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Hiyūz, Lānkistūn
Hjuz, Llengston
Hjūzs, Lengstons
Hughes, James Langston
Hughes, James Mercer Langston
Hughes, Langston
Hugues, James Mercer Langston
Hugues, Langston
Huza, L.
Hyūz, Lānkstūn
Khʹi︠u︡z, L.
Khʹi︠u︡z, Lengston
Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes (American writer and social activist)
Langston Hughes (americký spisovatel)
Langston Hughes (Amerikaans dichter (1902-1967))
Langston Hughes (écrivain américain)
Langston Hughes (poeta, escriptor i dramaturg nord-americà)
Langston Hughes (poeta, escritor y dramaturgo estadounidense)
Langston Hughes (poeta, scrittore e drammaturgo statunitense)
Langston Hughes (US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller)
Langston Hugues
Lengston Hjuz
Lengstons Hjūzs
Lenston Hyuz
Λάνγκστον Χιουζ
Джеймс Мёрсер Лэнгстон Хьюз
Джэймз Мёрсэр Лэнгстан Х’юз
Джэймс Мёрсер Лэнгстан Х'юз
Лангстън Хюз
Ленґстон Х'юз
Ленгстон Ҳюз
Хьюз, Л
Хьюз, Ленгстон
ლენგსტონ ჰიუზი
Լենգսթոն Հյուզ
יוז, לענגסטאן
לנגסטון יוז (משורר אמריקאי, פעיל חברתי, סופר, מחזאי, ובעל טור)
لانجستون، هيوز،
لانغستون هيوز
لانكستون هيوز،
لنگستون هیوز
هيوز لانجستون،
هيوز، لانكستون،
ल्याङ्स्टन ह्युएज्
லாங்ஸ்ரன் ஹியூஸ்
랭스턴 휴스
ヒューズ, L
ヒューズ, ラングストン
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Manuscript language material
Manuscript notated music
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Bontemps, Arna
Bontemps, Arna Wendell (1902-1973)
Bosman, Anthony (1917-1966)
ebrary, Inc
Hausmann, Manfred
Hill and Wang
Kijima, Hajime (1928-2004)
Knesebeck, Paridam von dem
Meltzer, Milton (1915-...)
Paulsson, Anders
Poot, Marcel (1901-1988)
Rampersad, Arnold (1941-...)
Rampersad, Arnold (1941-..)
Roessel, David
Sastre, Alfonso (1926-)
Steward, Melvin
Weill, Kurt (1900-1950)
Гнедич, Т. (1907-1976)
Гнедич, Татьяна Григорьевна (1907-1976)
علوان، محمد باقر
斎藤, 忠利 (1930-)
木島, 始 (1928-2004)
African Lady
African treasury, An : articles, essays, stories, poems by black Africans
Afrika-Songs, op. 29: Das neue Kabaretmädel
Afrika-Songs, op. 29: Elend
Afrika-Songs, op. 29: Harlemer Nachtlied
Afrika-Songs, op. 29: Introduktion & Duett: Ja?
Afrika-Songs, op. 29: Schnaps-Mary
Afrika-Songs, op. 29: Tante Sues Geschichten
Afro-American Fragment
American Heartbreak
Anthologie africaine et malgache
As I Go
As I Grew Older
Aunt Sue's Stories
Baby Born Today
Backlash Blues
Bad Luck Card
Bad Morning
Ballad of the Gypsy
Ballad of the Landlord
Barrier, The
Best of Simple
best short stories by Negro writers, The : an anthology from 1899 to the present
Big sea
Black misery
Black nativity
Blues montage
Book of Negro folklore, The
Bor koji je ostao neokićen
Border Line
Bound North Blues
Break, A Riff, Boogie Woogie, Bix Beiderbecke, Duke Ellington, Earl Hines, Dizzy Gillespie, Lennie Tristano, Teenagers, Mary Lou Williams, A
Breath of a Spiritual
Buch vom Jazz
Christ is Born
Consider Me
Correspondence. Selections
Could Be
Danse Africaine
Dark Like Me, op. 18: I. Brass Spittoons
Dark Like Me, op. 18: II. Puzzled
Dark Like Me, op. 18: III. Afraid
Dark Like Me, op. 18: IV. Homesick Blues
Dark Like Me, op. 18: V. Daybreak in Alabama
Dark Like Me, op. 18: VI. Dream Variation
Daybreak in Alabama
Dream a World, I
Dream Boogie
Dream Keeper, The
Dream Variations
Dreams and Youth
Dressed Up
Elevator Boy
Evidence of Things Not Seen: Part Two, Middles: 19. Comment on War
Famous American Negroes
Famous Negro music makers
Feet Live Their Own Life
Feet o' Jesus
Fight for freedom : the story of the NAACP
Fine clothes to the Jew.
First book of rhythms
Five plays
Flatted Fifths
Founding fathers
Four Negro Songs: No. 1. Shake your brown feet, honey
Four Negro Songs: No. 2. The cryin' blues
Four Negro Songs: No. 3. Jazz-Boys
Four Negro Songs: No. 4. That soothin' song
Genius Child
Go Where I Send Thee
Goodbye Newport Blues
Gouverneurs de la rosée.
