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Deòrsa II, Rìgh Bhreatainn is Èireann
Đuro II, kralj Velike Britanije i Irske
Džordž II
Džordžs II
Georg 2. af Storbritannien
Georg August (Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Churprintz)
Georg August (Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Herzog)
Georg August (électeur de Hanovre)
Georg August (Hannover, Kurfürst)
Georg August Hannover, Kurfürst (Kurfürst, Hannover)
Georg August (Hannover, Kurprinz)
Georg August (Hannover, Prinz)
Georg August (kurfurste av Hannover)
Georg (Braunschweig, Hertzog)
Georg (Braunschweig, Herzog)
Georg (Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Herzog)
Georg (der Andere)
Georg (der Andere, Gross-Britannien, König)
Georg (Hannover, Kurfürst)
Georg (II.)
Georg (II.; Anglia, Rex)
Georg II August
Georg II av Storbritannia
Georg II av Storbritannien
Georg (II.; England, König)
Georg (II.; Gross-Britannien, König)
Georg (II.; Grossbritannien, König)
Georg (II.; Hannover, Kurfürst)
Georg II (konge av Storbritannia)
Georg (II; König, Grossbritannien)
Georg II (König von Großbritannien und Irland, deutscher Kurfürst von Braunschweig-Lüneburg)
Georg II, Köönig vo Groossbritannie und Irland
Georg (II; kung av Storbritannien och Irland)
Georg II vun Grootbritannien
Georg (король английский; 1683-1760)
George 2ma di Granda Britania
George al II-lea al Marii Britanii
George Augustus
George Augustus (kurfurste av Hannover)
George Augustus (prince de Galles)
George Augustus (Prince of Wales)
George Augustus (король английский; 1683-1760)
George (Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Herzog)
George (Hannover, Kurfürst)
George (II.)
George II của Anh
George II dari Britania Raya
George II de Grande-Bretagne
George II dé Grande Brétangne
George (II.; Elector of Hannover)
George (II.; England, King)
George (II.; England, König)
George (II.; Grande Bretagne, Roi)
George (II.; Great Britain, France and Ireland, King)
George (II.; Great Britain, King)
George (II.; Grossbritannien und Irland, König)
George (II.; Irland, King)
George (II; King, England)
George (II.; King of Great Britain)
George II, King of Great Britain (British king, 1683-1760)
George (II; König von Grossbritannien)
George (II; koning van Engeland)
George II, kralj Velike Britanije
George (II; kung av Storbritannien och Irland)
George II o Great Breetain
George II od Velike Britanije
George II of Great Britain (British monarch)
George (II; re di Gran Bretagna)
George (II; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
George (II; Roi de Grande-Bretagne)
George II van Groot-Brittanje
George II van Groot-Brittannië
George (король английский; II)
Georges (II)
Georges (II; électeur de Hanovre)
Georges (II; roi de Grande-Bretagne)
Georgius Augustus (Brunsvicum-Luneburgum, Electoratus)
Georgius Augustus (Brunsviga atque Luneburgum, Elector)
Georgius Augustus (Brunsvigia atque Luneburgia, Elector)
Georgius Augustus (Brunsvigia atque Luneburgia, Electoratus)
Georgius Augustus (Electoratus, Brunsvicum-Luneburgum)
Georgius Augustus (Electoratus, Brunsvigia atque Luneburgia)
Georgius Augustus (Wallia, Princeps)
Georgius (Britannia et Hibernia, Rex)
Georgius II
Georgius (II.; England, König)
Georgius (II.; Grossbritannien, König)
Georgius (II.; Magna Britannia, Francia Et Hibernia, Rex)
Georgius (II.; Magna Britannia, Francia, Rex)
Georgius (II.; Magna Britannia, Rex)
Georgius Secundus (Magna Britannia, Rex)
Georgius Secundus (Rex, Magna Britannia)
Georgius (Wallia, Princeps)
Georgo la 2-a
Giorgio II di Gran Bretagna
II. George
II. György brit király
II Георг
Jerzy II Hanowerski (król Wielkiej Brytanii)
