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Diango Reinhardt
Django Reinhard
Django Reinhardt
Django Reinhardt (belgischer Komponist, Vater und Begründer des europäischen Jazz)
Django Reinhardt (chitarrista belga)
Django Reinhardt (composer, jazz guitarist)
Django Reinhardt (gitarist uit België (1910-1953))
Django Reinhardt (guitariste belge)
Django Reinhardt (kompozytor i gitarzysta)
Django Reinhardt, solo guitar
Django Reinhardt with tth ATC Band
Django Reinhart
Džango Reinhards
Jean Baptiste Reinhardt
Reindhardt, Dj
Reinhardt, Django
Reinhardt, Django (Belgian musician, 1910-1953)
Reinhardt, Jean
Reinhardt, Jean B.
Reinhardt, Jean Baptiste
Reinhardt, Jean "Django"
Reinhardt, Jean (Wirklicher Name)
Reinhart, Django
Renard, Jiango
Τζάνγκο Ράινχαρντ
Джанго Райнхарт
Джанго Рейнхардт
Рейнхардт, Джанго
Џанго Рајнхарт
ჯანგო რეინჰარდტი
Ջանգո Ռեյնհարդ
ג'אנגו ריינהארדט
جنگو راینهارت (گیتاریست و آهنگساز بلژیکی)
จ็องโก เรนาร์ต
장고 라인하르트
ラインハルト, ジャンゴ
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Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
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Related identities: 
Reinhardt, Jean (real name)
Related names: 
Allier, Pierre (co-performer)
Bechet, Sidney (1897-1959)
Bernard, Eddie (co-performer)
Bianchi, Marcel (co-performer)
BMG France
Briggs, Arthur (co-performer)
Chaillou, Maurice (co-performer)
Chaput, Roger (co-performer)
Chico Chico (isMemberOf)
Cizeron, Maurice (co-performer)
Combelle, Alix (co-performer)
Craig, Al (co-performer)
Curry, Ted (co-performer)
Czabanyck, Ladislas (co-performer)
Django Reinhardt & Band Affiliation (see also from)
Django Reinhardt and His American Swing Band Affiliation (see also from)
Django Reinhardt et ses Rythmes (see also from)
Django Reinhardt et son orchestre (see also from)
Django Reinhardt et son orchestre du Bœuf sur le toit (isMemberOf)
Django Reinhardt et son quintette (isMemberOf)
Django Reinhardt Quartet (isMemberOf)
Django's music (see also from)
EMI music France
Ferret, Pierre (co-performer)
Fouad, Pierre (co-performer)
Frémeaux & Associés
Garnet Clark & his Hot Clubs Four (see also from)
Gershwin, George
Goode, Coleridge (co-performer)
Grappelli, Stéphane
Grappelli, Stéphane (co-performer)
Grasset, Roger (co-performer)
Guérino et son Orchestre de la Boîte à Matelots 1932-1933 (see also from)
Hawkins, Coleman (co-performer)
Hodgkiss, Allan (co-performer)
Hot Club de France Quintette 1934-..... (see also from)
Hot Club de France, Quintette
Jazz club Mystery hot band (see also from)
Jourdan, André (co-performer)
Lévecque, Gérard (co-performer)
Lisée, Charles (co-performer)
Llewelyn, Jack (co-performer)
Lockwood, Willy (co-performer)
Martinon, Jacques (co-performer)
Masselier, Alf (co-performer)
Meunier, Maurice (co-performer)
Michel Warlop et son orchestre (isMemberOf)
Michelot, Pierre (co-performer)
Naxos Digital Services
Nina Rette et son Hot Trio (isMemberOf)
Paraboschi, Roger (co-performer)
Quintette du Hot Club de France
Quintette du Hot Club de France (isMemberOf)
Quintette du Hot Club de France Affiliation (see also from)
RDC records
Reinhardt, Django (1910-1953)
Reinhardt, Joseph (co-performer)
Reinhardt, Markus (1948-; see also from)
Reinhardt, Schnuckenack (1921-2006; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Renard, Alex (co-performer)
Rette, Nina (co-performer)
Rex Stewart and his Feetwarmers (see also from)
Rex Stewart Quintet (isMemberOf)
Rex Stewart quintet (see also from)
Romans, Alain (co-performer)
Rostaing, Hubert (co-performer)
Schumann, Robert (1810-1856)
Sébastian, Romane
Seitz, Ernest (1892-1978)
Simoens, Lucien (co-performer)
Soudieux, Emmanuel (co-performer)
Souvenirs de Django Reinhardt (isMemberOf)
Stéphane Grappelli and his Hot four 1935-1947 (see also from)
Stern, Emil (co-performer)
Stewart, Rex (co-performer)
Storne, Jean (co-performer)
Vander, Maurice (co-performer)
Vées, Eugène (co-performer)
Viale, Jean-Louis (co-performer)
Villers, Michel de (co-performer)
Vogue Maison de disques
Vola, Louis (co-performer)
Warlop, Michel (co-performer)
Webster, Ben (1909-1973)
