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Bee Gees
Bee Gees Grupo musical
Bee Gees (hudební skupina)
Bee Gees (Musical group or band)
Bee Gees, The
Bi Dzhiz
Blue Cats
Brother Gibb
Brothers Gibb
The Bee Gees
The Bee Gees Grupo musical (Musical group or band)
The Bee Gees (Musical group or band)
The Beegees
The Brothers Gibb
Би Джиз
began 1958 until 2003
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Blue Cats (see also from)
Bon Jovi (hudební skupina)
Bridgford, Geoff (hasMember)
Brothers Gibb (see also from)
Bryon, Dennis (hasMember)
Gaynor, Gloria (1949-)
Gibb, Barry (1946-; see also from)
Gibb, Barry (1946-)
Gibb, Barry (hasMember)
Gibb, Maurice
Gibb, Maurice (1949-2003; see also from)
Gibb, Maurice (hasMember)
Gibb, Robin (1949-; see also from)
Gibb, Robin (1949-)
Gibb, Robin (hasMember)
Kendall, Alan (hasMember)
Melouney, Vince (hasMember)
Petersen, Colin (hasMember)
Rattlesnakes (see also from)
Stigwood, Robert
Travolta, John
Weaver, Blue (hasMember)
Wexler, Norman
16 Greatest Hits
1968-03-10: Live in Bern 1968: Festhalle, Bern, Switzerland
1971-xx-xx: Live in America 1971
1971-xx-xx: Royal Festival Hall, London, UK: Live at the Festival Hall 1971
1973-xx-xx: Live in Portland, Oregon 73: Portland, OR, USA
1974-xx-xx: Chicago, USA: Live in Chicago '74
1976-12-20: You Should Be Dancing: The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1990-xx-xx: Love and Hope Ball
1991-05-28: Live in Dortmund: Dortmund, Germany
1991-07-05: On Stage 91: Wembley Stadium, London, UK (disc 1)
1998-09-05: Live in Wembley 98: Wembley Stadium, London, UK
1998-10-17: Live in Argentina 98: Buenos Aires, Argentina
1998-11-28: Wal-Mart, Pretoria, South Africa: Live! From Pretoria, South Africa
1999-03-27: Live in Sydney 99: Stadium Australia, Sydney, Australia
1st Mistake I Made, The
2 Years On
20 Greatest Hits, The
2001-06-01: Live at Wango Tango 2001: Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2001: Michael Parkinson Show
2001-xx-xx: Live by Request on A & E
3 Kisses of Love
60's Collection, The
855 7019
Above and Beyond
Alexander's Ragtime Band
All Around My Clock
All by Myself
All My Christmases Came at Once
All of My Life
All the Greatest Hits
All the King's Horses
All This Making Love
Alone Again
Am the World, I
And the Children Laughing
And the Sun Will Shine
Angel of Mercy
Angela (edit)
Another Cold and Windy Day (Coca Cola Jingle)
Another Cold And Windy Day (Coke Spot#1)
Another Lonely Night in NY
Anything for You
Arte de, A
August October
Australian Tour 1989
Baby as You Turn Away
Back Home
Bad Bad Dreams
[Band Introduction]
Barbara Came to Stay
Barker of the Ufo
Battle of the Blue and the Gray, The
Battle of the Blue and the Grey, The
[BBC intro]
Be Who You Are
Bee Gees 1963-1966
Bee Gees’ 1st
Bee Gees - 20 [twenty] greatest hits
Bee Gees Bonanza - The Early Days, The
Bee Gees First
Bee Gees: Gold, The
Bee Gees Gold, Volume 1
Bee Gees, grandes éxitos
Bee Gees’ History, The
Bee Gees-- lo último
Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs, The
Bee Gees Story
Bee Gees Through the Decades, The
Best Ballads
Best of Bee Gees - Vol. 2
Best of Bee Gees, Volume 1, The
Best of Bee Gees, Volume 2
Best Of: Live in Australia, The
Best Of (live in Melbourne '89), The
Best of the Best
Best of the Early Years, The
Big Chance
Big Change
Birdie Told Me
Black Diamond (demo)
Blue Island
Boogie Child
Born a Man
Bridges Crossing Rivers
Brilliant from birth
British Opera, The
Bury Me Down by the River
Can Bring Love, I
Can’t Keep a Good Man Down
Can’t Let You Go, I
Can’t See Nobody (alternate take), I
Can't See Nobody (mono), I
Can't You See That She's Mine
Carry That Weight
Castles in the Air
Chain Reaction (Complete instrumental version)
Chance of Love, The
Change Is Made, The
Cherry Red
Children of the world
Chocolate Symphony
Christmas (Bootleg)
Close Another Door (mono)
Close My Eyes (early version), I
Close My Eyes (mono), I
Closer Than Close
Collection 25 Songs
Come Home for the Winter (Andy Gibb)
Come Home Johnny Bridie
Come On Over
Come Some Christmas Eve Or Halloween
Completely Unoriginal
Coud It Be
Could It Be That I'm in Love With You
Could Not Love You More, I
Country Lanes
Country Woman
Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts (alternate take)
Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts (mono)
Crazy for Your Love
Cryin’ Every Day
Cucumber Castle (early version)
Cucumber Castle [live]
Cucumber Castle (mono)
Day Time Girl [mono]
Dear Mr. Kissinger
Decadence (Classic House Mix)
Deeply, Deeply, Deeply Me
Déjà Vu
Disco Inferno
Distant Relationship
[DJ introduction]
Don’t Fall in Love With Me
Don't Forget Me, Ida
Don't Forget to Remember / The Lord
Don't Know Why I Bother With Myself, I
Don't Say Goodbye
Don't Take My Good Times Away (Complete High Quality demo)
