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Costello, E.
Costello, Elvis
Declan Patrick Aloysius Mac-Manus
Declan Patrick MacManus
Dynamite, Napoleon (Pseudonym)
E. C
Eamonn Singer
Elvis Costell
Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello and the Sugarcanes
Elvis Costello (auteur, compositeur, interprète de folk, blues, soul music)
Elvis Costello (Brits singer-songwriter)
Elvis Costello (brytyjski muzyk rockowy, wokalista i gitarzysta)
Elvis Costello (cantautore, chitarrista e compositore britannico)
Elvis Costello (englischer Musiker)
Elvis Costello (English singer-songwriter)
Elvis Costello (The Costello Show)
Elvis Cosztello
Evis Costelo
Mac Manus
Mac-Manus, Declan Patrick Aloysius
MacManus, D. P. A.
MacManus, Declan
MacManus, Declan Patrick
MacManus, Declan Patrick Aloysius
MacManus, Declan Patrick Aloysius. Pseud. Elvis Costello
McManus, Declan
McManus, Declan Patrick
McManus, Declan Patrick Aloysius (Wirklicher Name)
Singer, Eamonn
The Costello Show
Елвис Костело
Элвис Костелло
אלביס קוסטלו
إلفيس كوستيلو
الویس کاستلو (خواننده-ترانه‌سرا و گیتاریست بریتانیایی)
เอลวิส คอสเทลโล
엘비스 코스텔로
コステロ, エルヴィス
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
MACMANUS, DECLAN PATRICK (other identity, same person)
MacManus, Declan Patrick (real name)
Related names: 
Attractions (Musical group)
Bacharach, Burt (1928-...)
Burnett, T‐Bone (co-performer)
Costello Show Affiliation (see also from)
Dynamite, Napoleon (see also from)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions (isMemberOf)
Elvis Costello & The Imposters (isMemberOf)
Elvis Costello & the Imposters Affiliation (see also from)
Elvis Costello and the Attractions
Elvis Costello and the Attractions (see also from)
Elvis Costello and the Attractions Affiliation (see also from)
Faragher, Davey (co-performer)
Faulkner, Dickie (co-performer)
Flip City (isMemberOf)
Hazlehurst, Steve (co-performer)
Imposter ((Musician); see also from)
Imposters, The (co-performer)
Kent, Mich (co-performer)
Krall, Diana (1964-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
McCartney, Paul (1942- ))
Mumford, Marcus
Nieve, Steve (co-performer)
Quatuor Abysse
RCA France
Riviera Global Records
The Attractions
The Attractions (Grupo musical)
The Coward Brothers (isMemberOf)
Thomas, Bruce (co-performer)
Thomas, Michael (glazbenik)
Thomas, Pete (co-performer)
Warner Bros Records Inc
Warner music France
WEA Europe
Wyatt, Robert (1945- ))
山下, えりか
13 Steps Lead Down (demo)
13 Steps Lead Down / Radio Radio
15 Petals (live)
1978-03-06: Pump: El Mocambo, Toronto, ON, Canada
1989-04-20: Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA
1994-09-22: Brilliant Parade: Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan
2 1/2 years [sound recording].
20% Amnesia
2002-05-15: Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA, USA
2003‐09‐20: Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USA
2003-09-25: A&E Live By Request, John Jay College, New York City, NY, USA
2005-03-05: Nashville, TN, USA
2007-11-08 Late Show (10:00 PM): Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, USA
5ive Gears in Reverse
8 Gods of Harlem
Abandon Words
Abandoned Masquerade
Accidents Will Happen (live)
Adieu Paris (L’envie des etoiles)
After the Fall
Aging Gracefully
Alison / Less Than Zero
Alison Medley
Alison (My Aim Is True)
Alison / Tracks of My Tears / Suspicious Minds
Alison (US remix)
Alison / Welcome to the Working Week
Alison / You Win Again
All Grown Up (home demo)
All the Rage (demo)
All These Strangers
All this useless beauty
All You Need Is Love
Almost Blue (Live at Berwaldhallen)
Almost Had a Weakness, I
American Without Tears No 2 (twilight version)
…and in Every Home
Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (Pathway Studios demo), (The
Angry Young Sod
Any king's shilling (6 min 03 s)
Anyone Who Had a Heart
April 5th
Armed forces
Ascension Day
Baby plays around (2 min 48 s)
Baby Plays Around (demo)
Baby's Got a Brand New Hairdo
Baby’s in Black
Back on My Feet
Back Stabbers
Bama Lama Bama Loo
Basement Kiss
Battered Old Bird
Beat, The
Beaten to the Punch
Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years, The
Between Wisdom and Murder
Beyond Belief
Big Boys Cry
Big Boys (demo)
Big Light, The
Big Sister’s Clothes
Big Tears
Birds Will Still Be Singing, The
Black and white night
Black and White World
Black Sails in the Sunset
Blame It on Cain (Honky Tonk demo)
Blame It on Cain (live)
Blame It on Caine
Blood and chocolate
Blue Chair
Blue Minute (Pathway Studios demo)
Blues Keep Calling / Cry Cry Cry
Bottom Awakes
Boy With a Problem
Breaking Glass
Bridge I Burned, The
Brilliant Disguise
Brilliant Mistake / Tired of Waiting for You
Broken (home demo)
Brutal youth
Bullets for the New‐Born King
Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter
But Not for Me
Butcher's Boy, The
Button My Lip
Call on Me (Pathway Studios demo)
Can’t Stand Up (for Falling Down), I
Can’t Turn It Off, I
Can You Be True? (5.1 mix)
Changing Partners
Charm School
Cheap Reward (Honky Tonk demo)
Chewing gum (3 min 43 s)
Church Underground
Cinco minutos con vos (5 min)
Clean Money
Clown Strike (Bonaparte Rooms version)
Clowntime Is Over (version 2)
Club Paradise
Coal Train Robberies (demo)
Come the meantimes (3 min 52 s)
Comedians, The
Complicated Shadows
Condemned Man, A
Conspiracy of Oberon and Puck, The
Costello & Nieve
Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No. 2 (interlude)
Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No. 4 (live)
Couldn’t You Keep That to Yourself
Country Darkness
Court, The
Crawling to the U.S.A.
Crawling to the USA
Crooked Line, The
Cry Cry Cry (alt. version)
Cryin' Mercy
Daddy Can I Turn This?
