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Ceyms Horner
Džeimss Horners
Horner, J.
Horner, James
Horner, James Roy
J. Horner
James Horner
James Horner (Amerikaans componist (1953-2015))
James Horner (amerikai filmzeneszerző)
James Horner (compositeur américain)
James Horner (compositor americano)
James Horner (compositore statunitense)
James Horner (film composer and conductor)
James Horner & Orchestra
James Horner (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist)
Τζέιμς Χόρνερ
Джеймс Горнер
Джеймс Хорнер (кинокомпозитор США)
Джеймс Хорнър
ჯეიმზ ჰორნერი
Ջեյմս Հորներ
ג'יימס הורנר
הורנר, ג'יימס
جيمس هورنر
جیمز هورنر
제임스 호너
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
20th century-Fox
Cameron, James (1954-...)
City of Prague Philharmonic
Foster, David
Fox vidéo
Gaumont Columbia Tristar home vidéo
Gibson, Mel (1956-...)
Horner, James (1953-...)
Howard, Ron (1954-)
Jennings, Will
London symphony orchestra
Mortimer, John Glenesk (1951-)
Naxos Digital Services
Paramount pictures corporation
Sony music France
Williams, John (1932-)
Zaillian, Steven
Zimmer, Hans (skladatelj)
10M1 Fight To The Death V917 (Insert)
10M1 Fight To The Death V917 (Original Start Only)
10M1R Fight To The Death V917
10M2 A New Beginning V917
10M3 Eyes Open V917
10M4 I See You (Theme From Avatar)
10M5 Jake's First Flight (End Credits Edit)
10M6 Gathering The Na'vi Clans (End Credits Edit)
1M1 You Don't Dream In Cryo
1M4 Quaritch Speech
1M5 First Look
1M5 (Not Used)
200,000-Year Timeline
2½ Miles Down (alternate)
2M0 (Not Used)
2M1 Avatar Legs
2M1 Jake Enters His Avatar World
2M2 Into the Na'vi World (CD Mix)
2M2 (Not Used Original Demo)
2M2 (Not Used Redo)
2M3A Exploring
2M3B Thanator Chase
3200 Years Ago
33, The
3M1 (Excerpt)
3M1 Pure Spirits of The Forest (CD Mix)
3M1 Viperwolves
3M2 Jake Meets the Na'vi
3M3 Na'vi Hometree Chants
3M3 (Not Used)
3M5 Sleep (Less Tinkly)
4 plumas, Las
48 Hrs. / Another 48 Hrs
48 Hrs.: Following Luther
48 Hrs.: Hotel Shootout
48 Hrs.: Subway Chase
48 Hrs.: The Bus
4M1 The Plan
4M2 The Village
4M2 V815ISH
4M3A The Floating Mountains, Part 1 V815
4M3B The Floating Mountains, Part 2a V815
4M3C The Floating Mountains, Part 2b V815
4M3D The Floating Mountains, Part 3 V528
4M4 Becoming One of The People 5RR V928 (Flute Version)
4M4 Becoming One of The People 5RR V928 (Vocal Version)
4M4 Becoming One of The People (CD Mix)
4M4 Lessons 1 (Not Used)
4M5 V528 (Not Used)
4M6 Night Iridescence
5M1 Climbing Up Iknimaya (CD Mix)
5M1 Climbing Up Iknimaya V701
5M1R Climbing Up Iknimaya V815ISH (Alternative)
5M2 Filmend (Original Ending)
5M2 Flight of The Banshee V424 (Original Parts 1 and 2)
5M2 Jake Flies His Banshee R V424 (Trumpet Solo and Barrel Roll)
5M2 Jake Gets His Banshee R V701
5M2A The Hunt V424
5M3 Intro V701
5M3 Leonopteryx V424
6M1 V109 (Used Instead of 6M1)
6M1R V926 (Not Used)
6M2 A Man of My Word V904
6M4 Jake and Neytiri V424 (Not Used)
6M4RRR Mated For Life V928
6M5 Scorched Earth V701 (Alternative)
6M5R Scorched Earth V928
6M6 Scorched Earth V701 (Alternative)
6M6B Quaritch Pulls The Plug
6M7 No Reasoning V702
6M8 Quaritch Speech (From Cue 1M4)
7M1 Quaritch (Not Used)
7M1 The Skypeople Are Coming V701
7M2 Hometree Destruction (CD Mix)
7M2 Hometree Destruction (Pickup)
7M2 Hometree Destruction V701 (End Choir Alternative)
7M3 Shutting Down Grace's Lab V904
7M3 V904 (Long End P-U)
7M3R V904 (With Ethnic Voice)
7M4 The Escape V904 (Film Version)
8M1 Help For Grace (Extra Percussion)
8M1 Help For Grace V904
8M2 Bonding With Leonoptryx (Child)
8M2 Bonding With Leonoptryx V818
8M3 Funeral Chant V928 (Sweetener)
8M4 Prayers For Grace (Alternative)
8M4 Prayers For Grace V928
8M5 Grace's Death (Percussion)
8M5 Grace's Death V928
8M6 Gathering the Na'vi Clans (Full Version)
8M7 Quaritch Takes Over V928
9M1A V928 (Not Used)
9M1B Battle Plan
9M2 Jake Prays To Eywa V1023 (Alternative)
9M3 War
9M3R War V1023 (Alternative Ending)
9M4 The Battle Continues
9M5 Quaritch Down (Alternative Opening)
9M5R Quaritch Down V1023
9M5R V1023 (Insert)
À la recherche de Spock
Accident, The
Achilles Leads the Myrmidons
Achilles Saves Briseis
Act of Heroism, An
Adam's World
Aerial Ballet
affaire Pélican
After Antietam
“After the Beheading” (Robert the Bruce)
Aftermath and New Birth
Aiming to Miss
Ain' Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'round
Airport Farewell
Airport Goodbye
Al Bathra / Main Title
Alan Arrested
Alan Escapes
Alan Parrish
Alan Searching for His Parents
Alexander's ragtime band
Alfred Moves to Helena
Alfred, Tristan, the Colonel, the Legend...
Alicia Discovers Nash’s Dark World
Alien Takes Newt
Aliens Approach OPS Via Ceiling
Aliens Attack / Ripley Rescue Sequence
Aliens: Bishop's Countdown
Aliens Emerge
Aliens: Futile Escape
Aliens, le retour
Aliens: Main Title
Aliens: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Aliens. Selections
Aliens (Special Edition)
All Is Lost
All Love Can Be
All Our Lives Collide
All Systems Go - The Launch
All the King's Men
All the Kings Men
All the Memories From an Old Photo Album
All Work and No Play
Alley, The
Alright, I’m In
Always Brothers
Amazing Grace
Amazing Spider-Man: Music From the Motion Picture, The
Amazing Spider-Man: Young Peter, The
Ambush and Kidnapping
Ambush, The
American Tail: Fievel Goes West, An
American Tail: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack, An
American Tail Overture (main title)
American Tail - Somewhere Out There, An
Ancient Chinese Medicine
Ancient Civilizations
“…And the Blind Shall See”
Andes Arrival
Anne's Memories
Another 48 Hrs.: Birdcage Battle
Another 48 Hrs.: King Mei Shootout
Another 48 Hrs.: Main Title
Another 48 Hrs.: The Courthouse
Ant Safari
Antique Shop
Anything Can Happen In America
APC to Atmosphere Processor
Apollo 13: Re-Entry & Splashdown
Apollo 13: The Launch
Apology, The
Apology to Norman
Apparition in the Fields..., An
Apple Mousse
Approaching Genesis
“Are you ready to go back to Titanic?…”
Arius Crashes Through Window
Arkady and Irina (film version)
Armies Approach (film version)
Armies Approach (original version)
Arrest of the Bombers
Arrest the Children
Arrival of the Carnival
Arriving Home
Arvid Beaten
As We Were Children Once
Ascension, The
Assassin, The
Assault on Ryan's House
Atacama Desert, The
Atmosphere Station
Attack Airbase
Attack on Murron
Attacked From the Air
Attempt on the Royals
Attempted Capture
Attempted Suicide
Avatar: Complete Motion Picture Score
Avatar: Complete Score (5-Disc Set)
Avatar: Deluxe Edition
Avatar - I See You
Avatar: Music From the Motion Picture
“B” Is for Boy
Babies Buzz New York
Baby Strokes
Back in Training
Back to Crumpit
Back to Titanic
Backstreet Beating
Bad Award
Bad Dream
Bad Dreams (alternate)
Bail Denied
Balto Brings the Medicine!
