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Schwartz, Stephen
Schwartz, Stephen (kompozytor))
Schwartz, Stephen Laurence
Schwartz, Stephen Lawrence
Schwartz, Stephen Michael
Schwartz, Stephen (musicien)
Schwartz, Stephen (skladatelj)
Schwartz, Stephen Suleyman
Schwartz, Steve
Schwartz, Steven
Stephen Laurence Schwartz
Stephen Lawrence Schwartz
Stephen Schwartz
Stephen Schwartz (American musical theatre lyricist and composer)
Stephen Schwartz (Amerikaans componist)
Stephen Schwartz (compositeur de comédies musicales)
Stephen Schwartz (compositore e librettista statunitense)
Stephen Schwartz (letrista y compositor de musicales estadounidense)
Stephen Schwartz (skladatelj)
Stephen Schwartz (US-amerikanischer Musical-Komponist und -Autor)
Steve Schwartz
Steven Schwartz
Шварц, Стивен
استفان شوارتز
இசுடீபன் சுவார்ட்சு
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Belgrano, Agustín (1913-1998)
Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990))
Dijk, Koen van
Disney, Walt (1901-1966)
Disney, Walter Elias (1901-1966)
Douwes, Pia
Hickner, Steve
Lagemaat, Luc van de
Martín Descalzo, José Luis (1930-1991)
Menken, Alan
Menken, Alan (1952-)
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
SKG music L.L.C.
Tebelak, John-Michael
Voor zang en piano, met akkoorden
Walt Disney Company
Wells, Simon (1961-)
Yin-Nan, Lee
Zimmer, Hans (1957-)
Zmed, Adrian
Act 1: A Sentimental Man
Act 1: Dancing Through Life-End
Act 1: Dear Old Shiz
Act 1: Elphaba Casts the Spell
Act 1: Elphaba Flees the Wizard
Act 1: Elphaba Gets Too Angry
Act 1 Finale: Defying Gravity
Act 1: I'm Not That Girl
Act 1: Introduction
Act 1: No One Mourns the Wicked
Act 1: One Short Day
Act 1: Popular
Act 1: Something Bad
Act 1: The Wizard and I
Act 1: What Is This Feeling
Act 2: As Long as You're Mine
Act 2: [curtain calls]
Act 2: Defying Gravity
Act 2: Elphaba Frees the Monkeys
Act 2: Elphaba Goes to Her Fate
Act 2: Finale / Epilogue
Act 2: For Good
Act 2: March of the Witch Hunters
Act 2: No Good Deed
Act 2: Opening: No One Mourns the Wicked (reprise)
Act 2: [Scene] / I'm Not That Girl (reprise)
Act 2: Thank Goodness
Act 2: The Twister
Act 2: The Wicked Witch of the East
Act 2: Wonderful
Act One: Bread
Act One: Buzz A-Buzz
Act One: Chanson (reprise)
Act One: Gifts of Love
Act One: If It Wasn't for You
Act One: Look for the Woman
Act One: Meadowlark
Act One: Merci, Madame
Act One: Plain and Simple
Act One: Proud Lady
Act One: Serenade
Act Two: Any-Day-Now Day
Act Two: Chanson (Finale)
Act Two: Chanson (reprise)
Act Two: Endless Delights
Act Two: Feminine Companionship
Act Two: Gifts of Love (reprise)
Act Two: If If Have to Live Alone
Act Two: If It Wasn't for You (reprise)
Act Two: Luckiest Man in the World
Act Two: Romance
Act Two: Scene (reprise)
Act Two: Where Is the Warmth?
Ain't It Good?
Alas for You
All Food Gifts
All for the Best
All Good Gifts
All I Ever Wanted / Hieroglyph Nightmare
All the Live Long Day
All the Livelong Day / Hey Somebody
Any-Day-Now Day
Apprends bien tes leçons
As Long as You’re Mine
Atomic audit the costs and consequences of U.S. nuclear weapons since 1940
Au détour de la rivière
Au son calme des tam-tams (reprise)
Au son calme des tam-tams (thème principal)
Aus! Vorbei!
Baker's Wife (1976 original cast), The
Baker's Wife (1990 original London cast), The
Baker's wife. Meadowlark
Baker's Wife Mini-Album (1976 studio cast), The
baker's wife, The ; a musical : vocal selections
Beautiful City
Bells of Notre Dame (reprise), The
Benis ton Dieu
Beyond I
Beyond II / A World Without You
Beyond (reprise) / What Is He Waiting For
Big Red Plane
Blame It on the Summer Night
Bless the Lord
Bows & Exit Music
Boy on the Roof
By My Side
Cactus Flowers
cadeaux merveilleux
Camera 3.