Don’t Think It’s Funny, I
Don’t Think Its Funny, I
Don’t Wanna Be One, I
Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself
Don't Want to Live Inside Myself
Down the Road (live)
Down to Earth (Mono)
E•S•P (demo version)
E.S.P “E.S.P.N.R.G.” (vocal)
E.S.P “E.S. Piano” (dub)
E•S•P (edit)
E•S•P (extended version)
E.S.P “Extra Energy” (dub)
E.S.P “Extra Sensory House” (vocal)
E•S•P (LP version)
E•S•P (vocal reprise)
Early Years, The
Earnest of Being George, The
Edge of the Universe
Edison (alternate mix)
Ellan Vannin / Chain Reaction
End of My Song
End, The
Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You (mono)
Every Day I Have to Cry Some
Every Morning, Every Night
Every Second, Every Minute
Everyday I Have to Cry
Everytime I See You Smile
Exit, Stage Right
éxitos de Bee Gees, Elvis Presley, Boney M, Los
Éxitos de Boney M, Bee Gees
Extra Mile, The
Fallen Angel (Remix)
Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)
Far East Tour-Live in Japan 73
Fiebre del sábado noche Saturday night fever
Fight (No Matter How Long)
[Finish, Applause]
First Hits (Vol.2)
First of May (alternate mix)
First of May (demo)
First of May (Shepherd mix)
Flesh and Blood
Follow the Wind
For whom the bell tolls
For Whom the Bells Toll
Four Fire interpretan a Bee Gees, The
From Me to You
From the Bee Gees Archives
Gena's Theme
Getting Better
Ghost Train
Gilbert Green
Give a Hand, Take a Hand (1969 version)
Give Your Best (alternate mix)
Givin' Up the Ghost
Giving Up the Ghost
Glass House
God's Good Grace
Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
Got to Get a Message to You, I
Gotta Get a Message to You
Grease (live)
Greatest Hits, The
Greatest Man in the World, The
Guilty (live)
Had a Lot of Love Last Night
Hallelujah, I Love Her So
Happy Ever After
Harry Braff (early alternate version)
Harry Braff [mono]
Harry's Gate
Haunted House
Have Decided to Join the Airforce (Mono), I
Have You Seen My Wife Mr Jones
He's a Liar (instrumental)
Heart Breaker / Islands in the Stream
Heart Like Man
Heart Like Mine
Heat of the Night (Complete High Quality Unreleased)
Heavy Breathing
Held a Party, I
Here At Last... Bee Gees ...Live
High civilization
Hits of the Bee Gees
Hold Her in Your Hand (From a Breed Apart)
Hold on to My Love (Jimmy Ruffin instrumental)
Holiday / I Can't See Nobody / I Started a Joke / Massachusetts
Holiday (March of the Wooden Soldiers)
Holiday (mono)
Home Again Rivers
Horizontal [mono]
Hot love.
House of Lords
House of Shake
House of Shame / The Only Love / When He's Gone / To Love Somebody / Ghost Train
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
How Deep is Your Love (Os Embalos de Sábado à Noite)
How Deep Is Your Love (Serban mix)
How Deep Is Your Love / Staying Alive
How Deep Is Your Love (Supreme Beings of Leisure remix)
How Long Was True
How Love Was True
How Many Birds
How To Fall In Love Part 1 (Edit)
Human Sacrifice
(I'll Always Keep My) Promises
I'll Kiss Your Memory
I’ll Know What to Do
I’m Satisfied
I’m Weeping
I've Come Back
I've Got to Get a Message to You
I’ve Got to Learn
I've Gotta Get A Message To You (Mono Single)
Idea (Alternative Mix)
Idea (Mono)
If I Can't Have You (Count da Money remix)
If I Can't Have You (Disco Boys radio edit)
If I Can't Have You (The Disco Boys remix)
If I Can't Love You
If I Were the Sky
If Only I Had My Mind on Something Else
Immortality (original demo version)
In My Own Time (1st Performance)
In My Own Time (2nd Performance)
In My Own Time [live]
In My Own Time (mono)
In the Bleak Mid Winter
In the Mood of Love
In the Morning / And the Sun Will Shine
In the Morning (Morning of My Life)
In the Summer of His Years (Mono)
Inception / Nostalgia
Indian Gin and Whisky Dry (Mono)
Instrumental and Other Rarities
[Interview, Part 1]
[Interview, Part 2]
Intro, New York Mining Disaster 1941
Intro: You Should Be Dancing / Alone
Introducing The Band
[Introduction of the Orchestra]
Intruders (From a Breed Apart)
Irresistible Force, An
irresistible música de Bee Gees, La
Irresponsible, Unreliable, Indespensible Blues
Island in the Stream
Islands in the Stream
It Doesn’t Matter Much to Me
It's Just the Way
It’s My Neighborhood
It's My Neighbourhood
Jesus in Heaven
Jingle Jangle (Bells mix)
Jingle Jangle / In the Morning
Jive Taking
Jive Talkin' / Band (intro)
Jive Talkin' (live)
Jive Talkin' [Rosie O'Donnell Show]
Jive Talking
Juliet / House of Shame
Jumbo (instrumental version)
Jumbo / The Singer Sang His Song
Just in Case
Just One Look
Just Want to Be Your Everything, I
Keppel Road : the life and music of the Bee Gees
Kick in the Head Is Worth Eight in the Pants, A
Kilburn Towers (Mono)
King and Country
Kiss of Life
Kiss Your Memory, I
Kitty Can (Alternative Mix)
Kitty Can (Mono)
Know What You Do, I
Kuschel Rock.
