Affiliation (see also from)
Crick, Francis
Davis, Joel L. (1942-...)
ebrary, Inc
Hess, Grzegorz (1958- ))
Li, Hua (1956-))
Pallier, Christophe
Segev, Idan (1949-...)
Tübingen, Univ
Wissmann, Jorunn
Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
土谷, 尚嗣
金井, 良太
À la recherche de la conscience une enquête neurobiologique
action of the corticofugal pathway on sensory thalamic nuclei: a hypothesis., The
Activity in the Visual Cortex is Modulated by Top--Down Attention Locked to Reaction Time
Adaptation of current signals with floating-gate circuits
Adaptive multi-scale approach for estimating optical flow: Computational theory and physiological implementation.
Adaptive Neural Coding Dependent on the Time-Varying Statistics of the Somatic Input Current
Analog hardware for detecting discontinuities in early vision.
Analog "neuronal" networks in early vision.
Analog VLSI architectures for motion processing: from fundamental limits to system applications
Analog VLSI-based modeling of the primate oculomotor system.
analog VLSI implementation of a visual interneuron: enhanced sensory processing through biophysical modeling., An
analysis of visual motion: from computational theory to neuronal mechanisms., The
Are we aware of neural activity in primary visual cortex?
Attention and consciousness: two distinct brain processes.
Attention-driven discrete sampling of motion perception
Attentional capacity is undifferentiated: concurrent discrimination of form, color, and motion.
Attentional selection for object recognition - A gentle way.
Bewusstsein Bekenntnisse eines Hirnforschers
Bewusstsein ein neurobiologisches Rätsel
Biophysical Characterization of Information-Theoretical Spike TrainReconstructions
Biophysical model of a Hebbian synapse.
biophysical properties of spines as a basis for their electrical function: a comment on Kawato & Tsukahara (1983)., The
Biophysics of computation : information processing in single neurons
Brain areas specific for attentional load in a motion-tracking task.
Brain observation at the Allen Institute
brief history of time (constants), A
Cable theory in neurons with active, linearized membranes.
Category-specific visual responses of single neurons in the human medial temporal lobe
Circuit for detecting discontinuities in light intensity including two independent resistive networks
Coding of time-varying electric field amplitude modulations in a wave-type electric fish.
Comparison of discharge variability in vitro and in vivo in cat visual cortex neurons.
comparison of feature combination strategies for saliency-based visual attention systems, A
Competition and selection during visual processing of natural scenes and objects.
Complexity and the nervous system
Components of bottom-up gaze allocation in natural images.
Computation and neural systems series
Computation of intrinsic perceptual saliency in visual environments and applications.
Computational approaches to cognition: The bottom-up view
Computational modelling of visual attention
Computations in the vertebrate retina: Gain enhancement, differentiation and motion discrimination.
Computing motion in the primate's visual system.
Computing motion using analog and binary resistive networks
Computing motion using analog VLSI vision chips: An experimental comparison among different approaches.
Consciousness and neuroscience
Consciousness and neurosurgery.
Consciousness confessions of a romantic reductionist
Constraints on cortical and thalamic projections: the no-strong-loops hypothesis
Contingency awareness in human aversive conditioning involves the middle frontal gyrus.
Continuous flash suppression reduces negative afterimages
control of retinogeniculate transmission in the mammalian lateral geniculate nucleus., The
Cortical areas in visual awareness
Cortical cells do not perform temporal integration of small EPSPs
Cortical cells should fire regularly, but do not.
Dendritic Spines: Convergence of Theory and Experiment
Depth of interocular suppression associated with continuous flash suppression, flash suppression, and binocular rivalry.
detailed model of the primary visual pathway in the cat: comparison of afferent excitatory and intracortical inhibitory connection schemes for orientation selectivity., A
Detecting and Estimating Signals in Noisy Cable Structures, I: Neuronal Noise Sources
Detecting and Estimating Signals over Noisy and Unreliable Synapses: Information-Theoretic Analysis
direct quantitative relationship between the functional properties of human and macaque V5., A
Do neurons have a voltage or a current threshold for action potential initiation?
