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American Telephone and Telegraph Company Bell laboratories
AT & [and] T Bell Laboratories
Bell Laboratories
Bell Telephone Laboratories
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Language material
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AT & T Bell Laboratories (see also from)
Aircraft radio development.
Bell Lab. rec.
Bell Laboratories innovation in telecommunications, 1925-1977
Bell laboratories record.
Bell Telephone Laboratories series
Books from Bell Telephone Laboratories
C programmer's handbook, The
Compandor demonstration
Comput. sci. tech. rep.
Computer speech.
Computing science technical report.
Dates in American telephone technology.
Electromagnetic waves
Engineering and operations in the Bell System
Ferromagnetic domains; a basic approach to the study of magnetism.
Final report on millimeter wave research. Date of this report: 1 October 1955. Period covered: 1 June 1951 through 17 May 1955.
From sun to sound
Fundamental principles of electronic switching circuits and systems
historical CD of digital sound synthesis, The
History of engineering and science in the Bell System, A
Hyperfine interactions IV : proceedings of the fourth International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions, held at Madison, New Jersey, June 13-17, 1977
Impact : a compilation of Bell System innovations in science and engineering that have led to the creation of new products and industries, while improving worldwide telecommunications
Impact; a compilation of Bell System innovations in science and engineering which have helped create new industries and new products.
Impromptu talk
Inelastic ion-surface collisions
Metody izmerenii︠a︡ parametrov poluprovodnikovykh priborov.
Music from mathematics
Philadelphia Orchestra rehearsal
Physical design of electronic systems.
Probability and its engineering uses
Programmer en C
Radar systems and components
Rec.- Bell Teleph. Lab. inc.
Record (Bell Telephone Laboratories)
Rhombic antenna design
Satellite communications physics; how scientists and engineers use basic physical principles to solve some of the problems in communicating by means of man-made satellites
Selecting and placing college graduates in business
speech chain, The : the physics and biology of spoken language
Talk by D.G. Blattner
Telecommunications transmission engineering
Thin film technology
Through electrical eyes
transistor; selected reference material on characteristics & applications., The
Transistor technology
Transmission systems for communications
United States patent digest, 1979 : Bell Labs.
Unix TM time-sharing system : Unix programmer's manual