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Paley, ..
Paley, Guillermo
Paley, M.
Paley, Wilhelm
Paley, Will
Paley, William
Payley, M.
Payley, William
Peirei, Uiriamu
William Paley (Brits filosoof)
William Paley (Christian apologist, natural theologian, utilitarian)
William Paley (englischer Theologe und Philosoph)
William Paley (filosofo e teologo inglese)
Вільям Пейлі
Пейли, Уильям
ויליאם פיילי
ويليام بيلي
ویلیام پیلی (الهی‌دان و فیلسوف بریتانیایی)
윌리엄 페일리
ペイレイ, ウイリアム
沛勒, 維廉
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Bertin (co-author)
Bertin, Théodore-Pierre (co-author)
Díaz de Baeza, Juan
ebrary, Inc
Eddy, Matthew D.
Eddy, Matthew Daniel (co-author)
Gow, Niel (co-author)
Howard, Alfred
Knight, David (1936-...)
Law, Edmund (1703-1787))
Levade, David
Levade, David (co-author)
Lloyd, John Horatio (1798-1884)
Paxton, James (1786-1860. [from old catalog])
Pictet de Rochemont, Charles (co-author)
Vincent, Jacques-Louis-Samuel
Vincent, Jacques-Louis-Samuel (co-author)
Ware, John (1795-1864)
Watson, Richard (1737-1816)
Weidmansche Buchhandlung (Leipzig)
Whately, Richard (1787-1863)
貫, 元介
Advice addressed to the young clergy of the diocese of Carlisle in a sermon, preached at a general ordination holden at Rose-Castle, on Sunday, July 29, 1781
beauties of Paley, consisting of selections from his theological, moral, and political works., The
Caution recommended in the use and application of scripture language : A sermon preached July 15, 1777, in the Cathedral Church of Carlisle, at the visitation of the Right Reverend Edmund, lord bishop of Carlisle. By William Paley, M.A. late Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge, and vicar of Dalston, and St. Lawrence in Appleby.
Dangers incidental to the clerical character stated, in a sermon, preached before the University of Cambridge, at Great St. Mary's Church, on Sunday July 5th, being commencement Sunday, by William Paley, ..
defence of the considerations on the propriety of requiring a subscription to articles of faith In reply to a late Answer From the Clarendon Press, A
Des différentes formes de gouvernement et de leurs avantages ou désavantages respectifs, de la Constitution angloise et de la liberté civile...
distinction of orders in the Church defended upon principles of public utility, in a sermon preached in the Castle-Chapel, Dublin, at the consecration of John Law, D. D. Lord Bishop of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh, September 21, 1782. By William Paley, A. M. Archdeacon of Carlisle, A
Evidence of the existence and attributes of the deity, collected from the appearances of nature
Evidences of christianity, by William Paley,... a new edition
Evidencias del cristianismo, 1893:
Hor? Paulin?, or, the truth of the scripture history of St. Paul evinced. By a Comparison of the Epistles which Bear his Name, with the Acts of the Apostles, and with one Another. By William Paley, M. A. Archdeacon of Carlisle
Horae paulinae", or the Truth of the scripture history of St Paul, evinced by a comparison of the epistles which bear his name with the Acts of the Apostles and with one another, by William Paley,... 5th edition, "
Horæ Paulinæ ou La vérité de l'histoire de Saint Paul
Kirisutokyō kakushō.
La Vérité de l'histoire de St Paul... prouvée par la comparaison des épîtres qui portent son nom avec les Actes des apôtres et avec les épîtres entre elles, par William (Guillaume) Paley... traduit de l'anglais sur la 10e édition
M. Payley's Grundsätze der Moral und Politik.
Natural theology, by William Paley,... a new edition
Natural theology, or Evidence of the existence and attributes of the deity, collected from the appearances of nature
Natural theology, or Evidences of the existence and attributes of the deity, collected from the appearances of nature, by William Paley,... The eleventh edition
Natuurlijke godgeleerdheid, of bewijzen voor het aanwezen en de volmaaktheden der godheid, afgeleid uit de verschijnselen der natuur
Of the authenticity of the Scriptures
Overzicht van de bewijzen voor het christendom
Paley's moral philosophy : with annotations
Pregeth, &c
Principes de philosophie morale et politique, traduits de l'anglais sur la 19e édition, de Will. Paley,... par J.-L.-S. Vincent
Principios de Filosofía Moral
Principles of moral and political philosophy, by William Paley,... New edition, The
Publications printed by order of the Society for preserving liberty and property against Republicans and Levellers. Number VI Containing reasons for contentment. - Lord Loughborough's speech on the alien bill
Reasons for contentment : addressed to the labouring part of the British public
Recollections of a speech, upon the slave trade; delivered in Carlisle, on Thursday the 9th of February, 1792.
Réflexions sur l'établissement des jurés et sur l'administration de la justice civile et criminelle, par William Paley,... ouvrage traduit de l'anglais, sur la 4e édition par M. Bertin
sermon preached at the Assizes at Durham July 29th, 1795; and published at the request of The Lord Bishop, The Honorable the Judges of Assize, And the Grand Jury; By William Paley, D. D. Rector of Bishop Wearmouth, &c, A
Sermons on several subjects.
Tableau des preuves évidentes du christianisme en trois parties... par William Paley,... traduit de l'anglais par Dd Levade,...
Teologia naturale o sia Prove della esistenza e degli attributi della divinità ricavate dalle apparenze della natura
Théologie naturelle, ou Preuves de l'existence et des attributs de la divinité, tirées des apparences de la nature, traduction libre de l'anglais d'après William Paley, par Charles Pictet,...
treatise on the law of principal and agent, A : chiefly with reference to mercantile transactions
Treatise on the law of principal and agent, chiefly with reference to mercantile transactions, by William Paley,... A new edition, with considerable additions, by Niel Gow,... Second American edition, improved by a copious digested index of American decisions on the subjects of this treatise, A
use and propriety of local and occasional preaching a charge, delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Carlisle, in the year 1790, by William Paley, M. A. Chancellor and Archdeacon of that Diocese, The
vérité de l'histoire de St. Paul, telle qu'elle est rapportée dans l'Ecriture, La ; prouvée par la comparaison des épîtres qui portent son nom avec les Actes des Apôtres, et avec les épîtres entre elles
View of the evidences of christianity, in three parts,... by William Paley,... The eight edition, A
waarheid der schriftuurlijke historie van den apostel Paulus bewezen, uit eene vergelijking der brieven, welke zijnen naam voeren, met de Handelingen der apostelen en met elkander, De
Webster's new biographical dictionary, 1988:
word in season. Internal and external reform considered. By William Paley, ..., A
Works... New edition... Vol. I, The
works of William Paley, D. D. with a biographical sketch of the author, The
Works of William Paley,... with a life by Alexander Chalmers,... A new edition..., The
young Christian instructed in reading and in the principles of religion. Compiled for the use of the Sunday schools in Carlisle. By William Paley, M. A. Archdeacon of Carlisle, The