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Cromwel (Colonel)
Cromwel, Olifier
Cromwel, Oliver
Cromwel, Oliverius
Cromwel, Olivier
Cromwell (Lieutenant-General)
Cromwell, Oliver
Cromwell, Oliver (English statesman and soldier, 1599-1658)
Cromwell, Olivier
Cronwell, Oliver
Cronwellius, Oliverius
Crumwel, Oliver (Lieutnant-General)
Crumwell (Lieutenant General)
Crumwell, Oliver
Kʻo-lun-wei-erh (Ao-li-fu)
Kromvelʹ, Oliver
Kromvels, Olivers
Krūmwīl, Ūlīfar
Oilibhéar Cromail
Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell (Brits politicus)
Oliver Cromwell (condottiero e politico inglese)
Oliver Cromwell (English military and political leader)
Oliver Cromwell (Lord Protektor)
Oliver Cromwell (Lordprotektor von England, Schottland und Irland)
Oliver Kromvel
Oliver (Lord Cromwel)
Oliver (Lord Cromwell)
Oliver (Protector)
Oliverius Cromwellus
Olivers Kromvels
Protector (De Heer)
Protector van de Republijcke van Engelandt, Schotlandt ende Yerlandt (De Heer)
Protector van het Parlament van Engelandt, Schotlandt ende Yerlandt (De Heer)
Protector vande Republijcke van Engelandt, Schotlandt ende Yerlandt (De Heer)
Όλιβερ Κρόμγουελ
Кромвель, О
Кромвель, Оливер
Оливер Кромвел
Оливър Кромуел
Олівер Кромвель
Олівэр Кромўэл
ოლივერ კრომველი
ოლივერ ქრომველი
Օլիվեր Կրոմվել
אוליבר קרומוול
קרומבל, אוליבר
קרומול, אוליבר
أوليفر كرومويل
الیور کرامول
اولیور کرامویل
ኦሊቨር ክሮምዌል
आलिवर क्रामवेल
ऑलिवर क्रॉमवेल
ऑलिव्हर क्रॉमवेल
ஆலிவர் கிராம்வெல்
ഒലിവർ ക്രോംവെൽ
โอลิเวอร์ ครอมเวลล์
အိုလီဗာ ကရွမ်းဝဲလ်
올리버 크롬웰
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Abbott, Wilbur Cortez
Anglaterra i Gal·les Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell) (see also from)
Angleterre et Pays de Galles Lord-protecteur (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell) (see also from)
Barthélemy, Edmond (1868-19..))
Carlyle, Thomas (1795-1881)
Crane, Catherine D.
Crane, Catherine Dickson
England and Wales Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell) (see also from)
England and Wales. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell)
Gleason, Madeleine R.
Ireland Lord Lieutenant (1649-1650 : Cromwell) (see also from)
Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1649-1650 : Cromwell)
Jäger, Lothar
Metzger, Hermann
Pitt, William ml.
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
S.n. (S.l.)
Соловьев Е. А. критик (1866-1905 Евгений Андреевич)
¤international symposium on the mechanisms and management of allergic disease to mark the 30th anniversary of Allergopharma Joachim Ganzer KG, Sept. 24-26, 1999, Hamburg, Germany, An
Articles of impeachment of high-treason [MI] 1648:
articles of the perpetual peace, concluded between his highnesse Oliver Lord Protector of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c. one the one part, and the high and mighty lords, the States-Generall of the United Netherlandish Provinces, on the other part
Bainton & Boughton
Battle of Naseby
Brief van Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)
Brief vande heere protector Cromwel geschreven aende heeren Staten van Zeelandt
British sailor's discovery, or, The Spanish pretensions confuteder and late conduct ... ., The
By His Excellency the Lord General and the Council of State. Whereas information is given that severall persons disaffected to the peace of this common-wealth, upon occasion of the present change of government, do assemble together in a riotous and tumultuous manner in the great level of the Fenns ....
By the Lord Protector. A proclamation of His Highnes, with the consent of his Council, for continuing all persons being in office for the execution of publike justice at the time of the late change of government, until His Highnes further direction
By the Protector. A declaration of His Highness the Lord Protector, inviting persons to send over all sorts of necessary provisions to Mardike
By the Protector. A proclamation commanding a speedy and due execution of the laws made against the abominable sins of drunkenness, profane swearing and cursing, adultery, fornication, and other acts of uncleannesse, for observing the assize of bread, ale, and fewel, and touching weights, and measures, for setting the poor on work, and providing for the impotent and aged poor, and punishing rogues and vagabonds, taking accounts of church-wardens and overseers of the poor, and again disturbing of publick preachers, and profanation of the Lords day
By the Protector. A proclamation concerning the residence of the Merchant-Adventurers of England, at the city of Dordrecht, and for settling the staple there
By the Protector. A proclamation of the peace made betwixt this common-wealth and Portugal
Carta a Felipe IV, en nombre del inglés residente en Madrid Benjamin Ruith, reclamando las sumas que adelantó para el ejército de Flandes, desde 1638 hasta 1645. Westminster a 23 de febrero de 1655 : traducida de lengua latina en castellana
commonwealth 1649-1653, The
Cromwell in Ireland: a historical romance.