Lamplight (alternate version)
Lamplight (demo)
Laugh in You Face, I
Laugh in Your Face (alternate mix), I
Lay Down and Die, I
Lay It on Me
legends of music, The
Lemons Never Forget [mono]
Let There Be Love (Alternative Mix)
Let There Be Love (Mono)
Levypiste uutuuksia.
Life, Am I Wasting Time?
Life Goes On
Life in a tin can
Lights Went Out in) Massachusetts / Words / How Deep Is Your Love, (The
Like Nobody Else
Lion in Winter
Live at the Beeb (Songs Broadcast by BBC Radio in 1967, 68, 70)
Live by Request
Live in Australien
Live or Die (Hold Me Like a Child)
Living eyes... ; I still love you
Living in Chicago
Living Together
Lo mejor de John Travolta y Bee Gees
Lo mejor de los Bee Gees
Lonely Day
Lonely Days (live)
Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
Lonely Oasis
Lonely Violin
Lonely Winter
Longest Night, The
Loose Talk Costs Lives
Lord Bless Them All
Lord, The
Losers & Lovers
Lost in Your Love
Love From The Bee Gees
Love Hits
Love Me
Love Never Dies
Love So Right
Love Songs
Love You Because, I
Love You Inside Out / I'm Satisfied
Love You Too Much, I
Magic Collection, The
Main course
Man for All Seasons
Man in the Middle (extract)
Marley Purt Drive (alternate mix)
Marley Put Drive
Mary Anne: In My Own Time / C'mon Mary Anne / I Can't See Nobody / Strange Brew / In My Own Time
Massachusetts [mono]
Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out In)
Massachussets (live)
Massachussetts / [Billy Joel Calls]
mayores éxitos de Bee Gees, Los
Medley: How Deep Is Your Love / Jive Talkin’ / Stayin’ Alive
Medley: Jive Talkin’ / Stayin’ Alive’ / You Should Be Dancing
Medley: Massachusetts / Holiday / Night Fever / Stayin' Alive
Medley: New York Mining Disaster 1941 / Holiday / Too Much Heaven / Heartbreaker / Islands in the Stream / Run to Me / World (live)
Medley: Silent Night / Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Melody Fair (alternate mix)
Melody Fair (demo)
Merrily, Merry Eyes
Method to My Madness
Miami Years, The
Mike and the Mountain (From a Breed Apart)
Miracles Happen (42nd mix)
Modulating Maurice & Ringo Starr
Monday’s Rain
More Great Songs
More than a woman
Morning of My Life (In the Morning)
Morning of My Life - The Best of 1965-66
Mr. Natural
Mr. Wallers Wailing Wall
Mr. Wallor’s Wailing Wall
Mrs. Gillespie’s Refrigerator
Mrs. Gillespies Refrigerator
Music from the motion picture The in-laws
My Destiny
My Life Has Been a Song
My Lover’s Prayer
My Thing
My World / On Time
Mythology: The 50th Anniversary Collection
Never Been Alone
Never Say Never Again (alternate mix)
New York Mining Desaster 1941
New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Have You Seen My Wife, Mr. Jones)
New York Mining Disaster 1941 [live]
New York Mining Disaster 1941 (mono)
New York Mining Disaster 1941 (version one)
New York Mining Disaster 1941 (version Two)
Night fever ; Down the road
Night Fever (Future Funk Squad remix)
Night Fever (GRN remix)
Night Fever / More Than a Woman
Night Fever / More Than a Women
Night Fever (Serban mix)
Night on Broadway
Nights on Broadway the Boston Dance Orchestra plays the story of Bee Gees ; instrumental versions
Nine eleven
Nobody’s Someone
Nothing Could Be Good
Now I Found, That the World Is Round
Nowhere Man
Number Ones
O Come All Ye Faithfull (Humourous intro)
Odessa (City on the Black Sea) (demo)
Odessa Promotional Spot
Olivia Newton-John Concert (intro)
Omega Man
On Time
One (12" club mix)
One (12" dance version)
One for all tour : Live in Australia 1989
One / High Civilization / Words / Stayin' Alive
One Million Years
One Minute Woman (early version)
One Minute Woman (mono)
One moment in time
One night only
One (remix/edit)
Only Love, The
Oprah Winfrey Medley 1
Oprah Winfrey Medley 2
Opus Collection
Ordinary Lives
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Staying Alive, The
(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away
Out of Line
Overnight (LP version)
Paper Mache, Cabbages and Kings
Paperback Writer
Party With No Name
Partymania endlich Wochenende
Paying the Price of Love (7" mix)
Paying the Price of Love (KC mix)
Paying the Price of Love (the Ocean Drive mix)
Peace of Mind
Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights
Please Read Me (mono)
Polythene Pam
Portrait of Louise
Pre-Show Instrumental
[Presentation of the Band]
Promise the Earth
Rare Precious and Beautiful
Rare, Precious & Beautiful Vol.3
Reaching Out
Really and Sincerely (alternate version)
Really and Sincerely [mono]
Red Chair, Fade Away (mono)
Rest Your Love on Me
Rhythm and gangsta
Rick Dees Radio Interview '97, Part 1
Rick Dees Radio Interview '97, Part 2
Ring My Bell
Rings Around the Moon
Road to Alaska
Rock dreams
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Medley
Rocky L.A.
Run to Me / World
Sacred Trust
Saturday night fever original London cast recording.
Saturday night fever : original movie soundtrack
Saturday night fever the orig. movie sound track
Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Sound Track)
Saved by the Bell
Saw a New Morning
Sea of Smiling Faces
Search, Find
Seasons (No Hat Moon)
Second Hand People
Secondhand People
Secret love
Selection of the Bee Gees
Seven Seas Symphony (demo)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band original movie soundtrack
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Shape of Things to Come
She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
She Keeps on Coming
Silent Night (Extended mix)
Silent Night (with All Gibbs Wifes and Children) (live)
Sincere Relation
Singer Sang His Song, The
Sinking Ships
Sir Geoffrey Saved the World
Sir Martin ja musiikin ulottuvuudet.
