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Čaplin, Č.
Čaplin, Č'arlz
Čaplin, Čarl'z
Cāplin, Cārlī
Čaplins, Čarlzs
Čaplins, Čārlzs Spensers
Chaplin, C.
Chaplin, Charles
Chaplin, Charles (Auteur.)
Chaplin, Charles S.
Chaplin, Charles (Sir)
Chaplin, Charles Spencer
Chaplin, Charles Spencer (Sir)
Chaplin, Charles Spencer (Wirklicher Name)
Chaplin, Charlie
Chaplin, Charlie (British actor, director, and writer, 1889-1977)
Chaplin, Charly
Charles Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Sa-plin, Sác-li
Spencer Chaplin, Charles
Spencer, Charles
Tsaplin, Tsarl Spenser
Tshaplin, Tsharli
Чаплин, Чарли
Чаплин, Чарльз
Чаплин, Чарльз Спенсер
טשאפלין, צ'רלי
צ'פלין, צ'רלי
צ'פלין, צ'רלס
چپلن، چارلى،
شابلن، شارلي،
شارلي شابلن،
チャップリン, C.
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Related identities: 
Charlot (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Beckmann, Thomas
Bergman, Henry (1868-1946))
Burdeau, Marie-Mathilde (co-author)
Centre de recherches inter-langues (Angers) Organisme de soutenance
Chaplin, Charles (1863-1901; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Chaplin, Charles (1889-1977))
Chaplin, Charles (1925-1968; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Chaplin, Geraldine (1944-; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Chaplin, Syd (1885-1965; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Charlot (personnage fictif; see also from)
Cherrill, Virginia (co-performer)
Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Durieux, Moea (co-author)
Fil à film
Goddard, Paulette (1905-1990))
Goddard, Paulette (1911-1990; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Jarre, Maurice
Le Péron, Serge (co-author)
Maccioni, Germano (co-author)
Mark, Koos
Mortimer, John Glenesk
Naxos Digital Services
Newman, Alfred (co-performer)
Purviance, Edna (1895-1958))
Purviance, Edna (co-performer)
Rémondière, Pierre (compositeur; co-author)
Ribeiro, António Lopes (1908-1995)
Robinson, David (co-author)
Swain, Mack (1876-1935))
Totheroh, Roland (1890-1967)
Université d'Angers Organisme de soutenance
Welles, Orson
Zieliński, Bronisław (1914-1985))
Фиртич, Георгий Иванович (1938-)
תמיר, מרים
قاسم، محمود، (1949-)
中野, 好夫 (1903-1985)
adventurer, The
Alone and Hungry
Ambassador Retires
Animal Trainer (From "Limelight")
Around the Side Shows
At Home with the Infant
At the Millionaire's Home
At the Picture
Back From Europe / The Burglars
Ballet of Bread Rolls, The
Barber Shop Act / The New Property Man, The
Barber Shop Scene (Hungarian Dance No. 5) (From "The Great Dictator")
Bath Tub Nonsense
Beautiful, Wonderful Eyes
Befriended Merna
Befriending Merna (From "The Circus")
Behind the screen
Boat Ride (From "A Day's Pleasure")
Bonjour Madame
Bound for Texas
Boxing Match, The
Burglars, The
"By the sea"
C’est ma chanson
Cancan 'A Paris Boulevard'
Cara felicità
Caught in a cabaret
champion, The
Charlie and the Warden
Charlie at the Assembly Line Belt
Charlie Chaplin : interviews
Charlie Chaplin premiers courts métrages
Charlie Chaplin's own story
Charlie Chaplin Suite
Charlie Chaplin the Essanay films
Charlie Chaplin - The Essential Film Music
Charlie Chaplin the Mutual films
Charlie Chaplin version longue
Charlie Looks Through Shop Window at Girl (From "City Lights")
Charlie! Music From the Classic Films of Charlie Chaplin
Charlie's Dance
Charlie's Daydream (Optimism) (From "The Idle Class")
Charlot à la plage
Charlot boxeur
Charlot et le masque de fer
Charlot policeman
Charlot rentre tard
Charlot s'évade
Chess Music
Circus (1928) - Breakfast and a Hungry Girl, The
Circus (1928) - Flirtation Waltz, The
Circus (1928) - The Circus March, The
Circus (1928) - The Tightrope Walker, The
Circus: A Magician Exposed, The
Circus: Barber's Apprentice, The
Circus. Circus fanfare & march
Circus: Cirus Fanfare, The