Balto Returns/Balto Brings Medicine (Original)
Balto Returns/Balto Brings Medicine (Rescore)
Balto’s Aurora
Balto Sees Jenna
Baobob Tree, The
Baseball, The
Basement, The
Baskerville Hound
Basketball Swing
Bats in the Attic
*batteries not included
Battle Begins (take 1), The
Battle Begins (take 2), The
Battle Begins (take 3), The
Battle Beyond the Stars / Humanoids From the Deep
Battle Beyond the Stars: Recording Sessions
Battle Continues, The
Battle in Operations
Battle in the Mutara Nebula
Battle in the Oil Fields
Battle in the Swamp, The
Battle / Jobe Runs, The
Battle of Stirling (alternate opening), The
Battle of Stirling (extended version), The
Battle of the Parapets
Battle on the Parapets
Battle Plan
Bavmorda's Spell Is Cast
Beast Within, The
Beata viscera
Beautiful Mind: Looking for the Next Great Idea, A
Beautiful Mind: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, A
Becoming Close Friends
Becoming One Of "The People" Becoming One With Neytiri (From "Avatar")
Becoming Spider-Man
Bedside Vigil
Begin The Beguine
Behrani's Thoughts, Long Ago
Beijing Valentine
Being Left Behind
Being Watched
Ben’s Death
Betrayal & Desolation
Betrayal, The
Beyond Borders
Bicentennial Man
Bicycle, The
Big Band on Ice
Big Heist, The
Bike Talk: Dad & Brad / Bike Ride: Dad & Brad / Brad's Bike Challenge
Bioluminescence of The Night (Not Used), The
Bird of Prey Decloaks
Birdcage Battle
Bishop Exam / Colonists Found
Bishop’s Countdown
Bishop Stabbed (edited)
Bismarck, The
Bitter News
Black Gold
Black Smoke
Blocked Plumbing
Blow Up Narcotics Plane
Blowing Sands, The
Bluebeard's Flight
Boat Chase / Aftermath
Boating Accident, The
Bobby Fischer Interview
Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius
Bogeyman Norman
Bonding With Leonoptryx
Boris & Balto
Born Angry
Bourbon Street
Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The
Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - Boys Playing Airplanes, The
Boys Are Out, The
Boys Buy a Lightening Rod, The
Boys' Plans, From Night to Day, The
Boys Playing Airplanes
Brad and Henry Call CQ / Brad and Hiroshi Ride Double
Brainstorm: Final Playback / End Titles
Brainstorm: First Playback
Brainstorm: Gaining Access to the Tapes
Brainstorm: Lillian's Heart Attack
Brainstorm: Main Title
Brainstorm: Michael's Gift to Karen
Brainstorm: Race for Time
Brave Words, Braver Deeds
Braveheart.A Gift of a Thistle
Braveheart (Braveheart)
Braveheart: End Credits
Braveheart: End Theme
Braveheart (End Title)
Braveheart: End Titles
Braveheart: For the Love of a Princess
Braveheart - Générique De Fin
Braveheart (KMN score remix)
Braveheart: Main Title Theme
Braveheart. Selections
Braveheart Trilogy
Bread Box, The
Bridge Talk
Bridge, The
Briefcase, The
Bring Down the Lion and the Rest of the Jungle Will Quake in Fear.
Briseis and Achilles
Briseis Taken
Broken Glass
Broken Promise, A
Broken Window
Brothers at War
Brujo's Storm / A Loss of Innocence, The
"Buck-O", The
Building a New Town
Building Panic (film version), A
Building the Angel
Building the Helix
Building The Mouse Of Minsk
Bullet on the Floor, A
Bumper #1 / Bumper #2
Buried Alive
Burning Ferris Wheel, The
Burning the Book
Burning the Town of Darien
Bus Station
Bye Penny / Mike Phones
Cafe Swing
Call for Achilles
Call to Arms, A
Calling to the Wind
Cambodia I
Cambodia II
Cambodia III
Cambodia IV
Can Kill You, I
Can’t See You Anymore, I
Canister Explosion
Canyon of Mazes
Captain Terrell’s Death
Captured by Scree
Car Chase, The
Car Flip / Second Trip to Pacifica
Carbon Dioxide
...Care of the Spitfire Grill
Carlson's Plan
Carnival After Dark, The
Carnival Music / Turn in Your Noses
Carol and Priest Graveside / Desire to Live
Carol Bathes Scottie
Carol Consoles Liz / Carol Says Goodbye to Neighbor
Carousel, The
Carrigan & Dibs
Casket Arrival
Casper: Casper's Lullaby
Casper Makes Breakfast
Castle (album version), The
Cat Food Pâté
Cat Rumble
Cayman Joins Nanelia (take 1)
Cayman Joins Nanelia (take 2)
Central Park
Chain Reaction
Change of Heart, A
Changeling, The
Changing Seasons / Wild Horses / Tristan's Return, The
Charging Fort Wagner (Glory)
Chase Through the Park
Chasing Gray
Chavez Sees Prisoners
Chci žít Tvou láskou
Chechnya I
Chechnya II
Chechnya III
Chechnya IV
Cheermeister Games, The
Cheermeister Vote
Chekin' the New House
Chekov Lies
Chess Piece in the Dark / Shirazi Game / Little Castle
Chestbuster Victim
Children / Maybe One Day..., Maybe One Day, The
Children, The Unbroken Bond
Chimp Rumble
Chinese Parade Sequence (Traditional)
Choose! Time to Decide
Choppers Over Hill
Christmas 1995
Christmas, Why Can’t I Find You?
Chuck's First Lesson
Chumscrubber, The
Church / Carnival
Cindy Lou Invites the Grinch
Cindy Lou's Slide
City, The
Civilisations Brought by Sea
Class Action (End Title)
Class Action (Main Title)
Class Action: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Classics, The
Classroom Justice
Cleanhead Bust
Clear and present danger
Cliff Caught
Cliff The Waiter
Cliff To The Club
Climbing the Steps of Mt. Seleya
Climbing Up “Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven”
Closing Credits (album version)
Closing Credits (film version)
CNN News Report / Sean's Interrogation
Coast Guard Rescue
Cocoon 2: The Return: Basketball Swing
Cocoon (end credits)
Cocoon (Expanded Score)
Cocoon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Cocoon—The Return: Returning Home
Cocoon: Theme
Cocoons, The
Coffin, The
Collage: Part I
Collage: Part II
Collage: Part III
Collage: Part IV
Collage: Part V
Collage: Part VI
Collage: The Last Work
Collapse, The
Collecting the Ballots
Colwyn and Lyssa Love Theme
Combat Drop (percussion only)
Come Little Children
Comet's Sunrise, The
Coming Home From the Sea
Commando: Main Theme
Commando (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Complete Star Trek Suite, The
Complex (edited), The
Compound Assault
Confession, The
Confluence of Families, A
Confronting Forever
Conjuring the 'Hick' Vote
Conquest Of The Air (From First In Flight)
Containment of a Darker Purpose
Contempt (alternate)
Contempt (original version)
Conversing With the Almighty (Stephen, William Wallace, Hamish, Campbell)
Cooger's Challenge
Cornelius's Nature Lesson
Cornfield, The
Cornflakes Dip
Cortez Arrives In U.S.
Cortez Is Watched
Cortez Kills Escobedo
Cortez Ranch, The
Cosmic Connection
Cosmo… Old Friend
Cossack Cats, The
Courage Under Fire: Courage Under Fire
Courage Under Fire: Theme
Courthouse, The
Coward No Longer, A
Cowboy and the Jackers
Cowboy's Attack (take 1)
Cowboy's Attack (take 2)
Cowboy & The Jackers (take 1)
Cowboy & The Jackers (take 2)
Cracking the Russian Codes
Creating “Governing Dynamics”
Creating Panic
Crew Enters Shuttle
Crucial Rendezvous
Cry for Help, A
Cry for Love, Part 1
Cry for Love, Part 2
Crying in Hospital (Extended Version)
Cuban Memories
Curse of Ghosts, A
Cut to Val Verde
Cutting Cards
Cutting the Cocoon
Dad Builds Treehouse
Dad Learns Dylan’s Gone
Dad: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Dad Watches Dylan
Dance, The
Dancing in the Dark
Danger immédiat
Danilov's Confession
Dar Tears the Book
Darby's Emotions
Darby's Theme
Dark and Restless Night, A
Dark Armies from the Forest Attack
Dark Cloud Is Forever Lifted, A
Dark Discovery / Newt’s Horror
Dark Reunion, A
Dark's Pandemonium Carnival
Dark Side of the Moon, The
Darkside of the Moon, The
David and Dad Talk
David Follows
David Runs to the Boat
Dawn Alarm
Dawn to Dusk / The Riderless Horse
Dead City, The
Dead Dog
Deadly Blessing: A Brief Funeral
Deadly Blessing: A Grisly Discovery
Deadly Blessing: A New Day
Deadly Blessing: An Empty Grave
Deadly Blessing: Barn / Snake
Deadly Blessing: Final Confrontation
Deadly Blessing: Finale / End Credits
Deadly Blessing: Love Theme
Deadly Blessing: Main Title
Deadly Blessing: Malissa's Awakening / Deadly
Deadly Blessing: Unwelcome Visitor / Fiery
Deadly Blessing: Vicky & John
Deadly Ice
Death in the Mine
Death of A'Ba
Death of Padre Christopher, The
Death of Quaritch, The
Death of the Beast / The Destruction of the Black Fortress, The
Death of Titanic (alternate)
Deciding to Build the Field
Decision to Leave Home, The
Decision to Turn Around, The
Dedication and Windsong
Deep Impact - The Wedding
Deleting the Evidence
Delivering the Ransom
Den of Snakes / Den of Snakes, Part II
Deposition, The
Depot, The
Depth Charge
Dernier Loup, Le
dernier testament, Le
Descent to Lazarus
Desperate Decision, A
Desperate Run Through the Tunnels, A
Destined for Greatness
Destruct Sequence / Enterprise's Final Glory
Destruction of Hammerhead (take 1)
Destruction of Hammerhead (take 2)
Destruction of Hometree, The
Destruction of the Black Fortress
devil's own, The
Diana - A Future to Be....
