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al Ittiḥād ad-Daulī li-Tanẓīm al-Wālidīya
al Ittiḥād ad-Duwalī li-Tanẓīm al-Wālidīya
al Ittiḥād al-ʻĀlamī Daulī li-Tanẓīm al-Wālidīya
Comité international de planning familial
Federação Internacional para o Planeamento Familiar
Federación Internacional de Planificación de la Familia
Federación internacional de planificación familia
Federación Internacional para el Planeamiento Familiar
Fédération Internationale du Planning Familial
Fédération internationale pour la planification famìliale
Fédération Internationale pour le Planning Familial
International Committee on Planned Parenthood
International Planned Parenthood Committee
International Planned Parenthood Federation
Internationale Vereinigung für Familienplanung
Internationaler Verband für Familienplanung
IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation)
Ittiḥād al-Dawlī li-Tanẓīm al-Usrah
Ittiḥād al-ʻĀlamī li-Tanẓīm al-Wālidīyah
Ittiḥād Al-ʿālami Li-Tanẓīm Al-Usrah
Mezhdunarodnai︠a︡ federat︠s︡ii︠a︡ planirovanii︠a︡ semʹi
Międzynarodowa Federacja Planowanego Rodzicielstwa
Międzynarodowa Federacja Planowania Rodziny
Planned Parenthood Federation
Verband für Familienplanung
Vereinigung für Familienplanung
Международная федерация планирования семьи
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International Committee on Planned Parenthood (see also from)
IPPF Central Medical Committee
Ketting, Evert
Kleinman, Ronald L
Kleinman, Ronald Louis
Population Council
Senanayake, Pramilla
Wadia, Avabai B.
Wadia, Avabai Bomanji
World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession
Advocacy for reproductive health dialogue, challenges, overview, responses
AIDS Watch
Après Le Caire et Pékin : l'impulsion est donnée
Caring for quality dialogue, challenges, overview, responses
Directory of contraceptives
Directory of selected training facilities in family planning and allied subjects.
Educación sexual.
Evaluation of family planning programmes : an example from Botswana
Family planning: a guide to methods for fieldworkers, health, social and welfare workers.
Family planning handbook for doctors
Family planning handbook for midwives and nurses
Family planning in Chile : a profile of the development of policies and programmes.
Family planning in Colombia : a profile of the development of policies and programmes.
Family planning in Cuba : a profile of the development of policies and programmes.
Family planning in five continents.
Family planning : meeting challenges, promoting choices : the proceedings of the IPPF Family Planning Congress, New Delhi, October 1992
Human numbers, human needs
human problem of abortion, The : medical and legal dimensions : conclusions of the Ad Hoc Expert Panel on Abortion, 16-18 February 1978, held at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Study and Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy
International planned parenthood directory., The
International Planned Parenthood Federation medical bulletin (English edition)
International Planned Parenthood Federation Open File
International planned parenthood news : index 1952-1968
IPPF bibliography series.
IPPF co-op inf. serv.
IPPF in action.
IPPF in Africa : pioneers in sexual and reproductive health.
IPPF med. bull. (Engl. ed.)
IPPF medical bulletin : index to volumes 18-20, 1984-1986
IPPF news
IPPF open file.
IPPF world survey
Joint IGCC/IPPF Workshop on Population Education Programme Administration : a report on the Joint IGCC/IPPF Workshop on Population Education Programme Administration, held in Kuala Lumpur, 11-13 September 1979
Journal of reproduction and fertility
karta praw seksualnych i reprodukcyjnych
Law file.
light is ours, The : memoirs & movements
Men's needs and responsibilities dialogue, challenges, overview, responses
Open file
People and the planet
People (English ed.)
people of Kenya., The
People without choice : report of the 21st anniversary conference of the International Planned Parenthood Federation
Peuples : revue de l'IPPF sur la population et le développement
planification familiale dans les années 80, La : défis et possibilités : rapport de la Conférence internationale sur la planification familiale dans les années 80, Djakarta, Indonésie, 26-30 avril 1981
Planned parenthood and women's development : lessons from the field
Planned parenthood challenges.
Population and family planning classification
population of Indonesia, 1930-1968; a bibliography., The
Poverts and reproductive health guest editorial, challenges, overview, responses
problème humain de l'avortement, Le : dimensions médicales et juridiques : conclusions du groupe spécial d'experts sur l'avortement (Bellagio, 16-18 février 1978)
Proceedings of the eighth international conference of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Santiago, Chile, 9-15 April, 1967.
Programme review and financial statements.
relationship between family size and maternal and child health., The
Report to donors.
Res. action
Res. reprod.
Research for action.
Research in reproduction.
Role of family planning in African development: proceedings of a seminar held at University College, Nairobi, Kenya, December 13-16, 1967., The
Second IPPFAR Dissemination Forum
Seminar on Development of FP Challenges Initiative for the coming 21th Century
survey on the status of sex education in European member countries, A
Survey report on family life education programmes in Southern Africa : Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Malawi
Symposium sur l'élimination des barrières juridiques à la santé sexuelle et de la reproduction dans les pays d'Afrique francophone
Talking family planning : a fieldwork handbook
Teachers and family life education : report of WCOTP/IPPF/GNAT seminar, Bolgatanga, Ghana, November 1976.
Understanding adolescents an IPPF report on young people's sexual and reproductive health needs
Unsafe abortion dialogue, overview, responses, action
use of mobile units in family planning programmes., The
Victor-Bostrom Fund report
Victor Fund report of the International Planned Parenthood Federation
Warshat Natāʼij Mā Baʻda Bikīn ; wa, Warshat Abʻād al-Marʼah al-ʻArabīyah
Where next ? : an overview of youth and family planning
wojna z chrzescijanstwem onz i unia europejska jako nowa ideologia
Women's health, women's rights dialogue, challenges, overview, responses
World list of family planning addresses
World list of family planning agencies
ورشة نتائج ما بعد بكين ؛ و، ورشة أبعاد المرأة العربية