100 ans de jazz : Django Reinhardt
100 Chansons
100 Plus Grands Succès de Django Reinhardt, Les
100 Swinging Greats!
1935 - 1939
20 chansons d'or
20 Reflective Recordings
40 Breathtaking Recordings
40 titres d'anthologie
Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection, The
Accords parfaits
AFN Closing Sequence
AFN Title Sequence
After You're Gone
After you've gone (2 min 57 s)
Ah! La Biguine
Ain't Got Nobody [Graham, Williams], I
Ain’t Misbehavin’
Ainsi Soit-Il
Air Mail Special
Alabamy Bound
All for You
All of Me
All Star Sessions
All the Things You Are
amour comme le notre, Un
Amour De Gitane
amour en fleurs, L'
Amour En Voyage, L'
années Django, Les
Anniversary Song
Annonce / Night and Day / Désannonce
Annonce / Time After Time
Anthology 1934-1937
Anything Goes
Appel Direct
Appel indirect
Apple Honey
Are you in the mood ?
Art of Django, The
Art of Swing, The
Art of the Jazz Guitar, The
Artillerie lourde (Heavy Artillery)
Artillierie Lourde
At the Jimmy's Bar
Au Grande Large
Au pays de l'Hindoustan
Au Pays Du L'Hindoustan
Aubade Charmeuse
Autour de Minuit
Babik (Be Bop)
Babik (Bi-bop)
Baby Won't You Please Come Home
baiser, Un
Begin the beguine
Bei dir war es immer so schoen
Bei dir war es immer so schön
Bei mir bist Du schön / St. Louis Blues
Believe It, Beloved
Belleville [Central Island]
Belleville [Reinhardt]
Belleville (Version 2)
Best of Django Reinhardt, The
Best of the Broadcast Performances, The
Best of the Radio Sessions (Expanded Edition), The
Best Recordings 1
Best Recordings 2
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Beyond the Sea (La Mer)
Big Boy Blues
Bill Coleman blues
Billet doux
Billets doux
Black and White
Black Eyes
Black Night (Diminishing)
Black Panther Stomp
Blue Drag
Blue Interlude
Blue Light Blues
Blue Lou
Blue Moon
Blue Rag
Blue Skies
Blue You
Blues [Brun]
Blues d'autrefois
Blues en clair
Blues en mineur (3 min 26 s)
Blues En Minor
Blues Et Mineur [1942]
Blues for Barclay (take 1)
Blues for Ike
Blues of Yesterday
Blues primitif
Blues Riff
Blues Skies
Body and soul
Bolero de Django
Bolero (Troublant boléro)
Boogie Woogie - Part 1
Boogie Woogie - Part 2
Bouncin’ Around (Rhythm in G Minor)
Bouncing Around
Braggin' the Briggs, Part 1
Braggin' the Briggs, Part 2
Brasil (1st version)
Brick Top
Bright Eyes
Brise Napolitaine
Budding Dancers
Bugle Call Rag
C'est Un Valse Qui Chante
"C" Jam Blues
Cadillac Slim
Can't Believe That You Are in Love With Me, I
Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me [Fields, McHugh], I
Can't Get Started, I
Can't Give You Anithing but Love, I
Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby, I
Can't Give You Anything But Love (Version 2), I
Can't Give You Anything of Love, I
caravane la fille du bedouin, La
Cavalerie [Little Italy]
Celle Qui Est Perdue
Cette Chanson Est Pour Vous
Chanson du large, La
Charleston (2 min 48 s)
Chasi Shadows
Chasing Shadows
Chefs d'oeuvre et insolites
Chez Moi à 6 Heures
Christmas swing
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1934-1935, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1935-1936, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1937-1938, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1937, Volume 2, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1938-1939, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1939-1940, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1940-1941, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1941-1942, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1942-1943, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1944-1946, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1947-1951, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1947, Volume 2, The