Circus: Clown's Apprentice, The
Circus: Finale, The
Circus: Intruder's in the Lion's Cage, The
Circus Leaves Town (From "The Circus"), The
Circus: Love at First Sight, The
Circus: Love's Dissilusion, The
circus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Circus Prospers / The Lion's Cage, The
Circus: Pursuer Pursued, The
Circus: Song Title (orchestral version), The
Circus: Song Title: Swing Little Girl, The
Circus: The Girl, The
cirque, Le
City Lights (1931) - Fanfare
City Lights (1931) - Finale
City Lights (1931) - The Boxing Ring
City Lights (1931) - The Flowerseller
City Lights (1931) - The Millionaire
City Lights (1931) - The Nightclub 1
City Lights (1931) - The Nightclub 2
City Lights (1931) - The Nightclub 3
City Lights (1931) - The Nightclub 4
City Lights: A Boxer by Necessity (Suite)
City Lights: At the Night Club (Suite)
City Lights: Hopes of Riches
City Lights: Misfortunes of a Street Cleaner
City Lights (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
City Lights: Overture
City Lights: The Blind Flower Girl, Again
City Lights: The Burden of Poverty
City Lights: The Violet Seller
City Lights: Unveiling the Statue
Closing Title
Clown's Apprentice
Clown's Last Crazy Act, The
Coffee and Cakes (From "A Dog's Life")
Comedian sees the world
Comedy Gavotte
Comtess From Hong Kong, The
cortos de Chaplin, 1914-1917, Los
count, The
Countess from Hong Kong, A
Country Doctor / Rooftop Chase (From "The Kid"), The
Courts métrages
Crossing the Dance Floor
D. Minor Waltz (From "Shoulder Arms")
Dance of the Rolls / Auld Lang Syne
Dancing on Board Ship
Dawn / Buck Up, Never Say Die / Smile (From "Modern Times")
Day's Pleasure: Back in the City, A
Day's Pleasure: Dancing on Board Ship, A
Day's Pleasure: Going on Board, A
Day's Pleasure: Overture, A
Day's Pleasure: Problems With the Ford, A
Day's Pleasure: Seasickness, A
Day's Pleasure: The Fight, A
Day's Pleasure: The Rebellious Deckchair, A
Day's Pleasure: Traffic Snarl: Finale, A
Department Store (From "Modern Times"), The
Deux petits chaussons
dictateur, Le
Dog's Life Theme (From "A Dog's Life")
dogs life, A
Dogslife - Song Triste
Dreamland / The End
Easy street
End Titles
Evening/Meeting the Millionaire
Eviction/The Road Sweeper/At the Girl's Home
Factory Machine, The
Factory Scene (From "Modern Times")
Factory Set, The
Falling Star
feux de la rampe, Les
Fight Club (From "City Lights")
Fight, The
Final Speech (From "The Great Dictator")
Finale (From "Monsieur Verdoux")
fireman, The
Five Years Later
Flower Girl (Violetera), The
Forgotten (From "Sunnyside")
Fortune Teller, The
Fox-trot (From "The Idle Class")
Freak. You are the song
Funny Man, The
Gamin, The
Gamine (From "Modern Times"), The
Georgia / The Dancehall
Geschichte meines Lebens, Die
Girl Holds Charlie's Hand (From "City Lights")
Globe Dance (Vorspiel Lohengrin) (From "The Great Dictator")
Gold Rush (1925) - Dance of the Rolls, The
Gold Rush (1925) - Discovery, The
Gold Rush (1925) - Georgia, The
Gold Rush (1925) - Overture and Storm, The
Gold Rush (1925) - Rejected, The
Gold Rush (1925) - Thanksgiving Dinner, The
Gold Rush: Chance Meeting and Finale, The
Gold Rush: Delicious Dish: Boiled Boot, The
Gold Rush (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Gold Rush: Road to Fortune, The
Gold Rush: The Ballet of the Bread Rolls, The
Golf Links Waltz (From "The Idle Class")
gosse, Le
Great Dictator: Conspirators' Meal, The
Great dictator. Falling star
Great dictator. Napoli march
Great Dictator: Overture, The
Hank Curtis' Cabin
Harlequinade Ballet / Terry's Theme (Eternally) / Moon Dance (From "Limelight"), The
His Morning Promenade (From "The Kid")
His new job
Homeward Bound / Buying Flowers
Huge Meal, Thanks to the Police, A
Hunger / Black Larsen and the Law
Hustling and Shoveling / New Year's Eve
I'll Find You Both Full of Lead