Does anesthesia cause loss of consciousness?.
duration of the attentional blink in natural scenes depends on stimulus category., The
Dynamic Moment Analysis of the Extracellular Electric Field of a Biologically Realistic Spiking Neuron
Dynamic range and sensitivity adaptation in a silicon spiking neuron
dynamics of free calcium in dendritic spines in response to repetitive synaptic input., The
Effect of geometrical irregularities on propagation delay in axonal trees.
Electrical Interactions via the Extracellular Potential Near Cell Bodies
Encoding of Visual Information by LGN Bursts
Experimentalists and modelers: can we all just get along?
Face adaptation depends on seeing the face.
Face-gender discrimination is possible in the near-absence of attention.
Face identification in the near-absence of focal attention.
Feature extraction by burst-like spike patterns in multiple sensory maps.
Figure-ground segregation using an analog VLSI chip
Flanker effects in peripheral contrast discrimination--psychophysics and modeling.
Floating-gate circuits for adaptation of saccadic eye movement accuracy
framework for consciousness, A
From stimulus encoding to feature extraction in weakly electric fish.
function of dendritic spines: devices subserving biochemical rather than electrical compartmentalization., The
Functional properties of models for direction selectivity in the retina.
Fusion of competing features is not serial.
Gender differences in the functional organization of the brain for working memory
High-amplitude positive spikes recorded extracellularly in cat visual cortex.
highly irregular firing of cortical cells is inconsistent with temporal integration of random EPSPs., The
Homo economicus in visual search.
How voltage-dependent conductances can adapt to maximize the information encoded by neuronal firing rate
Human visual object categorization can be described by models with low memory capacity.
Imagery neurons in the human brain
impact of spike timing variability on the signal-encoding performance of neural spiking models., The
influence of synaptic weight distribution on neuronal population dynamics, The
Intrinsic noise in cultured hippocampal neurons: experiment and modeling.
Invariant visual representation by single neurons in the human brain
Inverse temporal contributions of the dorsal hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex to the expression of long-term fear memories.
Ishiki no tankyu : Shinkei kagaku karano apurochi.
Isotropic connections generate functional asymmetrical behavior in visual cortical cells.
Large-scale neuronal theories of the brain
learning rule for local synaptic interactions between excitation and shunting inhibition, A
Linearized models of calcium dynamics: formal equivalence to the cable equation.
Local Field Potentials and Spikes in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe are Selective to Image Category
Methods in neuronal modeling from ions to networks
model for the neuronal implementation of selective visual attention based on temporal correlation among neurons, A
model of saliency-based visual attention for rapid scene analysis, A
Modeling attention to salient proto-objects
Modular multi-chip neuromorphic architecture for real-time visual motion processing
Multiplication and stimulus invariance in a looming-sensitive neuron.
Multiplicative computation in a visual neuron sensitive to looming
Network amplification of local fluctuations causes high spike rate variability, fractal firing patterns and oscillatory local field potentials
Neural correlates of attention and working memory deficits in HIV patients.
neural correlates of consciousness: an update., The
neuroanatomy of visual consciousness., The
Neurobiologia na tropie świadomości
Neurologija i svijest
Neuronal connections underlying orientation selectivity in cat visual cortex.
neuronal correlate of consciousness?, A
Nichtlineare Informationsverarbeitung in dendritischen Bäumen beliebiger Geometrie
Nonlinear interactions in a dendritic tree: localization, timing, and role in information processing.
Object-background discrimination using analog VLSI circuit
On the relationship between synaptic input and spike output jitter in individual neurons.
Optimal reward harvesting in complex perceptual environments
oscillation-based model for the neuronal basis of attention., An
paradoxical isopotentiality: a spatially uniform noise spectrum in neocortical pyramidal cells., A
Power spectrum analysis of bursting cells in area MT in the behaving monkey.
Predicting the visual world: silence is golden.