Chronological Classics: Django Reinhardt 1951-1953, The
cigale et la fourmi, La
Clair de lune
Claire de Lune
Classic Early Recordings in Chronological Order, The
Clopin Clopant
Cloud Castles
Cocktails For Two
Cocktails pour deux
Coffret Jazz Manouche, Le
Colleague Stomp
Collection, The
College Stomp
Complete Roots: Rhythm & Swing
Confessin' That I Love You (1st version)
Confessin' That I Love You (2nd version)
Continental [Conrad, Magidson], The
Coquette ['Creme de la Creme', 'Just for Relaxation', Radio]
Coucou (extrait)
Coucou ['Happy Birthday', Band]
Cover the Waterfront, I
Crazy Rhythm [Meyer, Kahn]
Crazy Rhythm: The Genius of Gipsy Guitar
Crazy Rythm
Crazy Strings
D. R. Blues
Danse norvégienne n°2
Danse nuptiale (Moppin' the Bride)
Darktown Strutlers Ball
Darktown Strutter's Ball
Darktown Strutters' Ball, The
Darling, Je Vous Aime Beacoup
Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
Debussy's Reverie
Déception d'Amour
Del Salle (take 1)
Del Salle (take 2)
Delle Salle
Dernier soir
Derniere Bergere, La
Deux Cigarettes Dans L'Ombre
Deux pieds gauches
Diminishing Blackness
Diners Swing
Dinette (Dinah)
Divine Beguine
Divine Biguine
Django Castle (Le Manoir de Mes Reves)
Django in Rome 1949/1950
Django Joue Django
Django on the Radio
Django Rag
Django Reinhard's Swinging Gypsy Flavor
Django Reinhardt and His American Friends, Complete Sessions
Django Reinhardt Anthology, The
Django Reinhardt at the Hot Club Of France
Django Reinhardt Collection, The
Django Reinhardt in Brussels
Django Reinhardt on Vogue - Complete Edition (1934-1951)
Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli
Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelly Quintette du Hot Club de France Paris 1935 - 38 - 39, London 1938
Django Reinhardt Story - 25 Phonographic Memories, The
Django Reinhardt, Volume 10: Belleville, Classic Recordings 1940-1942
Django Reinhardt, Volume 2: Paris and London 1937-1948
Django Reinhardt, Volume 4: 1937 Swingin' with Django
Django Reinhardt Volume III
Django Rheinhardt Collection - 20 Golden Greats, The
Django's Blues
Django's Castel
Django's Castle (Manoir De Mes Rêves)
Django's Dream
Django’s Tiger
Django, the Unforgettable
Django With His American Friends
Djangologie USA, Volume 2
Djangology 49
Djangology (disc 2)
Djangology Music Mirror
Djangology: The Gypsy Genius
Djangology, Volume 1: 1934-35
Djangology, Volume 2: 1938-39
Don't Be That Way
Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), I
Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Don' The New Low Down
Double Disque d’or de Django Reinhardt, Le
Double Scotch
Double Whiskey
Double Whisky
Douce Ambiance [Countryside]
Douce Ambiance [Reinhardt]
Douce ambiance (Sweet Atmosphere)
Douce Ambience
Douce Georgette (Sweet Georgia Brown)
Dounce Ambiance
Doux sourire
DR Blues
Dream of You
Dream Ship
Duke and Dukie (take 1)
Duke and Dukie (take 2)
Duke & Dukie, Part 1
Duke & Dukie, Part 2
Duke Ellington Orchestra, The
Easter Parade
Easy Going
Echoes of France (2 min 43 s)
Echoes of France (La Marsellaise)
Echoes of France [Oakwood]
Echoes of France: Variations sur La Marseillaise
Echoes of Spain
Echos De France (Le Marseillaise)
Eclats de Cuivre
Eddie's blues (3 min 03 s)
Eddies Blues
Electric Years, The
Embraceable You
EMI Jazz