Captain Louie
Chanson (reprise) / If It Wasn't for You (reprise)
Chemicals in the atmosphere solubility, sources and reactivity
Childhood's End
Children of Eden (1991 Prince Edward Theatre, London cast)
Children of Eden: American Premiere Recording (1998 New Jersey cast)
Children of Eden. Children of Eden
Children of Eden: Highlights (1998 New Jersey cast)
Children of Eden (reprise)
Children of Eden. Selections
Chraň Bůh ty bídné
Civilized Society (reprise)
Close to Home
Code of Silence
Cold Enough to Snow
Colores en el viento (Colors of the Wind)
Colors of the wind
Corner of the Sky (sing along)
Court of Miracles, The
Crowded Island
Dancing Through Life
Das, Was Ich Will
Daughter of God
Daughter of the Race of Cain
Day by Day (from "Godspell")
Day by Day (reprise)
Dear Old Shiz
Death of Abel, The
Defying Gravity
Des sauvages, partie 1
Des sauvages, partie 2
Długo i szczęśliwie
Dove Song, The
Dzicy są cz. 2
Écoute ton cœur, partie 1
Écoute ton cœur, partie 2
End of a Perfect Day, The
Endless Delights
Erroll Garner
était une fois, Il
Ever Ever After
Expulsion, The
Extraordinary (sing along)
Face of a Stranger
Father and Daughter
Father's Day
Fathers and Sons (Working)
Feminine Companionship
Finale Erster Akt
Finale (Gifts of Love)
Finale Zweiter Akt
Finish the Ark
Flood, The
flying dutchman, The ; Philosopher
For Good
Forgiveness' Embrace
Frei und schwerelos
Freut Euch Mit Mir
Gathering Storm, The
Geld Und Glück
Gifts of Love
God Help the Outcasts
God Save the People
Godspell (1972 original London cast)
Godspell (2001 national touring cast)
Godspell: 40th Anniversary Celebration
Godspell Medley (from "Godspell")
Godspell (Motion picture music)
Godspell. Selections
Godspell: The Musical
Godspell: The New Broadway Cast Recording
Godspell. Une comédie musicale rock d'après l'évangile selon St. Mathieu.... Paroles anglaises et musique de Stephen Schwartz. Paroles françaises de Pierre Delanoë
Grateful Children
Guess I'll Miss the Man, I
Gutes Tun (No Good Deed)
Guy Like You, A
Happy Working Song
Hardest Part of Love, The
Heaven’s Light / Hellfire
Hellstrahlendste Traumpaar (reprise), Das
Home Again
Hour of Darkness, The
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
I'm Just Movin'
I'm Not That Girl
Ich bin es nicht (Reprise)
Ich Freu Mich Für Dich
Ich? Warum?
If I Have to Live Alone
If I Never Knew You
If It Wasn't for You
Im guten alten Glizz
In Pursuit of Excellence
In the Beginning
In Whatever Time We Have / Wasteland III
Irgendwas Passiert
Irgendwas Wichtiges Fehlt
It Is Only Beginning...
