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Avinash Dixit (Amerikaans econoom)
Avinash Dixit (professor of economics)
Avinash Dixit (US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Avinash K. Dixit
Dikshit, Avinash K.
Dixit, A.
Dixit, A. K.
Dixit, Avinash
Dixit, Avinash K.
Dixit, Avinash Kamalakar
Kamalakar Dixit, Avinash
Диксит, Авинаш
דיקסיט, אבינש ק
ディキシット, A. K
ディキシット, アビナッシュ・K
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Abel, A.B.
Abel, Andrew B.
Avinash, Dixit
Banco Central del Uruguay Montevideo Affiliation (see also from)
Bartolini, Leonardo
Besley, Timothy
Braverman, Avishay
Cable, John
Carruth, Alan
Cornes, Richard
Dixit, A.
Dixit, A. K.
Dixit, A.K.
Dixit, Avinash K
Dixit, Avinash K.
Eberly, J.C.
Eberly, Janice C.
Gasper, Dorota
Goldman, Steven M.
Grossman, Gene
Grossman, Gene M
Grossman, Gene M.
Grossmann, G.M.
Gul, F.
Gul, Faruk
Hammond, Peter
Helpman, E.
Helpman, Elhanan
Hoel, Michael
Jensen, Henrik
Kalai, Ehud
Kyle, Albert S
Lambertini, Luisa
Lingnan University Affiliation (see also from)
Londregan, John
Mirrlees, James A
Morris, Stephen
Munk, K. J.
Nalebuff, Barry (1958-)
Nalebuff, Barry J. (1958- ))
Newbery, David M G
Norman, Victor
Norman, Victor D.
Nuffield College Oxford Affiliation (see also from)
Olson, Mancur
Picard, P.
Pindyck, Robert S
Pindyck, Robert S.
Pindyck, Robert Stephen
Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Center for Energy and Environmental Research
Princeton University / Department of Economics
Princeton University Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Rafael, Rob
Reiley, David
Rob, Rafael
Sandmo, Angar
Seade, Jesus
Skeath, Susan
Sødal, Sigbjørn
Stern, Nicholas
Stiglitz, Joseph E
Weibull, Jörgen
Weller, P A
Weller, P.A.
Williamson, Amy
Woodland, Alan
磯前, 秀二 (1952-)
Accumulation of Capital Theory., The
Adverse Selection and Insurance with Uberrima Fides
Analytical Approximations in Models of Hysteresis.
Anti-dumping and countervailing duties under oligopoly
Art of Smooth Pasting (Now published in Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics 55 (Harwood Academic Publishers GbmH, Poststr. 22, 7000 Chur, Switzerland), 1993. ISBN: 3-7186-5384-2, ISSN: 0191-1708.), The
Balance of Trade in a Model of Temporary Equilibrium with Rationing., The
Choosing among alternative discrete investment projects under uncertainty
Clubs with Entrapment
Common agency and coordination: General theory and application to government policy making
Common agency and coordination: general theory and application to tax policy
Common agency with rational expectations: Theory and application to a monetary union
Comparative Effects of Devaluation and Import Controls on Domestic Prices.
Comparative Statics for Oligopoly.
Conduct, Structure and Relative Welfare Losses in Quantity-Setting Duopoly
Consumer Search and Market Equilibria: A Note.
Democracy, Autocracy and Bureaucracy
Determinants of Shadow Prices in Open Dual Economies.
Determinants of Success of Special Interests in Redistributive Politics, The
Directly Unproductive Prophet-seeking Activities.
Does voluntary participation undermine the coase theorem?
dynamics of political compromise, The
Economics With and Without the Law, from iLawlessness and Economics: Alternative Modes of Governance/i
Economists as Advisers to Politicians and to Society
Editorial: A special issue dedicated to John Nash
Entry and Exit Decisions under Uncertainty.
Equilbrium contracts for the central bank of a monetary union
Equilibrium Contracts for the Central Bank of a Monetary Union
Evaluating recipes for development success
Expandability, reversibility, and optimal capacity choice
export of capital theory, The
Fiscal federalism and redistributive politics
Gains from Free Trade, The
Gains from trade without lump-sum compensation
Games Businesses Play: Cases and Models
Games of monetary and fiscal interactions in the EMU
Games of strategy
General Model of R&D Competition and Policy, A
Governance Institutions and Development
Governance Institutions and Economic Activity
Governance Institutions & India's Development
Growth Patterns in a Dual Economy.
Hysteresis and the duration of the J-curve
Hysteresis, Import Penetration, And Exchange Rate Pass-Thro
Hysteresis, Import Penetration, and Exchange Rate Pass-Through.
