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Standing O
Tenacious D
Tenacious D (Musical group or band)
Tenacious DJ
The D
テネイシャス D
began 1994
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Black, Jack (hasMember)
Gass, Kyle (hasMember)
Grohl, Dave (hasMember)
Konesky, John (hasMember)
Spiker, John (hasMember)
1998-05-03: Key Club, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1999-02-02: Largo, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2000-07-22: Roseland, Portland, OR, USA
2001-09-28: Higher Ground, Winooski, VT, USA
2001-10-07: St. Louis, MO, USA
2002-01-24: The Kool Haus, Toronto, ON, Canada
2003-12-20: The Largo, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2004-12-27: St. James Theater, Wellington, New Zealand
2005-09-22: Hurricane Katrina Benefit: Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2006-12-03: Live at Patriot Center
5 Needs, The
Abbey Road Medley
[and that’s the story of how Tenacious D defeated Satan with nothing but the Rock.]
And Your Bird Can Sing
Angel in Disguise
Aussie Medley
Ballad of Dio
Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage, The
Barracuda (Live Heart Cover 1998-05-03)
Bear Trap Song (Tom Goes To the Mayor)
Beatles (medley)
Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)
Ben Vereen -> It's Late
Bill Why'd Ya Splooge
Blow Job Movie
Blow Job (video)
Blowjob Film
Blowjob Movie Attempt 1-Hornets Nest
Bowie (live 1998-01-23, "Comic Cabana")
Bowie (Live on Comedy Cabana 1998-01-23)
Break In‐City (Storm the Gate!)
Burrito Supreme
Butt Baby
Butt Cheeks
can’t believe you gave lee a key to the duplex?], [i
Car Chase City
Cave Intro
cave women
chainsaw bazooka machine gun
Chicago, IL, USA
Chop Suey! (Live System of a Down Cover 2002-01-22)
City Hall (cont'd)
City Hall / I Believe / Malibu Nights
Classical Teacher
Cock Pushups
Complete Master Works 2, The
complete master works, The : For fans ; For psycho fans
complete masterworks, The
Cosmic Shame (HBO Show 3)
Cosmic Shame / Inward Breathing
Cosmic Shame (live)
Cosmic Shame, The
Crank Yankers
Cream Dream
Credits: We Reign Supreme
[crowd noise]
D Family
D Fun Pak
D Homemade
D-Railed, Trainwrenck
D Time -> History
Death of a Dream
death of Tenacious D.], [The
Deth Starr
[did you see that, Kage?]
Dio (Live on Channel V 2002-06-27)
Dio Talk
Divide, The
Don't Fear the Reaper
Double Team Encore
Double Team (HBO Show 2)
Double Team (live 1999-05-02, "Saturday Night Live")
Double Team (Live on SNL 1998-05-02)
Dude (I Totally Miss You)
[dude, the anti was not kidding.]
[dude, you’ve got to check out this shit in the paper today.]
Encore Break
Everybody's Working for the Weekend
Exploding Brains & Jesus Ranch again
Explosivo (HBO Show 5)
Explosivo (live 1998-01-23, "Comic Cabana")
Explosivo (live 1999-04-26, "The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn")
Explosivo (Live on Comedy Cabana 1998-01-23)
Explosivo (Mocean Worker’s megamix)
Fan, The
Fat Albert Theme (Live 2001-10-21)
Fat Albert / Warning
Find The Cost Of Freedom (With Joe Beebe)
First D Song, The
Five Needs (Bio Dome-1996), The
Five Needs (Live 2001-09-20), The
Flash -> Wonderboy
Flash's Theme
Flutes & Trombones
Friendship (MTV video Music Awards)
Friendship Test
Fuck Her Gently
Good Times, Bad Times >
Good Times, Bad Times _ Fat Albert
Government Totally Sucks, The
Greatest Song in the World, The
Hard Fucking
Hare Krishna (Live 1999-01-21)
Hari Krishna - GNR
[he was doing pushups at the end!]