Jerzy (II; (król Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii ;)
Jiří II
Jiří (II. August; britský král)
Jiří (II.; britský král)
Jordi II del Regne Unit
Jordi (II; elector de Hannover)
Jordi (II; Rei d'Anglaterra)
Jordi (II; rei de Gran Bretanya)
Jordi (II; rei de Gran Bretanya i Irlanda)
Jordi (II; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
Jordi (II; rei de la Gran Bretanya i d'Irlanda)
Jorge II da Grã-Bretanha
Jorge II de Gran Bretaña
Jorge (II; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
Jorze Augusto (II.; Graõ-Bretanha, Rey)
Juraj II
Jurgi II.a Erresuma Batukoa
Jurgis II
Khiâu-chhṳ Ngi-sṳ
Seoirse II na Breataine Móire
Siaosi II
Siôr II, brenin Prydain Fawr
Xurxo II de Gran Bretaña
Yrjö II
Γεώργιος Β΄ της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας
Георг II, кароль брытанскі
Георг II (король Великобритании и Ирландии, курфюрст Ганновера и герцог Брауншвейг-Люнебургский)
Джордж II
Џорџ II
Џорџ II (крал на Велика Британија)
ჯორჯ II
Ջորջ II
ג'ורג' השני (מלך בריטניה)
جرج دوم
جورج التانى ملك بريطانيا العظمى
جورج الثاني ملك بريطانيا العظمى
جورج دوم
जार्ज २
जॉर्ज द्वितीय
दुसरा जॉर्ज, ग्रेट ब्रिटन
พระเจ้าจอร์จที่ 2 แห่งบริเตนใหญ่
조지 2세
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Berniscreth (17..-17..))
Breitkopf, Bernhard Christoph (1695-1777))
caroline queen consort of george ii
Friedrich Ludwig (Wales, Prinz; 1707-1751; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Georg (I.; Grossbritannien, König; 1660-1727; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Georg (III.; Grossbritannien, König; 1738-1820; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
George I, roi de Grande-Bretagne (1660-1727)
Gran Bretanya Monarca (1727-1760 : Jordi II) (see also from)
Grande-Bretagne Monarque (1727-1760 : George II) (see also from)
Grande-Bretagne. Monarque (1727-1760 : George II)
Great Britain Sovereign (1727-1760 : George II) (see also from)
Great Britain. Sovereign (1727-1760 : George II)
Haid, Johann Jacob (1704-1767))
Louise (Dänemark, Königin; 1724-1751; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Moll, Herman (m. 1732)
Oberschelp, Reinhard (1936- ))
Ruppelt G (1947- Georg)
S.n. (S.l.)
Seeländer, Nicolaus ([from old catalog])
Sophie (Hannover, Kurfürstin; 1630-1714; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Sysang, Johann Christoph (1703-1757))
Vertue, George (1684-1756))
Wolfgang, Gustav Andreas (1692-1775))
Act for allowing further time to persons in offices to qualify themselves pursuant to an Act intituled, An Act to Prevent the further Growth of Popery, An
Act for explaining and amending an act made in the twenty eighth year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth Intituled, An Act for the Wears upon the Barrow, and other Waters in the County of Kilkenny, An
Act for reducing the interest of money to six per cent, An
Act for repairing the road leading from the town of New-Castle in the county of Lymerick to the city of Lymerick And from thence to the city of Cork, An
Act for the better regulation and government of seamen in the Merchants Service, An
Act for the better securing and collecting his Majesty's revenue, An
Act for the further explaining and amending the several laws for preventing frauds committed by tenants and for the more easy renewal of leases, and for the further amendment of the law in certain cases therein mentioned, An
Act for the more effectual punishing stealers of lead or iron barrs fixed to houses or any Fences belonging thereunto, An
Act for the more effectual securing and encouraging the trade of His Majesty's British subjects to America, An : and for the encouragement of seamen to enter into His Majesty's service.
