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Clarkson, T.
Clarkson, Thomas
Clarkson, Thomas (M.)
Clarkson, Thomas W.
Thomas Clarkson (Abolitionist)
Thomas Clarkson (attivista britannica)
Thomas Clarkson (Brits schrijver (1760-1846))
Thomas Clarkson (englischer Gegner der Sklaverei und Gründer der Abolitionismus-Bewegung)
Кларксон, Томас
توماس کلارکسون
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Anti-slavery international (see also from)
Cropper, James (1773-1840))
Grégoire, Henri (vesc. di Blois, 1750-1831)
Griggs, Earl Leslie (1899-)
Ingham, E. G. (1851-1926)
Ingham, Ernest Graham (1851-1926)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Laroche, Benjamin (1797-1852)
Newton, John (1725-1807)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Smith, Mary-Antoinette (1957-)
Society for the Mitigation and Gradual Abolition of Slavery Throughout the British Dominions
Viefville des Essarts, Jean Louis (1744-1820))
Visser, Salomo de ('s-Gravenhage; ook als S. de Visser en zoon)
argument, that the colonial slaves are better off than the British peasantry answered from the Royal Jamaica Gazette of June 21, 1823, The
Ballitore mss on microfilm in the National Library of Ireland.
Bemerkungen über die gegenwärtige Beschaffenheit des Sclavenhand*. -
cri des africains contre les européens, leurs oppresseurs, ou Coup d'oeil sur le commerce homicide appelé traite des noirs
Cries of Africa to the inhabitants of Europe.
Essai sur la doctrine et la pratique des premiers chrétiens en ce qui concerne la guerre, par Thomas Clarkson,... traduit de l'anglais
Essai sur les désavantages politiques de la traite des nègres. -
essay on the comparative efficiency of regulation or abolition as applied to the slave trade shewing that the latter only can remove the evils to be found in that commerce, An
essay on the doctrines and practice of the early Christians as they relate to war, An : addressed to those who profess to have a regard for the Christian name
Essay on the impolicy of the african slave trade in two parts
Essay on the slavery and commerce of the human species, An
Friends House Thompson-Clarkson collection of mss., etc., in connection with Clarkson's History of the abolition of the slave trade.
General Anti-Slavery Convention, 1843. Address of the convention held in London, from the 15th to the 22nd June inclusive, to christian professors. (Signé : Thomas Clarkson, president of the convention.)
Gov. Hammond's letters on southern slavery: addressed to Thomas Clarkson, the English abolitionist.
Grito de los africanos contra los europeos, sus opresores : o sea rápida ojeada sobre el comercio homicida llamado tráfico de negros
Guinea voyage a poem in three books, The
Henry Christophe & Thomas Clarkson; a correspondence
History of the rise, progress and accomplishment of the abolition of the African slave trade by the British Parliament
kreet der Afrikanen tegen hunne Européesche verdrukkers, of, Tafereel van den slavenhandel, De
Lafayette and slavery
[Letter] 1814 June 21, London
Letter from Thomas Clarkson to Captain Pierce regarding political matters and events in the House of Commons
letter to the clergy of various denominations, and to the slave-holding planters, in the southern parts of the United States of America., A
letter to Thomas Clarkson in relation to the American Colonization Society, A
Letters on the Slave-trade and the State of the natives in those parts of Africa, which are contiguous to fort St. Louis and Goree, written at Paris in december 1789, and january 1790. By T. Clarkson
Lettre aux auteurs du Journal de Paris
leven, de gevoelens en lotgevallen van William Penn, beroemd kwaker en stichter van Pennsijlvanien, Het : uit echte bronnen verz.
Memoirs of the private and public life of William Penn
Memoirs of the public and private life of William Penn.
Not a labourer wanted for Jamaica to which is added, an account of the newly erected villages by the peasantry there and their beneficial results, and of the consequences of re-opening a new slave trade, as it relates to Africa ... in a letter addressed to a member of Parliament appointed to sit on the West India Committee
Observations on a Guinea voyage in a series of letters addressed to the Rev. Thomas Clarkson
Os gemidos dos Africanos, por causa do traffico da escravatura, ou, Breve exposiçaõ das injurias e dos horrores que accompanham este traffico homicida
portraiture of quakerism taken from a view of the education and discipline, social manners, civil and political economy, religious principles and character of the Society of friends
Résumé du témoignage donné devant un comité de la Chambre des communesde la Grande Bretagne et de l'Irlande, touchant la traite des nègres
Review of the Rev. Thomas B. Freeman's journal of visits to Ashanti, &c. : with remarks on the present situation of Africa, and its spiritual prospects
Révolution française et l'abolition de l'esclavage, La
Satire imitée de la 4e de Salvator Rosa
Sierra Leone after a hundred years
Slavery pamphlets.
Speech of Thomas Clarkson, Esq as originally prepared by him in writing, and intended to have been delivered at the opening of the General Anti-Slavery convention : distinguishing those passages which were omitted, but which are now published at Mr. Clarkson's request.
Strictures on a life of William Wilberforce...
suivi d'un extrait de traduction d'un mémoire historique de Thomas Clarkson, traitant du même sujet
summarische Übersicht der von dem Ausschuß des Unterhauses des G*. -, Eine
summary view of the slave trade and of the probable consequences of its abolition., A
Thoughts on the necessity of improving the condition of the slaves in the British colonies, with a view to their ultimate emancipation, and on the practicability, the safety, and the advantages of the latter measure
Three letters, one of which has appeared before, to the planters and slave merchants principally on the subject of compensation
true state of the case, respecting the insurrection at St. Domingo., The
We have now to inform you that Mr. Buxton's motion is deferred ...
West India colonies the calumnies and misrepresentations circulated against them by the Edinburgh Review, Mr. Clarkson, Mr.Cropper, The
with a Correspondence between Lord Brougham and Mr. Clarkson...