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Daie, Jhon
Daiius, Joannes
Daij, Iohannis
Daij, Johannis
Daius, Joannes
Day, Drucker
Day, Iohn
Day, J.
Day, John
Day, John (English printer, 1522-1584)
Daye, Iohn
Daye, Jan
Daye, John
Dayus, Johannes
Džon Dej
John Day
John Day (englischer Drucker und Verleger)
John Day (English Protestant printer)
Дэй, Джон
Џон Деј
जॉन डे
fl. 1546-1584
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Buchanan, George (1506-1582)
Caius, John (1510-1573)
Calvin, Jean
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Foxe, John (1516-1587)
Gilby, Anthony (approximately 1510-1585.)
Haddon, Walter (1516-1572)
Illing, Robert (co-author)
Lufft, Hans (1495-1584; see also from)
Parker, Matthew (1504-1575)
Pontac, Arnauld de
Seres, William -approximately 1579
Admonition direct to the trew Lordis mantenaris of the Kingis Graces Authoritie. M. G.
Against Jerome Osorius
Answer to the devillish detection of Stephane Gardiner, bishoppe of Wynchester
antiquitate Cantebrigiensis academiae libri duo, De : aucti ab ipso authore plurimùm : in quorum secundo de Oxoniensis quoq[ue] gymnasii antiquitate disseritur & Cantebrigiense longè eo antiquius esse definitur
apology of Johan Bale agaynste a ranke papyst, The : aunswering both hym and hys doctours that neyther their vowes nor yet their priesthode are of the Gospell, but of Antichrist, anno Do. M.CCCCC.L : a brefe exposycyon also vpo[n] the xxx chaptre of Numerei, which was the first occasion of thys present varyaunce.
Brytish monarchie
Byble, that is to say all the Holy Scripture, The : in whych are co[n]tayned the Olde and New Testamente, truly & purely tra[n]slated into English, & nowe lately with greate industry & diligence recognised.
Christo crucifixo concio. Joan. Foxi., De
Commentaries of that divine John Calvine, upon the prophet Daniell
Contra Hieronymum Osorium, ejusq́ue odiosas infectationes pro euangelicae veritatis necessaria defensione
cosmographical glasse, conteinyng the pleasant principles of cosmographie, geographie, hydrographie, or nauigation, The
Davids harpe ful of most delectable armony
Day's companion 1563 to the London edition of the English metrical psalter
Day's companion, c1986:
declaration of the masse, A : the fruite therof, the cause and meane wherfore and howe it ought to be maynteyned
Discovery and plain declaration of sundry subtle practices of the Holy Inquisition of Spain
elements of geometrie of the most auncient philosopher Euclide of Megara, The
Famous chronicle of our time, called Sleidanes commentaries
Faythful and moost godlye treatyse concernynge the most sacret Sacrament of the blessed body and bloude of oure savioure Christe, A
fortresse of the fayethfull agaynst ye cruel assautes of pouertie and honger, The : newlye made for the comforte of poore nedye Christians
Fruitful sermons
fruitfull and necessary sermon, specially concernyng almes geuing, A : preached the Twisday of Easter weeke, the yere of Our Lord 1572 at S. Maries Spittle
Frutefull sermons preached by the right reuerend father ... Hugh Latymer ... 1578:
General and rare memorials pertayning to the perfect arte of navigation : annexed to the paradoxal cumpas in playne : now first published 24 yeres after the first inuention thereof.
Gildae cui cognomentum est sapientis, De excidio et conqestu Britanniae ac flebili castigationes in reges, principes et sacerdotes epistola... [edita a Johanne Josselino].
Gospels of the fower Euangelistes, The
Governement of healthe
Historiae Cantebrigiensis academiae ab vrbe condita, liber primus[-secundus]
In secundæ. partis catechismi, (quæ est de simbolo quod apostolicum vocant, & fidei articulis) enarrationem, de fide, & iustificatione, præfatio: authore Patricio Cocburno Scoto.
