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Herman Moll
Herman Moll (18de eeuws cartograaf)
Herman Moll (18th-Century cartographer)
Herman Moll (Kupferstecher, Kartograf, Verleger)
Moll, ..
Moll (H.)
Moll (Herman)
Moll, Herman (German cartographer and engraver, 1654-1732)
Moll, Hermann
Moll, Hermanno
Mollius, Hermann
ca 1654-1732
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
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Bowles, John (1701-1779)
Bowles, John (ca 1701-1779))
Bowles, John (ca. 1701-1779)
Bowles, Thomas -1767
Bowles, Thomas (16..-1767))
Bowles, Thomas (fl. 1695-1767)
Collins, Greenville (16..-1696 ?)
Folger, Timothy
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
George II, re di Gran Bretagna (1683-1760)
Halley, Edmond (1656-1742)
Jno. Mount and Tho. Page
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
King, John (16..-17.. éditeur)
Lens, Bernard (1682-1740)
Lens, Bernard (el Joven 1682-1740)
Moll, Herman (16..-1732)
Moll, Hermann (ca 1654-1732))
Nutt, E.R.
Oldmixon, John (1673?-1742)
Overton, Philip
Overton, Philip (16..-1745?)
Sanson, Guillaume (1633-1703)
Sanson, Nicolas (1600-1667)
Vertue, George (1684-1756)
West, George (16..-17..; libraire))
Wright, Edward (1558?-1615)
Zuerner, Adam Friedrich (1680-1742)
antient and present state of the empire of Germany. -, The
Atlántico. NE. (Océano)
Barbados (Isla)
Bay of Guiaquil &c., The
Brunswick-Luneburg (Alemania)
Carolina del Sur (Estados Unidos)
chart of the sea coast of Great Britain and Ireland, A
chart of the Streights of Magellan, A
City of Mexico in New Spain. By H. Moll, The
Colonization and trade in the New World
Compleat geographer..., The
description of all the seats of the present Wars of Europe, in the Netherlands, Piedmont, Lombardy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain, and Portugal, A
empire of China and island of Japan, The : agreable to modern history
English Empire in America, Newfoundland, Canada, Hudsons Bay &c. in plano, The
[Franklin-Folger chart of the Gulf Stream].
General Chart of the Northern Navigation from England to Russia and also to ye. Baltick Sea &c., A
Geographia antiqua, 1755:
Geographia Classica Emendata, ex Græcorum Latinorumq[ue]
Geographia classica : the geography of the ancients so far describ'd as is contain'd in the Greek and Latin classicks in the maps of the Old World and its several kingdoms and provinces ; wherein the chief places mentioned in Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Lucan, Eutropius, Cornelius Nepos, Justin, Quintus Curtius, Sallust, Livy, Cæsar, Plutarch, Xenophon, Herodotus, and many other ancient authors are describ'd. To which is added, a map of the places mention'd in the Old and New Testaments. A collection long wanted and now publish'd for the use of schools.
geography of England and Wales, The : or a set of maps of all the counties in England and Wales ...
Italy distinguishing all the sovereignties in it & c...
Jamaica (Isla)
Londres (Gran Bretaña) (Alrededores)
map illustrating the knowledge which the English possessed... prior to the Treaty of Utrecht A new map of North America according to the newest observations, A
Map of Mexico or New Spain, Florida now called Louisiana and part of California &c, A
Map of New France, Containing Canada, Louisiana & C. in Nth. America, A : according to the Patent granted by the King of France to Monsieur Crozat, dated the 14th. of Sep 1712 N. S. and registred in the Parliament of Paris the 24th. of the same Month
map of the East-Indies and the adjacent countries; with the settlements, factories and territories, explaning what belongs to England, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Portugal &c, with many remarks not extant in any other map, A
map of the West-Indies or the islands of America in the North Sea; with ye adjacent countries; explaning [sic] what belongs to Spain, England, France, Holland &c., also ye trade winds, and ye several tracts made by ye galeons and flota from place to place., A
mapa of Peru and the West Part of the country of the Amazones, A
Modern history: or, the present state of all nations. : Describing their respective situations, persons, habits, buildings, manners, laws and customs, religion, and policy ...