Heaven on their Minds
Helicopter Flyby
Hell Movie Skit
hell theme grieg?\
History (live 1999-05-02, "Saturday Night Live")
History of Standing O
History of Tenacious D: Demos and Pre-Album Tracks, The
History of Tenacious D (HBO Show 1)
History Of Tenacious D (Live on SNL 1998-05-02)
History [TV]
Hornet's Nest
Hornets Nest
Hot Blooded
I'm Bad
I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You
I'm Roasted (Live 2005-09-22)
i’ve got to go
Into (HBO Show 1)
[intro by Paul F. Tomkins]
Intro - Jesus Ranch
Inward Singing
It Doesn't Matter If It Was Good. It Only Matters If It Rocked!
It's Also Really Fucking Tough
It's Late
It Was Destiny
JB Intro
Jesus Christ Superstar-Flash-Wondeboy (Live 1998-05-03)
Jesus Christ Superstar / Flash / Wonderboy
Jesus Ranch (Bongwater-1997)
Jesus Ranch (HBO Show 6)
Jesus Ranch (Studio Version)
Jewish Demon (Live 2001-01-22)
John K Classico Piece
Karate (HBO Show 2)
Karate Schnitzel
KB Talk
Keilbasa (HBO Episode 3)
Keilbasa Sausage (Part 2)
KG Solos
Kick It With A Tasty Groove (HBO Episode 1)
[Kickappo story/intro]
Kielbasa Sausage
Killed Invalid
Kyle Quit The Band (HBO Show 1)
[Kyle quits the band.]
Kyle Takes a Bullet
Kyle Took A Bullet For Me (HBO Show 2)
Land of the Lost (live, San Francisco)
Land Of The Lost Theme (Live 2001-01-28)
[Larry, did you bring snacks for everybody?]
Last in Line, The
Late Night With Conan O’Brien
Lee (HBO Show 5)
[lee, stony playback. we need to hear that.]
Let's Kick It
Live on Channel V
Low Hangin’ Fruit
Making of Simply Jazz, The
Making of Tribute
Making of Wonderboy
Malibu Nights (Hidden Track)
[Master Exploder intro]
Master Exploder (Late Night with Conan O'Brien)
Melissa (Live, First Song Ever Written)
Message of D Rant / Jam
Metal (Saturday Night live), The
Mob Rules-Holy Diver-Dio
My Biznitch Is the Shiznit
[my god, larry! how did you know that we needed some picks?]
[my god, larry! why is larry in hell?]
New Zealand Weed (Live 2004-12-27)
Nothing on Side B
NZ Weed
“Oh what a night!”
One For Bill-Bowie (Live 1999-01-10)
One Note Song
Original Album Classics
Osbournes Commercial, The
Osbournes Commerical, The
Osbournes (Jables Jam), The
Osbournes (Rage Kage Remix) (Live 2002-04-12), The
Outro (HBO Show 6)
Papagenu (He’s My Sassafras) >
Papagenu (He’s My Sassafrass)
Pat Reilly (Ben Vereen)
Pat Riley
performers get the Van Halen photograph taken from stage], [the
Philadelphia, PA, USA
pick of destiny, The
Pinball Wizard > See Me Feel Me
POD (clean version)
Postshow PA Music
pre-encore crowd
Preshow PA Music
Program Start
Put Some Stank On It (HBO Show 1)
Quantum Leap
[random talking]
reunion/not so fast
Rhythm, The
Rivers of Brown
Rize of the Fenix (clean radio edit)
Road Gig
Road Is Fucking Hard, The
Road (Live), The
Road (Pt. 1) (HBO Show 6), The
Road (Pt. 2) (HBO Show 6), The
Rock Is Dead
Rock Star Sperm for Sale
Rock Your Socks (Live on Kilborn 1999-04-06)
Rock Your Socks Off / Backstage Betties / Sex Supreme
Rock Your Sox Off
Rocket Sauce & Cosmic Shame
Rocket Sauce (HBO Show 1)
Rocketsauce -> Cosmic Shame
Rocketsauce v.2
Ronnie James Dio
Sasquatch (HBO Show 3)
Sasquatch (outro)
Saxaboom (Live 2002-01-22)
Saxaboom (Toy)