Diana Gets Hit by a Car
Diana's Young Conscience Is Finally Formed
Did Somebody Say "The Grinch"
Diddy Diddy Dum Dum
Diego's Goodbye (Die Maske des Zorro)
Digging for Water
Digging Montage
Digging Out the Past
Dinner of Pigeon / Setting the Explosives, A
Discovered At The Mine
Discovered in the Poolhouse
Discovering Hidden Dangers
Discovering Spiderwick’s Secret Workshop
Discovering the Carousel
Discovery, The
Dissolve To Sea/Lullaby
Distant Discovery, A
Distant Memories
Do You Like Me
Do You Miss Mom and Dad?
Doc's Memories
Docking Maneuver
Does Cindy Lou Really Ruin Christmas?
Dogsled Race, The
Dolls Are Not for Big Girls, Propaganda Is...
Dolphins, The
Don't Call Me Tiny (Film version)
Don’t Disturb My Friend (alternate mix)
Don’t Move
Double détente
Down In The Sewer/Chase In The Mauler's Den
Down River
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Drawing Straws
Dre's Gift and Apology
Dream Crusher
Dream, The
Dreams of Kings, The
Dreams to Dream
Drill Misses (And Dreams Fade...), The
Drilling, the Sweetest Sound!
Drive Away From Pier
Drive Home, The
Drug Bust (Extended Version)
Drum Roll / Sleepy Maggy
Duo, A
Dust Witch, The
Dwayne's Letters
'Dying' to Be a Ghost
Dylan’s Gone
Early Morning
Early Victories (film version)
Eels of Ceti Alpha V / Kirk in Space Shuttle, The
Egg Chamber
Electronic Battlefield (film version)
Electronic Battlefield (orchestra only)
Elegy, The
Elena and Esperanza
Elena's Truth
Elephants, The
Elora Danan
Elusive Quarry, An
Emissary of Dust (take 1)
Emissary of Dust (take 2)
Empanadas for Darío
Empty Showers
En pleine tempête
End Credit
End Credits (film version)
End Credits (From "Braveheart")
End Credits (not used in film)
End Credits (Remix)
End Credits (take 1)
End Credits (take 2)
End Credits (take 3)
End, The
End Title (edited)
End Title/End Credits
End Titles
Enemy at the gates
Ennemis rapprochés
Entering the Cave
Entering the City With a Future Foretold
Enterprise Attacks Reliant
Enterprise Clears Moorings
Enterprise's Final Glory, The
Entre la luz y el pecado
Epidemic’s Toll, The
Epilogue And End Credits (Original Version)
Epilogue and End Title
Epilogue / End Credits (alternate)
Epilogue (original version) / End Title
Epilogue (take 1)
Epilogue (take 2)
Epilogue (take 3)
Epilogue (take 4)
Epilogue (take 5)
Epilogue - The Deep and Timeless Sea
Epitaph to War, An
Equation, The
Erasing the Truth
Escape Airbase
Escape (edited)
Escape / False End
Escape From Hellgate
Escape From the Glade
Escape From the Tavern
Escape in the Plane
Escape / Whistler's Rescue, The
Escaping From the Yellow Dragons / The Meadow
Escobedo's New Friend Part 1
Escobedo's New Friend Part 2
Escobedo's New Friend Part 3
Est. Gateway Station
Ethiopia I
Ethiopia II
Ethiopia III
Ethiopia IV
Ethne's Feather
Evening Supper - A Family Slowly Crumbles
Experiment on Innocence, The
Exploring the Forest
Exploring the Neighborhood
Explosion Makes Newt Fall
Exponential Progress
Exterminator, The
Extreme Close-Up
Eyes on the Prize ("Hold on")
Facehugger Attack in Med Lab
Faceless Bodies
Fallen Friends
False End (edited)
Family Is All We Have
Family Supper
Fania Plays Mozart
Far Away Time / Main Title, A
Far Off Place, A
Far Off Place (Epilogue and End Credits)
Far Off Place (Main Title)
Faraway Thoughts
Farewell at the Airport (film version)
Farewell / Descent Into Madness
Fatal Mistake, A
Fatal Tragedy, A
Father and Son
Father’s Final Return, A
Father's Legacy, A
Feast Source
Feel Great, I
Fencing Lesson, The
Fiddler's Dance
Field of Dreams: Deciding to Build the Field
Field of Dreams: Suite
Fievel and Me
Fievel au far-west
Fievel et le Nouveau Monde
Fievel's Escape
Fievel's Point Of View
Fievel, That's Me
Fight in OPS / Escape in Vents
Fight to the Death
Fighting Chance to Live, A
Final Confrontation, The
Final Contest
Final Escape
Final Playback / End Titles
Final Tournament (film version)
Final Tribute
Final Victory
Finale / End Credits
Finale (Theme From Cocoon)
Finding Dad
Finding Photo
Finding The Prisoners [Film Version]
Finding The Rocket
Fire Breathing Dragon
Fire In The Hole
Fire Trap, The
First Ascent
"First Blood" Ceremony
First Break-In
First Chase
First Drop‐Off, First Kiss
First Flashback (without classical insert)
First Haunting / The Swordfight
First Landing
First Lesson, The
First Look
First Love
First Move
First Night Out
First Playback
First Recognition
First Sighting / Rose’s Suicide Attempt
First Tears
First Tournament (alternate)
First Trek / Yellow Rain
First Vision
First Wish, First Flight
Flame Within, A
Flight of the Griffin, The
Flight to Pacifica / Walk Into Chinatown / Chinese Opera Chase
Floating Mountains, Part 1, The
Floating Mountains, Part 2, The
Floating Mountains, Part 3, The
Flying Away and End Credits
Flying Circus, The
Flying Dragon, The
Flying Forward in Time
Flying Home to Michelle
Flying Lesson, The
Fog's Just Lifting..., The
Following KGB
Following Kirwill
Fond Hopes... Distant Memories
Foot Patrol
For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada
For the Love of a Princess from Braveheart
Foraging for Food
Forbidden Corn
Forest, The
Forgotten, The
Forming the Regiment
Four Feathers, The
“Four More Amps”
Freedom Song
"Freedom" / The Execution / Bannockburn
Freeway Crossing
Freight Train
Frères du désert
Fresh Water
Friendly Fire / Ilario's Story
Friends in War
Fright Radio / Rex’s Sacrifice
Frog Darts
From Master to Student to Master
From One Generation to the Next, ...
From the Forest...
Frozen Lake, The
Funeral, Alone..., The
Funeral Chant
Futile Escape
Gaining Access to the Tapes
Games and Escape, The
Ganali Device, The
Garage Chase
Gathering All the Na’vi Clans for Battle
Gathering the Na'vi Clans End Credits (edit)
Gelt's Arrival / Weather Station Destroyed
Gelt's Death (take 2)
Gelt's Death (take 3)
Gelt's Demands (take 1)
Gelt's Demands (take 2)
Gemsbock Gift
Gemsbok Hunt
General Gorostieta
Genesis' Armageddon
Genesis' Armaggedon
Genesis Arrival
Genesis Beamdown
Genesis Cave, The
Genesis Countdown (Star Trek II)
Genesis Destroyed
Genesis Sundown
Genesis Sunset
Getting Into a Spin
Getting Old
Getting There
Ghost Call
Ghost Dance
Ghost of Serenity
Gift for Little Miss, A
Gift From the Forest, A
Gift of a Necklace, The
Gift of a Thistle (Music From Braveheart), A
Gift of Mortality, The
Gift of the Ball
Gift of the Thistle
Girl in Photo / Cooley Escapes
Girl You Left Behind, The
Give Me the Hammer and I'll Nail 'em Up!