Dark End of the Street, The
Deep dark thruthfuk mirror (4 min 03 s)
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (demo)
Deep, Dark Truthful Mirror (unplugged version)
Deep Dead Blue
Delivery Man, The
Departure Bay
Deportee (solo demo)
Deportees Club, The
Different Finger
Dirty Rotten Shame
Dishonor the Stars
Distorted Angel (remix by Tricky)
Do You Know What I'm Saying
Don’t Be Careless Love
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Don’t Look Now
Don't Stop the Band
Don’t Wanna Go Home, I
Don’t Want to Confess, I
Don’t Want to Go Home (Pathway Studios demo), I
Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea (Basing Street Studios version), (I
Dornen bleibm, De
Down Among the Wine and Spirits
Down Among the Wines and Spirits
Dr. Luther’s Assistant
Dr. Watson, I Presume
Dream love (3 min 46 s)
Dreamed of My Old Lover, I
Drunk Can’t Be a Man, A
Drunken Man’s Praise of Sobriety, A
Dust / Dust 2
Dust (live)
Edith and the Kingpin
Either Side of the Same Town
Element Within Her, The
Elvis Costello, 1993
Elvis Costello & Friends VH1 Classics Decades Rock Live
Elvis Goes to Paris… and the Attractions Don’t (1984-11-26: Paris, France)
End of the Rainbow (solo demo)
End of the Rainbow, The
End of the World
Episode of Blonde
Every Day I Write the Book
Every man has a woman who loves him (3 min 32 s)
Everybody’s Crying Mercy
Everyday I Write the Book (US remix)
Everyday I write the song : (grumbling appendix to The singing dictionary)
Example of One of Those Songs That Nearly Got Away, An
Extreme Honey: The Very Best of the Warner Bros. Years
Face of Bottom, The
Fairy and the Ass, The
Fall of the World's Own Optimist, The
Fallen (5.1 mix)
Favorite Hour (Live with The Metropole Orkest)
Favourite Hour (Church Studios version)
Felt the Chill Before the Winter Came, I
Femme Fatale
Ferry Cross the Mersey
Fill in the Blanks
Final Mrs. Curtain, The
Fire at Keaton's Bar & Grill
First Ten Years, The
Fish 'n' Chip Paper
Five Small Words
Flip City Demos, The
Flowers in the dirt
For the Stars
Forgive Her Anything (home demo)
From a Whisper to a Scream
Full Force Gale
Georgie and Her Rival (home demo)
Get Emotional
Get happy!
Getting Mighty Crowded
Getting Night Crowded
Ghost Train
Girl in the Other Room, The
Girls +£÷ Girls =$& Girls: The Songs of Elvis Costello / The Sounds of Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Girls Talk
Gloomy Sunday
God give me strength
God Gove Me Strength
God Only Knows
God's comic (5 min 27 s)
Going to the Beach
Good Year for the Roses / A Woman Left Lonely
Goodbye cruel world
Goodbye sadness (3 min 22 s)
Goon Squad
Great Unknown, The
Greatest Thing, The
Green Shirt
Greenshirt (demo)
Hand in Hand
Harpies Bizarre
Having It All (solo demo)
He’ll Have to Go
He’s Given Me Things
He’s Got You
Hear a Melody (Pathway Studios demo), I
Heart of the City
Heart Shaped Bruise
Heathen Town
Help Me
Hermia and Lysander
Hidden Charms
Hidden Shame
High Fidelity
His Latest Flame
Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head
Home Truth
Honey Are You Straight or Are You Blind (alternate version)
Honeyhouse (Cruel No2)
Honky Tonk Demos
Honky Tonk Girl
Hoover Factory
Hope (Japanese bonus track), I
Hope You're Happy Now (acoustic), I
Hope You’re Happy Now (solo demo), I
How Deep Is the Red?
How Long Has This Been Going On
How Much I Lied (alt. version)
How to Be Dumb
Human Hands
Human Touch
Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over) (unplugged version)
I’ll Make It All Up to You
I'll Never Fall in Love Again
I'll Still Love You
I’ll Take Good Care of You
I’ll Wear It Proudly (solo demo)
I’m Coming Home
I'm Coming Through
I'm Glad to Get the Opportunity to Put the Word to the Fore
I’m in the Mood Again (5.1 mix)
I’m Not Angry
I’m Packing Up (take 1)
I’m Packing Up (take 2)
I’ve Been Wrong Before
I've Changed My Address
ID Drop
Identity Parade, The
If I could believe (3 min 57 s)
If I Could Put Them All Together (I’d Have You)
If You Can Give Me What I Want
If You’re Going to San Francisco
Image of Me, The
Imagination Is a Powerful Deceiver (take 1)
Imagination Is a Powerful Deceiver (take 2)
Imagination Is a Powerful Deceiver (take 3)
Impatience (5.1 mix)
Imperial bedroom
Imposter, The
In a Love Field
In Another Room
In Motion Pictures
In the Darkest Place
Inch by Inch
Indoor Fireworks (solo demo)
Innocent When You Dream
Interlude: Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No. 2
Interview with Elvis Costello by Peter Doggett
Invasion Hit Parade (home demo)
Invisible Lady
Invisible Man, The
Isabelle in Tears
It Had To Be You
It Has Mick Jones of the Clash Playing Guitar
It's a More Regretful Song
It's alright (3 min 20 s)
It's Kind of a Gospel Song
It's More of the Idea That We Are in a Flow Towards a Way of Living
It's Not Too Late
It’s Time
It Started to Come to Me (home demo)
It Was About People Meeting in the Night at a Hotel, Not a Complicated Story
It Was More the Expression Came to Mind
It Was Recorded Almost by Accident
It Was the Ballad of This Year's Model
iTunes Originals
Jack of All Parades (solo demo)
Jacksons, Monk and Rowe
Jealousy of Helena, The
Jelly Roll
Jimmie Standing in the Rain
Joe Porterhouse
Judgement, The
Juliet letters, The
Jump Up (false start)
Jump Up (Honky Tonk demo)
Just a Memory
Just About Glad (Bonaparte Rooms version)
Just Another Mystery (home demo)
Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself (live), I
Just Like a Jukebox
Kid About It
Kinder Murder