Presidential Young Investigator Award
Probabilistic modeling of eye movement data during conjunction search via feature-based attention.
Pulse-based analog VLSI velocity sensors
Pulse domain neuromorphic integrated circuit for computing motion
Pupil dilation betrays the timing of decisions.
Pupil dilation reflects perceptual selection and predicts subsequent stability in perceptual rivalry
Quantitative model relating visual neuronal activity to psychophysical thresholds
Quest for consciousness a neurobiological approach
Rapid natural scene categorization in the near absence of attention.
Razgovor s autorom
Recurrent excitation in neocortical circuits.
relation of phase noise and luminance contrast to overt attention in complex visual stimuli., The
Reply to Hupé et al.: The predictive correlation of pupil dilation and relative dominance durations in rivalry is not a statistical artifact.
'Resistive fuse' analog hardware for detecting discontinuities in early vision system
Resistive fuses: Analog hardware for detecting discontinuities in early vision
Responses of human medial temporal lobe neurons are modulated by stimulus repetition.
Retinal ganglion cells: A functional interpretation of dendritic morphology.
Revisiting spatial vision: toward a unifying model.
Robust analog VLSI motion sensor based on the visual system of the fly
Robust analog VLSI Reichardt motion sensor
Robustness and Variability of Neuronal Coding by Amplitude-Sensitive Afferents in the Weakly Electric Fish Eigenmannia
role of single neurons in information processing., The
saliency-based search mechanism for overt and covert shifts of visual attention., A
Seeing properties of an invisible object: feature inheritance and shine-through.
Selecting one among the many: A simple network implementing shifts in selective visual attention
Selective visual attention enables learning and recognition of multiple objects in cluttered scenes
Shifts in selective visual attention: towards the underlying neural circuitry.
Shunting inhibition does not have a divisive effect on firing rates
silicon implementation of the fly's optomotor control system., A
simple algorithm for solving the cable equation in dendritic trees of arbitrary geometry., A
simple network showing burst synchronization without frequency locking., A
single-neuron correlate of change detection and change blindness in the human medial temporal lobe., A
Single-neuron correlates of subjective vision in the human medial temporal lobe.
Slow synaptic transmission in frog sympathetic ganglia.
Smart vision chips: An overview
smart vision of brain hacking, A
Sparse Representation in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe
Spatial aspects of object formation revealed by a new illusion, shine-through.
Spatial displacement, but not temporal asynchrony, destroys figural binding
Spatial vision thresholds in the near absence of attention.
Spike propagation in dendrites with stochastic ion channels
Stimulus encoding and feature extraction by multiple sensory neurons.
Subthreshold Voltage Noise Due to Channel Fluctuations in Active Neuronal Membranes
System implementations of analog VLSI velocity sensors
Target detection using saliency-based attention.
theoretical analysis of electrical properties of spines., A
Thinking About the Conscious Mind
Towards the neuronal correlate of visual awareness
Trace but not delay fear conditioning requires attention and the anterior cingulate cortex.
two-dimensional analog VLSI circuit for detecting discontinuities in early vision., A
Using extracellular action potential recordings to constrain compartmental models
Variability and coding efficiency of noisy neural spike encoders.
Visibility of synaptically induced conductance changes: theory and simulations of anatomically characterized cortical pyramidal cells.
Vision chips : implementing vision algorithms with analog VLSI circuits
Visual attention and cortical circuits
Visual awareness and the thalamic intralaminar nuclei.
Visual information processing, from neurons to chips : 1-2 April 1991, Orlando, Florida
Visual psychophysics: stimulating brain but not mind.
Visual search and dual tasks reveal two distinct attentional resources
Visual selective behavior can be triggered by a feed-forward process
Web site, Apr. 18, 2005
What do we perceive in a glance of a real-world scene?
Why does natural scene categorization require little attention? Exploring attentional requirements for natural and synthetic stimuli
Working memory and fear conditioning
意識の探求 : 神経科学からのアプローチ.
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Tübingen, Univ., Diss., 1982