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Gingerich, P. D.
Gingerich, Philip D.
Gingerich, Philip Dean
Philip D. Gingerich (American scientist)
Philip D. Gingerich (Amerikaans paleontoloog)
Philip D. Gingerich (US-amerikanischer Paläontologe)
Джинджерич, Филип
فيليب جنجريتش
born 1946-03-23
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Cartographic material
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Gunnell, Gregg F.
Museum of Paleontology (Ann Arbor, Mich.) Affiliation (see also from)
Princeton University
Rose, Kenneth D.
Russell, Donald E.
Russell, Donald Eugène (1927-....))
Simons, Elwyn L.
Uhen, Mark D.
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Mich.) Affiliation (see also from)
University of Michigan. Museum of Paleontology
Wells, Neil A.
Winkler, Dale A.
Zalmout, Iyad S.
African Dawn for Primates
Aletodon Gunnelli a New Clarkorfian Hyopsodentid (Mammalia, Condylartha) from the Early Eocene of Wyoming
Allometric scaling in the dentition of primates and prediction of body weight from tooth size in fossils.
Anatomy of the temporal bone in the oligocene anthropoid, Apidium and the origin of Anthropoidea.
Archaeocete Whales and Other Fossil Vertebrates of Eocene Wadi Hitan Fayum
Archaeocete Whales of Eocene Tethys: Geochronology, Paleobiology and Evolution
Arithmetic or geometric normality of biological variation: an empirical test of theory.
Asian gliriform origin for arctostylopid mammals.
Astronomical climate control on paleosol stacking patterns in the upper Paleocene-lower Eocene Willwood Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
Barylambda churchilli, a new species of Pantolambdidae (Mammalia, Pantodonta) from the late Paleocene of western North America
Basilosaurus: Eocene Whale Evolution and Paleontological Site Protection in Egypt
Biotic Change in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, Before, During and After the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM): Consistent with Orbital Forcing?
Brain of Plesiadapis cookei (Mammalia, Proprimates) : surface morphology and encephalization compared to those of Primates and Dermoptera
Chronology of the Wasatchian land-mammal age (early Eocene): Magnetostratigraphic results from the McCullough Peaks section, northern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: A discussion
Cladistic analysis and anthropoid origins.
Complete primate skeleton from the Middle Eocene of Messel in Germany: morphology and paleobiology.
Correlation between isotope records in marine and continental carbon reservoirs near the Palaeocene/Eocene boundary.
Correlation of tooth size and body size in living hominoid primates, with a note on relative brain size in Aegyptopithecus and Proconsul.
Cranial Anatomy and Evolution of Early Tertiary Plesiadapidae (Mammalia, Primates)
Cranial morphology of Protosiren Fraasi (Mammalia, Sirenia) from the middle Eocene of Egypt : a new study using computed tomography
Dental and cranial adaptations in Eocene Adapidae.
Dentition of early Eocene Pakicetus (mammalia, cetacea)
development of sexual dimorphism in the bony pelvis of the squirrel monkey., The
Downslope Fossil Contamination: Mammal-Bearing Fluvial Conglomerates and the Paleocene-Eocene Faunal Transition (Willwood Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming)
Early Cenozoic Omomyidae and the Evolutionary History of Tarsiiform Primates.
Early Cenozoic paleontology and stratigraphy of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming : commemorating the 100th anniversary of J.L. Wortman's discovery of fossil mammals in the Bighorn Basin
Early Eocene Teilhardina brandti : Oldest Omomyid Primate from North America
Early Tertiary Plesiadapidae
Environment and evolution through the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum.
Eocene Archaeocete Whales of Sulaiman Range, Punjab Pakistan
Eocene ArchaeoceteWhales of Fayum Province, Egypt
Eocene stratigraphy and archaeocete whales (Mammalia, Cetacea) of Drug Lahar in the Eastern Sulaiman Range, Balochistan (Pakistan)
ethmoid exposure (os planum) in the orbit of Indri indri (Primates, Lemuriformes)., An
Evidence for Evolution from the Vertebrate Fossil Record.