King Horse
King of America : the Costello show
King of Confidence
King of Thieves
Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Flip City demo)
Know, I
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Knoxville Girl
Kojak variety
Last boat leaving (3 min 15 s)
Last Boat Leaving (demo)
Last Foxtrot, The
Leave My Kitten Alone
Less Than Zero (Dallas version)
Let him dangle (4 min 44 s)
Let Him Dangle (demo)
Let Me Tell You About Her (5.1 mix)
Let's Misbehave
Let the Sun Go Down, I
Let Them All Talk
License to Kill
Life Shrinks
Lip Service
Lipstick Vogue II
Lipstik Vogue
Little Atoms
Little Boxes
Little Savage
Little Sister
Little Traggers
Little Triggers
Live at the El Mocambo
Live at the Fillmore Auditorium
Live at the Palamino
Live USA
Living in Paradise (early version) (out-take)
London Calling (Live Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2003 Ceremony Performance)
London’s Brilliant Parade
Loneliness (3 min 42 s)
Long Distance Love
Long Division, The
Long Honeymoon, The
Lost in the Stars
Lost songs
Lost You, I
Love Comes in Spurts
Love Field
Love for Tender
Love Has No Pride
Love is Gone
Love Went Mad
Loved Ones, The
Lover’s Walk
Lovers Arise
Lovers That Never Were, The
Lovers Walk
Magic & Malice
Main Body of the Song Is Very Repetitive, It's Supposed to Be Like That, The
Make It Easy on Yourself
Man Called Uncle
Man Out of Time
Man: The Best of Elvis Costello, The
Many Rivers to Cross
Matter of Time, A
May 17th
Medley: Watching the Detectives / My Funny Valentine
Mighty like a rose
Miracle Man / Band Introduction
Miracle Man (live)
Miracle Man (Pathway Studios demo)
Mischievous Ghost
Miss Macbeth (4 min 22 s)
Miss Macbeth (demo)
Mister Dance
Mistress and Maid
Monkey, The
Monkey to Man
Moon Is High
More or Less Mine
More Than Rain
Motel Matches
Mouth Almighty
Mr. and Mrs. Hush
Mr. Moon
Must You Throw Dirt in My Face
My aim is true
My All Time Doll
My Brave Face
My Dark Life
My Funny Valentine / (What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
My Hidden Shame
My Little Blue Window
My Little Red Book
My Lovely Jezebel
My Mood Swings
My Resistance Is Low
My Science Fiction Twin
My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
My Thief
Mystery Dance (Honky Tonk demo)
Mystery Dance (live)
Mystery Train
Name of This Thing Is Not Love, The
Nameless One, The
Narrow Daylight
Nashville and More
National Ransack EP
National Ransom
Neat Neat Neat (live)
Need Your Love So Bad
Needle Time
New Amsterdam / American Without Tears / Hide Your Love Away
New Lace Sleeves
Night Before Larry Was Stretched, The
Night Rally
No Action (early version)
No Dancing
No Hiding Place
No Wonder
Nothing at the End of the Rainbow
Nothing Clings Like Ivy
Now or never (3 min 44 s)
Nutted by Reality
Oberon and Titania
Oberon Humbled
Obra selecta.
Oh Well
Oliver's Army / Kid / Unchained Melody / If You Could Read My Mind
Olivers Army
One Bell Ringing
One Day I’ll Fly Away
One Fine Heartache
Only Flame in Town, The
Original Album Series
Other End (of the Telescope), The
Other Side of Summer (unplugged version), The
Our Little Angel
Out of Our Idiot
Overview Disc, An
Pads, paws and claws (2 min 54 s)
Pads, Paws and Claws (demo)
Pads Paws and Claws / Leave My Kitten Alone (live on David Letterman)
Painted from memory the new songs of Bacharach & Costello
Party Girl
Party Party
Passionate Fight
Pay It Back
Peace in Our Time
Peace Like a River
Peace, Love and Understanding
People’s Limousine, The
Pete the Cat Theme
Photographs Can Lie
Pidgin English
Pills and Soap
Play, The
Playboy to a Man
Please Mister, Don’t Stop the Band
Please Stay
Plugging the Gaps, Volume 2
Point of No Return
Poison Moon (Honky Tonk demo)
Poisoned Letter
Poisoned Rose (solo demo)
Pomp & Pout
Pony St. (Bonaparte Rooms version)
Pony Street
Poor Borrowed Dress
Poor fractured atlas
Pop Life
Pouring Water on a Drowning Man (alternate version)
Pretty Words
Psycho (alt. version)
Puck 1
Puck 2
Pump It Up / Ain’t That a Lot of Love / Tears, Tears and More Tears
Pump It Up (dance mix)
Pump It Up/Poor Napoleon
Punch the clock
Punch the World
Punishing Kiss
Puppet Girl
Put away forbidden playthings
Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness (demo)
Quiet About It
Radio, Radio (Capital Radio version)
radio, radio (live 1977 snl)
Radio Silence
Radio Soul (take 1)
Radio Soul (take 2)
Radio Sweetheart / Jackie Wilson Said
Radio Sweetheart (out-take)
Ragged but Right
Really Mystified
Red Cotton
Red Shoes
Refuse to be saved (4 min 22 s)
Remove This Doubt
Ring of Fire
Riot Act
River in Reverse, The
Roadette Song (live)
Rock and Roll Music
Rocking Horse Road (demo)
Room Nobody Lives In, The
Room With No Number
Running Out of Angels (demo)
Running Out of Fools
Sally Sue Brown
Satellite (5 min 42 s)
Satellite (demo)
Scarlet Tide, The
Secondary Modern
Seconds of Pleasure
Secret, Profane & Sugarcane
Seven Day Weekend
Shabby Doll
Shake & Pop
Shallow Grave
Shamed Into Love
shape of things, The
Sharpest Thorn, The
She Handed Me a Mirror
She might be a grenade (4 min 36 s)
She Moved Through the Fair
She’s a Woman
She's Pulling Out the Pin
She Thinks I Still Care
She Was No Good
Ship of Fools/It Must Have Been the Roses
Shoes Without Heels
Shot With His Own Gun
Silver horse (3 min 07 s)
Singles, Volume 1
Singles, Volume 2
Singles, Volume 3
Sketches From Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink
Sleep of the just
Sleepless Nights
Slow Drag With Josephine, A
Smile (ballad version)
