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Bhattacharjee, Narendranath
Bhattacharji, Narendra Nath
Bhattacharya, Narendra Nath
Bhattacharya, Narendranath
M. N. Roy (Indiaas politicus (1887-1954))
M. N. Roy (Indian activist)
M. N. Roy (indisk politikar)
M. N. Roy (indisk politiker)
Mahendra-Natha, Raya
Manabendra Nath Roy
Manabendra Nath Roy (bengalisch-indischer Revolutionär, Philosoph, Politiktheoretiker und Aktivist)
Mānabendra Nātha Rāẏa
Mānabendranātha Rāẏa
Mānavendra-Nātha Rāya
Manvendra Nath Roy
Narendranath Bhattacharjee
Narendranath Bhattacharya
Rāya, Em. En
Rāẏa, Mānabendra Nātha
Rāẏa, Mānabendranātha
Roy, M. N.
Roy, Manabandra Nath
Roy, Manabendra N.
Roy, Manabendra Nath
Roy, Manabendranath
Roy, Manavendra Nâth
Roy, Manvendra Nath
Rôya, Ema. Ena
Shramendra Karshan
Vidyarthi, S. K.
Манабендранатх Рой
Рой, Манабендра
نریندر ناتھ
मानवेंद्रनाथ रॉय
मानवेन्द्रनाथ राय
মানবেন্দ্রনাথ রায়
মানবেন্দ্ৰ নাথ ৰয়
ਐਮ ਐਨ ਰਾਏ
எம். என். ராய்
മാനവേന്ദ്രനാഥ റോയ്
마나벤드라 나트 로이
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writer of accompanying material
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Frölich, Paul (1884-1953)
Innaiah, Narisetti (1937-....))
Mukherji, Abani
Mukherji, Abaninath (1891-...)
Radical Democratic Party (India)
Ramakrishna Rau, Abburi (1896-)
Ray, Sibnarayan (1921-...)
Roy, Evelyn
Schulz, Willi
Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924)
Abburi and M.N. Roy.
Alliés internationaux de l'opposition du P. C. et de l'U.R.S.S.
Beyond communism
Camino para la paz duradera del mundo.
Communist International, The
Constitution of free India : a draft
Correspondence. Selections
Dict. de la civilisation indienne
Ema. Ena. Rāẏa śatabarsha smārakagrantha
Encyclopaedia Indica
Fragments of a prisoner's diary : India's message
Freedom or fascism?
From savagery to civilisation
Future of indian politics
Gandhism, nationalism, socialism
Heresies of the 20th century philosophical essays
Historical role of Islam
History is not made this way, a symposium on Simla Conference.
Humanist politics
ideal of Indian womanhood, The
If I were Stalin
Inde : Journal : 1915-1943
India and war
India in transition
India's problem and its solution
Indien. -
Indiens politische Zukunft
internationalen Verbündeten der Opposition in der KPdSU
Jawaharlal Nehru
Jelera ciṭhi
Letters from jail
Libération nationale des Indes
Library of a revolutionary being a list of books for serious political study
M.N. Roy, Evelyn, Ellen bibliography, 1996:
M.N. Roy : philosopher-revolutionary
M.N. Roy's Memoirs
M. N. Roy's mission to China : the Communist-Kuomintang split of 1927
Mahātmā Gān̐dhī aura Ema. Ena. Rôya, 2010:
Manabendra Nath Roy : an annotated bibliography
Marxist analysis of Chinese history, 1947:
Materialism an outline of the history of scientific thought
memoirs of a cat, The
Men I met by M. N. Roy.
My experiences in China
National government or people's government?
Natl. Bibliogr. of Indian Lit., The
New humanism : a manifesto
New orientation : lectures delivered at the Political Study Camp, held at Dehradun from May 8th to 18th 1946
One Year of non-cooperation from Ahmedabad to Gaya
Our differences
Our problems
People's plan for economic development of India
philosophy and practice of radical humanism, The
Planning a new India
Political letters
Politics, power and parties.
Poverty or plenty?
Pr̥thibī āmāra deśa Mānabendranātha Rāẏera smr̥tikathāra saṃkshipta bāṃlā saṃskaraṇa
Rabīndranātha o Mānabendranātha, 2005:
Reason, romanticism and revolution
Revolution and counter-revolution in China
Russian revolution and the tragedy of communism (translated from the original text in German)
Samakālīna Bhāratīya darśana ke do dhruva, Em. En. Rāya evaṃ Rādhākr̥shṇan, 2007:
Science and philosophy, 1984:
Science and superstition
Scientific politics
Selected works of M. N. Roy
Selections from the marxian way and the humanist way : a magazine edited by M.N. Roy
Sino-Soviet treaty.
way to durable peace, The
What do we want? 1971