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
Gizmo, The
Glory - Charging Fort Wagner
God Be With You
Going After Newt
Going Home
Going to the Pool
Golden Age Is Now (Remix), The
Good Days, The
Good Friend
Goodbye and Godspeed
Goons, The
Gorky Park (Main Title Theme)
Goro and Tula
Grace's Death
Grand Demon Parade
Grand Slam Demons
Great Escape, The
Great Fire, The
Great Leonoptryx
Great Migration, The
Greek Army and Its Defeat, The
Greeks Invade, The
Green River / Trek Through the Desert
Green Town, Illinois
Greenhouse, The
Greer’s Funeral / Betrayal
Greer's Last Hospital
Greer Signs Memo
Grinch Breaks and Enters, The
Grinch, Der
Grinch Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch stole Christmas, El
Grinch's Plot / You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch
Grinch's Story, The
Grissom Destroyed
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly, The
Grotto, The
Group Seals Up Operations
Growing Old
Grown Wallace Arrives
Gussie's Plan
H Is for "Hidden"
Hamburger Rhumba
Hammerhead Approaches (take 1)
Hammerhead Approcahes (take 2)
Han's Kung Fu
Hand-Off, The
Hand Suite, The
Hanging of the Peacemakers
Hannah's Fall
Happy Family
Happy Memories / End Titles
Hard to Starboard (alternate)
Hard to Starboard (extended version)
Hard To Starboard from Titanic
Hard Training
Hargrove Dies / Final Surveillance
Harry's Resignation
Hate Cats, I
Have Chosen You, I
He Carves a Roast Beast
He Carves the Roast Beast (includes “Welcome Christmas”)
He's Back
He's on a Roll Now
Headin' Out West
Heading for Sador (take 1)
Heading for Sador (take 2)
Healing Balm, A
Healing Ceremony
Healing the Rift
Heart of the Ocean
Hector Instructs Wife
Hector's Death
Hector’s Farewells
Hector’s Funeral
Hector Suits Up
Helicopter Arrives, The
Helmet, The
Help for Grace
Hephaestus Station (take 1, front only)
Hephaestus Station (take 2)
Heritage of the Wolf
Hero Is Born/Bye Bye Bigelow, A
Highland's Execution
Hint of Trouble / The ‘Contract’, A
Hiroshi Hands Teddy to Carol / End Credits
His Fangs Are Sharper
History of Transportation
Hit, The
Hogsqueal’s Warning of a Bargain with Mulgarath
Holcane Attack
Hollywood Boulevard
Home Sweet Lair
Home Video #2
homme d'exception, Un
Honest John And Gussie Mausheimer
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (The Complete Score)
Hope is Love
Hope vs Escobar
Horizon to Horizon
Hospital Chase
Hospital Vigil (alternate)
Hospital Vigil / Jack Returns to CIA / Studying Sean's File
Hot Pursuit
Hotel Chase
Hotel Escape
Hotel, The
House Auction
House of Cards
House of Sand and Fog
How Much They Miss Her
Huck in the Tavern / Gallery of Rogues
Huck Shows Off / Riding to Town
Humanoids Attack, The
Humanoids From the Deep: Aftermath and New Birth
Humanoids From the Deep: Buck-O
Humanoids From the Deep: End Title
Humanoids From the Deep: Final Confrontation
Humanoids From the Deep: Grotto
Humanoids From the Deep: Humanoids Attack
Humanoids From the Deep: Jerry and Peggy
Humanoids From the Deep: Jerry's Death
Humanoids From the Deep: Main Title
Humanoids From the Deep: Night Prowlers
Humanoids From the Deep: Night Swim
Humanoids From the Deep: Search for Clues
Humanoids From the Deep: Strange Catch
Humanoids From the Deep: Trip Upriver
Humanoids From the Deep: Unwelcome Visitor
Hungry for Courage, the Movement Grows
Hunter Becomes the Hunted, The
Hunter (take 1), The
Hunter (take 2), The
Hunting for Information
Hunting the Wolves
Hymn to the Sea
Hyperspace (alternate ending)
I'm Back
I'm on My Way to Freedom Land
Iamskoy’s Death
If Cheese Grew On Trees
If We Hold On Together
Impossible Plan
In Country: Suita din "In Country": [A Night With Tom]
In Country: Suita din "In Country": [Dwayne E. Hughes / At the Vietnam Memorial / Finale and End]
In Country: Suita din "In Country": [Dwayne's Wishes]
In Country: Suita din "In Country": [Letters from Vietnam]
In Country: Suita din "In Country": [Listen Sam]
In Country: Suita din "In Country": [Main Title]
In Country: Suita din "In Country": [Night Camp]
In Country: Suita din "In Country": [The Road to D.C.]
In Memories Only, The Empty Page
In the Cave
In The Church
In Training
Indian Bar
Infiltration, Showdown and Finale
Information Drop
Inner Feelings
Inside Regula I
Inside the Black Fortress
Insurmountable Hurdle, An
Into the L.E.M. (film version)
Into the LEM
Into the Na'vi World
Into the Plane
Into Town
Intruders / The Grinch Descends
Irina’s Chase
Irina’s Confession
Irina’s Theme
Iris: Part 1 (From Iris)
Irish Republican Navy, The
Iron Mountain
Isabel's Murder / Recollections of Samuel
It's Sarah's Move
It Takes Two
It Wasn't a Crime
Jack Briefs FBI / President
Jack Creates Diversion
Jack Dawson’s Luck
Jack Leaves Elaine's Apartment
Jack's Childhood
Jack’s Future
Jack's New Office
Jack Saves Rose
Jack Sees Bombing
Jack the Bear
Jacket on, Jacket Off
Jailbreak / Reunited
Jake Enters His Avatar World
Jake Meets the Na'vi
Jake Prays to Eywa
Jake's First Flight End Credits (edit)
Jake Sleeps
Jared and Mulgarath Fight for the Chronicles
Jenna / Telegraphing the News
Jenny’s Rescue
Jerry and Peggy
Jerry's Death
Jeux de guerre
Jimmy’s Escape
Joaquin's Capture and Zorro's Rescue
Joe’s Gift
Jonah's Last Day
Jose's Martyrdom (From For Greater Glory)
José Saves Catorce
Josh and Vinnie (alternate opening)
Josh’s First Lesson
Josh Sees Poe in the Park (alternate)
Josh vs. Dad (alternate)
Josh Watches Team Leave / First Tournament
Josh Wins in Chess Club
Journey Begins, The
Journey of Natty Gann (Main Title)
Journey of Natty Gann, The
Journey to the Spiritual Mountain
Journey Upriver
Jumanji (DVD Score)
Just a Country Boy
Just Another Chapter of History (Closing Credits)
Just One Drop of Nitro
Kaleidoscope of Mathematics, A
Karate Kid: Music From the Motion Picture, The
Kathy's Night
Katra Ritual (Star Trek III), The
Kayitah's Death / The Soaring Hawk
Keep That Thing Away From Me
Kevin Walks Away / Deadly Lover / Sean's Trial
Khan’s Pets
Kidnapping (take 1), The
Kidnapping (take 2), The
Kidnapping the Wrong Charlie
Kids Wake Up / A New Day, The
Killing, The
Kindred Spirits
King Gasparbeltazar / Procession to Paradise Plantation
King Mei Shootout
Kingdom of Oil, A
Kirk’s Explosive Reply
Kirk's Promise / Genesis / Beamdown
Kirk Takes Command / He Tasks Me
Kitty Hawk (From First In Flight)
Klingon’s Plan, The
Klingons (album version)
Klingons (Film version)
Kruge Attacks the Grissom
Kruge's Plan / Approaching Genesis
Kruge's Plan / Arrival at Planet Genesis
Krull. Selections
Kung Fu Heaven
L.E.M. Jettison
l'épreuve du feu, A
la recherche de Spock, A
Land Before Time: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Landing Drop
Landing Preparation Sequence (Part 1)
Landing Preparation Sequence (Part 2)
Landing Preparations
Laser-Guided Missile, The
Late Night Video
Laughing Bandit, The
Launch, The
Launching the Boat
Lawnmower, The
Learning the Ropes
Learning to Fly
Leather Bag With the Gun, A
Leave No Witnesses...
Leaving as an Emissary
Leaving Berlin
Leaving by Night
Leaving Detroit
Leaving for the Country (Main Theme)
Leaving Glenhurqhart
Leaving Memories Behind
Leaving Port (with alternate ending)
Leaving the Swamp
Legend of Zorro, The
Legend Spreads (Scottish Storytellers), The
Legenden der Leidenschaft
Légendes d'automne
Legends of the Fall (Complete Score)
Legends of the Fall: Main Theme
Legends of the Fall ("The Ludlows" Theme)
Leo's Decision
Leon’s Death (Extended Version)
Lesson, The
Let's Go, Boys
Letter Home, The
Letters From the Front
Library Card
Library, the Pagemaster, The
Life Before Her Eyes, The
Life So Changed, A
Lighthouse - Casper & Kat, The
Lights Go Off in Operations
Lillian’s Heart Attack
Lilly's Fate Is in These Hands
Listen to the Wind
Little Bit Of Reggae
Little Wolf (From Wolf Totem)
Live Fast, Fight Well and Have a Beautiful Ending (take 1)
Live Fast, Fight Well and Have a Beautiful Ending (take 2)
Living In The Age Of Airplanes
Living the Dream
Liz Enjoys Mozart
Liz Plays Pied Piper / Pied Piper Play / Pied Piper Flute / Pied Piper Piano
Lizard at School!