Act for the relief of the creditors of James Mead and George Curtis late bankers In the city of Dublin, An
Act to enable ideots and lunaticks who are Seized or Possessed of Estates in Fee, or for Lives, or Terms of Years, in Trust, or by way of Mortgage, to make Conveyances, Surrenders or Assignments of such Estates; and to prevent Delay in Suits in Equity where Trustees cannot be found, An
Act to encourage the improvement of barren and waste Land, and Boggs, and Planting of Timber Trees and Orchards, An
Act to explain and amend an act Intituled, An Act for the better Regulating the Work-House of the City of Dublin, and to Regulate and Provide for the Poor thereof, and to prevent Mischiefs which may happen by keeping Gun Powder within the said City; And also, for Explaining and Amending one other Act, Intituled, An Act for the better Enabling the Governors of the Work-House of the City of Dublin to provide for, and Employ the Poor therein, and for the more Effectual Punishment of Vagabonds; And also, for the better Securing of, and Providing for Lunaticks and Foundling Children, An
Act to prevent the throwing or fireing of squibs Serpents, and other Fire-Works, An
Acts and statutes made in a Parliament begun at Dublin, the twenty eighth day of November, Anno Dom. 1727. In the first year of the reign of our Most Gracious Sovereign Lord King George II : Before His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland. And continued under His Excellency John Lord Carteret, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several prorogations, until the twenty third day of September, 1729. And further continued under His Grace Lionel Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland, by several prorogations, until the fifth day of October, 1731. Being the third session of this present Parliament.
Anno decimo Georgii regis. An act for repairing the roads leading from Stump-Cross, in the parish of Chesterford, in the county of Essex, to Newmarket Heath, and the town of Cambridge, in the county of Cambridge.
Atlas coelestis. By the late Reverend Mr. John Flamsteed ....
Augustissimae ac serenissimae gentis brunsvico luneburgensis numismata ac monetae aetatis recentioris maximam partem in aes incisae
Bible de Saurin
Brief van George II (1683-1760) aan Prinses Friederike Auguste Sophie van Pruisen Geh. met Friedrich mark- graaf van Brandenburg-Bairueth
Brief van zyne majesteit den koning van Groot Brittannië aan de ... Staaten Generaal der Vereenigde Nederlanden wegens het marquisaat van Ter Veer en Vlissingen.
Brieven van George II (1683-1760) aan Graaf Johann Theodor van Beieren bisschop van Freisingen en Regensburg
Chenevix Trench, C.P. George II, 1973 (subj.)
collection of acts relating to the burning of land., A
copy of His Majesty's royal charter for erecting English Protestant schools in the Kingdom of Ireland, A : with the contents of each clause in the margin.
coronation of King George II, The
Criminal-Instruction : gegeben auf Unserm Palais zu St. James den 30. April-11. May des 1736tn Jahres, Unsers Reichs im Neundten, George Rex
Des Hertzogthums Bremen Ritter-Recht, von dem ehem. Bremischen Herrn Ertz-Bischoffe Henrico, im Jahre 1577 gnädigst bestätiget, Jetzo aber von neuem revidiret, erläutert, vermehret Und vom ... Georg dem Andern, Könige von Gross-Britannien ... Hertzogen zu Braunschweig und Lüneburg ... confirmiret
Discours historiques, critiques, theologiques, et moraux, sur les evenements les plus memorables du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament. Par Mr. Jacques Saurin, Ministre du St Evangile à La Haye. Avec des Figures gravées sur les dessins...
Dissertationes ex occasione sylloges orationum dominicarum scriptae ad Joannem Chamberlaynium...
form of the proceedings to the royal coronation ..., The
Four Georges, The ; The English Humourists of the eighteenth century
Georgius Rex. The professions you have lately made in your letters, of your particular regard to me, are so contradictory to your actions, that I cannot suffer myself to be imposed upon by them
Geschichte der Verfassung von England von Heinrich VII. bis Georg II., Die
Goldene Brief des birmanischen Königs Alaungphaya an den britischen König Georg II. vom 7. Mai 1756 in der Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek, Der
Grande-Bretagne. Monarque (1727-1860 : George II). His Majesty's most gracious...