Sneaky Feelings
So Like Candy / I Want You
Sogno, Il
Sole Survivor
Some Like It Hot
Someone Else’s Heart (instrumental)
Someone Took the Words Away (5.1 mix)
Something New
Soul for Hire
Sour Milk-Cow Blues
Spark of Love, The
Sparkling Day
Spectacle: Elvis Costello With… – Season Two
Spell That You Cast, The
Spooky Girlfriend (recorded live at KFOG radio)
St. Steven’s Day Murders
Stage Fright
Stalin Malone (4 min 04 s)
Stalin Malone (vocal version)
Stand Accused, I
Starting to Come to Me
State of Affairs, The
Stations of the Cross
Stella Hurt
Step Inside Love
Stick out your tongue (5 min 27 s)
Sticks and Stones
Stiffed Again
Still (5.1 mix)
Still Feeling Blue
Still Have That Other Girl, I
Still Miss Someone / The Last Town I Painted (demo), I
Still Too Soon to Know
Stranger in the House (BBC version)
Stranger in the House (out-take)
Strict Time
Stripping Paper
Such Unlikely Covers
Such Unlikely Lovers
Suffering Face (solo demo)
Sugar won't work (3 min 30 s)
Suit of Lights
Sulky Girl (album version)
Sulky Girl (demo)
Sulky Girl (single version)
Sulphur to Sugarcane
Sunday’s Best
Surrender Dear, I
Suspect My Tears
Suspicious Minds
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Pear (home demo)
Sweetest Punch, The
Taking liberties
Taking my life in your hands (3 min 20 s)
Talking in the Dark
Taste of Extreme Honey, A
Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s a Doll Revolution)
Tears at the Birthday Party
Tears Before Bedtime (country version)
Tennessee Blues
That Day Is Done
That’s All It Took
That's How You Get Killed Before (live)
That's How You Got Killed Before
That's Me
That’s Not the Part of Him You’re Leaving
There's a Story in Your Voice
They Didn't Believe Me
They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me
Third Rate Romance (Flip City demo) / (radio radio)
Third Rate Romance (take 1)
Third Rate Romance (take 2)
Thirteen steps lead down
This House Is Empty Know
This House Is Empty Now
This Is a Test
This Is Hell (Church Studios version)
This Is Tomorrow
This town (4 min 26 s)
…This Town… (demo)
This Year’s Girl (alternate Eden Studios version)
This year's model
This Years Girl
thought I'd write to Juliet (4 min 08 s), I
Threw It All Away, I
Tiny Steps
TKO (Boxing Day)
Tokyo Storm Warning
Told a Tale, Which You Have to Listen to the Lyrics, I
Tommy’s Coming Home
Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
Too Blue
Toso Summer
Town Called a Big Nothing, A
Town Cryer
Tramp the dirt down (5 min 40 s)
Tramp the Dirt Down (demo)
tribute to Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Tripwire (4 min 28 s)
True Love Ways
Turning the town red (3 min 03 s)
Twenty Fine Fingers
Twenty-five to Twelve
Twenty percent amnesia
Twist of Barbwire
Twisted - Entangled - Transform and Exchange
Two Little Hitlers
Ugly Things, The
Uncomplicated (live)
Uncomplicated / Not Fade Away
Under Lime
Unfaithful music & disappearing ink
Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album
Unplugged '91
Unplugged & Unshaved
Unwanted Number
Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue
Veronica (3 min 10 s)
Veronica (demo)
Veronica / The Ways of Love
Very Best of Elvis Costello, The
very thought of you (3 min 42 s)
Very Thought of You, The
Viceroy's row (5 min 01 s)
Voice in the Dark, A
Voodoo Child
Waiting for the End of the World (Pathway Studios demo)
Waiting in the dark
Waiting of the End of the World
Wake me up (5 min 52 s)
Walk and Don’t Look Back
Walk us uptown (3 min 22 s)
Walking (Angel on My Mind)
Walking on thin ice (3 min 46 s)
Wanna Be Loved, I
Want to Stand Forever, I
want to vanish, I
Want You (single version), I
Watch Your Step
Watching the Dectectives
Watching the Detectives (demo version)
Wave a White Flag (Honky Tonk demo)
Way Too Long
We came here to rock
We Despise You
Wedding, The
Wednesday Week
Weeper's Dream
Welcome to the voice
Welcome to the Working Week (demo version)
Welcome to the Working Week (Pathway Studios demo)
What Do I Do Now?
What Lewis Did Last
What's Her Name Today?
(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?
When Did I Stop Dreaming? (5.1 mix)
When Green Eyes Turn Blue (5.1 mix)
When I Was Cruel N° 2
When I Was Cruel No. 2
When I Was Cruel (No1 Studio version)
When It Sings (5.1 mix)
(When You're on) The Losing End
White Knuckles
Who do you think you are ? (3 min 29 s)
Whole Wide World
Why Can’t a Man Stand Alone?
Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?
Wise up ghost (6 min 26 s)
Wise up ghost and other songs 2013
Wondering (alt. version)
Workers’ Playtime
Working Week
World and his wife (3 min 25 s)
World and His Wife, The
Worthless thing
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong About Me
Yakety yak (2 min 30 s)
Yes It Is
You Belong to Me (Capital Radio version)
You Belong to Me (live)
You Bowed Down
You Hung the Moon
You know it makes sense
You Left Me in the Dark (5.1 mix)
You Little Fool
You'll Never Be a Man
You’re Gonna Make Lonesome When You Go
You’re No Good
You’re Still on My Mind / Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down / The Last Town I Painted
You Shouldn't Look at Me That Way
You Stole My Bell
You Tripped at Every Step (Church Studios version)
You Turned to Me (5.1 mix)
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
You Want Her Too
Contributed to or performed: 
…So I Used Five!
...With Love
‘Goldilocks’ Theme, The
“It Wasn’t Me”
(She Might Be a) Grenade
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?
