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Dresselhaus, M. S.
Dresselhaus, Mildred S.
Dresselhaus, Mildred Spiewak
Dresselhaus, Millie
Dresslhaus, M.S.
Mildred Dresselhaus (American physicist)
Mildred Dresselhaus (Amerikaans natuurkundige)
Mildred Dresselhaus (amerikansk ingeniør og fysikar)
Mildred Dresselhaus (amerikansk ingeniør og fysiker)
Mildred Dresselhaus (amerikansk ingenjör och fysiker)
Mildred Dresselhaus (físico americano)
Mildred Dresselhaus (physicienne américaine)
Mildred Dresselhaus (US-amerikanische Physikerin)
Spiewak, Mildred
Милдред Дресселгауз
Мілдред Дресселгауз
מילדרד דרסלהוז
میلدرد درسلهاوس (فیزیک‌دان و مهندس آمریکایی)
米尔德里德·德雷斯尔豪斯 (美国纳米科学家)
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Aoki, Hideo (1950-)
Avouris, Phaedon (1945- ))
Dresselhaus, G.
Dresselhaus, Gene
Dresselhaus, Gene (co-author)
Eklund, P. C.
Endō, Morinobu (1946-...)
Endō, Morinobu (co-author)
Iijima, Sumio (1939-...)
Jorio, Ado
Kalish, Rafael
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Affiliation (see also from)
Saito, Riichiro (1958- ))
Saito, Riichiro (co-author)
9201878, Electrons and Phonons in Carbon and Related Materials, Including Fibers
9510093, Structure and Properties of Novel Forms of Carbon
Addressing Grand Energy Challenges through Advanced Materials
Anisotropy of the Raman spectra of nanographite ribbons.
Atomic nanotube welders: boron interstitials triggering connections in double-walled carbon nanotubes.
Basic research needs for the hydrogen economy.
big picture of Raman scattering in carbon nanotubes, The
Bismuth Nanowires for Potential Applications in Nanoscale Electronics Technology
Bright photoluminescence from the inner tubes of "peapod"-derived double-walled carbon nanotubes.
Bulk production of a new form of sp(2) carbon: crystalline graphene nanoribbons.
Bulk synthesis of narrow diameter and highly crystalline triple-walled carbon nanotubes by coalescing fullerene peapods.
Burn and interrogate
Can graphene be used as a substrate for Raman enhancement?
Carbon nanotubes and nucleic acids: tools and targets
Carbon nanotubes : synthesis, structure, properties, and applications
Chemically Modified Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as an Additive for Supercapacitors
Concept of Cutting Lines in Carbon Nanotube Science., The
Controlled Formation of Sharp Zigzag and Armchair Edges in Graphitic Nanoribbons
CVD synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes from gold nanoparticle catalysts.
Defect characterization in graphene and carbon nanotubes using Raman spectroscopy.
Defect-enhanced dispersion of carbon nanotubes in DNA solutions.
Defects in individual semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes: Raman spectroscopic and in situ Raman spectroelectrochemical study.
Diameter dependence of the dielectric constant for the excitonic transition energy of single-wall carbon nanotubes.
Direct deposition of single-walled carbon nanotube thin films via electrostatic spray assisted chemical vapor deposition.
Double-wall carbon nanotubes doped with different Br2 doping levels: a resonance Raman study.
Easy preparation of nitrogen-enriched carbon materials from peptides of silk fibroins and their use to produce a high volumetric energy density in supercapacitors
Electrochemical charging of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes.
Electroluminescence from suspended and on-substrate metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes.
Energetyka wodorowa ; tł. z ang. Zbigniew Kaszkur. W: Postępy Fizyki. T. 56, z. 4 (2005).
Enhanced thermoelectric figure-of-merit in nanostructured p-type silicon germanium bulk alloys.
Exciton photophysics of carbon nanotubes.
Extreme-Performance Rubber Nanocomposites for Probing and Excavating Deep Oil Resources Using Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
fabrication and characterization of carbon aerogels by gelation and supercritical drying in isopropanol., The
Fabrication of High-Purity, Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper
Formation of thick porous anodic alumina films and nanowire arrays on silicon wafers and glass.
Graphene edges: a review of their fabrication and characterization.
Graphite fibers and filaments
Group theory : application to the physics of condensed matter
High Energy-Density Capacitor Based on Ammonium Salt Type Ionic Liquids and Their Mixing Effect by Propylene Carbonate
High thermoelectric figure-of-merit in kondo insulator nanowires at low temperatures.
High-thermoelectric performance of nanostructured bismuth antimony telluride bulk alloys.
High-Thermoelectric Performance of Nanostructured Bismuth Antimony Telluride Bulk Alloysf
hydrogen economy, The
Hydrogen Storage in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes at Room Temperature
In situ Raman study on single- and double-walled carbon nanotubes as a function of lithium insertion.