Idle class. Fox trot
Immigrant., The
In the City
Iron Sky
It's a Dog's Life
It's Paradise (The Shack) (From "Modern Times")
Jazz (From "A Day's Pleasure")
Jitters (From "The Pilgrim")
journée de plaisir, Une
Jungle Rhythm
Kid (1921) - Blue Eyes, The
Kid (1921) - Doss House, The
Kid (1921) - Garret Waltz, The
Kid (1921) - Kidnap, The
Kid: Eröffnungsmusik, The
Kid (From "The Kid"), The
Kid (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Kid. Song triste
Kid: Suite, The
King in New York. Big band music
King in New York: Mandolin Serenade, A
King in New York (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), A
King in New York. Spring song
King in New York: Weeping Willow, A
Kings of comedy Mack Sennet, Larry Semon, Harry Langdon, Harold Lloyd, Snub Pollard
Knock out
La naissance de Charlot the Essanay comedies, 1915
La naissance de Charlot the Mutual comedies, 1916-1917
Later the Night
Laughing gas
Les classiques du cinéma burlesque
Les temps modernes
Les trésors du burlesque
Limelight: Ballet: Death of Columbine
Limelight: Ballet (rehearsal)
Limelight Deux petits chaussons
Limelight: Finale
Limelight: Funcion at the Empire Theatre
Limelight: Overture
Limelight: Song: Spring Has Arrived
Limelight: Song: The Animal Trainer
Limelight. Terry theme
Limelight: The Clown's Last Crazy Act
Limelight: The Sardine Song
Limousine, The
Lone Prospector, Big Jim & Black Larsen, The
Louis Delluc
Love, so heißt mein Song
Love Theme / Valse Elegante / Valse Charmante (From "The Gold Rush")
lumières de la ville, Les
Lunch Time / Charlie in the Machine (From "Modern Times")
Mabels married life
Main Tile
Main Title (From "The Great Dictator")
Main Titles (From "Shoulder Arms")
Mandolin Serenade (From "A King in New York")
Medley (The Golden Rush & Lime Light)
Million Dollars (From "A King in New York"), A
Million Dollars (Instrumental), A
Millionaire's Home, The
Modern Times (1936) - Cafeteria and Cigar Shop
Modern Times (1936) - Department Store (Roller Skating)
Modern Times (1936) - Dream House (Smile)
Modern Times (1936) - Factory Machines
Modern Times (1936) - Lunchtime
Modern Times (1936) - Main Title
Modern Times (1936) - The Gamin
Modern Times: A Huge Meal, Thanks to the Police
Modern Times: A Nonsense Song
Modern Times: Details Finale
Modern Times: Into The Sunset (Smile)
Modern Times: Lunchtime - Charlie's Breakdown - Worker's Rally
Modern Times: Mechanic's Assistant - Lunch Break - Gamin's Dance Sequence
Modern Times: Opening - Assembly Line
Modern times original motion picture soundtrack
Modern Times: Reunion - Charlie the Waiter
Modern Times: Skating in the Big Store
Modern times. "Smile" overture
Modern Times: The Gamin - Jail
Modern Times: The Next Morning - Shack of Paradise - Race to Factory Gate
Modern Times: The Night Watchmen - Skating - Intruders
Modern Times - The Original Soundtrack
Modern Times: The Workers Demonstrate
Modern Times: Titina
Modern Times: Tragedy at the Demonstration - Out of Jail, Out of Job - Chance Meeting
Modern times. Waiter song
Mon tour du monde
Money for the Girl / The Flower Shop
Monsieur Verdoux: Bitter Tango
Monsieur Verdoux (From "Monsieur Verdoux")
Monsieur Verdoux. Paris boulevard
Monsieur Verdoux. Tango bitterness
Mother's Dance (Bread Roll Dance) (From "The Gold Rush")
Motion picture music. Selections
Music of Charles Chaplin, Volume 1: The Silent Movies, The
Music of Charles Chaplin, Volume 2: The Talkies, The
Music of His Films, The
música de Chaplin, A
My autobiography
My life in pictures
Nainen Pariisissa
Napoli March
Night / $1000 Reward / Dawn (From "The Kid")
Night in the show
night out, A
Nightclub - dance suite, The
Nightclub (From "City Lights")
Non Sense Song
Nonsense Song (Titine) (From "Modern Times")
Now That It's Ended
Oh that cello : Music by Charlie Chaplin
One a.m.
