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Cozef Dalton Huker
Hooker, J. D.
Hooker, J. D. (Sir)
Hooker, Joseph
Hooker (Joseph Dalton)
Hooker, Joseph Dalton (English draftsman and illustrator, 1817-1911)
Hooker, Joseph Dalton (Sir)
Hooker, Sir
Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton
Joseph Dalton Hooker
Joseph Dalton Hooker (botanico inglese)
Joseph Dalton Hooker (British botanist)
Joseph Dalton Hooker (Brits botanicus)
Joseph Dalton Hooker (englischer Botaniker und Reisender)
Τζόζεφ Ντάλτον Χούκερ
Гукер, Джозеф Долтон
Джозеф Долтан Гукер
Джозеф Долтон Гукер
Џозеф Далтон Хукер
ჯოზეფ დოლტონ ჰუკერი
جوزيف دالتون هوكر
ژوزف دالتون هوکر
জোসেফ ডালটন হুকার
జోసెఫ్ డాల్టన్ హుకర్
조지프 돌턴 후커
フーカー, J. D
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Cartographic material
Language material
Manuscript language material
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Bentham, George
Bentham, George (1800-1884)
Decaisne, Joseph (1807-1882, [from old catalog])
Fitch, W. H. (1817-1892)
Fitch, Walter Hood (1817-1892)
Henriques, Júlio (1838-1928)
Hooker, Frances Harriet Henslow (1825-1874, [from old catalog])
Hooker, W.J.
Hooker, William Jackson
Huxley, Leonard (1860-1933)
Jackson, Benjamin Daydon
Jackson, Benjamin Daydon (1846-1927)
Le Maout, Emmanuel -1877. [from old catalog]
Schmidt, Johann Anton
Vogel, Theodore (1812-1841)
Webb, Philip Barker (1793-1854)
薬師, 義美 (1936-)
botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror in the years 1839-1843 under the command of Captain Sir James Clark Ross, The
Brieven van Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911) aan Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel (1811-1871)
Carte du Sikhim et du Népal oriental
Catalogue of the plants distributed at the Royal Gardens, Kew ... from the herbaria of Griffith, Falconer, and Helfer.
century of Indian orchids
Combretaceae, Crassulaceae, Droseraceae
Contributions to the theory of natural selection
Distribution of the north american flora
espèces du genre "Impatiens" dans l'herbier du Muséum de Paris, Les
Flora Antarctica.
Flora Nigritiana
Flora Novae-Zelandiae
flora of British India
Flora Tasmaniæ.
Florula Mycologica Lusitanica sistens contributionem decimam ad camdem Floram nec non conspectum fungorum omnium in Lusitania hucusque observatorum
genera of South African plants, The : arranged according to the natural system
Genera plantarum ad exemplaria imprimis in herbariis kewensibus servata definita
general system of botany descriptive and analytical. In two parts., A
Handbook of the New Zealand flora a systematic description of the native plants of New Zealand and the Chatham, Kermadec's, Lord Auckland's, and Macquarrie's islands
Himalayan journals, or, notes of a naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Khasia Mountains, &c
Himaraya kikō
Icones plantarum
Illustrations of Himalayan plants...
Index kewensis : an enumeration of the genera and species of flowering plants : from the time of Linnaeus to the year 1885 inclusive together with their authors' names, the works in wich they were first published, their native countries and their synonyms - comp. at the expense of the late Charles Robert Darwin ... [et al.] ; under the direction of Joseph D. Hooker ... [et al.] ; by B. Daydon Jackson
Index kewensis plantarum phanerogamarum nomina et synonyma omnuim generum et specierum a Linnaeo usque ad annum MDCCCLXXXV complectens nomine recepto auctore patria unicuique plantae subjectis
Jos. Dalt. Hookers "Himalayan Journals" Tagebuch auf einer Reise in Bengalen
Journal of a tour in Marocco and the great atlas
Journal of the right hon. sir Joseph Banks,... during captain Cook's first voyage in H. M. S. "Endeavour" in 1768-71 to Terra del Fuego, Otahite, New Zealand, Australia, the Dutch East Indies, etc. Edited by sir Joseph D. Hooker...
Lichenes Antarctici being characters and brief descriptions of the new lichens discovered in the Southern circumpolar regions, Van Diemen's Land and New Zealand, during the voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror
Life and letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker : based on materials collected and arranged by Lady Hooker
life of sir Charles J. F. Bunbury, bart.
Niger flora : or, An enumeration of the plants of western tropical Africa
Notes of a tour in the plains of India, the Himala, and Borneo : being extracts from the private letters of Dr. Hooker, written during a government botanical mission to those countries.
Notice biographique sur George Bentham
Observations made when following the Grand Trunk Road across the hills of upper Bengal, Parus North, etc. in the Soane valley ; and on the Hymaon branch of the Vandya hills
On some minute seed-vessels (Carpolithes ovulum Brongniart), from the Eocene beds of Lewisham...
On some small seed-vessels (Folliculites minutulus, Bronn) from the Bovey Tracey coal...
On the origin and development of the pitchers of Nepenthes, with an account of some new bornean plants of thas genus
On the tendency of species to form varieties [papers presented to the linnean society 30th june 1858 by Charles Lyell and J. D. Hooker]
On Welwitschia a new genus of Gnetaceae
Pioneer plant geography : the phytogeographical researches of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker
Plates in illustration of a Hand-book to the flora of Ceylon, by Henry Trimen, continued by Sir J. D. Hooker,... Plates LXXVI-C
Ranunculaceae to fumariaceae
Report on the progress and condition of the Royal Gardens at Kew, during the year ...
rhododendrons of Sikkim-Himalaya, The : being an account, botanical and geographical, of the rhododendrons recently discovered in the mountains of eastern Himalaya, from drawings and descriptions made on the spot, during a government botanical mission to that country
Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker ; pref. by Ghillean Prance. - Woodbridge, 1999.
Sketch of the geology of Marocco
Tour in India
vegetation of the Rocky Mountain region, and a comparison with that of other parts of the world, The