(What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding
[band introductions]
10 Classics Albums
100 mayores éxitos de los 80, Los
100x Liefde
100x Liefde 2009
101 mejores baladas del universo, Las
101 mejores canciones del planeta Tierra, Las
18 Original Hits by 18 Unoriginal Artists
1985-07-13: Live Aid: The Global Jukebox: [various locations]
1987 Demos
1990-10-26: Bridge School Benefit 4, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA
1995-03-31: Brixton Blues: Brixton Academy, London, UK
1996-05-15: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA
1996‐05‐20: Paradise Theater, Boston, MA, USA
1998-10-29: The Royal Festival Hall: London, UK
20 Years of Rage
2003-10-01: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
25 Jaar Pinkpop
25 Years of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1979: 20 of the Year’s Greatest Tracks
50 Years Around the Rock
7″ Heroes
8 Gods of Harlem
80s Dancefloor: The Collection
A&M Convention Relief
Absolute Rock Classics 3
Absolute: Rock Ballads Anthems
Accidents Will Happen
Accidents Will Happen (live)
Accidents Will Happen / Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
Acoustic 80s
Action Trax
Adios Amigo: A Tribute to Arthur Alexander
After Midnight: 34 Laidback Tracks
Alison (live)
Alison Medley
All My Trials-BBC Session, London 1990
All the Songs the Beatles Gave Away 1963–1990
All These Things
All This Useless Beauty
Alle 40 Goed - Sunday Morning
Almost Blue
Almost Had a Weakness, I
Almost Ideal Eyes
Alternative Acoustic
Alternative Pop Edition
American Tune
American Without Tears
Anarchy: The Best of Punk
Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash
Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes, The
Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes, (The
Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of "Inside Llewyn Davis"
Another Time, Another Place
Anyone Who Had a Heart
Anyone Who Had a Heart - The Best of Burt Bacharach
April 5th
April After All
Are You Havin’ Any Fun
Are You Havin’ Any Fun?
As 100 Mais Da Antena 1, Volume 3
Ascension Day
At Last
Audiophile Recordings, Vol. 06
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Autumn Ballads
Awards 1995, The
Baby It's You
Baby It’s You
Baby Plays Around
Baby's Got a Brand New Hairdo
Baby’s Got a Brand New Hairdo
Baby’s in Black (live)
Back on Track: Songs We Shouldn't Forget
Barbara Douglas: Assassin
Be Yourself Tonight
Beatin' the Heat
Beatles Best Covered
Before X
Bells of Dublin, The
Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre: Autodiscographie: Balladen vom äusseren Leben
Best Album Tracks... Ever!, The
Best Chillout... Ever!, The
Best of 90’s Festival, The
Best of Brodsky Quartet
Best of My Love: Songs From the Heart 1961-2011
Best of Rock: The Ultimate Collection
Best of Sessions at West 54th, The
Beste uit de Q-Music Top 500 van de 90’s, Het
Betrayal (outtake)
Big Lebowski, The
Big Lebowski: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Big Light (live), The
Big Light, The
Birds Will Be Singing, The
Birds Will Still Be Singing, The
Birds Will Still Be Singling (Elvis), The
Bis ans Ende der Welt
Black Is Beautiful, Volume 9: White Man's Soul
Blame It on Cain
Blender - The Best Free CD in the World Ever!
Boardwalk Empire, Volume 2: Music From the HBO Original Series
Boardwalk Empire, Volume 3: Music From the HBO Original Series
Boom Box
Brian Setzer & Friends: Live 'n' Studio Tapes '92-'98
Bridge School Collection, Volume 2, The
Bridge School Concerts, Volume 1, The
Brilliant Mistake
Bringing It All Back Home
Bringing It All Back Home (disc 2)
Bringing It All Back Home, Volume 2
Britpop, Volume 1
Broken Bicycles / Junk
Broken Promise Land
Bunch of Stiff Records, A
Burt Bacharach & Friends: Gold
But Not for Me
Can She Excuse My Wrongs (live)
Can You Be True?
Can You Hear Me?
Can't Turn it Off, I
Capital Gold Movie’s Greatest Love Songs
Capital Gold: Platinum Legends
Capital Gold: Rock Legends
CC Rider
Celtica, Volume 2: Magie des ballades celtes
Change the Locks
Charlie Louvin
Chill Out in Ibiza 5
Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan
Cien de la 100, Volume 2, Las
Cinco Minutos Con Vos
Cinco Minutos Con Vos (Karriem Riggins remix)
Cinnamon: U2 Duets for Spicelegs (not for Propaganda)
Cisco Kid
Cities 97 Sampler, Volume 14
Classic Rock: 1973-1979
Classic Rock: 1987-1989
Classic Rock: The Collection
Classics 2002
Closing Titles
CMJ 500
CMJ Certain Damage, Volume 121
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 101: May 2002
CMT Crossroads Radio Show
Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!, A
Come Away, Death
Come the Meantimes
Come the Meantimes (Karriem Riggins remix)
Common Ground: Voices of Modern Irish Music
Complete Collection, The
Contact, Volume 3: The Third Period
Crescent City
Cryin’ Time
Dad Rocks!
