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FIDA (Fondo internacional par el desarrollo agrícola)
FIDA (Fonds international de développement agricole)
Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola
Fondo internacional para el desarrollo agrícola
Fondo internazionale per lo sviluppo agricolo
Fonds International de Développement Agricole
Fund for Agricultural Development
IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)
International Fund for Agricultural Development
Międzynarodowy Fundusz Rozwoju Rolnictwa
Naciones Unidas Fondo Internacional de Desarrollo Agrícola
Organizace spojených národů International Fund for Agricultural Development
Quĩ quó̂c té̂ vè̂ phát triẻ̂n nông nghiệp
United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development
صندوق الدولي للتنمية الزراعية
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Adivasis from past to furure
Africa, sowing the seeds of self-sufficiency
Afrique : semer les graines de l'autosuffisance
Agricultural implements used by women farmers in Africa
Atelier FIDA/FIPA : promotion d'une participation accrue des agriculteurs aux projets de développement agricole et renforcement de véritables organisations d'agriculteurs : rapport de mission à Sidi Bouzid, Tunisie du 14 au 19 septembre 1987
Ccachin, Ccollana, Choquecancha, Quishuarani, Rosaspata
Challenge of rural poverty, The : the role of IFAD
collection, analysis, and use of monitoring and evaluation data, The
Dando una mano al agricultor pobre
Debating shifting cultivation in the eastern Himalayas : farmers' innovations as lessons for policy
Development and dissemination of sustainable integrated soil fertility management practices for smallholder farms in Sub-Saharan Africa
Faba bean in the Nile Valley : report on the first phase of the ICARDA/IFAD Nile Valley Project (1979-82)
fondo internacional de desarrollo agricola informe anual
Food Security and Agricultural Development in Asia in the Context of Globalization : conference proceedings.
Gender in agriculture sourcebook
Ghana under structural adjustment : the impact on agriculture and the rural poor
Giving people a chance : the value of opportunity : experience with organization in the Andean countries.
Guyana agricultural sector assessment.
Hombres y mujeres en el desarrollo rural : experiencias de un proyecto FIDA en el semiárido de Venezuela, Estado Falcón
Hunger report 2005
I.F.A.D. news
IFAD annual report
IFAD news
IFAD's experience in promoting participatory approaches in development projects in Asia
IFAD special studies series.
IFAD studies in rural poverty.
IFAD update (1997)
IFAD update : bulletin of the International Fund for Agricultural Development of the United Nations.
Increasing agricultural production for the benefit of the rural poor : a report on a workshop held at Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Italy, 27-30 May, 1979.
International Fund for Agricultural Development annual report
International Fund for Agricultural Development special studies series
International Fund for Agricultural Development studies in rural poverty
International Fund for Agricultural Development., The
Land resources information systems for food security in SADC countries proceedings of a subregional workshop held in Harare, Zimbabwe, 3 - 5 November 1999
Latin American and the Caribbean : bringing the harvest home.
Lightening the load : labour-saving technologies and practices for rural women
Maize in Asia : changing markets and incentives
Maize in China : production systems, constraints, and research priorities
Malakand area development project : agro-socio-economic study of Chitral District : study
mision especial de programacion a honduras informe
Nepal, a study of rural hill potentials and service delivery systems : a comparative assessment of alternative institutional arrangements with a focus on the hill and mountain.
Operational guidelines on monitoring and evaluation
Poverty alleviation, a global challenge : report of the 1990 High-Level Meeting
Prevention of land degradation, enhancement of carbon sequestration and conservation of biodiversity through land use change and sustainable land management with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean : proceedings of the IFAD/FAO expert consultation, IFAD, Rome, Italy, 15 April 1999.
Proceedings, Reality Check Workshop on IFAD's Strategic Direction in India
Profile of the Near East and North Africa
Project monitoring and evaluation in agriculture
Promoting participation in development projects : IFAD's experience in promoting participatory approaches in development projects in Asia.
Reality-Check Workshop on IFAD's Strategic Direction in India, Mussoorie, India, 9-10 June, 1998 : workshop proceedings.
Report and recommendation of the President to the Executive Board on a proposed financial assistance to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea for the Agricultural Development Project on the Mainland.
Report of the Special Programming Mission to Somalia.
Report of the Special Programming Mission to the Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC).
Report on rapid rural appraisal : 4 nothern [sic] districts, Sayaboury Province
Revista institucional.
role of NGOs in promoting the economic advancement of rural women, The : summary report : CIRDAFRICA/IFAD Workshop, Arusha, Tanzania, November 28th-December 2nd, 1994
Role of rural credit projects in reaching the poor, The : IFAD's experience
Rural poverty report 2001 : the challenge of ending rural poverty.
socio-economic study of rural areas in Gujranwala District, Pakistan, A
state of world rural poverty, The : a profile of Latin America and the Caribbean.
state of world rural poverty, The : a profile of the Near East and North Africa
State of world rural poverty, The : an inquiry into its causes and consequences
Strengthening national wheat and rice research systems : a summary of the International Consultation on Strengthening National Agricultural Research Systems to Assume an International Role in Specific Areas of Wheat and Rice Research and Training held 26-28 January 1987
Strengthening rural communities : hunger report 2005 : 15th annual report on the state of world hunger.
Suivi et évaluation des projets agricoles
Women : the roots of rural development.
world cassava economy facts, trends and outlook, The
World cassava economy, The : facts, trends and outlook.