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Bland, Edith
Bland, Edith Nesbit (married name)
Bland, Hubert (Mrs)
E. Nesbit
Edith Bland
Edith Nesbit
Nesbit Bland, Edith
Nesbit, E.
Nesbit, Edith
Nisbit, A.
Nīsbit, Idīt
إديث نيسبت،
نيسبت، إديث،
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related identities: 
Bland, Edit (other identity, same person)
Bland, Edith Nesbit (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Brock, C. E. (1870-1938)
Brock, Charles Edmund (1870-1938)
Formentelli, Bee
Hughes, Shirley (1927-)
Lynch, Patrick James (1962-...)
Millar, H.R.
Nesbit, E. (1858-1924; see also from)
Nesbit, Edith (1858-1924; see also from)
San Miguel, Juan M.
Schönfeldt, Sybil (1927-)
Schumann, Barbara
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Sheridan, Dinah
Taylor, Lily
Tijman, Hannie
Valério, Maria Helder
Westrup, Jadwiga P. (1921-1988)
Zwerger, Lisbeth
غزلان، محمد عبد الرحيم
Baby Seed Song
Bastables: The story of the treasure seekers; The Wouldbegoods, The
best of Shakespeare, The
book of beasts, The
book of dragons, The
buscadores de tesoros, Los
Chasse au trésor
château enchanté
children's Shakespeare, The
Cinq enfants et moi
cockatoucan, The
complete book of dragons, The
conscience pudding, The
crianças do caminho de ferro, As
deliverers of their country, The
Det förtrollade slottet
domadores de dragones, Los
Drachen, Katzen, Königskinder
drôle de fée
École ensorcelée
Eisenbahnkinder, Die
Els domadors de dracs.
enchanted castle, The
Fågel Fenix och mattan
Fairy stories
fée des sables
Fem barn och ett sandtroll
Feuervogel und Zauberteppich
five children; containing Five children and it; The phœnix and the carpet; The story of the amulet, The
Five of us, and Madeline.
Fünf Kinder und zehn Wünsche
Geheimnisvolle Reisen mit Psammy
Harding's luck
Herz des Zauberers, Das
Historias de dragones
house of Arden, The
house with no address, The
Huset Ardens gåta
ice dragon, The
incomplete amorist, The
island of the nine whirlpools, The
Jack and the beanstalk
Kinder von Arden, Die
last of the dragons and some others, The
literary sense, The
Little Brown Brother
Long ago when I was young.
magic city, The
magic world., The
magician's heart, The
Man-Size in Marble
New treasure seekers...
old nursery stories, The
phoenix and the carpet., The
poszukiwacze skarbu
Psammy sorgt für Abenteuer
railway children, The
Red house;, The
Roi Billy [contes]
roi Lionel et le livre magique
Sandelf 01, Der
Sandelf 02, Der
Sandelf 03, Der
Sandelf 04, Der
Sandelf 05, Der
Sandelf 06, Der
Sandelf 07, Der
Sandelf 08, Der
Sandelf 09, Der
secret de l'amulette, Le
Slave Song
Spring in Wartime
Stars of Paradise
story of the amulet, The
story of the treasure seekers; being the adventures of the Bastables children in search of a fortune;, The
story of the treasure seekers, The : being the adventures of the bastable children in search of a fortune
Takara sagashi no kodomo-tachi
town in the library, The
Traum von Arden, Der
Treasure Seakers, The
treasure seekers, The
Twenty beautiful stories from Shakespeare, a home study course; being a choice collection from the World's greatest classic writer, Wm. Shakespeare
verzauberte Garten, Der
verzauberte Schloss, Das
verzauberte Stadt, Die
Vijf kinderen en Het
Wet magic.
wonderful garden, The
wouldbegoods; being the further adventures of the treasure seekers; with illus. by C. Walter Hodges., The
Wouldbegoods, The : being the further adventures of the treasure seekers
Wundergarten, Der
اطفال سكة الحديد
Contributed to or performed: 
About five Eliza slipped out
Albert-next-door was very tiresome
Alice had put on the nursery tablecloth, which is green
And quite suddenly
Being editors is not the best way to wealth
bottle got quite dusty where we had put it, The
Chapter V - by Noël
Classic Tales of Horror, Volume 1
clergyman seemed to be speechless, The
day or two after Noël came back from Hastings, A
Ebenholzrahmen, Der
Everyone knows what it is like to go in the train
H.O. did not care about waiting
It was Albert's uncle who thought of trying a newspaper
It was all very well for Father to ask
It was not bad - being in London entirely on our own
It was very silly
König Willi
Lest We Forget...
letzte Drache und andere Drachengeschichten, Der
letzte Drache, Der
Macht der Dunkelheit, Die
Man-Size in Marble
minute he'd said it the burglar, The
next day Albert's uncle took Noël away, The
Noël was quite tiresome for ever so long
Now it is coming near the end of our treasure-seeking
Of course as soon as we had promised to consult my father
Of course the next thing was for one of us to catch a cold
One day when we suddenly found that we had half a crown
Oswald spoke first
Presently Dicky came back
She happened quite accidentally
So Dicky and Oswald crept down
So we at once showed Uncle
Teil 1
Teil 10
Teil 11
Teil 12
Teil 13
Teil 14
Teil 15
Teil 16
Teil 17
Teil 18
Teil 19
Teil 2
Teil 20
Teil 21
Teil 22
Teil 23
Teil 24
Teil 25
Teil 26
Teil 27
Teil 28
Teil 29
Teil 3
Teil 30
Teil 31
Teil 32
Teil 33
Teil 34
Teil 35
Teil 36
Teil 37
Teil 38
Teil 39
Teil 4
Teil 40
Teil 41
Teil 42
Teil 43
Teil 44
Teil 45
Teil 46
Teil 47
Teil 48
Teil 49
Teil 5
Teil 50
Teil 6
Teil 7
Teil 8
Teil 9
Then all of a sudden came one of those uncomfortable times
Then Uncle looked at Father
Then we left off going to school
This is the story of the different ways we looked for treasure
Treasure Seekers, The
violette Automobil, Das
We all went down into the cellar
We elders arranged everything
We thought a long time whether we'd write a letter
We took all the parcels into the nursery
We went over the stones on tiptoe
When Alice came back she was very quiet
When the money was all spent
When we had got that money by digging for treasure
You have no idea how uncomfortable the house was
You wish to borrow money. When will you repay it?