Moll's atlas of Scotland
Monasticon Hibernicum : or, the monastical history of Ireland...
New and accurate description of the earth in all its empires, kingdoms and states
new and exact map of Spain & Portugal, A : divided into its kingdoms and principalities &c : with the principal roads and considerable improvements
new and exact map of the coast, countries and islands within the limits of the South Sea Company
new and exact map of the dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye continent of North America, A : containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia and Carolina
new and exact map of the dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye continent of North America, containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia and Carolina., A
new and exact map of the electorate of Brunswick-Lunenberg and y rest of y kings dominions on Gremany, A
new & correct map of the whole World., A
New Found Land, St. Laurence Bay, the fishing banks, Acadia, and part of New Scotland
new map containing the towns gentlemens houses villages and other remarks round London, A : as from London toe Windsor, Ware, Chelmsford, the Hope, Tunbridge, Guildford, &c.
New Map of Ireland Divided into its Provinces, Counties and Baronies, wherein are distinguished the Bishopricks, Borroughs, Barracks, Bogs, Passes, Bridges, &c. with the Principal Roads, and the common Reputed Miles According to the Newest and most Exact Observations, A
New map of ye North parts of America claimed by France under ye names of Louisiana, Mississipi, Canada and New France with... territories of England and Spain.., A
north part of Great Britain called Scotland, The : with considerable improvements and many remarks not extant in any map, according to the newest and exact observations
North Part of Great Britain Called Scotland. With Considerable Inprovements and many Remarks not Extant in any Map. According to the Newest and Exact Observations To the Right Honourable Iohn Earl of Marr… This Map is… Dedicated by… H. Moll…, The
Nouvelle carte de l'Empire du Czar de la Grande Russie avec les augmentations et corrections du Capitaine Jean Perry
Port of Acapulco], [The
Provinces des Pays-Bas Catholiques, ou a most exact Map of Flanders or Austrian Netherlands &c. It comprehends all the Towns, Villages, Abbeys, Monasteries Throughout all these Provinces &c., Les
seat of war in the north or a map of the Baltick with part of the North Sea, gulf of Finland, etc. shewing all the dominions about them, explaning to whom they belong, also the provinces in Germany and Livonia taken from the Swedes, since the beginning of this war..., The
Set of fifty new maps, 1724
set of thirty six new and correct maps of Scotland, A : divided into its shires, & c.
South part of Great Britain, called England and Wales, containing all the cities, market towns, boroughs ..., The : with the computed miles from town to town ...
South Part of the Shire of Air, Containing Kyle and Carrick, The
System of geography
Tabulae geographicae. - [1680]
Terranova (Canadá)
Thiry two new and accurate maps of the geography of the ancients [...]
This map of South America, according to the newest and most exact observations
To Her most Sacred Majesty Carolina Queen of Great Britain, France & Ireland, this map of Europe : according to the newest and most exact observations, is most humbly dedicated
To His Most Serene and August Majesty PETER ALEXOVITZ Absolute Lord of Russia &c. This Map of MOSCOVY, POLAND, Little Tartary, And y BLACK SEA &c. [...]
To the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Sunderland and Baron Spencer of Wormleighton, One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State &c. This Map of South America
tour thro' the whole island of Great Britain, A : divided into circuits or journies. Giving a particular and diverting account of whatever is curious and worth observation. Particularly fitted for the reader of such as desire to travel over the island
upper part of Italy comprehending... dutchies of Savoy, Milan, Parma..., The
Virginia (Estados Unidos) (Territorio)
West Part of Inverness Sh. Lochaber with all the Territories west from it, The
world described, or A new and correct sett of maps ... [cartographic material] [ca. 1765], The