Sitting in the Meadow (Coca Cola Jingle)
Sitting In The Meadow (Coke Spot#2)
Sixteen super hits
Size isn't everything
Smash hits
Smoke and Mirrors
Somebody Stop the Music
Someone Belong to Someone
Someone Belonging to Someone
Somewhere (From West Side Story)
Sound of Love (alternate mix)
South Dakota Morning
[Special Bono Quote, About Beatles] / Oh Donna
Spick and Specks
Spicks a Specks
Spicks and Specks / I Am the World
Spicks and Specks (live)
Spicks & Specks: 26 Songs From the Early Days
Spicks & Specks (album version)
Spicks & Specks: Greatest Hits
Spicks & Specks: Leader
Spirits having flown
Sprint / Fever (Commercial)
Square Cup (Max Greger Orchestra)
Stadium Australia News Cast 1
Stadium Australia News Cast 2
Started a Joke (Mono), I
Started a Joke / [Robin Talking], I
Stayin Alive (Basement Freaks remix)
Stayin' Alive Fashion Mix
Stayin' Alive (K Theory & TYR Remix)
Stayin' Alive (Kees Sjansen Remix)
Stayin' Alive (live)
Stayin' Alive (promo 12" version)
Stayin Alive (SDC extended cut)
Stayin’ Alive (Serban mix)
Stayin' Alive (Teddybears remix)
Stayin'n Alive
Staying Alive - Best
Staying alive : the original motion picture soundtrack
Still Love You, I
Still Waters Run Deep [Rosie O'Donnell Show]
Still Waters Run Deep (The View)
Stop (Think Again)
Studio Albums 1967–1968: Bee Gees’ 1st, The
Studio Albums 1967–1968: Horizontal, The
Studio Albums 1967–1968: Idea, The
Success Story
Such a Shame (Mono)
Suddenly (alternate mix)
Sun in My Morning
Sun King
Super hits.
Super Star Hit Collection, Vol. 11: The Bee Gees’ Best
Super Stars - The Bee Gees
Surrender, I
Swan Song (alternate version)
Swan Song (Mono)
Sweet Song of Summer
Take a Hold of That Star
Take Hold of the Star
Tales From the Brothers Gibb: A History in Song 1967–1990
Technicolor Dreams
[Telephone Call With Linda]
Tell Me Why
Temas de las películas Grease y Fiebre del sábado noche
Terrible Way to Treat Your Baby
Thank you (for Christmas)
Their Greatest Hits: The Record
their horizontal
Theme From Jamie Mc Pheeters
Theme From "Jamie McPheeters"
Theme From Jamie McPheter
Theme from "Jamie McPheters"
Theme (From Now Voyager)
Then You Left Me
There Kisses of Love
This Is Where I Came In (extract)
This Is Where I Came In (single version)
This Is Where I Came In (The Making of the Video)
This Is Your Life
This Time
Three Kings of Love, The
Three Kisses of Love (live)
Three Kisses of Love, The
Throw a Penny
Ticket to Ride
Time Is Passing By
Timeless : The all-time greatest hits
Tint of Blue
To Be or Not to Be
To Love Somebody / Ghost Train
To Love Somebody / Interview 1997 (The View)
To Love Somebody (mono)
To Love Somebody (Stereo Version)
To whom it may concern
Toivelauluja. 1/1968.
Tokyo nights (LP version)
Tolle Scheibe
Tomorrow the World
Tomorrow Tomorrow / Sun in My Morning
Too Much Heaven (Music for Unicef)
Too Much Heaven / Rest Your Love on Me
Top Hat
Total hits of '97.
Town of Tuxley Toymaker (Jon Blachfield)
Toys (Surprise mix)
Tragedy (2)
Tragedy (Extended '94 Turntable Mix)
Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix)
Tragedy / I Started a Joke
Tragedy / You Win Again / I've Gotta Get a Message to You / Juliet
Tribute Bee Gees, The
tribute to the Bee Gees, A
Tributo a los Bee Gees
Triple Album Collection, The
True Confessions
Turn Around and Look at Me
Turn Around, Look at Us
Turn of the Century (early version)
Turn of the Century (mono)
Turning Tide
Twelfth of Never, The
[twenty] original top hits, 20
Two years on
Ultimate Bee Gees, The
Unforgettable Hits
Untitled (instrumental 1981)
Very Best of the Bee Gees, The
VH1 Storytellers
Voice in the Wilderness
Walkin Back To Waterloo
Walking Back to Waterloo
Walking on Air
Want a Home, I
Want Home Again, I
Warm Ride
Warner Bros. years 1987-1991, The
Was a Love, a Leader of Men, I
Was a Lover, a Leader of Men, I
Was the Child, I
Way It Was, The
We Can Lift a Mountain (1st version)
We Can Lift a Mountain (2nd version)
We Lost the Road
Wedding Day
What Kind of Fool
When Do I
When He’s Gone
When the Swallows Fly (Mono)
Where Are You
Where Is Your Sister?