Dalle rivolte alle rivoluzione
declaratie van syn Hoogheyt, met advyse van sijn Raedt: noodende het volck van Engeland ende Wales tot een solemnele vasten-dach ende humilatie., Een
declaration of His Highness the Lord Protector and the Parlament of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland & Ireland, for a day of solemn fasting & humiliation in the three nations., A
Declaration of the grounds and reasons. Dutch.
Den (T'onrecht getituleerden) heer protecteurs brouvaten met Cromwels meyneedicheyt als mede een oogh-salve vor de Hollanders.
En Proclamatie van zijne Hoogheyt (O. Cromwell), met consent van sijnen Raet, tot continuatie van alle persoonen die in publijcke bedieninge sijn, en in de laetste veranderingh van dese Regeeringe sijn afgeset, tot naerder order van Sijn Hoogheyt
Glasovuti govori
God's instruments : political conduct in the England of Oliver Cromwell, 2012:
great civil war of the times of Charles I and Cromwell, The
His Highnesse the Lord Protector's speech to the Parliament in the painted chamber, on Tuesday the 12th of September, 1654.
Histoire d'Olivier Cromwell ...
hypocrites unmasking, 1647:, The
Inedited Letters of Cromwell, colonel Jones Bradshaw and other regicides, by Joseph Mayer,... Read before the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 6th December 1860
Kʻo-lun-wei-erh chuan, 1987:
Latvijas padomju enciklopēdija, 1984:
letter from the Right Honorable, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Honorable William Lenthall Esq; Speaker of the Parliament of England, A : concerning the taking in and surrendring of Enistery. Carrick Town and castle. Passage-Fort. Bandon-Bridge. Kingsale, and the fort there. Die Mercurii, 12 Decembr. 1649. Ordered by the Parliament, that this letter be forthwith printed and published, and read in all churches and chappels in and about the City of London, late lines of communication, and bills of mortality. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti.
Letters & speeches
Letters to foreign princes and states for strengthening and preserving the Protestant religion and interest
Lieut: General Cromwel's letter to the Honorable William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, of the several great victories obtained against the Scots and Sir Marmaduke Langdales forces in the North: where were slain of the Scots party above two thousand, above nine thousand taken prisoners, four or five thousand arms taken, the whole infantry ruined, Duke Hamilton fled into Wales, and Langdale northward, Major General Vandrusk, Colonel Hurry, and Colonel Ennis taken prisoners, who formerly served the Parliament. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that this letter be forthwith printed and published. H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Literae ab. Olivario protectore Angliae &c. ad sacram regiam majestatem Sueciae. Datae 7. Februarii anno M.DC.LVI.
manifest ofte een declaratie, Een
Manifest, ofte een Declaratie gedaen by sijne Hoogheydt den Protector Olivier Cromwell, door advijs van sijne Raedt, vertoonende in den name van dese Republijcque de gerechtigheyt van hare saeck tegen Spangien. Vertaelt uyt de authentijcke copye tot London...
Marquesse of Ormonds letter to Prince Rupert
Memoire presenté av serenissime protecteur par le marquis de Leyde [Guillaume Bette] et dom Alonse de Cardenas, ambassadeurs du roy catholique en Angleterre, le vingt-vniesme de may 1655.
Mémoires d'Olivier Cromwell et de ses enfants écrits par lui-même, ouvrage traduit de l'anglais
Memoirs of the protector Oliver Cromwell and of his sons Richard and Henry
Most learned, conscientious and devout exercise
Niveleurs, Cromwell et la République, Les
Olevier Cromwels korte catechismus, tot onderwijsinghe van sijn teghenwoordigh Parlement.
Oliver Cromwell's Letters and speeches
Oliver Cromwell und die puritanische Revolution
Olivier Cromwell : sa correspondance, ses discours.
Op 't vernietegen van 't genaemde Engels Parlement door Olivier Crowel hun generael.
Oratie, gedaan na de zee-slag
Oratie van de heere protector Cromwel. Ghedaen aen het Parlement van Engelant den 10. april 1657. Op haer request dat hy de konincklijcke titel wil aenvaerden.
Oratie van sijne Hoogheydt Olivier [Cromwell], Heer protector van Engelandt, ..
protectorate 1655-1658, The
Readings from English history
Rechte declaratie van ... Olivier Cromwel, ende syn raedt van officieren ..
Speech Dismissing the Rump Parliament
speech which was spoken by Oliver Cromwel, when he dissolv'd the Long Parliament, The
Speeches, 1644-1658.
To honour God, 1999. CIP.
"To honour God" : the spirituality of Oliver Cromwell
Twee brieven van den Heer Generael Cromwel
Whereas I am informed that the horse vnder my commande . . . [8 December 1649]
Works. Selections
writings and speeches of Oliver Cromwell., The
Биографическая библиотека Ф. Павленкова
Оливер Кромвель, его жизнь и политическая деятельность биографический очерк Е.А. Соловьева с портретом Кромвеля, гравированным в Лейпциге Геданом
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Speech Dismissing the Rump Parliament
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