Damnation’s Cellar
Darling You Know I Wouldn’t Lie / His Latest Flame (live)
Dave Fanning's Fab 50
Dave Fanning's Fab 50 Vol. 2
De-Lovely Medley
De-Lovely: The Cole Porter Story (Mail on Sunday Newspaper)
Dead Letter
Dear Sweet Filthy World
Death of Alex / Closing Titles
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
Deep Dead Blue
Deep Dead Blue (live)
Deep Dead Blue: Live 25 June 95
Definitive Burt Bacharach Songbook, The
Deliver Us
design sonore de Monique Giroux, Un
Dig: Roots & More
Dio come ti amo
Distorted Angel
Do the Rumba
Don't Want to Go Home, I
Don’t Be Careless Love
Don’t Get Above Your Raising
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (live)
Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)
Don’t Throw Your Love Away
Doncha Go Way Mad
Down by the River
Drunken Angel
Duets: An American Classic
Easy Listening: Music Inspired by the ITV Series Big Bad World
Edge of the 80s: 1988-1989
Eisenhower Blues
Either Side of the Same Town
Eleanor Rigby
Eliot’s Heartbreak and Flashback
Elite Rock Collection
Elvis Costello Introduces Paul McCartney
Elvis Costello With Mary-Louise Parker
Elvis Speech
Episode of Blonde
ESPN Presents: Jock Rock 2000
Essential Acoustic Album, The
Essential Chieftains, The
Essential Tony Bennett (A Retrospective), The
Everlasting Love
Every Song Tells a Story
Everything in Time
Everything in Time: B‐Sides, Rarities, Remixes
Everything It Takes
Expert Rites
F*** the Play List! Brixton II
Fairly Right
Fall From Grace
Family & Friends: Rambling Boy
Family Man, The
Favourite Hour
Feel So Good
Femin - 38 lög fyrir konur
Ferrington Guitars
Finest Selection
Fire Suite 1
Fire Suite 3
Fire Suite Reprise
First to Leave, The
Flowerdance Collection, A
Flowers in the Dirt
Follow Our Tracks: Music from 9 Road Bound Bands
For No One
For Other Eyes
For the Stars
Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know About Her, I
Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know, I
Foute Kerst-CD Van Deckers En Ornelis
Freedom for the Stallion
Fresh Brewed Music
Friend in Need, A
Friends Will Arrive, Friends Will Disappear
From Hell to Obscurity
Frosh 3
Full Circle
Funny Little Tragedy
G.B.H. Opening Titles: The Life and Times of Michael Murray
G.B.H.: Original Music From the Channel Four Series
Ghost Brothers of Darkland County
Gigi (live)
Gilmore Girls: The Ultimate Soundtrack, Volume 1
Gilmore Girls: The Ultimate Soundtrack, Volume 2
Ginger: U2 Duets for Spicelegs (for Bradley William - not for Propaganda)
Glitter Gulch
Gloomy Sunday
Gloomy Sunday: Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod
Glory of Gershwin, The
Glory of Gershwin: Five Star Sampler, The
Go Away
Go Leave
God Give Me Strength
God Only Knows
God Only Knows (live)
God's Comic
God’s Comic
God’s Comic (reprise)
Going Home Service
Goodbye Cruel World
Grace of My Heart
Grave Dance
Grave Music
Graveyard Waltz
Greatest 70s Album, The
Greatest Eighties Album, The
Greatest Hits of the '80s, Volume 1
Greatest Hits of the 80’s
Greatest Rock Album, The
Greatest Singer‐Songwriter Classics 2, The
Green Song
Guitar Story
Happy Birthday Jill Taylor
Hard Nights Day: A History of Stiff Records, A
Hard to Find, Volume 5: Lost Track Searcher
Harry Smith Project: Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited, The
He’s *So* Easy
Heart Shaped Bruise
Heartaches by the Number
Heck on Wheels, Volume 4
Heroes: The Anthems
Herzschmerz: The New Sad Songs
Hitarchief Top 2000, Volume 4
Hits Greatest Stiffs
Hits Hits Hits
Hommage à/Tribute to Paul Simon
Honey Are You Straight or Are You Blind?
Hora Decubitus
House M.D.
House M.D.: Original Television Soundtrack
House M.D.: Season 2
Howling at the Moon
I'm in the Mood Again
I'm Not Angry
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
I’ll Wear It Proudly
If I Could Believe
If She Knew What She Wants
In a Cemetery Garden
In the Darkest Place
Inch by Inch / Fever (live)
Indoor Fireworks
Inrockuptibles présentent : Octobre 2003, Les
Inrockuptibles: 10 ans/100 chansons, Les
International Echo
Interview Including Music Segments From ‘The Juliet Letters’
It Tears Me Up
It Tears Me Up (live)
It's a Warnerful World
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
It's Time
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
It’s Cold Up There
Jackson, Monk and Rowe
Jacksons, Monk & Rowe
Jacksons, Monk and Rowe
Jake’s Progress
Jake’s Progress Opening Sequence
Jazz for Dinner 2
Jazz for Dinner 5
Je t’aime 5
Jimmie Standing in the Rain
Jingle Bell Night
Johnny Cash: Forever Words
Julie’s Pregnant Pause
Juliet Letters, The
Just a Curio
Just a Memory
Just About Glad
Just About Glad (live)
Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself, I
Just for You
Kate’s Abuse
Kats Karavan: The History of John Peel on the Radio
KBCO Studio C, Volume 14
KBCO Studio C: 30th Anniversary
KFOG: Live From The Archives 3
KFOG: Live From The Archives 6
KFOG: Live From The Archives 9
King of America
King of Confidence (outtake)
King of the Unknown Sea (live)
KISA, Volume 1: Found an Old Friend
KISA, Volume 7: Hurt and Lost
Kiss Like Your Kiss
Klassiek Kado, Volume 1
Kram Rock - The Most Beautiful Lovesongs
L’Odyssée du Rock
Labour of Love: The Music of Nick Lowe
Ladies Night
Lady Madonna
Lambs to the Slaughter
Last Boat Leaving
Last Post
Later... with Jools Holland: The First 15 Years
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Leave My Kitten Alone
Leaving Home
Legend, The
Less Than Zero
Let It Be
Letter Home, The
Liebe ist…
Light in the Dark, A
Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
Like an Angel Passing Through My Room
List, The
Little Atoms
Little Palaces
Little Triggers
Live Aid
Live Aid: The Day the Music Changed the World: July 13, 1985
Live and Kickin'
Live at New York Town Hall
Live From 6A: Great Musical Performances From Late Night With Conan O'Brien
Live From Bonnaroo 2009
Live From The Music Hall Vol. 3
Live on Letterman: Music From the Late Show
Liverpool: The Number Ones Album
Living for a Song - A Tribute to Hank Cochran
Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran
Living in Paradise
Living Just a Little, Laughing Just a Little
London on the Line
Long And Winding Road
Long Division, The
Long Honeymoon
Long Journey Home
Long Journey Home (Anthem)
Look of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection, The
Losing Game
Lost Highway
Lost Highway Sampler
Lost in the Stars
Love Album Classics
Love Field
Love From a Cold Land
Love Songs GOLD
Love Songs of Burt Bacharach, The
Love: Eternal Lovesongs
Lovers That Never Were (Geoff Emerick mix), The
Lovers That Never Were, The
Lovesongs: The Ultimate Love Collection
Lust for Life: The Music That Changed a Generation
M80 Radio – Volume 2 – LOS70
Mad About You: The Final Frontier: Music From and Inspired by the Television Series
Magic Moments: The Definitive Burt Bacharach Collection
Magic Summer Feeling
Make It Easy on Yourself
Man in the Bottom of the Well
Man Out of Time
Map of Africa
Mar Dulce
Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz
Massive Hits: Eighties
Mastermix Classic Cuts 91: Spy Anthems
McCartney-McManus Collaborations, The
McCartney/MacManus Collaboration, The
McRock Album: Win-Centive '80, The
Me gusta conducir
Meet Me on the Corner
Men of Alloy
Michievous Ghost
Miracle Man
Mischievous Ghost
Mistress & Maid (Paul & Elvis)
Mistress and Maid
MMMM... Tasty
Modern Edge: A Modern Rock Collection, The
Modern Rock: 1980-1981
Modern Rock: 1988–1989
Modern Rock: Lost Hits of the '70s
Modern Rock: The 70's
Monday Mixtape
Monica’s Fortune Telling
Monitor This!