Search for Inspirado, The
Sex Supreme > band intros
Shells (Baby) (Live 1998-05-03)
[Shells story/intro]
Simon Says
Simply Jazz
Song of Exultant Joy
Special Thing (HBO Show 5)
Spelling Bee (Live on SNL 2005-12-17)
Spider Man
Spiderman (Live 2000-07-22)
Spiderman (Live 2001-12-11)
Spiderman vs Flash
Stage Banter
Star Trek
Summer of 69' (Live Bryan Adams Cover 2002-01-22)
Super Jam
Tale of the Fenix
Tasty Babe In Michigan
Ten-Acious Years Later
Tenacious D Bootleg
[Tenacious D. go to hell]
Tenacious D - Idol Makers
Tenacious D in the Studio
Tenacious D on the Road Documentary
Tenacious D / The Pick of Destiny
Tenacious D Time (HBO Show 1)
Tenacious D Time / History of Tenacious D / Rocket Sauce
Tenacious Demo
Tenacious Security
[thank you, guys, for coming over to my house]
There Were Bells
They Fucked Our Asses
Things I Want (With Sum 41)
Throw Down
Tiananmen Square
Time Fixers (iTunes Mini Movie)
To Be the Best
Tom Sawyer (With String Cheese Incident)
Tommy (medley)
Training Medley
Tribute + Interview (Live on the Jonathan Ross Show 2002-11-01)
Tribute (Channel V performance)
Tribute (HBO Show 4)
Tribute (Live on Letterman 2001-09-26)
Tribute to the Greatest Song in the World
Tribute [TV]
turd whistle
UFO (Live 1999-01-10)
UFO's / Spiderman
Wanna Fuck You, I
Wanna Take a Piss, I Wanna Take a Shit (drum beats), I
[want to play a couple more?]
Warning -> Jesus Ranch
Warning (Exploding Brains) Or Heinous Realm
Warning (HBO Show 6)
Waterloo Park, Austin, TX, USA
We Are the D
[we’re calling an audible, relax]
[we’ve hit the big time.]
What Up Freaks?
Where Have We Been
Who Medley
who’s your daddy?
[why don’t you take a bow?]
With Karate I'll Kick Your Ass
Wonderboy & Nastyman
Wrap Your Pussy Around My Soul
You Are the One That I Want
[you held that vowel for a long time]
You Never Give Me Your Money / The End
You're The One That I Want (Live with Andy Serkis 2001-12-27)
Contributed to or performed: 
99X Live X 7: Black and White World
Alan Cox Sells Out
Alternative Sampler: Vol. 21
Antyradio: Najlepszy rock na świecie
Beatles Medley
beste uit de Qmusic top 500 van de 00’s, Het
Bim Sherman Compilation
Channel V Musicbus Freezin & Breezin Tour
Cornerstone Player 027, The
EndSessions, Volume 4
Genki Desu Ka / Kiss Your Ass Goodbye / The Chosen One
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Kerrang! Legends
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 4
KROQ Kevin & Bean: Swallow My Eggnog
MTV2 Handpicked
Now That’s What I Call Music! 11
Pepsi Chart Hits: Best of 2002
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, November 2006
Pub Songs
Rachel Fuller Presents: In the Attic with Pete Townshend & Friends
Rock Heroes 2: Metal Edition
Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life
So Fresh: The Hits of Spring 2002
Special Thing
Sweet Sounds of Sony: Newbury Comics' 25th Anniversary Collection
Things I Want
Total Rock 2
Triple M Musical Challenge, Volume 3: Even More Challenged
Unwashed Collection, The
Virgin Recommends, Volume 6
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 140
X-Fest/ Tenacious D (live)
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 13