Ideology, tactics, and efficiency in redistributive politics
In 100 years : leading economist predict the future
In Honor of Paul Krugman: Winner of the John Bates Clark Medal
# Incentives and Organizations in the Public Sector: An Interpretative Review
Incentives and organizations in the public sector: An interpretive review
Interactions of Commitment and Discretion in Monetary and Fiscal Policies
International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Security
International trade policy for oligopolistic industries
Intersectoral capital reallocation under price uncertainty
Investment and employment dynamics in the short run and the long run
Investment and Hysteresis
Investment under uncertainty
Irreversible Investment with Price Ceilings.
Irreversible investment with uncertainty and scale economies
Issues of Strategic Trade Policy for Small Countries/Comment
James Mirrlees' Contributions to the Theory of Information and Incentives.
Keizai riron ni okeru saitekika
Keizai seisaku no seiji keizaigaku : Torihiki hiyō seijigaku apurōchi
Lawlessness and economics : alternative modes of governance
Limits of Free Trade: Comment, The
Making of Economic Policy: A Transaction Cost Politics Perspective, The
Mancur Olson--Social Scientist.
Market Valuation of Illiquid Debt and Implications for Conflicts among Creditors
Marketable surplus and dual development
markup interpretation of optimal investment rules, A
markup interpretation of optimal rules for irreversible investment, A
Microeconomics : a very short introduction
Model of Duopoly Suggesting a Theory of Entry Barriers, A
Monetary-fiscal policy interactions and commitment versus discretion in a monetary union
Monopolistic competition and optimum product diversity: Reply
multi-country transfer problem, The
My system of work (not!)
new option view of investment, The
Oligopoly and welfare : A unified presentation with applications to trade and development
On Hartwick’s Rule for Constant Utility and Regular Maximin Paths of Capital Accumulation and Resource Depletion
On modes of economic governance
On Pareto-improving redistributions of aggregate economic gains
On Rybczynski's theorem in a setting of growth
On the Optimum Structure of Commodity Taxes.
On the Role of Good Faith in Insurance Contracting
Optimal Mix of Inflationary Finance and Commodity Taxation with Collection Lags, The
Optimization in economic theory
Optimum Saving with Economies of Scale.
Options, the value of capital, and investment
Paul Samuelson's Legacy
Pensar estratégicamente : un arma decisiva en los negocios, la política y la vida diaria
Political polarization
Political power and the credibility of government debt
Power of incentives in private versus public organizations
Predatory States and Failing States: An Agency Perspective
Price changes and optimum taxation in a many-consumer economy
Public finance in a Keynesian temporary equilibrium
Quality and Quantity Competition.
Recent Developments in Oligopoly Theory.
Redistributive Politics and Economic Efficiency
relationship between factor endowments and commodity trade, The
repeated game model of monetary union, A
Restoring Fun to Game Theory
Risk - adjusted rates of return for project appraisal
Risk-sharing, adjustment, and trade
role of investment in entry-deterrence, The
Senryakuteki shikō towa nani ka
Setting the Price of Oil in a Distorted Economy.
Short-run Equilibrium and Shadow Prices in the Dual Economy.
simplified treatment of the theory of optimal regulation of Brownian motion, A
Some Lessons from Transaction-Cost Politics for Less-Developed Countries
Some Simplified Formulae for Optimal Income Taxation.
Special-Interest Lobbying and Endogenous Commodity Taxation
Spieltheorie für Einsteiger strategisches Know-how für Gewinner
Strategic behavior in contests: Reply
Switching costs and sectoral adjustments in general equilibrium with uninsured risk
Symbiosis of monetary and fiscal policies in a monetary union
Sztuka strategii : teoria gier w biznesie i życiu prywatnym
Targeted export promotion with several oligopolistic industries, 1984:
Tax policy in open economies, 1983:
Teoría de juegos, guía del éxito en sus negocios y en su vida diaria
Teoría del crecimiento equilibrado, La
Theory and policy--Comment/reply
Theory and policy: Reply to Tanzi
Theory of Equilibrium Growth, The
Theory of international trade
Theory of political compromise, A
Thinking strategically the competitive edge in business, politics and everyday life
Thomas Schelling's Contributions to Game Theory
Three Consumer's Surpluses., The
Tōshi kettei riron to riaru opushon : Fukakujitsusei no moto de no tōshi
Trade and Insurance with Adverse Selection.
Trade and Insurance with Imperfectly Observed Outcomes.
Trade and insurance with moral hazard
Trade and Protection with Multistage Production.
Trade Expansion and Contract Enforcement
Two-Tier Market Institutions*
Uncertainty and the demand for liquid assets
Use of Protection and Subsidies for Entry Promotion and Deterrence., The
Utilitarian versus egalitarian redistributions
Vertical integration in a monopolistically competitive industry
Welfare effects of tax and price changes : A correction
戦略的思考をどう実践するか : エール大学式「ゲーム理論」の活用法
投資決定理論とリアルオプション : 不確実性のもとでの投資
経済政策の政治経済学 : 取引費用政治学アプローチ
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