Opening / Sheep (From "Modern Times")
Organ Waltz, The
Original Opening Music / Cast Credits (From "City Lights")
Orphan Asylym / Rooftop Chase, The
Overture / Chilkoot Pass (From "The Gold Rush")
Overture / Unveiling the Monument
Overture/Unveiling the Statue
Park Avenue Waltz (Extended)
Party & The Morning After, The
pawnshop, The
Pay Day: Leaving the Tavern
Pay Day: Overture: At Work
Pay Day: Returning Home: Finale
Pay Day: Singing With Chumbs
Pay Day: Wages and the Wife
Peace Patrol, The
Pilgrim. Bound for Texas
Pilgrim, The
Post (From "Shoulder Arms"), The
Preparing to replace Rex
property man, The
Quimera del oro, La
Rag (From "A Dog's Life")
Reel Chaplin: A Symphonic Adventure, Part 1, The
Reel Chaplin: A Symphonic Adventure, Part 2, The
Restaurant Jazz
Return to the Cabin
Rêve américain, rêve d'Amérique à travers l'oeuvre cinématographique de Charlie Chaplin
Revolution and Generique
Rex / The Tramp's New Ambition
rink, The
Ruée vers l'or, La
Rupert's Political Tirade (Michael Chaplin)
Salle de Bain
Salt Lake City Episode
Sardine Song (From "Limelight")
Sauerkraut March / Shell Happy / Changing Guard / Peace (From "Shoulder Arms")
Scope Fanfares
Secrets in Your Eyes
Shoulder arms
Sleeping Girl, The
Smile - And Perhaps, a Tear, A
Sober Dawn, The
Soldier Arms
South American Theme (From "The Idle Class")
Spécial Chaplin : vol.2.
Speech from Monsieur Verdoux (From "Monsieur Verdoux")
Spring Song (From "Limelight")
Spring Song (Spring's the Time for Making Love) (Instrumental, From "A King in New York"), The
star of Great Prominence / Breakfast, A
Starting Life Anew / Leading a Strike (From "Modern Times")
Struggling Circus, A
Suite Chaplin: Non Sense Song / A Dog's Life / Love Song / Fox Trot / Debussy Music / Smile / The Great Dictator / Dancing on Board Ship / Charlie's Theme / Limelight
Surprise Visit, A
Sweet Adeline Waltz (From "Pay Day")
Swing Little Girl (From "The Circus")
Tango Bitterness (From "Monsieur Verdoux")
Tango Natasha
Tempi moderni
temps modernes, Les
Ten Days
Terry's Solo / Terry's Theme (Eternally) / Pas de deux (From "Limelight")
Terry's Success (Child's Theme) (From "Limelight")
Texas Border Theme (From "The Pilgrim")
Thanksgiving Day / Impending Doom
There's always one you can't forget
This is My Song
Tight Rope Waltz (From "The Circus")
Ton sourire est dans mon cœur
Tramp on the Tightrope, The
Triple trouble
vagabond, Le
Valse Mange (Charlie Eats His Shoe) (From "The Gold Rush")
Wages and the Wife
Waiting on Tables (From "Modern Times")
Weeping Willows (Clarinet Solo)
Weeping Willows (From "A King in New York")
Whisky Montage
William Tell Act, The
Woman of Paris Theme (From "A Woman of Paris"), A
Work / Final Rent Notice
Working the Streets
Zigeuner - The Three Ladies
Contributed to or performed: 
"Oh! That Cello" - Music by Charlie Chaplin
100% Black, Noveno Volumen
Absolute Dance: Move Your Body, 2005
Animal Trainer
Beautiful Wonderful Eyes
Best of Christmas in Vienna, The
Bound for Texas (Texas Vocal, From "The Pilgrim")
Chaplin's Smile: Song Arrangements for Violin and Piano
Charlie Chaplin & The Fureys
Charlie Chaplin Film Music Anthology
Cinema Century: A Musical Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
Cinema Classics
Dance 2004
Eternally (Terry's Theme)
Fantastic Strings
Film Music of Charles Chaplin, The
Fresh, Volume 8: Fresh FM Summer '05-'06
Grands thèmes du cinéma
Hallberg's Surprise: Not Even the Old Masters Can Feel Safe
I'd Sell My Soul
Juke Box
Juke Box (From "A King in New York")
Million Dollars, A
Modern Times
Musiques de cinéma pour petites oreilles
Now That It's Ended
Now That It's Ended (From "A King in New York")
peau, La
Rock and Roll (I Got Shoes)
Sardine Song
Serenade (Piano Solo)
Sing A Song
Song from Modern Times (Titine)
Speech from Monsieur Verdoux
Speech from The Great Dictator
Spring Song
Spring Song (Spring's the Time for Making Love), The
Spring Song, The
Super Party Hits 2004
Swing High Little
This is My Song
Time for Us, A
Weeping Willows
You are the song
Thèse doctorat : Langues, civilisations et littératures étrangères : Angers : 2005