Great Big Sky
Harlem [2]
Heart of Gold
Hei-hei blūzs
Helen Keller
Histoires de Blancs [nouvelles]
Homesick Blues
I'm Gonna Testify
I, Too
If Anybody Ask You Who
In Time of Silver Rain
Ingénu de Harlem nouvelles, L'
Introduction, Africa, The South, New Orleans, Jelly Roll Morton, Rags, Bunk Johnson, Scott Joplin, Louis Armstrong
Introduction, St. Louis Blues, Ma Rainey, Perdido Street Blues
Italy in Technicolor
Ja man miljons būtu / Hārlema
Jazu no hon
Jazz Band in a Parisian Cabaret
Jerico-Jim Crow
Joy to the World
Judgment Day
Kids in School With Me (Poem), The
Kokujingai no shieikusupia : Shishū
Lachen, um nicht zu weinen 5 Erzählungen
Lament for dark peoples and other poems
Langston Hughes, Dream Boogie
Langston Hughes, Dream Variations
Langston Hughes, Harlem
Langston Hughes, The Negro Speaks of Rivers
Langston Hughes, The Weary Blues
Laughing to keep from crying
Life Is Fine
Little Lyric of Great Importance, A
Little Old Letter
Lonely House
Long Trip
Love Again Blues
Love Song for Lucinda
Lumumba's grave
Ma Lord
Mary, What You Gonna Name That Pretty Little Baby?
Masters of the dew
Midnight Raffle
Miss Blues's Child
Mississippi Levee
Montage of a dream deferred
Morning After
Most Done Traveling
Mother to Son
Mule bone : a comedy of negro life
My Dream
My People
My Way's Cloudy
Negro Dancers
Negro mother, and other dramatic recitations, The
Negro Speaks of Rivers - Introduction, The
Negro Speaks of Rivers (with intro), The
Never Has Been Yet for vocalizing pianist
New Moon
New negro poets U.S.A.
Night and Morn
Niguro to kawa
No Regrets
Not without laughter
Oeuvres choisies
Official notice
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
One-Way Ticket
panther and the lash poems of our times
pictorial history of the Negro in America
Plays. Selections
Poems from Black Africa: Ethiopia, South Rhodesia, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya, Gabon, Senegal, Nyasaland, Mozambique, South Africa, Congo, Ghana, Liberia.
Poems. Selections
poetry of the Negro, 1746-1970;, The
Poor Girl's Ruination / The Dream Keeper
Poor Little Jesus Boy
Prayer Meeting
Pudd'nhead Wilson
Rangusuton hyūzu jiden.
Reverie On The Harlem River
Rhythms of the world
Rise Up Shepherd and Follow
Roland Hayes Beaten
Rose Marie
Shakespeare in Harlem
Short stories. Selections
Simpel spricht sich aus
Simple Plays a Prayer
Simple's Uncle Sam
Simple speaks his mind
Simple takes a wife
Šķiršanās blūzs
Something in common, and other stories.
Song for a Dark Girl
Song to the Dark Virgin
Story Of Jazz, The
Story of the Blues, The
Street Scene: Act 1. Scene / Come on
Street Scene: Act I. No. 10 "Lonely house"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 11 "Wouldn't you like to be on Broadway?"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 12 "What good would the moon be?"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 13 "Moon-faced, starry-eyed"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 14a "Remember that I care"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 14b Finaletto
Street Scene: Act I. No. 1b "Ain't it awful, the heat?"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 2 Blues "I got a marble and a star"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 3a "Come in, come in"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 3b "Get a load of that"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 4 "When a woman has a baby"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 5a Scene
Street Scene: Act I. No. 5b "Somehow I could never believe"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 6a Scene
Street Scene: Act I. No. 6b Quartet
Street Scene: Act I. No. 7 Ice-cream Sextet
Street Scene: Act I. No. 8 "Let things be like they always was"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 9a "Hail to the school"
Street Scene: Act I. No. 9b "Wrapped in a ribbon"
Street Scene: Act I: Scene / "She shouldn't be staying out nights"
Street Scene: Act II, Finale. No. 22a "I loved her too"
Street Scene: Act II, Finale. No. 22b: Don't Forget the Lilac Bush (Farewell Duet)
Street Scene: Act II, Finale. No. 22b "Remember that I care"
Street Scene: Act II, Finale. No. 22c "Ain't it awful, the heat?"
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 1. No. 15b "Catch me if you can"
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 1. No. 16 "There'll be trouble"
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 1. No. 17 "A boy like you"
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 1. No. 18a "We'll go away together"
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 1. No. 18b Scene
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 1. No. 18b The Murder
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 1. No. 19a "The woman who lived up there"
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 1. No. 19b Interlude
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 2. No. 20 "Sleep, baby dear"
Street Scene: Act II, Scene 2. No. 21 Scene
Street scene [an American opera]
Street Scene: Children's Game
Street Scene: Lullaby
Struggle, The
Suicide's Note
Summer Night
sweet flypaper of life, The
Sweet Little Jesus Boy
Tambourines to glory
Three Dream Portraits: No. 1. Minstrel Man
Three Dream Portraits: No. 2. Dream Variation
Three Dream Portraits: No. 3. I, Too
Too Blue
Troubled island
Voice Of The Poet: Langston Hughes, The
Wasn't That a Mighty Day?
Water-Front Streets
Ways of white folks
Weary Blues (with intro), The
What Good Would the Moon Be? (from "Street Scene")
When Sue Wears Red
Wide River
Wider View: No. 2. Homesick Blues, The
Wielkie morze : autobiografia.
wonder as I wander; an autobiographical journey, I
Words like freedom
Yo viajo por un mundo encantado
Я тоже Америка Антология : [Стихи и проза]
من روائع الادب الافريقى : قصص و صور اخاذة
Contributed to or performed: 
Beat Generation 1-3, The
Beat Generation, The
Best of the Beat Generation, The
Black History in Music Sampler 1999
Blues Montage
Dream Deferred, A
Every Tone a Testimony: An African American Aural History
Harlem Song (2002 original Apollo Theater cast)
Hungry Blues
In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry
Literature Aloud
Mule Bone
Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work, 1888-2006
Poetry Speaks
Poetry Speaks to Children
Smithsonian Folkways Children's Music Collection
This Land Is Your Land: Songs Of Unity