Locked Up
Lockridge and Simulator Room
Logo (alternate extended version)
Logo / Main Title
Loneliness (alternate)
Lonely Christmas
Lonely Village
Long Return Home, The
Long Ride Home (The Missing), The
Long Road Back, A
Looking For Clues [Film Ending]
Looking for Mr. Han
Looking for the Next Great Idea
Lookout Point / End Credits
Losing Virgil
Losses Mounting
Lost Books
Lost City, The
Lot of Us Have Been Killed, A
Lothar Gets Wilmer
Lottery Winner, The
Love Montage
Love's Betrayal
Love Theme (take 1)
Love Theme (take 2)
Lovejoy Chases Jack (alternate)
Lovejoy Chases Jack and Rose
Lovemaking, The
Lucinda’s Story
Ludlows (From Legends Of The Fall), The
Lunar Dreams
Lunchroom, The
Luther's Bus
LV‐426 (alternate edit) (film version)
Lyssa in the Fortress
M.I.A. Prologue
Machine Age, The
Mad Dash / Zorro Unmasked
Madame Serena
Magic Kitchen
Magic piano
Magic Spirit, The
Magic Window
Mahdi, The
Mailroom Dilemma
Main Theme From Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Main Title / 14 Years Later / Virgil Learns
Main Title - A Desert Truce
Main Title - A Rare Day for Boys
Main Title (alternate ending)
Main Title / Balto's Story Unfolds
Main Title (Braveheart Soundtrack)
Main Title / Clear And Present Danger [Album Version]
Main Title (Cocoon II)
Main Title / Colwyn’s Arrival
Main Title (extension)
Main Title (film version)
Main Title from A Clear and Present Danger
Main Title From 'Another 48 Hrs'
Main Title (Main Theme from Testament)
Main Title/Opening Scene
Main Title / Primeval Times
Main Title / Shuttle Discovered
Main Title (take 1)
Main Title (take 2)
Main Title (take 3)
Main Title / Takeoff (The Rocketeer)
Main Title / The Murder Scene / Drive to the Airport
Main Title (without classical inserts)
Main Title (Young Peter)
Main Titles
Making a Silk Trap
Making Plans / Gathering the Clans (extended version)
Making Progress Is Rough,... And Slow
Makings of a Fine Soldier, The
Malmori Rear Guard (take 1)
Malmori Rear Guard (take 2)
Man of My Word, A
Man Without a Face: Lookout Point / End Titles, The
Manual Burn
March of the Exorcists
Marilyn’s Nightmare
Marine Assault
Marines Detect Newt Moving
Marines Enter Alien Hive
Marisa And Mason
Marisa’s Paintings
Market Place, The
Martyrs, The
máscara del zorro, La
Mask of Zorro. Diego's goodbye
Mask of Zorro. I want to spend my lifetime loving you
Mask of Zorro, The
Maske des Zorro (Diego's Goodbye), Die
masque de Zorro
Master Alarm (film version)
Master Class Points
Mated for Life
Matrix Approaches General
Matrix Breaks In
Matrix Breaks Lock
Matrix Captured / Jenny Tied Up
Matrix Climbs Up Bank
Matrix Hits the Swamp
Matrix Jumps to Floor
Matrix on the Move
Matrix Walks in the Terminal
Matt Gets Turned On
Maze Battle (take 1), The
Maze Battle (take 2), The
Mccoy's Insanity
McLeod's Last Letter
McLeod's Secret Life
Meal (take 1), A
Meal (take 2), A
Mechanical Love
Med Lab
Medal of Honor / A Final Resting Place, The
Medicine Man
Meeting Adventure and Fantasy
Mei Ying's Kiss
Memorial - The Laying of Flowers, The
Memories of a Green Childhood
Memories of Mom
Men Will Fire Bullets, but God Decides Where They Land
Merchant of Venice, The
Merry-Go-Round, The
Micah & Rosie / Indefinite Detention
Michael Revealed
Michael’s Gift to Karen
Mighty Joe young
Migration Vacation
Mind Meld, The
Mine (Montero's Vision), The
mio cuore va, Il
Miss Foley at the Carnival
Miss Foley in the Mirror
Miss Foley's Nephew
Missing Child
Missing, The
Mission Accomplished
Mistaken Identity (The Trojans Attack)
Moira's Fatal Phone Call
Moment Alone, A
Mon ami Joe
Monfriez's Suicide
Monkey Mayhem
Monsoon in Your Lagoon, Part 1
Monsoon in Your Lagoon, Part 2
Monsoon, The
Moonlight Graham
Mopping the Floor
More Music From Braveheart
More Normal Life, A
Morgan's Final Testament
Mornay's Dream
Morning After, The
Mortal Blow, The
Most Beautiful Gemsbok, The
Mother and Child
Mother and Daughter Talk
Mother's Accident
Mother's Funeral
Motion picture music. Selections
Mountain Trek
Mouses Even Cry
Moving Jenny
Mr. Crosetti
Mr. Dark and Mr. Halloway
Mr. Halloway Searches for the Boys
Mr. Tetley at the Carnival
Much Faster Than Bamboo
Muk & Luk Arrival (Original)
Muk & Luk Arrival (Revised)
Murdoch’s Suicide
Murron's Burial
My Drawing / Relics & Treasures
My Family Is My Life
My Heart Will Go On (from the film Titanic)
My heart will go on (Pulp Fiction)
My Heart Will Go On (Rumba, 25 TM)
My Heart Will Go On (Symphonic Version) From Titanic
My People / Wounded Knee
Myrmidons, The
Mysterious Dive
Mystery of the Night, The
Na'vi Hometree Chant 2
Naledi Saves Zweli
Name der Rose (End Titles), Der
Name of the Rose: End Title, The
Name of the Rose: Epilogue
Nanelia and Shad
Nanelia's Capture
Nanelia (take 1)
Nanelia (take 2)
Narrow Escape, A
Nash Descends Into Parcher’s World
National Lottery, A
Nationals, The
Navajo Dawn
Near Accident
Nearer My God to Thee (extended version)
Nearly Perfected
"Necklaced" Effigy / Micah Moves to the Compound
Nell (take 1)
Nell (take 2)
Never an Absolution
Never Hesitate
Never Say Never
Neville And Eddie
Neville Eavesdrops
Neville Sinclair’s House
New Assignment, A
New Babies
New Beginning, A
New Courage / The Magic of Imagination
New Family / End Credits, A
New Friends
New Land - The Future, A
New Life for Gilead, A
New Mexico 1885
New Neighbors
New Nervous System, A
New Pet, A
New Rules
New World, A
New World Podróż do Nowej Ziemi, The
Newt Is Taken
Night Before, The
Night Departure
Night Game
Night Iridescence
Night Mists
Night Mutiny
Night Prowlers
Night Swim
Night Visitors
Nightmares and Revelations
No Compromise
No Longer the Hunted
No Reasoning
No Sign of Ghosts
nom de la rose, Le
nombre de la rosa, El
Nonnie Escapes
Nonnie Finds the Parents
Nonnie’s Rescue
Norman Attacks
Not Dog Nor Wolf (Original)
Not Dog Nor Wolf – Part 2
Not Dog Nor Wolf (Rescore)
"Not Every Man Really Lives" (William Wallace and Princess Isabelle)
Not fun anymore...
Not Just a Game Anymore
Nothing to Report
Ocean of Memories, An
October in Green Town, Illinois, An
Odd Discovery Beyond the Trees, An
Of One Heart, of One Mind
Of the Forest
Off to War
Offering to Tengger / Chen Saves the Last Wolf Pup, An
Oglaia Sioux, The
Oh Freedom
Old Ball Players
Old Photos, New Memories
Older Life, An
Once Around: A Passage of Time
Once upon a forest
Once Upon a Time With Me / End Credits
One Brother Lives, One Brother Dies
One Last Wish
Only Faded Pictures
Open for Business
Opening Air Lock (As on Iso Track #1)
Opening Credits / The Processional
Opening Sequence
Opening the Casket
Opening the Game
Opening the Pyramid
Operation Reciprocity
Orchestral Suite 1
Orchestral Suite 2
Ordinary Day, An
Orphanage, The
Oscorp Tower
Our Best Hope...
Our First Stop
Our Last Chance - A New World
Out of Control
Out Of The Ashes
Out to Sea
Outlawed Tunes on Outlawed Pipes
Outtakes from the Deep
Pagemaster, The
Painful Secret, The
Pan Over Hill / Wilkes in Tunnel
Paper Blizzard
Parade Continued, The
Parade Ground (not used in film)
Parallel Lives, Parallel Loves
Parallel Stories
Parental Rift / The Chumscrubber
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Pas de deux
Pasha and Golodkin Shot
Passage of Time, A Changing of Seasons, The
Passion Consummated
Patriot Games - Electronic Battlefield
Payoff / End Credits, The
Pelican Brief (Main Title)
Pelican brief. Selections
Pelican Brief, The
Pelican Steals the Game, A
perfect storm, The
Perimeter Breach (take 1)
Perimeter Breach (take 2)
Pete’s Passion (Extended Version)
Peter Cheats
Peter Gets the Game
Peter’s Suspicions
Peter's Tail
Petit dinosaure et la vallée des merveilles
Petition Denied
Phantom Army
Phantom Kommando: Medley
Phone Call and Top Brass, The
Piano Theme—The Portrait
Picnic, The
Piece of the Puzzle / Katrina in Park House
Pied Piper Curtain
Pier Pressure / Governor's Boy Visits
Place to Hide (take 1), A
Place to Hide (take 2), A
Place to Sleep, A
Place Where Dreams Come True, The
Plan (alternate), The
Plan / Revolt / Breakout, The
Plane Aftermath
Planning the Sneak
Planting the Bomb
Playing a Game of “Go!”