Mooiste Openingsdansen, Volume 2, De
More Than Rain
More Than Rain (live)
Movie Ballads
Moving In
Mrs. Rampton Reminisces
MTV 20: Pop
MTV Unplugged
Music by Bacharach
MusiCares Tribute to Neil Young, A
Musikexpress 112: Sounds Now!
Muzyka ciszy
My Baby's Gone
My Brave Face
My Dark Life
My Flame Burns Blue
My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count)
My Funny Valentine
My Little Red Book
My Mood Swings
My New Haunt
My Thief
My Very Special Guests
Mystery Dance
Natural Acoustic
Naughty Boys
Nearer to You
New Country, December 1994
New Frontiers
New Lace Sleeves
New Wave
New Wave Classic Singles
New Wave Greats 1976–1983
New Wave Heroes
New Woman: The Autumn Collection
No Dancing
No Prima Donna: The Songs of Van Morrison
No Thanks! The ’70s Punk Rebellion
No Wonder
Non ho l’eta
Nothing Clings Like Ivy
Notting Hill
Notting Hill: Music From the Motion Picture
Now Hear This!
Now Hear This! September 2010
Now That’s What I Call Love
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1980: The Millennium Series
Nutty Sounds 2
O beijo do vampiro: Internacional
O Mistress Mine
Oh God It Hurts It Hurts (disc 1)
Old Grey Whistle Test: Punk & New Wave, The
Oliver’s Army
Ommie Wise Part 1 & 2 (What Lewis Did Last ...)
On the Edge
On the Mountain 8
On Your Way Down
One After 909
One After 909 (Paul & Elvis)
One After 909, The
One Amazing Night
One Day
One Day: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
One More Night: 26 Love Ballads
Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line
Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line, The
Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line (live), The
ONXRT: Live From the Archives, Volume 11
Oor 1981-1990: 10 jaar popmuziek
Other End Of The Telescope
Other Side of the 80s, The
Other Woman, The
Our Little Angel
Pads, Paws and Claws
Pads, Paws And Claws-Leave My Kitten Alone-Late Night With Letterman 06/89
Painted From Memory
Painted From Memory (reprise)
Paste Magazine Sampler #24: September 2006
Paste Magazine Sampler #53: June 2009
Paul Intros Elvis
Paul McCartney Introduces Elvis Costello
Pay It Back
Peace Love and Understanding
Perfume – The Odour of Money
Personal Collection
Pete the Cat
Piano Songs, The
Pills and Soap (live)
Platinum: The Best Hits Selection
Play With Me, Mummy
Playboy to a Man
Playboy to a Man / The Lovers That Never Were
Please Mr. Kennedy
Poison Rose
Poisoned Rose
Poor Fractured Atlas
Poor Napoleon
Pop Classics: The Long Versions, Volume 4
Pop Revolution: 1980-1981
Post-Punk Legacy, The
Pottery Barn - Duets
Power Of Love Soft Rock Classics - 1975-1977, The
Power of Love: Memories, The
Power of Love: Tenderness, The
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 8
Prelude to God Give Me Strength
Prelude to Poor Fractured Atlas
Prelude to Why Can’t a Man Stand Alone
Prince Charles Addresses the Audience
Prince Chuck Speech
Producer, The
Prufrock Quartet: The Roaring Boy
Punk & Disorderly: New Wave 1976–1981
Punk Killer
Puppet Has Cut His Strings, The
Puppet Has Cut Its Strings (Karriem Riggins beat interlude), The
Puppet Masters’ Work, The
Pursuit Suite
Put Away Forbidden Playthings
Put Away Forbidden Playthings (live)
Put It There
Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness
Putting the River in Reverse
Q: Splash! 15 Thirst-Quenching Tracks
Quiet About It: Tribute to Jesse Winchester
Quiet Storm, The
Radio 1 Classics, Volume 2
Radio Free Tibet
Radio Sweetheart
Radio Sweetheart-Jackie Wilson Said
Radio Sweetheart/Jackie Wilson Said
Radio, Radio (live at SNL 25th Anniversary 1999)
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Random Thoughts Monologue
Real Emotional Girl
Red Cotton
Red Shoes
Refuse to Be Saved
Remembering Alex
Return of the Grievous Angel: A Tribute to Gram Parsons
Revolutions in Sound: Warner Bros. Records - The First Fifty Years
Revolutions in Sound: Warner Bros. Records: The First Fifty Years
Rise & Fall, The
River in Revers, The
River in Reverse, The
Rock & Folk Monster CD nº27: Juillet 2009
Rock & Wave, Volume 1
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Volume 9: 2006–2007
Rock Classics: The Ultimate Rock Anthems
Rock of the 80's, Volume 10
Rock: The Train Kept A Rollin’
Rocky Road Blues (live)
Rolling Stone Collection: 25 Years of Essential Rock, The
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 77
RollingStone '80s Alternative
Romeo’s Seance
Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 05
Rough Trade Shops: Singer Songwriter 1
RT on FR: Richard Thompson on the Free Reed Label
Rugrats Movie, The
Sad Songs II
Saturday Night Live: 25 Years of Musical Performances, Volume 1
Saw Her Standing There, I
Scarlet Tide, The
Seduction 1
Selección Natural: Momentos 2001
Senses Working Overtime
September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill
Serve4: Artists Against Hunger & Poverty
Seventies Top 100, Volume 2
Shall Be Released, I
Shallow Grave
Shamed Into Love
Sharpest Thorn, The
She Moved Through the Fair
She Remembers Everything
She’ll Be Back
Ship Of Fools
Shoes Without Heels
Shot With His Own Gun
Show (intro)
Simply Acoustic
Simply the Best Songwriters
Six-Fingered Man
Skeleton (live)
Slam Jams, Volume 1
Sleep of the Just
Sleepless Nights
Slows M80 Rádio
Smack ’Im!
