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Billington, Elizabeth
Billington, Elizabeth (Mrs)
Billington, Mrs
Elizabeth Billington (British opera singer)
Elizabeth Billington (Brits zanger (-1818))
Fellisent, Elizabeth
Weichsel, Elizabeth
Weichsell Billington, Elizabeth
Weichsell, Elizabeth
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Notated music
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Ambross, E.
Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)
Harbach, Barbara
Harrison, Samuel (1760-1812)
Hime, Morris (fl. 1790-1820)
Schoelcher, Victor (1804-1893)
Shield, William (1748-1829)
Steele, Elizabeth (1740?-1787))
Sumbel, Leah (1762-1829))
Swindells, Julia
University of Lancaster
amante sventurato a favourite rondo of Sarti, Un
Blithe as the hours of May
celebrated song se ti perdo, The
Che originali.
Deserters meditations, a favorite glee harmonized for four voices by Mr Harrison, from an Irish melody, and, sung with the greatest applause by Mrs Billington. MM. Harrison, Goss and Bartleman at the vocal concerts, new rooms, Hanover square...
Fanatico per la musica
Grotta di Calipso.
Lessons, keyboard instrument, op. 1. No. 2
Mary's dream, or, Sandy's ghost a remarkably favorite new song sung by Mrs. Billington.
Memoirs of Mrs. Billington, from her birth : containing a variety of matter, ludicrous, theatrical, musical, and with copies of several original letters, now in the possession of the publisher written by Mrs. Billington to her mother, the late Mrs. Weichsel, a dedication and a prefatory address.
Moon had climbed the highest hill
O lovely peace, a duett, sung by Mrs Billington & Mrs Incleton, in the oratorios... [pr 2 v. & bc. extrait de Judas]
Oh ! had I Jubal's lyre, sung by Mrs Billington, at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden. [Air à 1 voix & bc extrait de Joshua]
Polonaise favorite chantée par Madame Billington à Londres
Progressive lessons
Provi glaffetti incognito
Psychosocial adjustment to renal failure and consequent dialysis
Six sonatas for the harpsichord or piano, op. 2:
Sonatas, keyboard instrument, op. 2
Together let us range the fields, duet [pr 2 v. et pf. en part.], sung by Mr Braham and Mrs Billington, from Solomon...
Vaghi colli ameni prati, the much admired duett, as sung at the Kings theatre, by sig.ra Grassini et Mrs Billington, in the grand serious opera of Il Ratto di Proserpina, composed by P. Winter and arranged by M.-C. Mortellari
Whilst with village maids a favorite song in the opera of Rosina, sung by Mrs Billington
Why with sighs.
Women's theatrical memoirs.
Zephyr, come thou plaiful minion sung by Mrs Billington in the Woodman [opera
Thesis (D.Clin.Psychol.)--University of Lancaster, 2007