While I Play
Whisper Whisper, Part Two (alternate version)
Whisper Whisper, Pt. 2 (alternate version)
Who Knows What a Room Is
Will Be There, I
Will You Ever Let Me
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
Wind of Change
Wine and Woman
Wine and women
Wing and a Prayer
Wish You Were Here
With All Nation
With All Nations (International Anthem) (vocal version)
With My Eyes Closed
With the Sun in My Eyes [mono]
Woman in Love
woman in you, The ; Stayin' alive
Words / Sinking Ships
Words, to Love / Massachusetts / How Deep (Bonus)
World Beat on CNN
World (Is Round)
World (live)
World [mono]
Wouldn’t I Be Someone
Xmas Day of Halloween (Part of)
Yesterday's Gone
You Know It’s for You
You’ll Never See My Face Again (alternate mix)
You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Loves You
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
You’re the Reason I’m Living
You Should Be Dancin' (live)
You Should Be Dancing / Alone
You Should Be Dancing (Giko remix)
You Should Be Dancing (Jason Bentley/Phillip Steir remix)
You Should Be Dancing (long remix version)
You Should Be Dancing (reprise) / (outro instrumental)
You Should Be Dancing (Serban mix)
You Should Be Dancing / This Is Where I Came In (Rosie O'Donnel Show)
You Should Be Dancing (Todd Terje edit)
You Stepped Into My Life
You win again ; Backtafunk
You Win Again (extended version)
You Win Again (fade)
You Win Again / Grease
You Win Again (live at the Prince's Trust Concert 1988)
You Win Again (Single Version)
You Won’t See Me
You Wouldn't Know
Zwanzig original Top-Hits
Contributed to or performed: 
'70s Preservation Society Presents: Disco Fever
"alte Ami" Rik DeLisle präsentiert: Das große Super-Oldies-Paket, Der
#1s: 38 of the Greatest #1 Singles of All Time
#1s: 38 of the Greatest #1 Singles of All Time (disc 2)
100 Forgotten Sixties Classics
100 Hits American Woman
100 Hits Band on the Run
100 Hits Dancing Party of the 60's
100 Hits El cóndor pasa
100 Hits Give Me Love
100 Hits Groovy Times
100 Hits Love Story
100 Hits Ob‐La‐Di Ob‐La‐Da
100 Hits Only You
100 Hits Paint It Black
100 Hits Pretty Woman
100 Hits Rock Show
100 Hits She's a Lady
100 Hits Taxman
100 mejores lentos de la historia, Volumen 4, Los
100 No. 1 Hits
101 mejores baladas del universo, Las
101 Number One Hit Records
15 août
16 Golden Hits, Volume 5
17 Again! Powermix Volume 4
18 Explosive Hits and One Real Loser
19 Golden Rock Ballads
1967 - Die Stars - Die Hits - Die Facts
1967: Do You Remember..? The Fabulous Hits and the Headline Sensations of 1967
1968 20 of the Year's Greatest Hits
1988 Summer Olympics Album: One Moment in Time
20 Fantastic Hits by the Original Artists
20 Original Top Hits, Volume 1
20 Top Star Festival Dynamic Hits Volume Two
25 Hits of the 60's
25 Jaar Top 40 Hits, Deel 1: ’65–’68
25 Jaar Top 40 Hits, Deel 4: ’77–’80
25 Jaar Tophits
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 10
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 12
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 13
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 2
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 3
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 6
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 7
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 8
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 3
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 5
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 6
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 7
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 8
25 Years of #1 Hits
25 Years of Rock 'n' Roll, Volume 2: 1969
30 Years of Number 1's, Volume 11: 1983-1986
30 Years of Number 1's, Volume 5: 1965-1969
32 Ones on One: Radio 1FM's 25th Birthday
38 of the Greatest #1 Singles of All Time
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 1
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 2
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 3
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 4
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 5
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 6
40 Jaar Top 40: 1967-1968
4KQ 50th Anniversary Album
50 Golden Milestones, Volume 1
50 Hits of the Sixties and of Woodstock Generation
50 Soft Goldies
60 Number Ones of the Sixties
60s Hall of Fame, The
70's & 80's Edit Pack Vol. 1
70's Number Ones, Volume 1
75 Hits History of Pop
75 Milestones of Pop & Rock
80 Golden Hits
80's Collection, Volume One, The
80’s Giga Hits Collection
80s Verantwoord Powered by Rob Stenders
90s Collection: 91, The
94,3 r.s.2 Oldieparty
Absolument 80 : Les plus grands tubes internationaux
Absolute 80's, Volume 4: 86/87
Action Kino Hits
Actual Pop Music 4/89
Alive (Chaos Royale Booty Bass re-master)
All Star Rock, Volume 11
All This and World War II
All Time Greatest Love Songs of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, The
All Time Greatest Love Songs, The
All Time Greatest Movie Songs, The
All Time Greatest Pop Hits of the Last 3 Decades, The
Alles Live!