Smash Hits Strange 80s
Sneaky Feelings
So Like Candy
Someone Took the Words Away
Somethin’ Swinging
Songs 2: The Best of the Singer/Songwriters
Songs About Love
Songs for My Ute
Songs in the Key of X: Music From and Inspired by the X-Files
Songs That Shaped the 80's
Songs We Shouldn’t Forget Collected
Songs: The Best of the Singer Songwriters
Sound of Alt Rock
Sounds of the 70’s
Sounds of the Seventies
Sounds of the Seventies: Punk and New Wave
Soundtrax: 18 Blockbuster Hits From the Movies
Speak Darkly, My Angel
Spex CD #18
Spotlight Red Mix: Contemporary Crooners
St. Stephen’s Day Murders
Start: The Best of British
Starting to Come to Me
Steve Wright in the Afternoon: The Oldies
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs, Volume 2
Stick Out Your Tongue
Stiff Fourplay
Stiff Records Box Set, The
Still Have That Other Girl (reprise), I
Still Have That Other Girl, I
Still Miss Someone, I
Stolen Roses: Songs of the Grateful Dead
Stranger in the House
Such Unlikely Lovers
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1977: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Sugar Won't Work (Karriem Riggins beat interlude)
Sugar Won’t Work
Suit of Lights
Sweetest Punch, The
T-Bone Burnett Presents: The Speaking Clock Revue - Live From the Beacon Theatre
Take It With Me
Take on Me: 80s Anthems
Taken for a Fool
Taken for a Fool (live from Madison Square Garden)
Taking My Life in Your Hands
Tangled Up in Blue / Brilliant Mistake
Tears at the Birthday Party
Tears at the Birthday Party (live)
Tears, Tears and More Tears
Teenage Kicks
Tender Moment (Kairos)
Terres irlandaises
That Day Is Done
That Loving Feeling, Volume VI
That Summer!
That's How You Got Killed Before
That's How You Got Killed Before (reprise)
That’s How You Got Killed Before
That’s How You Got Killed Before (live)
That’s How You Got Killed Before (reprise) (live)
That’s Love: Simply the Best of Love
There Are Much Worse Things to Believe In
They Can't Take That Away From Me
They Can’t Take That Away From Me
They Didn't Believe Me
They Didn’t Believe Me
They Didn’t Believe Me (live)
This House Is Empty Now
This Offer Is Unrepeatable
This Sad Burlesque
Thought I’d Write to Juliet, I
Three Minute Heroes
Throw My Toys Around, I
Tijdloze honderd, Volume 3
Timeless: A Collection of 54 Classic Performances
Tiswas Album, The
Toledo (disc 1)
Toledo (disc 2)
Toledo (radio edit)
Tommy’s Coming Home
Tomorrow's Just Another Day
Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)
Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
Top 100 Pop Love Songs
Top 2000 Editie 2013
Torch: A Six Degrees Collection of Modern Torch Songs
Totally Awesome 80s Mix Tape: 17 Hand-Picked Hits
Treinta días
Tribute to Burt Bacharach & Hal David
Tribute to Joni Mitchell, A
Tripwire (Menahan Street Band rework)
True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series, Volume 2
True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series, Volume II
True Love Ways (live)
Twenty Fine Fingers
Twenty Five Fingers
Twenty‐Five Fingers
Ultimate Movie Album, The
Ultimate New Wave
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Piano-Hits aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Singer-Songwriter aller Zeiten, Die
Ultime New Wave
Under the Influence of Alice: Music Inspired by the Classic Tale
Under the Influence: Paul Heaton
Unhappy Home Service
Universal Music Presents The Ultimate Movie Album
Unplugged Collection, Volume 1, The
Until the End of the World
Unusual Sounds
Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue
Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue (live)
Ursine Variations
Vamp Dolce
Veronica-Demo-Studio 1988
Verve Today 2006
Very Best of Gershwin, The
Very Best of Rock 1987‐89, The
Very Thought of You
VH1 Classic: The Cuts
VH1 Storytellers
Viceroy's Road (Karriem Riggins beat interlude)
Viceroy’s Row
VINYL: Music from the HBO Original Series (The Essentials: Best of Season 1)
Virgin Radio: The Album
Voices of Jazz
Volume 17
Waiting for the End of the World
Wake Me Up
Walk Us Uptown
Walk Us Uptown (Antibalas rework - Chico Mann edit)
Want My New Wave, I
Want To Vanish, I
Want You, I
Warner Music United Kingdom New Releases, Volume 68
Was het nu 70 of 80?
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 3
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 6
Watching The Detectives
Watchout... We've Got the Power
We Love Lovesongs
We Ought to Be Ashamed
Wedding Singer: Music From the Motion Picture, The
Weeds, Volume 2
Weird Nightmare
Welcome to the Desert 2007
Welcome to the Working Week
Werners Klopper
What's Her Name Today?
What’s Her Name Today?
When Did I Stop Dreaming?
When I Stop Dreaming
Which Side Are You On?
Whiskey in the Jar
Who Are These People
Who Do You Think You Are?
Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further?
Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further
Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On-BBC Session, London 1986
Why Can’t a Man Stand Alone
Why Can’t a Man Stand Alone? (live)
Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do
Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do-Mill Valley, Ca. April 29, 1989
Wide World Over, The
Wild Horses
Wise Up Ghost
Wise Up: Thought - Remixes and Reworks
Wonder Woman
Woodlands – Oh Joy!
Woodstock ’99, Volume 2: Blue Album
Woodstock 99
Word of Mouth 21
Word to the Wise
WTTS 92.3 Collector's Edition, Volume II
WXPN New Music Sampler: Rhythm Garden
X-Files: Songs in the Key of X, The
X‐Files: Songs in the Key of X, The
Yaytime for Christmas, Volume 3
You Bowed Down
You Don't Know What Love Is
You Go to My Head
You Left Me in the Dark
You Still Believe in Me
You Turned to Me
You Want Her Too
You Win Again
Your Mind Is on Vacation / Your Funeral and My Trial
Your Mind Is on Vacation / Your Funeral My Trial (live)
Your Mind Is on Vacation and Your Mouth Is Working Overtime
Your Musical Passport
Zero Effect