Evidence for rapid climate change in North America during the latest Paleocene thermal maximum: oxygen isotope compositions of biogenic phosphate from the Bighorn Basin (Wyoming)
Function of pointed premolars in Phenacolemur and other mammals.
Functional and behavioral implications of vertebral structure in Pachyaena ossifraga (Mammalia, Mesonychia)
Functional morphology and evolution : dedicated to John H. Ostrom in appreciation of his first 25 years as editor of the American Journal of Science
Functional significance of mandibular translation in vertebrate jaw functions
Global change at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary: climatic and evolutionary consequences of tectonic events
Hind limbs of eocene basilosaurus: evidence of feet in whales.
human mandible: lever, link, or both?, The
Indraloris and Sivaladapis: Miocene adapid primates from the Siwaliks of India and Pakistan.
Isotopic Records From Early Whales And Sea Cows: Contrasting Patterns Of Ecological Transition
John H Ostrom (1928-2005)
Land-to-sea transition in early whales : evolution of Eocene Archaeoceti (Cetacea) in relation to skeletal proportions and locomotion of living semiaquatic mammals
Large-scale glaciation and deglaciation of Antarctica during the Late Eocene
Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs of Pakistan
Late Eocene sea cows (Mammalia, Sirenia) from Wadi al Hitan in the Western Desert of Fayum, Egypt
Likelihood estimation of the time of origin of Cetacea and the time of divergence of Cetacea and Artiodactyla
Machocyon abbasi, a new early Eocene quettacyonid (Mammalia, Condylarthra) from the middle Ghazij Formation of Mach and Daghari coal fields, Baluchistan (Pakistan)
Mammalian community response to the latest Paleocene thermal maximum: An isotaphonomic study in the northern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
Mammalian fauna from Douglass Quarry, earliest Tiffanian (late Paleocene) of the eastern Crazy Mountain Basin, Montana
Mammalian Immigration, Faunal Turnover, and Climate Change Through the Middle and Late Paleocene of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
Mammals : notes for a short course
Marine mammals (Cetacea and Sirenia) from the Eocene of Gebel Mokattam and Fayum, Egypt : stratigraphy, age, and paleoenvironments
Molar occlusion and function in the jurassic mammal Docodon.
Molar occlusion and jaw mechanics of the Eocene primate Adapis.
Molecular Genetic Studies of vonWillebrand Factor
New crocodyliform (Reptilia, Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Upper Cretaceous Pab formation of Vitakri, Balochistan (Pakistan)
New decapoda (Crustacea) from the middle and late Eocene of Pakistan and a revision of Lobonotus A. Milne Edwards, 1864
New earliest Wasatchian mammalian fauna from the Eocene of northwestern Wyoming : composition and diversity in a rarely sampled high-floodplain assemblage
new Eocene archaeocete (Mammalia, Cetacea) from India and the time of origin of whales., A
new genus of Adapidae (Mammalia, primates) from the late Eocene of southern France, and its significance for the origin of higher primates, A
New genus of Dorudontine Archaeocete (Cetacea) from the middle-to-late Eocene of South Carolina
New Look at Leaves as Climate Indicators, A
New Oligocene primate from Saudi Arabia and the divergence of apes and Old World monkeys
New Palaeogene primate basicrania and the definition of the order Primates.
New protocetid whale from the middle eocene of pakistan: birth on land, precocial development, and sexual dimorphism.
New species of Batodonoides (lipotyphla, geolabididae) from the early eocene of Wyoming: Smallest known mammal?
New species of eocene primates and the phylogeny of European adapidae.
new species of Niptomomys (Microsyopidae) from the early eocene of Wyoming., A
New specimen of CF. Asiatosuchus (Crocodyloidea) from the middle Eocene Drazinda Formation of the Sulaiman Range, Punjab (Pakistan)
New tomistomine crocodylian from the middle Eocene (Bartonian) of Wadi Hitan, Fayum Province, Egypt
New whale from the Eocene of Pakistan and the origin of cetacean swimming
Oldest North American primate.
Origin and Early Evolution of Whales in Eocene Tethys Pakistan
Origin of whales from early artiodactyls: hands and feet of Eocene Protocetidae from Pakistan.