It's an Art
Johanns Ende / Requiem
Just Around the Riverbend
Keiner weint um Hexen
Kind of Woman (sing along)
klokkenluider van de Notre Dame
Kolorowy wiatr
Kosovo background to a war
L’Air du vent
Latest & Greatest Piano Tribute to Wicked, The
Learn Your Lessons Well (After Hours)
Let There Be
Letzter Vorhang
Liebe Lügt
Liebe Siegt
Life Goes On
Light of the World
Line Forms on the Right, The
Lion Tamer
Listen With Your Heart
Little Taste of Heaven, A
Look for the Woman
Looza On The Block
Lost in the Wilderness
Love Song
Luckiest Man in the World, The
luz del mundo, La
Magic Show: West End Avenue, The
Magic to Do
Making Good
Malheur a vous
March of the Witch Hunters
Mark of Cain, The
Marsch der Hexenjäger
Mass : a theatre piece for singers, players and dancers
Mass : concert selections for soloists and choruses
Mass: I. Devotions before Mass, No. 1. Antiphon: Kyrie eleison
Mass: I. Devotions before Mass, No. 2. Hymn and Psalm: "A Simple Song"
Mass: I. Devotions before Mass, No. 3. Responsory: Alleluia
Mass: II. First Introit (Rondo), No. 1. Prefatory Prayers
Mass: II. First Introit (Rondo), No. 2. Thrice-Triple Canon: Dominus vobiscum
Mass: III. Second Introit, No. 1. In nomine Patris
Mass: III. Second Introit, No. 2. Prayer for the Congregation (Chorale: "Almighty Father")
Mass: III. Second Introit, No. 3. Epiphany
Mass: IV. Confession, No. 1. Confiteor
Mass: IV. Confession, No. 2. Trope: "I Don't Know"
Mass: IV. Confession, No. 3. Trope: "Easy"
Mass: IX. Gospel-Sermon: "God Said"
Mass: V. Meditation No. 1
Mass: VI. Gloria, No. 1. Gloria Tibi
Mass: VI. Gloria, No. 2. Gloria in excelsis
Mass: VI. Gloria, No. 3. Trope: "Half of the People"
Mass: VI. Gloria, No. 4. Trope: "Thank You"
Mass: VII. Meditation No. 2
Mass: VIII. Epistle: "The Word of the Lord"
Mass: X. Credo, No. 1. Credo in unum Deum
Mass: X. Credo, No. 2. Trope: Non Credo
Mass: X. Credo, No. 3. Trope: "Hurry"
Mass: X. Credo, No. 4. Trope: "World Without End"
Mass: X. Credo, No. 5. Trope: "I Believe in God"
Mass: XI. Meditation No. 3 (De profundis, Part 1)
Mass: XII. Offertory (De profundis, Part 2)
Mass: XIII. The Lord's Prayer, No. 1. Our Father ...
Mass: XIII. The Lord's Prayer, No. 2. Trope: "I Go On"
Mass: XIV. Sanctus
Mass: XV. Agnus Dei
Mass: XVI. Fraction: "Things Get Broken"
Mass: XVII. Pax: Communion ("Secret Songs")
Mein Lied
Merci, Madame
Mine, Mine, Mine
Modlitwa Esmeraldy
More Than This
Morning Glow
Moving in With Linda
Musicals Collection: Godspell, The
Naming, The
Neat to Be a Newsboy
New Kid In The Neighborhood
Nichts ist mehr geheuer
No Good Deed
No One Mourns the Wicked
No Time at All
Noah and His Sons
Noah's Lullaby
Not in the Market
Nothing to Do With Love
Notre histoire d'amour
Nur ein Tag
Ohne Sie
On the Right Track
On the Willows
One Short Day
Or de Virginie, L'
Out there
Perfect Every Time
perfect peach, The : a story
Piece of Eight, A
Pippin (1972 original Broadway cast)
Pippin. Corner of the sky
Pippin: Entr'Acte
Pippin: Extraordinary
Pippin: Finale
Pippin: Glory
Pippin: I Guess I'll Miss the Man
Pippin: Kind of Woman
Pippin: Love Song
Pippin: Magic to Do
Pippin: Marking Time
Pippin: Morning Glow
Pippin: No Time at All
Pippin: On the Right Track
Pippin. Selections
Pippin: Simple Joys
Pippin: Spread a Little Sunshine
Pippin: War Is a Science
Pippin: With You
Pitié pour nous Seigneur
Plagues, The
Plain and Simple
Playing With the Big Boys
Pocahontas : lees & luisterboek
Popular Song
Precious Children
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
Près de moi
Prince of Egypt: Deliver Us, The
Prince of Egypt: Humanity, The
Prince of Egypt: I Will Get There, The
Prince of Egypt: River Lullaby, The
Prince of Egypt. Selections
Promise, The
Proud Lady
Que Dieu aide les exclus
Rags the new American musical
Recurring Dream
Rein Geschäftlich
Reluctant Pilgrim
Return of the Animals, The
Rewriting History
Ring of Stones, A
Ring of Stones / Death of Abel
Roads Untaken, The
Sailor of the Skies
Salva a tu pueblo
Sauver le peuple
Save the People
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene: Pompom's Return
Schikaneder - Die turbulente Liebesgeschichte hinter der Zauberflöte
seelenvoller Mann, Ein
Sentimental Man, A
Si no te conociera (If I Never Knew You)
Simple Joys (sing along)
Since I Gave My Heart Away
So Close
So Far
So Jemand Wie Du (Reprise) / Jetzt Und Hier
So Viele Fische Im Meer
Solang ich dich hab (As Long as You're Mine)
Some Things Don't End
Someday (Mouse House Remixes)
Something Bad
Songs from Godspell
Songs. Selections
Spark of Creation (reprise 1), The
Spark of Creation (reprise 2), The
Spiffin' Up Ziggy's
Spread a Little Sunshine
Steady as the Beating Drum
Stephen Schwartz songbook, The
Sto najljepših filmskih melodija
Stranger to the Rain
Sueña (Someday)
Tanz durch die Welt
Temblad, temblad
Ten-Day Heartbreak
Ten za łukiem rzeki świat
Thank Goodness
That's How You Know
Through heaven's eyes : the Prince of Egypt in story and song
Topsy Turvy
Tower of Babble
Toxic People
Träum Gross (Reprise)
Tree of Knowledge, The
Trick Or Treat
True Love's Kiss
Turn Back, o Man
Uncharted territory
Vindens farver
Virginia compagnie (reprise)
Virginia Company, The
Vocal music. Selections
War is a Science
Was fühl ich in mir?