Playing Back the Tape
Playing Basketball
Playing Catch/The Farm
Playing the Odds
Playtronics Break-In
Plaza of Execution, The
Plea, The
Please Wake Up
Po' Pilgrim of Sorrow
Pocahontas and Smith
Poe and Josh in Chess Club (alternate)
Poe and Josh in Chess Club / Maybe It’s Better Not to Win
Poe Watches Josh Advance / Certificate From Bruce
Point of War / Johnny Cope / Up in the Morning Early
Poison From a Friend
Pon Far / Genesis Arrival
Pon Farr / Genesis Arrival
Pool Haul, The
Pool Is Closed
Poor Fievel
Poor Joe
Poor Wandering One (Gilbert and Sullivan)
Portal to the Planet
Portrait, The
Pot Casserole
Power Off
Prayer - Camp Hope
Prayers for Grace
Preparations for Battle
Preparations, The
President's Mission
President's Speech, The
Priam Pleads
Priam Takes Briseis
Pride of the S.A.P.
Prima Noctes
Prime Numbers
Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life (album version), The
Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life (film version), The
Princess Was a Pawn / Wallace Moves Again, The
Prison Visitor
Prisoner Wishes to Say a Word" (The Executioner and William Wallace), "The
Prize of One’s Life…The Prize of One’s Mind, The
Profound Emptiness... The Hangar
Profound Loss
Project X: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Prologue and Main Title (Star Trek III)
Prologue: "I Shall Tell You of William Wallace" (Narration: Robert the Bruce)
Prologue / The Jungle
Promenade / Butterfly Comb, The
Promise Kept (alternate), A
Promises (Spider-Man End Titles)
Proposal (William Wallace and Murron), The
Proposal With Pearls / Perilous Times, A
Protect and Serve
Protect Your Mind
Protective Circle Is Broken …. !, The
Proud Nation
Pure Spirits of the Forest
Purple Bamboo (Traditional)
Putting the Pieces Together / Reading to Sally / Sean's Midnight Call
Quaritch Down
Quaritch Pulls the Plug
Quaritch Speech
Quaritch Takes Over
Quark to the Rescue
Quarry, The
Queen Shot Into Space
Queen, The
Queen to Bishop
Queen Towards Elevator
Quest for the Glaive
Quicker Than Sand / "Jumanji"
Quiero, The
Quiero vivir la vida amandote
Quiet Goodbyes
Quiet Heart, The
Quiet Moment..., A
Race for Time
Rachel's Dream / Gillian's Visit
Rally (Source), The
Rampage Through Town
Rascals and robbers
Rationale, The
Re-Assembling Shattered Pieces
Re-Entry and Splashdown (film version)
Reach for the Light (Theme from Balto) (Long Version)
Reactant Valves
Reading the Letters
Real Legs
Real or Imagined?
Really Weird Game, A
Reba’s Escape
Rebecca's Apartment (Original W/Trumpet)
Rebuffed [Not In Film]
Recollections of Samuel
Red heat : original soundtrack
Red Heat: Russian Streets
Red Heat: Theme
Red Ribbon, A
Regaining Consciousness
Relapse, A
Releasing the Sables / End Credits (film version)
Releasing the Sables / End Titles
Releasing the Secret Weapon
Remember (Album Version)
Remember (Film Version)
Remember It All
Rememberances / The Break-In
Remembering Eli
Remembering Tom
Remembrance, Remembrance
Remembrances / The Break-In
Rendezvous At The Griffith Park Observatory
Rescue and Breakout
Rescue / Discovery of the Great Valley, The
Rescue Is Planned, A
Rescue / The Acension
Rescue / The Ascension
Researching the Brief
Resolution and End Title
Resolution and Hyperspace (Excerpt)
Return to the Caspian, and to the Iran of Old, A
Return To The Wild (From Wolf Totem)
Returning Home
Returning to Sea
Returning to Vulcan (Film version)
Returning to Vulcan (Star Trek III)
Reunion / Chimps on the Loose
Reunion – End Title
Reunion in Time
Reunion With Mopani
Revenge (extended version)
Richard au pays des livres magiques
Ride of the Firemares
Ride to the Waterfall
Riding the Fire Mares
Riding The Rails
Riley’s Café
Ripley Confronts Queen
Ripley Destroys Hive
Ripley Enters Complex/Into Med Lab
Ripley Finds Newt in Hive
Ripley Holds Jones
Ripley Is In / Transition to Sulaco
Ripley Joins Newt Under Bed
Ripley Prepares (film edit)
Ripley’s Nightmare
Ripley’s Rescue (percussion only)
Ripley to Rescue
Rise to Power, The
River Crossing to Stalingrad, The
River Styx / Gates of Troy
Road of Memories
Road to the Isles / Glendaural Highlanders / The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill, The
Rock Source
Rocketeer (End Titles), The
Rocketeer: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Rocketeer: Rocketeer to the Rescue / End Theme, The
Rocketeer to the Rescue / End Title
Rogue Wave
Rolfe Proposes
Romantic Alliance
Ron and Nick
Roof, The
Rooftop Escape
Rooftop Kiss
Rory's Arrest / Diaz Is Killed
Rose (alternate)
Rose (Filmmusik “Titanic”)
Rose Frees Jack
Rose (from the Film Titanic)
Rose, from the O.S.T Titanic
Rose (instrumental)
Rose’s Death
Rosy Goes To The Doctor (Album Edit)
Royal Wedding / Domino Fidelium
Royal Wedding (Narration: Robert the Bruce), The
Rumble, The
Run for the Stronghold
Run to the Shed and Chase
Running From Scree
Running From the Evil
Running to the Cave / Wild Drum Hits
Russell Sr. Is Shrunk
Russian Streets
Sable Shed (film version), The
Sacha's Risk
Sacking Of Troy And End Credits (Through the Fires, Achilles … and Immortality), The
Sacred Guardian of the Mountain
Sacrifice Never Forgotten, A
Sacrificial Procession
Sad Goodbye
Sad News
Samuel's Death
Sanctuary / End Credits
Santa Surveillance
Saving New York
Saying Goodbye / End Title
Saying Goodbye to Those You So Love
Saying Goodnight
Scaling the Walls
Scorched Earth
"Scotland Is Free!" (William Wallace)
Scotland the Brave
Scottish Wedding Music
Scree Comes to Beton’s Landing
Scree’s Ride
Screweyes’ Circus / Opening Act
Scriptorium, The
Scuba Dive
Sean Obsessing in Jail / Highland's Execution
Search Begins, The
Search for Another, The
Search for Clues
Search for Spock (from Star Trek III), The
Searching for Bobby Fischer
Searching Levels (edited)
Secerts Untold
Second Flashback in Arkady’s Office (without classical Insert)
Second Hand Copter
Secret Revealed, The
Secret Wedding, The
Seduction / Let's Go
See You (Theme From Avatar) (Cosmic Gate remix), I
Seer’s Vision, The
Serra Pelada
Setting the Trap / Staying One Step Ahead...