Always Love Songs
AM Gold: 1967
AM Gold: Late '60s Classics
Années 80 + Mode D'Emploi Tome 2, Les
Anos 70's - O Som dos Grandes Amores
Arbeidsvitaminen, Volume 7
Arcade Hot 100
As Melhores do Século (vol. 2)
At the Disco: 70's
Atlantic Records: The Time Capsule
Australia 2000
Australia's Ultimate Songs
Australian Legends
Back to Disco
Bandstand's Singing Sweethearts
Beach Boys & Friends
Beat of the Sixties
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
Best Dance Music 1
Best No. 1 Singles in the World …Ever!, The
Best of 1980–1990, Volume 4, The
Best of 97: The Greatest Hits of the Year
Best of Radio 10 Gold 60's
Best of Super Stars
Best of Super Stars, Volume 2
Best of the Greatest Love: Fifty Classic Love Tracks, The
Best of wea Originals, Volume 2, The
Best Party Album in the World… Ever! (Tape 1), The
Best Party Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best Sellers Hits
Best Sixties Album in the World... Ever! Volume 2, The
Best Sixties Love Album... Ever!, The
Beste Pop Klassiekers, De
beste uit de Mega Top 100: van 1997, Het
Biggest & Best Ballads
Billboard Top Dance Hits: 1976
BMG Music Publishing
Bonjour les 70 : 1978-79
Boogie Nights
Br. Music Collection, The
Braun MTV Eurochart: February 1994
Bravo Hits 33
Bravo Hits: Best of 91
Brit Awards With Mastercard 2010
Brit's Blitz
British Invasion: The History of British Rock, Volume 7, The
British Invasion: The History of British Rock, Volume 8, The
British Invasion: The History of British Rock, Volume 9, The
Buffet Libre Rewind 2
Bunker 54
Burning Ear Remix Roundup, Volume 39, The
Can't Help It, I
Canções de amor
Capital Gold Movie’s Greatest Love Songs
Celebration 2000
Ces années-là : 1976/1985
Check Check Special Selection 1967
Chiquitita / Too Much Heaven
Classic Cuts Presents: 70’s Night: The Definitive DJ Collection: A to B
Classic Cuts Presents: 70s Theme Nights
Classic Cuts Presents: Party in a Box
Classic Cuts presents… Wedding in a Box: The Ultimate Wedding Collection
Classic Rock: Blowin' Your Mind 1967
Classic Rock: Blowin' Your Mind 1968
Classic Rock: Shakin’ All Over 1969
Club Class Volume 14
Coca-Cola Commercials
Collection Georges Lang, Volume 2, La
Come Out and Play
Dance Classics, Volume 12
Dance Classics, Volume 2
Dance Classics, Volume 5
Dance Classics: Volume 11 & 12
Dance Explosion: 50 Disco Hits From the 70’s
Dance Fever
Day in the Life, A
Decades of Pop: Hits of the 60's, 70's & 80's
Definite 60's, Volume 1
Despicable Me: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Diamonds of the 80’s
Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute
Disco 70 Collection
Disco Fever
DJ Rainmann: XTC, Volume 1
DJ Tools #5
DJ Tools 17
Donnamour, Volume 4
Down Under Nuggets: Original Australian Artyfacts 1965 - 1967
Easy '80s
Eighties Album, The
En gång till 1976
Entertainment Weekly Presents Rock Archives - 60's, 70's, 80's (Volume 2)
Essential, The
Evergreen Melodies
Fab Sixties, The
Feel Good Rock
Festivalbar 97
Film Parade
Filmpalast Superhits
Finest Masterpieces in Pop & Rock, Volume 2, The
First Summer of Love, The
Flower Power: Groovin’
Flower Power: Happy Hippie Hits
Flower Power: The Music of the Love Generation
Generations of Love
Geschichte der Pop Musik
Getting Better
Giants of Rock ’n’ Pop
Going Back in Time, Volume 1: 1987 ~ 1972
Going Back in Time, Volume 6: 1971-1956
Golden Beats Vol. 2 - Best of 70s & 80s
Golden Days of British Rock
Golden Love Songs, Volume 5: Special Lady
Golden Rock Ballads
Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
Good Morning Saigon 3
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Morning, Good Morning
Goud Van Oud (Original Versions)
Gouden Romantic Evergreens
Grandmaster 70s
Grandmaster Party
Greatest Edits
Greatest Hits Of 1967, The
Greatest Hits of 1978, The
Greatest Hits of 91, The
Grootste Disco Hits Aller Tijden, De
Große Weihnachten
Grumpier Old Men: Music From The Motion Picture
Gumbo Unplugged (Live)
Hail, Britannia
Hang All DJ’s, Volume 5
Happy Hippie Hits
Haruki Murakami Soundtracks III
Hear the Light, Volume 1
Heart Rock: Rock für’s Herz, Volume 3
Heartbreaker Demos, The
Heineken Millennium Mix
Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD 21
Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD 9
Hifi Visionen: Pop-CD 9
High Life: 20 Original Top Hits
History of British Rock, Volume 3
Hit Box, The
Hit Come Back • The Original Oldies • Vol. 2 • 16 No. 1 UK Hits 1958 To 1968
Hit Express Vol. 3
Hit Fascination 5/91
Hit Trax
Hitbreaker 1/88
Hits Album 7
Hits Album 7, The
Hits der 80er
Hits of 77 & 78
Hits of the 60's - Fourteen Classic Hits
Hits of the 80’s
Hits of the World 1970/1971
Hits Zone: The Best of 97
Hollywood: The Best of Movie Themes
Hot Classics Box Set, The
Hot Cuts
Hot Summer Hits ’89
How Deep Is Your Love (Live)
Howard Stern: The Ultimate Live Music Collection
Ich liebe dich – 20 Jahre Love Songs, Teil 1
Icons, The
In the Sea of Ki
In-Laws, The
Instrumental Moods of the Piano
Internationale Hits 91
internationalen Top Hits aus den Hitparaden 1989 Juli - August, Die
Is' noch Brot da 2
It's in His Kiss
Jahrtausend Hits - Pop
Jahrtausendhits des Pop
Je t’aime 3
Je t’aime 5
Joy (Music from the Motion Picture)
Just the Best, Vol. 12
KISA, Volume 6: Too Good to Be True
Knuffelrock 10
Knuffelrock 2
Kroko’s Überflieger
Kuschelrock 17
KuschelRock 4
Larry präsentiert: 32 Sonnenhits für Himmelsstürmer und Abgestürzte
Late Night Dreams
Legendary Popsongs
Legendary Stars of the 20th Century, The
Legends III
Legends: Ultimate Rock Collection: We Will Rock You
Let's Dance - Pure 60's Summer Oldies
Let's Dance: 40 Tanzhits zur Show
Let's Dance! With the Lovely 60's
Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper, The
Listen to the Future, Volume 1
Little Miss Rhythm & Blues
Living in America: American Superhits
Living in America: American Superstars
Lo mejor del cine
Love 70s, I
Love at the Movies
Love Collection, Volume II, The
Love Flashback 5
Love Music 1965–1969, I
Love Ring Best
Love Rock Hits
Love Songs
Love Songs 20 Succés
Love Songs Album, The
Love Songs GOLD
Love Songs, Volume 3
LOVE SONGS: 25 Ballade Best Selection
Love You Too Much, I
Love: Eternal Lovesongs
Lovers and Friends
Lovesongs Top 100
Loving You
Madagascar / Robots
Madagascar: Motion Picture Soundtrack
Magic of Stage & Screen
Magic: The Album
Mastermix 224