Wasteland I
Wasteland II
Wasteland, The
We Beseech Thee
Welcome For Louie, A
What Is He Waiting For?
What Is This Feeling? (Wicked)
What's a Man to Do
When you believe : from The prince of Egypt : string pak to accompany choir and band
Where Is the Warmth?
Wicked (15th Anniversary Special Edition)
Wicked (2003-10-28 original Gershwin Theatre Broadway cast)
Wicked (2007-01-31 replacement London cast)
Wicked: A New Musical (5th Anniversary Special Edition)
Wicked a new musical : original Broadway cast recording
Wicked. Dancing through life
Wicked. Defying gravity
Wicked: Die Hexen von Oz (2007 original Stuttgart cast)
Wicked. For good
Wicked: Original Broadway Cast Recording (Deluxe Edition)
Wicked. Popular
Wicked. Selections
Wie herrlich
Wie ich bin
Wird Ein Misserfolg!, Das
With You
Wizard and I, The
Wonderful (Wicked)
word of the Lord [epistle] from Mass, The
Words of Doom
Working. [Sound recording]
Works. Selections
World Without You, A
Worth Waiting For
X-treme games
Zauberer und ich, Der
ノートルダムの鐘 (リプライズ)
フレンド ライク ミー
天使が僕に / 罪の炎
Contributed to or performed: 
16th Annual S.T.A.G.E. Benefit Concert, The
All for the Best
All Good Gifts
All the Livelong Day "I Hear America Singing"
Back on Broadway
Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Other Musicals, The
Brother Trucker
By My Side
Cleanin' Women
Colors of the Wind
Colors of the Wind (instrumental)
Day by Day
Defying Gravity
Disney Karaoke: Volume 2
Epiphany / Savages (Part 2) (alternate version)
Fathers and Sons
From Broadway With Love: A Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook
Godspell (Finale)
Have a Nice Decade: The ’70s Pop Culture Box
Hey, Mr. Producer! The Musical World of Cameron Mackintosh
If I Could've Been
It Is Only Beginning...
It's an Art
Just a Housewife
Learn Your Lessons Well
Legacy Collection: Pocahontas, The
Light of the World
LML Music: A Cabaret Collection
Lost in Boston IV
Lovin' Al
Making Good
Mason, The
Mass: A Theatre Piece for Singers, Players and Dancers
mejor dia vendra, Un
MTI Promotional Sampler
Neat to Be a Newsboy
Nobody Tells Me How
O Bless the Lord My Soul
On the Willows
Personals (1998 original London cast)
Pocahontas: An Original Soundtrack Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
Prince of Egypt: Collector's Edition, The
Prince of Egypt: Complete Motion Picture Score, The
Prince of Egypt: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Príncipe De Egipto: Banda Sonora Original De La Película, El
Rockin' to the 70's
Save the People
Sing with the Choir, Volume 2 : Broadway
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Baritone/Bass Volume 4, The
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Duets Volume 2, The
Something to Point To
Stephen Schwartz Album, The
Turn Back o Man
Walt Disney Records the Legacy Collection: Pocahontas
Walt Disney Records’ The Legacy Collection: Pocahontas
We Beseech Thee
Working: A Musical
Working: A New Musical
Working: The Musical
Graad 3-4
Voor zang en piano, met akkoorden