Setting Up the Deal
Shad's Pursuit
Shape of Things to Come (includes “Happy Who‐lidays”), The
Shape Shifting
Sharing Bed
Sharing Our Brains Out
Sharing Shower
Sharptooth and the Earthquake
Shattered World, A
Shelby & Percy
Shoeless Joe
Shoot-Out, The
Shooting, a Payment for Our Sins, The
Shore Never Reached, A
Shot of a Lifetime, The
Shrinking Stars, The
Shutting Down Grace’s Lab
Side Show
Sign Language / Virgil Performs
Silvia's Vision
Single Combat
Sinking, The
Skin Off
Slaughter, The
Slayer's Attack
Slayers Attack, The
Sleigh of Presents, The
Small Victories
Sneakers (Op/Cl Theme)
Sneakers: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album
Sneakers Theme, The
Sneaking Away
Sniper's War, A
Snipers Forward (take 1)
Snipers Forward (take 2)
So Many New Worlds Revealed
So This Is War
So Vulnerable
Soldier Gets Pitchfork (alternate)
Soldier Gets Pitchfork / Matrix Runs Up Steps
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Complete Motion Picture Score)
Somewhere Out There (Instrumental)
Son’s Worries and Simulator Crash, A
Song of Freedom
Sons of Scotland (alternate)
"Sons of Scotland!" (William Wallace)
Soul's Midnight, The
Sound effects library
South Seas Send Up
Southampton (alternate)
Special Delivery
Special Visitors to the Museum of Natural History
Spider Room (Rumble in the Subway), The
Spiders, The
Spiderwick Chronicles: Original Motion Picture Score, The
Spitfire Grill, The
Spock (Dies)
Spock Endures Pon Farr
Spock’s Cabin
Spreading Happiness All Around
Sprinkler, The
Square Peg, A
St. Andrews
Stalking Patrice
Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock (expanded score)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (End Credits)
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan - End Titles
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Epilogue/End Title (sans narration)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Main Theme
Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (main title)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Overture
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: Bird of Prey Decloaks
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Complete Score)
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: Main Theme
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Start Your Clocks / Master Class Points
Starting the Game Again
Statehood Proclaimed
Steal the Sucker
Stealing the Chopper
Stealing the Enterprise
Stealing the Map
Steele's Treachery
Stellar Converter (take 1), The
Stellar Converter (take 2), The
Step by Step Up (Traditional)
Sto najljepših filmskih melodija
Stockholm Salted Peanuts (cocktail piano)
Stolen Files
Stolen Votes
Storm Approaches, The
Stormy Ride to the Library, A
Storyteller's Dreams, The
Strange Cargo
Strange Catch
Strange New Clothes
Stranger, The
Strangers in the House
Stuck in the Garden
Student Pilots
Students of Quinlan, The
Sub‐Level 3
Sub‐Lever 3
Subway Chase
Subway Station
Suicidal Rampage
Suicide Pact
Suite No. 1: Main Title & Ripley's Rescue (From Aliens)
Sulaco Credits Planet
Sully Runs
Sully Starts to Run
Sunset on Genesis
Surprise Attack
Surprise on Ceti Alpha V
Susannah Alone
Susannah Arrives
Swallowed Alive! / The Wonder in Books
Swamp, The
Swing Heil
Swing kids
Tailing Kat / The Set Up
Tailing KGB
Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch (alternate)
Take Off
Taking Bernie to the Beach
Taking Dad Home
Taking Phil
Taking the Beachhead
Taming of the Ant
Tania (End Credits)
Tapir Hunt
Tarantula, The
Teaching Mathematics Again
Tears in Rain [Workprint version]
Telegraphing The News
Tell Me, You Old Fool!
Telling About the Game
Temple Fight, The
Temple of Poseidon, The
Test Room, The
Testament: Amintirile Dragostei
Testament: "Asta-I Casa Noastra"
Testament: Boala Lui Scottie
Testament: Carol Isi Alina Copill
Testament - Full Theme
Testament / In Country
Testament - Main Title
Testament: Noaptea Focucui
Testament: O Plimbare Cu Bicicleta
Testament - Piano Suite
Testament: Picnic-Ul
Testament: Pregatiri De Start
Testament: Reamintire
Testament - The Beginnings
Testament: Ultimul Testament
Testing The Rocket
Thanator Chase, Part 1
Thanator Chase, Part 2
That Old Black Magic / Tangerine / I Remember You (Bar Source)
That Old Wind
Theme from A Beautiful Mind
Theme from Battle Beyond the Stars
Theme From Bopha! / Amandla!
Theme From Braveheart (Maintitle)
Theme from Braveheat
Theme from Cocoon
Theme From Krull
Theme from 〞Star Trek III〞
Theme from Titanic
Theme of Star Trek II (edited end title)
Theme of Star Trek II (main title)
Theme of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Then You Look at Me
There Are No Cats in America
There's No Goodbye... Only Love
There Won’t Be a War
Thimbletack and the Goblins
“This is no longer your house”
This Is Who I Am
This Land Is Not for Sale / End Titles
This Little Light of Mine
This May Be the Last Time
Three Generations (piano solo)
Three Generations (piano with orchestra)
Through the Fires, Achilles...and Immortality
Through the Window
Thunder Heart
Time Brings All Things to Light... I Trust It So.
Timeless Street, The
Times Square and Farewell
Tir Asleen
Titanic: An Ocean of Memories
Titanic and Other Film Scores of James Horner
"Titanic" Fantasy
Titanic: I. Distant Memories / II. Southampton / III. Rose / IV. Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch
Titanic Incidental Music
Titanic: Leaving Port
Titanic (limited editon)
Titanic: Love Theme: My Heart Will Go On
Titanic: Music From the Motion Picture (20th anniversary edition)
Titanic: Music From the Motion Picture (collector’s anniversary edition)
Titanic. Selections
Titanic - Take Her Te Sea Mr. Murdoch
Titanic - Take her to the sea, Mr. Murdoch
Titanic: The Essential James Horner Film Music Collection
Titanic: The Portrait
To Abou Clea
To Akira (take 1)
To Akira (take 2)
To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
To Seattle
To the Boys
To the Flemish Cap
To the Forest...
To the Governor's... And Then Elena
To the Governors...And then Elena (Die Legende des Zorro)
To the Heart of the Mountain
To the Keldysh / Rose Revealed
To the Pool
To the Rescue & End Title
Tom and Huck Discovered / Running Into the Stable
Tom Sees Scree for the First Time / Following the Spies
Too Many Secrets
Torching Micah's House
Tornado in the Barracks
Tournament Time
Towards the Open Sea
Tower, The
Tractor Factory, The
Train Ride to a New Home, The
Train Trestle
Training for Utopia
Transformation, The
Trapped Calf
Trapped on “D” Deck
Trashmen / The Agency, The
Travis Dies
Tree Burn / It's Gonna Blow
Trees, The
Trial, The
Trip to Chicago
Trip Upriver
Tristan's Returns
Troie - Remember
Trojan Council
Trojan Victory, A
Trojans Attack, The
Trouble With Scotland" (King Edward the Longshanks), "The
Troy (KMN score remix)
Troy - Remember
Truer Love, A
Truth Needs a Soldier / End Title
Try Lindo Brand
Tummy Trouble
Tunnel, The
Tutor, The
Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare
Twilight and Mist / The Ludlows
Two-Edged Surveillance
Two Lives Slowly Converging
Two Million Dollar Bounty, A
Two People
Two Worlds; The Past and the Future
Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave
Uncertain Future / Main Title, An
Uncles Swing / End Credits, The
Uncommon Valor: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Underwater Ballet
"Unite the Clans!" (William Wallace)
United States Air Force String Orchestra Collage.
Universal Pictures Logo Theme
Unlawful entry
Unsettling Calm, An
Unwelcome Visitor
Van Der Veer's Demise
Van Pelt, Part 1
Van Pelt, Part 2
Van Pelt, Part 3
Vassili's Fame Spreads
Veni sancte spiritus
Verdict and Punishment
Vibes: The Journey Begins
Victor Escapes
Vietnam Memorial, The
Vietnam Relived
Vietnamese Solo / Main Title
Vigil, The
Village - Jake's First Ride, The
Village of the Dead
Viperwolves Attack
Virtual Reality, Part 1
Virtual Reality, Part 2
Vision of Murron
Volunteers - End Title
Walden Hotel, The
Walk to the Governor's Office / Katrina Gets Matt's Flowers
Walk to the Seer’s Cave (album edit), The
Wall Street And The Wolves
Wallace Courts Murron
Wallace Is Caught
Wallace Moves on York
Wallace on the Move / Run to the Stronghold
Wallace’s Dream
Wallace to the Scaffold
Walllace Courts Murron
Want My Dad, I
Want to Go Home" - The Forbidden City, "I
Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You, I
War Story, A
Warren T. Rat/It Will Go Away
Warrior Poets (William Wallace)
Washington Square
Waves of the Caspian Sea, The
Way Out West
Wayne's Discovery
We Are All Well in the Refuge, the 33
“We have travelled so far, it is time to return to our path.”
We'll Never Turn Back
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story - A Special Story
We’re Cristeros Now
Wearing Clothes for the First Time
Wedding, A
Wedding (Deep Impact), The
Welcome to New York
Welcome to S.N.C.C.
When Your Lover Has Gone
Where Are You Christmas?
Where the River Runs Black: Main Theme
Whipping, The
Whispering Winds
Whittington's Death
"Why Do You Help Me?" (William Wallace and Princess Isabelle)
Wichry namiętności
Wicked Surprise / Trapped / Scree’s Surprise / Fight in the Graveyard
Widow’s Lullaby, The
Widow’s Web, The
Wild Horses
William’s Father Leaves to Fight
Williow: Willows Theme
Willow's Journey Begins
Willow. Selections
Willow the Sorcerer
Willow - Thème principal
Willow: Willow's Theme
Win, Finally!”, “A
Winds Gently Blow Through the Garden, The
Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Stayed on Freedom
Wolf Totem
Wolfen: Battery Park
Wolfen: Close Call
Wolfen / Deadly Blessing
Wolfen: End Title
Wolfen: Epilogue / Finale
Wolfen: Main Titles
Wolfen: Reflective Moments
Wolfen Run To Church
Wolfen: Shape Shifting
Wolfen: The Indian Bar
Wolfen: The Truth Revealed
Wolfen: Wolfen on Wall Street
Wolfen: Wolfen Run
Wolves Attack the Horses
Wolves Stalking Gazelles
Woman’s Heart Is a Deep Ocean of Secrets, A
Wonders of Wealth, The
Wooden Horse and the Sacking of Troy, The
Woodroom / Finale
Words Through the Sky - The Eclipse
World Before the Airplane, The
Wrath of Khan (from Star Trek II), The
Writing the Chronicles
Wrongful Blame
Xhabbo the Poet
Year of Jubilee, The
Ynyr’s Death
“You Don’t Dream in Cryo. ....”