Hermanni Boerhaave viri summi, suique praeceptoris Methodus studii medici emaculata & accessionibus locupletata ab Alberto ab Haller, med. & ph. d. anat. chir. bot. in Georg. Aug. P. P. O. consiliario aul. & archiatro reg. & elect. praeside regiae societ. scientiar. Gotting. acad. Caesar. natur. curios. nec non regg. socc. & acadd. Britann. Boruss. Suecic. & Upsal. sodali. Reip. Bern. in sup. senatu CCviro. Tomus primus..
His Majesty's declaration of war against the French King.
Histoire critique de la philosophie
Jacobi Bruckeri... Historia critica philosophiae... Tomus Primus [-Volumen Sextum].
Joannis Seldeni jurisconsulti Opera omnia, tam edita quam inedita. In tribus voluminibus. Collegit ac recensuit : Vol. I.
König Georg II. bei der Musterung seiner jannoverschen Truppen : platt- und hochdeutsche Gedichte aus den Jahren 1729 bis 1755 : mit hochdeutschen Prosa-Übertragungen
Letters in the original, with translations, and messages that passed between the king, queen, Prince and Princess of Wales, on occasion of the birth of the young princess.
Lettre de George II. roi d'Angleterre, electeur d'Hanovre, a la reine de Hongrie, pour l'engager à la reconnoissance
Majesty's most gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Monday the fourth day of July, 1757.
Methodus studii medici, II. tomis comprehensa.
Miscellaneous Documents. 1744-03-29
new map of Italy distinguishing all the Sovereignties in it ..., A : with the post roads, and many remarks ...
new map of the County of Northumberland..., A
new map of the upper part of Italy., A
Notre Père.
Novus linguae et eruditionis romanae thesaurus, post Rob. Stephani et aliorum nuper etiam in anglia eruditissimorum hominum curas digestus, locupletatus emendatus... a Jo. Matthia Gesnero,...
Oratio ... de more solemni circa declarandum bellum inter gentes moratiores recepto et nuper etiam ab augustissimo M. Britanniae Rege Georgio II. adversus Galliarum Regem decore et solemniter usurpato
Oratio dominica in diversas omnium fere gentium linguas versa et propriis cujusque linguae characteribus expressa, una cum dissertationibus nonnullis de linguarum origine, variisque ipsarum permutationibus. Editore Joanne Chamberlayno anglo-britanno, Regiae societatis Londinensis & Berolinensis socio..
Plaintes du roi Georges II. Electeur d'Hannower, a l'imperatrice reine d' Hongrie
Plaintes du roi Georges II, électeur d'Hannower, à l'impératrice reine de Hongrie
Prince George his letter to the King
Proclamatie van de wapenstilstand, overeengekomen tussen de koning [van Groot-Brittannië] en de Staten-Generaal; 5 mei 1748
Public General Acts. 1739-1740. 13 Geo.II.c.4
royal conference or a dialogue between Their Majesties. G *** E the IId. of E***d. and L**s the XV. of F***e. With some Notes Critical and Explanatory, The
Scheme for the settlement of a new colony to the westward of Pennsylvania : for the enlargement of his majesty's dominions in America, for the further promotion of the Christian religion among the Indian natives, and for the more effectual securing them in his majesty's alliance.
Statutes and ordinances of the most noble order of St. George named the Garter", "The
To His Majesty George the Second
Treasure of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz library in Hanover, Germany the Golden letter from King Alaungphaya of Myanmar to King Georg II of Great Britain, The
Trés-gracieuse harangue faite par Sa Majesté le Roi de la Grande Bretagne aux deux Chambres du Parlement, mardi le (3) 14 avril 1744
Urbium Londini et West-Monasterii nec non suburbii Southwark accurata ichnographia...
world. A new and correct map ..., The