Origin of whales in epicontinental remnant seas: New evidence from the Early Eocene of Pakistan.
Paléobiologie et évolution des mammifères paléogènes volume jubilaire en hommage à Donald E. Russell
Paleocene-Eocene carbon isotope excursion in organic carbon and pedogenic carbonate: Direct comparison in a continental stratigraphic section
Paleocene-Eocene carbon isotype excursion in organic carbon and pedogenic carbonate: Direct comparison in a continental stratigraphic section
Paleocene-Eocene land mammals from three new latest Clarkforkian and earliest Wasatchian wash sites at Polecat Bench in the northern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
Paleocene-Eocene stratigraphy and biotic change in the Bighorn and Clarks Fork basins, Wyoming
paleocene primate Plesiolestes and the origin of Microsyopidae., The
Partial skull of the plesiadapiform primate Ignacius from the early Eocene of Wyoming
Patterns of evolution in the mammalian fossil record, In Patterns of Evolution
Patterns of tooth size variability in the dentition of primates.
Pollen stratigraphy of the Polecat Bench formation, Paleocene, Park County, Wyoming
Postcranial Functional Morphology of Hyracotherium (Equidae, Perissodactyla) and Locomotion in the Earliest Horses
Prediction of body mass in mammalian species from long bone lenghts and diameters
Premolar development and eruption in the early eocene adapoids Cantius Ralstoni and Cantius Abditus (mammalia, primates)
Primate Phylogeny
Primate postcrania from the late middle Eocene of Myanmar.
Quantification and comparison of evolutionary rates
Rapid Asia-Europe-North America geographic dispersal of earliest Eocene primate Teilhardina during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Rapid Asia-Europe-North America geographic dispersal of earliest Eocene primate Telihardina during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Rates of evolution: effects of time and temporal scaling.
Rates of evolution on the time scale of the evolutionary process.
Reconnaissance survey and vertebrate paleontology of some Paleocene and Eocene formations in Pakistan
Review of Eocene Anthracobunidae (Mammalia:Proboscidea) with a new genus and species, Jozaria palustris, from the Kuldana formation of Kohat (Pakistan), 1983:
Sequence Stratigraphic Control on Preservation of late Eocene Whales and other Vertebrates at Wadi Al-Hitan, Egypt
Sexual dimorphism in earliest Eocene Cantius torresi : Mammalia, Primates, Adapoidea
Skeleton of Brachianodon westorum, a New Middle Eocene Metacheiromyid (Mammalia, Palaeanodonta) from the Early Bridgerian (Bridger A) of the Southern Green River Basin, Wyoming
small collection of fossil vertebrates from the Middle Eocene Kuldana and Kohat formations of Punjab (Pakistan), A
Smooth curve of evolutionary rate: a psychological and mathematical artifact.
South American mammals in the Paleocene of North America.
Stratigraphic And Micropaleontological Constraints On The Middle Eocene Age Of The Mammal-Bearing Kuldana Formation Of Pakistan
Stratigraphic response and mammalian dispersal during initial India-Asia collision: Evidence from the Ghazij Formation, Balochistan, Pakistan
Stromerius nidensis, new archaeocete (mammalia,cetacea) from the upper Eocene Qasr el-Sagha Formation, Fayum, Egypt
Studies on Paleocene and early Eocene Apatemyidae (mammalia, insectivora)
Supernumerary molars in Anthropoidea, Adapidae, and Archaeolemur: implications for primate dental homologies.
Systematics of early Eocene Miacidae (Mammalia, Carnivora) in the Clark's Fork Basin, Wyoming
Systematics, phylogeny, and evolution of early Eocene Adapidae (mammalia, primates) in North America
Temporal scaling of molecular evolution in primates and other mammals.
Terrestrial Mesonychia to aquatic Cetacea : transformation of the basicranium and evolution of hearing in whales
Variation, Sexual Dimorphism, and Social Structure in the Early Eocene Horse Hyracotherium (Mammalia, Perissodactyla).
Contributed to or performed: 
Thesis (B.A.)--Princeton University, 1968