Mastermix Classic Cuts 100: Legends
Mastermix Classic Cuts 31: Pop/Dance
Mastermix Classic Cuts 5: Party
Mastermix Classic Cuts 54: Party
Mastermix Classic Cuts 65: Party
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 116: Pop 12″
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 122: 90s
Mastermix Classic Cuts: The Sixties Box 2
Mastermix Extended Floor Fillers Vol. 06
Mastermix Issue 232
Mastermix Mashed Up! 10
Mastermix Professional Engineered for DJs 02: 70s
Mastermix Professional Engineered for DJs A: 50s 60s 70s
Mastermix Professional: Decades Engineered for DJs
Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 12
Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 18
Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 8
Mega Hits Dance Classics, Volume 10
Mega Hits Dance Classics, Volume 8
Mega Hits: Die größten Hits aller Zeiten
Million Sellers
Million Sellers From the 60's
Miss You, I
Missing You
Missing You 2: An Album of Love
Mit RTL in die 60er
Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions III
Mobile Beat Dance 2
Mobile Beat Dance 4
Mobile Beat Dance 5
Mobile Beat Dance 6
Mobile Beat Dance 8
More ’n’ More Music 2
More 60’s
More of That Lovin' Feeling
More Songs From The Big Chill Era
More Sound of Magic
More Than a Feeling
Most Beautiful Love Songs Volume One
Mr Reliable: An Unbelievably Good Soundtrack to the Motion Picture
Music for UNICEF Concert: A Gift of Song, The
Music of the Millennium
Music of the Night
Music of the Night: Die Originalhits aus Musical und Film
música do século, volume 1, A
música do século, volume 23, A
música do século, volume 47, A
música do século, volume 8, A
música do século, volume 9, A
My Love: Essential Collection
My Love: The Essential Collection
My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection
Mystery Men
Nation’s Favourite 70s Number Ones, The
Naughty but Nice
New Love Album, The
Nice Guys, The
Nineties - The Hits 1990 - 2000, Volume 1
No One's Gonna Change Our World
No. 1 Love Album, Part 2, The
No. 1 Love Album, The
No. 1 Movies Album, The
No.1 Ciné
No.1 DJ Collection: 60's, Volume 6, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 60's, Volume 7, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 70's, Volume 8, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 70's, Volume 9, The
No.1 DJ Collection: 80's, Volume 9, The
No.1: The Greatest Hit Songs
Nobody's Child - Romanian Angel Appeal
Nobody’s Child: Romanian Angel Appeal
Novo millennium
Now That's What I Call 30 Years
Now That's What I Call Love
Now That's What I Call Music
Now That's What I Call Music 3
Now That’s What I Call Legends
Now That’s What I Call Love
Now That’s What I Call Movies
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1987
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1993: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1997: The Millennium Series
Now That’s What I Call Music! 27
Now That’s What I Call Music! 3
Now That’s What I Call Music! 36
Nr 1 Hits Uit de Top 40: 1965-1991
Number One Musicals Album 2004, The
O Melhor Do Cinema
O Melhor do Cinema (Pure Movies)
O Melhor Do Cinema 2
Ö3 Greatest Hits, Volume 3
Old Style Love Songs
Oldie Hit-Box
Oldie Wunsch Box
Oldie-Show - Die Großen Hits, Die Jeder Kennt
Oldie-Show, Volume 2
Oldies - Greatest hits - 10 Pop Classics
Oldies 10: Beat of the 60’s
Oldies 3
Oldies Collection: Best 80 Songs
One and Only [Love] Album, The
One and Only Love Album, The
One Day I’ll Fly Away
One Moment In Time
One Shot Disco, Volume 3
Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away)
Our Tune
P4 Sommerparty
Palavras (Words)
Party Mania - Endlich Wochenende
Party Power
Perfect Love II, A
Perfect Love III, A
Perfect Love, A
Planet DJ, Volume 5
Platin, Volume 3: Das Album der Megastars
Platin: The Very Best Of, Volume 2
Platinium 80
Platinum 80s
Plays Well With Others
Polythene Pam / She Came in Through the Bathroom Window / Nowhere Man / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
Pop Aranykora 4, A
Pop Aranykora 5., A
Pop Aranykora 6., A
Pop Box, The
Pop Hits, Volume 2
Pop Shop 50
Power of Love 2, The
Power of Love, The
Power of Love: 1987–1989, The
Pre Historie 1967, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1968, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1971, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1976, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1977, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1978, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1979, De
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, April 1997
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, August 2005
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, January 2005
Pure Love, Volume 2
Radio City Hits 6
Radio City Love Songs 6
Radio Saigon, Volume 3
Ready Player One: Songs From the Motion Picture
Ready Steady Go! The Number One Sixties Album
Ready Steady Go! The Number One Sixties Album, Volume II
Reasons to Believe: Love Songs
Relax Music (Stretching)
Remember the 60's (Volume 9)
Remember the 60’s, Volume 3
Remember the 60’s, Volume 8
Remember the 70’s (Volume 1)
Remember the 70’s, Volume 3
Remember The 70’s, Volume 7
Remixland 2007, Volume 8
Revolution of the 60's, The
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1975
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1977
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Volume 4: 1996-1997
Rock Around the Sixties: Mit RTL in die 60'er, Volume 3
Rock Collection: Rock Dreams, The
Rock Collection: Rock Groups, The
Rock Giants, Volume 1
Rock Giants, Volume 2: 1994
Rock Romances, Volume 1
Rolling Back the Years: 1966-1967
Romancing the 70s, Volume 5: You Belong to Me
Romantic Rock
Romantic Rock & Love Ballads
RTL Millennium: Die Megastars des Jahrtausends
RTL Radio - Die größten Oldies, CD 3
Sahnestücke '93: Internationale Hits
Sahnestücke ’93: Soft‐Rock Hits
Sahnestücke 94
Sanremo International
Saturday Night Fever - The Original Movie Sound Track
Saturday Night Fever (Special Disco Version)
Saturday Night Fever: Soundtrack zur Originalaufführung im Musical Dome Köln
Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track
Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track (deluxe edition)
Schmuse Rock: Save Our Romantic Souls
School Disco Presents Number 1s!
