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A. R, Alexander Ross
A. R ((Alexander Rosse))
Alexander Ross (Brits theoloog (-))
Alexander Ross (Scottish writer and controversialist)
R, A.
R, Alexander Ross
Rosaeus, Alexander
Ross, Alexander
Ross, Alexandre
Rossaeus, Alexander
Rossaeus, Alexandrus
Rosse, Abraham
Rosse, Abraham (pseudonym)
Rosse, Alexander
Rosse, Alexandre
Rossen, Alexander
Росс, Александр
الکساندر راس
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Computer file
Language material
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Du Ryer, André (15..-1688?)
Groot, Michiel de (Amsterdam)
La Grue, Thomas
La Grue, Thomas de (1620-1680))
Nerreter, David (1649-1726)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Royston, Richard (1601-1686)
Sanderus, Josua (ca1591-ca1664.)
Saywell, John (Londen)
Schipper, Jan Jacobsz
Schipper, Jan Jacobsz (Amsterdam)
Wyngaerden, J.
Abdruck derer von unterschiedenen theologischen Facultäten uber M. Henrich Ammersbachs Predigers zu SS. Petri und Pauli in Halberstadt, in nechst abgewichenem Iahr ausgegebenen so genanten Geheimnisz der letzten Zeiten, und Betrachtung der gegenwärtigen und künfftigen Zeiten, etc ... eingekommener Bedencken und Antwort, etc. : Deme beygefügt des Alexandri Rossen eines vornehmen reformirten Scribentens Meynung von dem Chiliasmo, und Johannis Henrici Ursini Warnung für den Enthusiasten und schwärmerischen Propheten ..
abridgment of Christian divinitie., The : So exactly and methodically compiled, that it leads us, as it were, by the hand to the reading of the Holy Scriptures. Ordering of common-places. Vnderstanding of controversies. Clearing of some cases of conscience.
Alcoran of Mahomet, The
Apocalypsis: or, The revelation of certain notorious advancers of heresie ... Together with an account of their lives, actions and ends. : Whereunto are added the effigies ... done in copper plates.
Arcana microcosmi, 1651:
Arcana microcosmi : or, the hid secrets of man's body discovered : as also, by a discovery of the strange and marveilous diseases, symptomes & accidents of man's body. With a refutation of doctor Brown's vulgar errors, the lord Bacon's natural history, and doctor Harvy's book de generatione, Comenius, and others ; whereto is annexed a letter from doctor Pr. to the author, and his answer thereto, touching doctor Harvy's book de generatione. By A. R..
Christian divinity in two bookes
David Nerreters Schau-Platz der streitenden doch unüberwindlichen christlichen Kyrchen, auf welchem, nach Anleitung der VII. Abtheilung des unterschiedlichen Gottes-Diensts, Alexander Rossens, der christlichen Kyrchen Anfang, Fortgang, Ausbreitung, Verhinderung, Verfolgung, Verwirrung, Kätzereyen, Spaltungen, deren Ursachen, und wie solche durch Gottes Gnade zu heben, und die zertrennten Kyrchen ohne Syncretisterey waarhafftig zu vereinigen, vorgestellet wird.
exposition on the fourteene first chapters of Genesis, by way of question and answere . Collected out of ancient and recent writers : both briefely and subtilly propounded and expounded. By Abraham Rosse of Aberden, preacher at St. Maries neere South-Hampton, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines
gantzen Welt Religionen; oder Beschreibung aller Gottes- und Götzendienste, wie auch Ketzereyen, in Asia, Africa, America, und Europa, von Anfang der Welt, biss auff diese gegenwertige Zeit., Der
island rose a collection of original poems on temperance and other subjects, The
Leviathan drawn with a hook. Or Animadversions upon Mr Hobbs his Leviathan. By Alex. Rosse.
Medicus medicatus
Mel Heliconium:
Muses interpreter, The
Mystagogus poeticus
Needful caveat or admonition
New international commentary on the New Testament., The
Pansebeia. [from old catalog]
philosophicall touch-stone, The : or observations upon Sir Kenelm Digbie's Discourses of the nature of bodies, and of the reasonable soule. In which his erroneous paradoxes are refuted, the truth, and Aristotelian philosophy vindicated, the immortality of mans soule briefly, but sufficiently proved. And the weak fortifications of a late Amsterdam ingeneer, patronizing The soules mortality, briefly slighted. By Alexander Ross.
religions du monde, Les
Rerum iudaicarum memorabiliorum : ab exitu ex Aegypto ad ultimum usque hierosolymitanum excidium ...
risk takers, The
Some animadversions and observations upon Sr Walter Raleighs Historie of the world
Suggestions on the military resources of Canada and the means of organizing a small provincial army in the event of its being determined by the imperial authorities to diminish or recall the royal troops so as to render such an organization essential to the defense of the colony
'sWeerelds gods-diensten, of vertoog van alle de religien en ketteryen in Asia, Africa, America en Europa, van 't begin des werelds tot desen tegenwoordigen tijdt toe
Unterschiedliche Gottesdienste in der gantzen Welt. -
View of all religions in the world with the several church governments from the creation to the present times: ... written in the year 1640 by alexander ross ... and now brought down to the present times by a clergyman
Virgilii triumphantis libri III.
Virgilius Evangelisans Christiados
wunderwürdige Juden- und Heiden-Tempel. -, Der