Ioannis Iuelli angli, Episcopi Sarisburiensis Vita & mors, eiusq[ue] verae doctrinae defensio cum refutatione quorundam obiectorum, Thomae Hardingi, Nicol. Sanderi, Alani Copi, Hieronymi Osorij Lusitani, Pontaci Burdegalensis
Iohannis Caij Angli De pronunciatione Gręcae & Latinae linguae cum scriptione noua libellus.
Larger catechism
Maria Scotorum regina, De : totáque eius contra regem coniuratione, foedo cum Bothuelio adulterio, nefaria in maritum crudelitate & rabie, horrendo insuper & deterrimo eiusdem parricidio : plena, & tragica planè historia.
New yeres gift
newe booke entituled The gouernement of healthe, A : wherein is vttered manye notable rules for mannes preseruacion, with sondry symples and other matters, no lesse fruiteful then profitable : colect out of many approued authours, reduced into the forme of a dialogue for the better vnderstanding of thunlearned : wherunto is added a sufferain regiment against the pestilence
Of the life or conversation of a Christen man, a right godly treatise, wrytten in the latin tonge
Oversight and deliberation upon the holy prophet Jonas
Praelectiones in librum prophetiarum Danielis.
Prima institutio, disciplináque pietatis Christianæ
Rebus gestis Aelfredi., De
Reformatio legum ecclesiasticarum : ex authoritate primum Regis Henrici 8. inchoata, deinde per Regem Edouardum 6. prouecta, adauctaq́[ue] in hunc modum, atq[ue] nunc ad pleniorem ipsarum reformationem in lucem aedita.
Relatione di tutto il successo di Famagosta.
reliques of Rome, The : contayning all such matters of religion as haue in times past bene brought into the church by the pope and his adherentes : faithfully gathered out of the moste faithful writers of chronicles and histories, and nowe newly both diligently corrected & greatly augmented to the singular profit of the readers
Sanctae Inquisitionis Hispanicae artes aliquot detectae.
scholemaster, or, Plaine and perfite way of teaching children to vnderstand, write, and speake the Latin tong, The : but specially purposed for the priuate bringing vp of youth in ientlemen and noble mens houses, and commodious also for all such as haue forgot the Latin tonge, and would by them selues without a scholemaster, in short time, and with small paines, recouer a sufficient habilitie to vnderstand, write, and speake Latin
Sermo de sacrificio in die Pascae.
Sermon of Christ crucified.
sermon preached at the Tower of London, A
Sermons of John Calvin upon the songe that Ezechias made after he had bene sicke, and afflicted by the hand of God, conteyned in the 38. chapitre of Esay
statu religionis et reipublicae, Carolo Quinto Caesare, commentarii., De
testimonie of antiquitie, shewing the auncient fayth in the Church of England touching the sacrament of the body and bloude of the Lord here publikely preached, and also receaved in the Saxons tyme, above 600 yeares agoe., A
Thyrd parte of the books whiche Thomas Becon hath hytherto made
true report of all the successe of Famagosta, of the antique writers called Tamassus, a citie in Cyprus, The : in the which the whole order of all the skirmishes, batteries, mines, and assaultes geuen to the sayd fortresse, may plainly appeare : moreouer the names of the captaines and number of the people slaine as well of the Christians as of the Turkes, likewise of them who were taken prisoners from the beginning of the sayd seeeg vntill the end of the same
verie familiare and fruiteful exposition of the XII articles of the christian faieth, A : conteined in the commune crede, called the Apostles Crede : made in dialoges, wherein thou maiste learne al thinges necessarie to be beleved
whole booke of Psalmes
whole workes of W. Tyndall, Iohn Frith, and Doct. Barnes, three worthy martyrs and principall teachers of this Churche of England, The : collected and compiled in one tome together, to the prayse of God and profite of all good Christian readers.