Sem limite
Seventies Album, The
Seventies Collection 1979
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Shades of Red
Shakin' All Over: Australian Pop of the 60s
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
She’s Leaving Home
Siemens: Hits der 70er Jahre
Simply the Best
Simply the Best 80s Hits
Simply the Best Superstars
Sinfonie der Sterne: Die sechziger Jahre
Singled Out - 54 Original Hit Singles
Sixties Downunder
Sixties Favourites
Sixties Highway
Sixties Summer Love
Sixty Sensational Sixties Hits
Smash Hits Party!
Songs for Help
Songs From the 100 Best Australian Albums
Songs from the 70's: All Time Greatest Hits
Sound Of Hit Music vol. 2 part 1, The
Sound of Magic Love, The
Sound of Magic, The
Sounds of the Seventies: 1977
Spirit of the 60s: 1967, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1967: Still Swinging, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1967: The Hits Don’t Stop, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1968, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1968: Still Swinging, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1968: The Hits Don't Stop, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1969: The Beat Goes On, The
Spirit of the 60s: 1969: The Hits Don't Stop, The
Splash of Sunshine, Volume 2
Stars und Hits 1991, Die
Stayin Alive (I Just Crooked mix)
Stayin' Alive • The Reflex Instrumental Re√ision
Stayin' Alive • The Reflex Re√ision
Staying Alive
Staying Alive (Életben Maradni)
Steve Wright in the Afternoon: The Oldies
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs, Volume 3: The New Collection
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs: Chocolates & Champagne
Story of Pop
Summer Love
Summer Sounds
Summer Sounds, Volume 2
Summer Waves, Volume / 6
Super Oldies Collection
Super Oldies Collection (disc 1)
Super Songs
Super Sounds of the 70’s, The
Superhits: 1971
Superhits: Late-'60s Classics
Superstars in Concert
Superstars of the 70s
Superwoman: The Soundtrack to a Perfect Day
Sweet Floral Albion
Switch / Night Fever
Symphony of British Music: Music for the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, A
Tales of the City
Tapestry Revisited: A Tribute to Carole King
Ten Years of Hits: Radio 1
Testament van de Sixties
That Loving Feeling
This Is My Song
Thomas Gottschalk präsentiert: 50 Jahre Rock! Love Songs
Time Life Music - The Ultimate 70s Compilation: Dance Party & Disco Edition
Tokyo Disneyland: Forever Club Disney Super Dancin' Mania -Non Stop Best-
Tolle Scheibe, Folge 2
Top 100 Pop Love Songs
Top 40 Hitdossier 1967-1968
Top 40 Hitdossier 1969-1970
Top 40 Hitdossier 1987-1988
Top 40 Hitdossier 1991–1992
Top 97: Die besten Hits des Jahres
Top des Slows, Le
Top of the Pops: 40th Anniversary 1964-2004
Top Rock 'N' Roll Hits
Top Star Festival, Vol. 2: 20 Dynamic Hits
Topsongs, Volume 1
Total Hits Vol.2
Totally 70’s
Tour of Duty 2: More Golden Popclassics From the 60's
Tour of Duty 5: The Strongest Popclassics From the 60's and 70's
Tour of Duty: The Final Edition
Tubes Disco
Ü30 Superhits
Ugly Things
UK Music Hall of Fame
Ultimate Grammy Box: From the Recording Academy’s Collection of Award Winning Music, The
Ultimate Grammy Collection: Classic Pop
Ultimate Karaoke Love Songs, The
Ultimate Love Songs Collection, The
Ultimate Party Animal, The
Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Collection: Gold and Platinum, The
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Hits der 80er, Die
Ultimix 42
Ultimix Medley Collection, Volume 4, The
Universal Records 2001 Sampler
Ups & Downs
Ups and Downs (instrumental)
Ups and Downs (LP version)
Ups and Downs (radio edit)
Ups and Downs / Bang Out
Very Best of Club Classics Volumes 1-5
Very Best of Pop Music 1967-68, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1968-69, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1969–70, The
VH1 Storytellers
Voice of Peace, Volume 2, The
Want You (She’s So Heavy), I
We’ve Got Tonight
Wetten dass..? Das Beste aus 20 Jahren
Will Smith vs. Bee Gees
With A Little Help From My Friends
Woodstock Generation
Woodstock's Flower Power
Work the Music
World of Greatest Pop-Hits of The 60's, The
World of the Sensational Sixties, The
World’s Greatest, The
World’s Greatest: The Ultimate 3CD Collection, The
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 16