In-situ TEM Study of Bismuth Nanostructures
influence of strong electron and hole doping on the Raman intensity of chemical vapor-deposition graphene., The
Intercalated graphite : symposium held November 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Intercalation compounds of graphite, 1981:
Intercalation in layered materials
Introduction to the Important and Exciting Aspects of Carbon-Nanotube Science and Technology
Ion implantation in diamond, graphite and related materials
Large area, few-layer graphene films on arbitrary substrates by chemical vapor deposition.
Li storage behavior in polyparaphenylene(PPP)-based disordered carbon as a negative electrode for Li ion batteries
Low dimensional thermoelectrics
Magnetic and transport properties of heat-treated polyparaphenylene-based carbons
Nanostructured Bulk Silicon as an Effective Thermoelectric Material
Nanotechnology : New tricks with nanotubes
Nanotube antennas.
Nanotube coalescence-inducing mode: A novel vibrational mode in carbon systems.
Nanotubes: A step in synthesis
Nanotubes. Burn and interrogate.
New Directions for Low-Dimensional Thermoelectric Materials
New directions for nanoscale thermoelectric materials research.
New tricks with nanotubes
NT10: recent advances in carbon nanotube science and applications.
Optical spectroscopic studies of thermally coalesced single-walled carbon nanotubes.
Oxidation and thermal stability of linear carbon chains contained in thermally treated double-walled carbon nanotubes.
Perspectives on carbon nanotubes and graphene Raman spectroscopy.
Perspectives on the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics for graphene.
Physical properties of carbon nanotubes
Physics of graphene
Probing structures of nanomaterials using advanced electron microscopy methods, including aberration-corrected electron microscopy at the angstrom scale.
Properties of one-dimensional molybdenum nanowires in a confined environment.
Prospects for high thermoelectric figures of merit in 2D systems
PVDC-Based Carbon Material by Chemical Activation and Its Application to Nonaqueous EDLC
Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopic Studies of a DNA-Dispersed Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube Solution
Raman spectra from one carbon nanotube
Raman spectroscopy and in situ Raman spectroelectrochemistry of bilayer ¹²C/¹³C graphene.
Raman spectroscopy as a probe of graphene and carbon nanotubes.
Raman Spectroscopy of Graphitic Foams
Raman spectroscopy on isolated single wall carbon nanotubes
Raman study on electrochemical lithium insertion into multiwalled carbon nanotubes
reinforcing effect of combined carbon nanotubes and acetylene blacks on the positive electrode of lithium-ion batteries., The
Resonance Raman on SWNTs grown by the HiPCO method using a Tunable Laser: E_ii and omega_RBM analysis
Resonance Raman spectroscopy in one-dimensional carbon materials.
Resonant Raman effect in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Resonant Raman spectroscopy of individual strained single-wall carbon nanotubes.
Role of kinetic factors in chemical vapor deposition synthesis of uniform large area graphene using copper catalyst.
Science and applications of single-nanotube Raman spectroscopy.
Science of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes
Selective optical property modification of double-walled carbon nanotubes by fluorination.
Selective tuning of the electronic properties of coaxial nanocables through exohedral doping.
Sensitive G-band Raman features for the electrical conductivity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes.
simple route to short cup-stacked carbon nanotubes by sonication, A
Simple synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes from natural resources.
Single nanotube Raman spectroscopy.
Sodium chloride-catalyzed oxidation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes for environmental benefit.
Spectroscopy of small diameter single-wall carbon nanotubes
Stacking nature of graphene layers in carbon nanotubes and nanofibres
step in synthesis., A
Step-like dispersive Raman modes in carbon nanotubes
Structural ( n, m) determination of isolated single-wall carbon nanotubes by resonant Raman scattering.
Structure-based carbon nanotube sorting by sequence-dependent DNA assembly.
Structure study of bulk nanograined thermoelectric bismuth antimony telluride.
Studying disorder in graphite-based systems by Raman spectroscopy.
Synthesis and isolation of molybdenum atomic wires.
Synthesis of few-layer hexagonal boron nitride thin film by chemical vapor deposition.
TEM image simulation study of small carbon nanotubes and carbon nanowire
Thermal conductivity modeling of core-shell and tubular nanowires.
Thermoelectric modeling of Si-Si(1-x)Gex ordered nanowire composites.
Thick porous anodic alumina films and nanowire arrays grown on a solid substrate
Transparent and Conductive Polyethylene Oxide Film by the Introduction of Individualized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Unusual Properties And Structure Of Carbon Nanotubes
Wall-to-wall stress induced in (6,5) semiconducting nanotubes by encapsulation in metallic outer tubes of different diameters: A resonance Raman study of individual C(60)-derived double-wall carbon nanotubes
Wall-to-wall stress induced in (6,5) semiconducting nanotubes by encapsulation in metallic outer tubes of different diameters: a resonance Raman study of individual C60-derived double-wall carbon nanotubes.
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