"You Have Bled With Wallace!" (Robert the Bruce)
You Have to Let It Go
You Lost
You Were a Prince
Young Diana's Future - A Future That Could Have Been....
Young Miss Foley
Young Peter
Yours Forever
Zeppelin, The
Zorro's Theme
Contributed to or performed: 
“Freedom” / The Execution / Bannockburn
“Sons of Scotland”
***chillout. Unwind and Relax… The Perfect Soundtrack.
100 Best Romantic Classics
101 canciones del cine, Las
2010-03-04: A State of Trance #446
2010-04-02: A State of Trance #450, "Part 4: Armin van Buuren": Roseland Ballroom, New York City, U.S.A.
2010-04-02: A State of Trance #450: Roseland Ballroom, New York City, USA
2010-04-08: A State of Trance #451
2010-06-10: A State of Trance #460: Sodo Showbox, Seattle, U.S.A.
2010-07-08: A State of Trance #464: Tuesdays Amnesia, Ibiza, Spain
2013-03-15: A State of Trance #600, "Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Part 5: Cosmic Gate": Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
25 ans de films catastrophe
7 Days, That’s All You Got
90 Les Années Cultes
Adventures Themes, The
Age Remembered - A Steampunk / Neo-Victorian Old World Mix, An
Alien Trilogy, The
Alien: A Biomechanical Symphony
All Time Greatest Classical Album, The
Amazing Stories Anthology, Volume 1
American Tail: A Musical Adventure With Fievel and Friends, An
Another 48 Hrs.
Ant Rodeo
Apocalypse: Cinema Choral Classics
Army Invades Town
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Best of Action
Atmosphere Station
Attack on Murron
Bad Dreams
Bad Dreams (alternate)
Ballade nocturne
Bar Classics 6
Battle of Stirling, The
Bear in People’s Clothes, A
Bell Hangers
Best of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Best of Science Fiction
Best of Sean Connery
Best of Star Trek, The
Best of Star Trek: Music from Original TV-series and Motion Picture
Betrayal & Desolation
Big Russ Volunteers
Big Screen Sound
Bishop’s Countdown
Black and White
Blade Runner
Blockbuster Soundtracks
Braveheart: For The Love Of A Princess
Braveheart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Celtic Circle, The
Celtic Collection, The
Celtic Dance Workout 2
Celtic Lounge
Celtic Myst, Volume 3
Chisolm Enrolled
Cinema Classics
Cinema Classics - Große Momente des Kinos
Cinema Classics, Volume 2
Classic Chillout Album, The
Classic Chillout Album: A Collection of Classics for a Modern World, The
Classic Cinema, Part 2
Classic Film Hits
Classic Film Scores
Classic FM at the Movies: The Sequel
Classic FM: A Night at the Movies
Classic Movie Themes 2
Classic Movie Themes 4
Classic Score, The
Classical Album, The
Classical Chilling
Classical Chillout
Classical Chillout Platinum
Classical Hits
Classical Hits: The Best Music From Today's Classical Superstars
Classical Love Album, The
Classical Summer Moods
Classical Vitality
Classics 2001
Classics 2003
Combat Drop
Combat Drop (percussion only)
Complex, The
Concerts pour l'aventure: Les plus belles musiques de films au Grand Rex
Critic’s Choice: Best Movie Themes of the 90’s
Cry of the Celts
Dark Discovery
Dark Discovery / Newt’s Horror
Darkest Hour, The
Darkside of the Moon, The
Deserter, The
Devil in the Church
Disasters! Movie Music Album, The
Eaten Alive
élections de la musique de film, Les
Emotions: Entorno Natural Del Inia Album
End Credits
End Titles
Epics: The History of the World According to Hollywood
Fantafestival, Volume 1
Faraday’s Ride
Film Music 2012
Film Music: The Essential Album
Flicks: Movie Themes, Volume 2
Flying Szalinsky
For the Love of a Princess
From the Movies
Futile Escape
Gatecrasher Anthems: Paul van Dyk
Gift of a Thistle, A
Going After Newt
Great Movie Themes
Great Science Fiction Blockbusters
Greatest SCI-FI Film Themes
Greatest Sci-Fi Themes
Hard (30th Anniversary Remastered Limited Edition), Die
Harmony Cinéma : Les Grandes Musiques de films
Harmony World : Le Chant des rêves
Henry Maske: Power & Glory, Volume 2
High Fidelity Reference CD No. 28
Homecoming: A Christmas Story / Rascals and Robbers, The
Horne Sacrifice
House of Judgment
Humanoids from the Deep (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Hyperspace (alternate ending)
If We Hold on Together (From the Land Before Time)
Incredible Film Music Box, The
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Action und Thriller (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 4)
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Christmas (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 8)
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Drama (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 6)
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Fantasy und Science-Fiction (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 3)
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Liebe und Romantik (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 1)
Klassik Radio: Christmas Soundtracks
Klassik Radio: New Classics
Kuschelklassik 3
Kuschelklassik 4
Kuschelklassik 5
Lawn Mower
Legend Spreads, The
Legenden der Leidenschaft: The Ludlows
Leinwand Träume
Lighting the Fuse
London Horn Sound, The
Ludlows (Filmmusik “Legenden der Leidenschaft”), The
Ludlows, The
LV‐426 (alternate edit) (film version)
Machine Works, The
Magic Trick
Magnificent Seven (original motion picture soundtrack), The
Main Title
Making Plans / Gathering the Clans
Memorable Scores: Paramount Pictures' 90th Aniversary
Ministry of Sound: The Score
Mornay’s Dream
Most Beautiful Piano Music Ever, The
Movie Classics zum Entspannen und Geniessen
Movie Gold
Movie Music: The Definitive Performances
Murron’s Burial
Music From the Films of Harrison Ford
Music from the Movies: Graphic Novels & Comic Books (disc 2)
Music of James Horner, The
Music of Star Trek, The
Music of Star Trek: The First 30 Years..., The
Music to Spy By
My Heart Will Go On
My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys
Mystica 1
Mystica 2
Mystica 3
National Public Radio: Milestones of the Millennium: Music in Film
New Classix 2008
New World, A
Newt Is Taken
Night Time
No. 1 Movies Album, Volume 1
Once Around
One World
Open Space: The Classic Chillout Album
Os Melhores Temas de Desenhos Animados
Pacing the Town
Pas de deux
Perfect Chillout
Perfect Storm (Multimedia CD-ROM), The
Power Of Romance, The
Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life, The
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, March 1998
Pure Celtic Chill
Pure Music 4
Queen to Bishop
Queen, The
Radio Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Red Harvest
Reel Chill: The Cinematic Chillout Album
Remember (album version)
Remember (film version)
Resolution and Hyperspace
Ripley’s Rescue
Ripley’s Rescue (percussion only)
Robicheaux Reunion
Roll Back the Rock (To the Down of Time)
Romancing the Screen: Great Love Themes of the Cinema, Volume 1
Romancing the Screen: Great Love Themes of the Cinema, Volume 2
Rose Creek Oppression
Sacred World 2, The
SATURN Exklusiv Edition: Soundtrack Edition
Science Fiction Album, The
Science Fiction's Finest - Volume One
Score It!, Volume 2
Score It!, Volume 8
Scorpion Attack
Screen Themes
Secret Wedding, The
See You (Cosmic Gate club mix), I
See You (Cosmic Gate remix), I
See You (Theme From Avatar) (Cosmic Gate remix), I
Seven Angels of Vengeance
Seven Riders
Sheriff Demoted
Simply Celtic Moods
Simply Film Themes
So Far So Good
Somewhere Out There
Songs from The Land Before Time
Songs Without Words
Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack for a Century
Sound of the Movies, The
Sounds of Heaven: Drama I
Southpaw: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture
Space and Beyond
Space Sounds Unlimited: Independence Day
Space Themes
Star Trek 50th Anniversary Collection
Star Trek Album, The
Star Trek: The Astral Symphony
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan: Epilogue - End Title
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan: Main Title
Star Wars and More: The Best of John Williams
Stealing Christmas
Strange Neighbors
Street Slaughter
Sub‐Level 3
Super Galactic Movie Hits
Swing Kids
Swing Kids: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack
Tales From the Crypt
Test Run
Thanksgiving Dinner
Time to Dance Lateinamerikanische Tänze
Today's Movie Hits
Town Exodus - Knife Training
Ultimate Bond & Spy Themes Collection
Ultimate Relaxation Album, The
Ultimate Star Trek, The
Utopia: Chilled Classics
Valentine (Die schönsten Lovesongs aus Jazz & Klassik)
Varèse Sarabande: 40 Years of Great Film Music 1978-2018
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Varèse Sarabande: A 30th Anniversary Celebration
Varèse Sarabande: A 35th Anniversary Celebration
Volcano Springs
Wallace Courts Murron
Warriors of the Silver Screen
Watering the Grass
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Wild West, The
Windows of the World
Yours Forever (theme from The Perfect Storm)
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 14
Zorro's Theme