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Cek Keruak
Chia-lo-kʻo, Chieh-kʻo
Džeks Keruaks
Iacobus Kerouac
Jack Kerouac
Jack Kerouac (American writer)
Jack Kerouac (americký spisovatel)
Jack Kerouac (Amerikaans schrijver)
Jack Kerouac (amerikansk poet och författare)
Jack Kerouac (amerikansk poet og skribent)
Jack Kerouac (pisarz amerykański)
Jack Kerouac (scrittore e poeta statunitense)
Jack Kerouac (US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller und Beatnik)
Kailuyake, Jieke
Kerouac (Jack)
Kerouac, Jack (American writer, 1922-1969)
Kerouac, Jack Jean Louis
Kerouac, Jean-Louis
Kerouac, Jean-Louis Le Bris de
Kérouac, Jean Louis Lebris de
Kerouac (, John)
Kerouak, Tzak
Keruak, Dz︠h︡ek
Keruaks, Džeks
Ḳeruʼaḳ, G'eḳ
Kiuwāk, Ǧāk
Lebris de Kérouac, Jean Louis
Τζακ Κέρουακ
Джак Керуак
Джек Керуак
Джэк Керуак
Джэк Кэруак
Керуак, Д
Керуак, Джек
Керуак (Ж-Л; 1922-1969)
Керуак Жэк
Џек Керуак
ჯეკ კერუაკი
Ջեք Քերուակ
ג'ק קרואק
קרואק, ג׳ק
جاك كيروك
جک کرواک (نویسنده و شاعر آمریکایی)
जैक केरुयक
জেক কেৰুৱাক
แจ็ก เครูแอ็ก
잭 케루악
ケラワック, J.
ケルアック, ジャック
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Language material
Manuscript language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Antolín Rato, Mariano (1943-)
Autret, Jean
Autret, Jean (1930-...)
Brice, Silvija (1958-)
Cassady, Carolyn (1923-2013; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Charters, Ann
Charters, Ann (1936-...)
Donaldson, Scott
Faria, Paulo
Frank, Robert (1924-)
Ginsberg, Allen (1926-1997)
Guglielmina, Pierre
Houbart, Jacques (1926-...)
Joris, Pierre (1946-...)
Kamoun, Josée
Kołyszko, Anna (1953-2009))
Lendínez, Martín (1943-)
Matthieussent, Brice (1950-...)
Obarski, Marek (1947-1997))
Poliquin, Daniel (1953-)
Salles, Walter
Šindolić, Vojo
Tietchen, Todd F.
Válek, Jan (1933-2008)
Vandenbergh, John (pseud. van Jan Hendrik Willem Schlamilch.)
Wilson, Lars
Берроуз У. С. ст (1914-1997 Уильям Сьюард)
פלד, עודד (1949-)
中上, 哲夫 (1939-)
Ain't We Got Fun
American Haikus (Excerpt)
And the hippos were boiled in their tanks
Anges vagabonds, Les : roman
Beat Generation: His Complete Albums, The
BeBop, Bars und weißes Pulver
Big sur
Blues and Haikus
Book of dreams
Book of haikus
Bowery Blues
Charlie Parker
Clochards célestes, Les
Come Rain or Shine
Complete Collection, The
Conclusion of the Railroad Earth
Correspondence. Selections
Dave Brubeck
Desolation angels
Dharma bums
Diamonds in the Sidewalk
Docteur Sax
Doctor Sax Faust part three
Duluoz Legend, The
Els pòtols místics
En el camino
Engel, Kif und neue Länder Roman
Et les hippopotames ont bouilli vifs dans leurs piscines roman
Excerpts from 'The Subterraneans'
Exerpts From "The Subterraneans"
Fantasy: The Early History of Bop (section 1)
Fantasy: The Early History of Bop (section 2)
Fantasy: The Early History of Bop (section 3)
Fantasy: The Early History of Bop (section 4)
Fantasy: The Early History of Bop (section 5)
Gammler, Zen und Hohe Berge
Good blonde & others
Goofing at the Table
Had a Slouch Hat Too One Time, I
Hard Hearted Old Farmer
haunted life, The : and other writings
History of Bop
Home I’ll Never Be
I'd Rather Be Thin Than Famous
Interview with Ben Hecht
Interview With Fernanda Pivano
Interview With William (feat. Buckley Jr) (Also feat. William Burroughs)
Is There a Beat Generation?
Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg : the letters
Jack Kerouac Collection, The
Jack Kerouac Reads on the Road
Jack Kerouac : selected letters, 1940-1956
Jazz of the Beat Generation
la carretera, A
Last Hotel and Some of the Dharma, The
Leavin' Town
Legends of the 20th Century
Livre des rêves, Le
Lonesome traveler
Lonesome traveller
Lucien Midnight (The Sounds of the Universe in My Window): Excerpt 1 / Excerpt 2
Lucien Midnight: The Sounds of the Universe in My Window Part I
Lucien Midnight: The Sounds Of The Universe In My Window, Part II
Lucien Midnight the Sounds of the Universe in My Window Pt. 1
Lucien Midnight the Sounds of the Universe in My Window Pt. 2
Lucien Midnight: The Sounds of the Universte in My Window Part II
Maggie cassidy
McDougal Street Blues
Mexico City blues
Moon Her Majesty, The
Na ceste
Northport Tapes, The
October in the Railroad Earth
Old angel midnight
Old Western Movies 06 Conclusion of the Railroad Earth
On the Road (extract)
onderaardsen, De
One Mother
Op weg
Orizaba 210 Blues
Orpheus emerged
På drift
Pela estrada fora
Poemas dispersos
Poems (Fragments): San Francisco/Street Scene/Money Honey/Westinghouse Elevators/Old Age/Praised Be Man/The Sad Turtle
Poems from the Unpublished 'Book of the Blues'
Poems. Selections
Pomes all sizes
Pull my daisy
Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat Generation
Readings from "On the Road" and "Visions of Cody"
Road novels, 1957-1960
San Francisco Blues (Fragments): San Francisco / Street Scene / Money Honey / Westinghouse Elevators / Old Age / Praised Be Man / The Sad Turtle
San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation)
San Francsico Scene
Satori in Paris
Scattered poems
Scripture of the golden eternity
sea is my brother, The
Selected letters 1957-1969
Side A
Side B
Some of the dharma
Sounds of the Universe Coming in My Window, The
Souterrains, Les
Subterraneans, The
Sulla strada
Sur la route
town and the city
Vagabond solitaire, Le
Vagabundos del Dharma, Los
Vanité de Duluoz : une éducation aventureuse, 1935-1946
Vanity of Duluoz an adventurous education, 1935-46
Vejene - det oprindelige manuskript
Verblendung des Duluoz e. abenteuerl. Erziehung ; 1935 - 46
Visions of Cody
Visions of Gerard
Visions of Neal and the Three Stooges Pt. 1
Visions of Neal and the Three Stooges Pt. 2
Visions Of Neal: Neal And The Three Stooges: Part 1
Visions Of Neal: Neal And The Three Stooges: Part 2
Visions of Neal: Neal and the Three Stooges Part I
Visions of Neal: Neal and the Three Stooges Part II
Visions of Neal (Neal & the Three Stooges): Part 1 / Part 2
Vraie blonde, et autres
W drodze
Wake up : a life of the Buddha
Washington D.C. Blues
Wave Lover
Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception, The
When a Woman Loves a Man
Windblown world : the journals of Jack Kerouac, 1947-1954
Włóczędzy Dharmy
Works. Selections (2014)
Y los hipopótamos se cocieron en sus tanques
Бродяги Дхармы роман
В дороге роман
מגי קסידי : סיפור אהבה
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[track 8]
[track 9]
20th Century Noise: A Millennial Soundtrack
And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks
Beat Generation : L'Anthologie musicale 1936-1962
Beat Generation 1-3, The
Beat Generation, The
Beat Jazz: Pictures From the Gone World
Best of the Beat Generation, The
Bob Dylan's Greenwich Village: Sounds From the Scene in 1961
Bowery Blues
Charlie Parker
Dave Brubeck
Deadbelly Man
Dharma Bums, The
Diamonds in the Sidewalk
Djital Jazz Experiment, The
Extract from Poems From the Unpublished “Book of Blues” / Let’s Get Lost
Goofing at the Table
Had a Slouch Hat Too One Time, I
I'd Rather Be Thin Than Famous
In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry
Inrockuptibles : ROCK & littérature, Les
Jack Kerouac Reads On the Road
Jazz of the Beat Generation
Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness
Last Hotel & Some of Dharma, The
MacDougal Street Blues
McDougal Street Blues
Moon Her Majesty, The
October in the Railroad Earth
On the Road
One Mother
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Part 002
Part 003
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Part 125
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Part 128
Part 129
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Part 132
Part 133
Part 134
Part 135
Part 136
Part 137
Part 138
Part 139
Part 140
Part 141
Part 142
Part 143
Part 144
Part 145
Part 2
Part 3
Poetry & All That Jazz
Poetry for the Beat Generation
Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work, 1888-2006
Readings From "On the Road" and "Visions of Cody"
Readings from “On the Road” and “Visions of Cody”
Retro-Spective: EMI Catalogue Conference Sampler 1997
Rhino's Famous Sweet 16 Sampler
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 85
Sounds of the Universe Coming in My Window, The
Tom Waits' Jukebox: The Songs That Inspired the Man
UFOs for REAL: Scene 2
Uncut: Tom Waits’ Jukebox
Van Morrison's Jukebox - The Songs That Inspired The Man
Verve New Releases June 1997
Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception, The