Ensemble (Marching Along Together)
Essential Django Reinhardt, The
Essential: Masters of Jazz
Et le hot club de France
Exactly Like You (Pour vous)
Exclusiv Top Stars - Django Reinhardt
Fantaisie Sur Une Danse Norvegienne / Vendredi 13
Farewell Blues
Fast Slow Medium Tempo
Festival 48
Festival Swing 1942, Part 2
Festival Swing 42
Fiddle's Blues
Fine and Dandy (incomplete)
Finesse (Night Wind) [Taylor]
First Class Jazz (disc 20: Django Reinhardt)
Flat Foot Floogie, The
Flèche d'or
Fleur d'Ennui [Reinhardt]
Fly Fishing
Foile a Amphion
Folie a amphion
For Sentimental Reasons: The Rarities Collection
Forever Gold
Four Classic Albums Plus: DJANGO / django / The Legendary Django / Django Reinhardt
From Now On
From You
Gabriel's Swing
géant sur son nuage, Un
Génie vagabond, Le
Genius of Improvisation
Geordia on My Mind
Georgia on My Mind [Carmichael, Gorrell]
Get a Kick Out of You, I
Gin gin
Gipsy Genius, The
Gipsy With a Song, Part 1
Gipsy With a Song, Part 2
Gipsy With a Song (take 1)
GIPSY WITH a SONG (take 2)
Gipsy Without a Song 1
Gipsy Without a Song 2
Gitan Swing
Gold Collection, The
Got a Date in Louisiana
Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, I
Got Rhythm (alternative take from 78’s), I
Got Rhythm [G. & I. Gershwin], I
Got Rhythmn, I
Got Rythm, I
Got the Rhythm, I
Got Thythmn, I
Gotta Date in Louisiana
Gotta Date in Louisina
Great Artistry of Django Reinhardt, The
Greatest Hits
Greig's Norwegian Dance
Grieg's Norwegian Dance
Guitar Genius
Gypsy Jazz
Gypsy With a Song, Part 1
Gypsy With a Song, Part 2
H. C. Q. Strut
Handing Around Boudon
Hands Across The Table
Hangin' Around Boudon [Wells]
Harlem Swing
HCQ Strut
Heavy Artillery (Artillerie lourde)
Honey Suckle Rose
Honeysuckle rose Rosaspina ; Souvenirs
Honeysuckle Rose (Version 2)
Honeysuckle Rose [Waller-Razaf]
Hot Club de France, Le
Hot Lips
How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
How High the Moon (Version 2)
I’ll Never Be the Same
I'll Never Smile Again (take 2)
I'll See You In My Dream
I’ll See You in My Dreams (From "Stardust Memories")
I'm Coffessin
I'm Coming, Virginia
(I'm) Confessin' (That I Love You)
I'm Gonna Wash My Hands Of You
I'se a Muggin' [Smith]
I've Found a Brand New Baby
I've Found a New Baby [Palmer, Williams]
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (take 1)
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (take 2)
I've Had My Moments [Kahn, Donaldson]
I´ll See You In My Dreams [Kahn, Jones]
I´m Coming Virginia [Heywood, Cook]
Ici L'On Peche
If Dreams Came True
If Dreams Come True
If I Had You
Im Coming Virginia
Improvisation 47 (Improvisation No. 5)
Improvisation (Improvisation sur une danse norvégienne)
Improvisation N °2
Improvisation n'3, Part 1
Improvisation n'3, Part 2
Improvisation n° 1 / Improvisation n° 2
Improvisation n° 2 (partie n° 1)
Improvisation n° 2 (partie n° 2)
Improvisation N° 3, Part 1
Improvisation N° 3, Part 2
Improvisation N° 3 - Part1
Improvisation N° 4
Improvisation N° 5
Improvisation n° 6
Improvisation n°1
Improvisation n°2
Improvisation N°3, Part 1
Improvisation N°3, Part 2
Improvisation No. 2 (alternate)
Improvisation No. 2 (master)
Improvisation No. 2, Part 1
Improvisation No. 2, Part 2
Improvisation No 2 (take 1)
Improvisation No 2 (take 2)
Improvisation No. 3, Part 1
Improvisation No.3 part 2
Improvisation No 3 (Part. I)
Improvisation No 3 (Part. II)
Improvisation No.3 Pt. 1 [1943]
Improvisation No.3 Pt 1 / Improvisation No.3 Pt 2 [Reinhardt]
Improvisation No.3 Pt. 2 [1943]
Improvisation no.4
Improvisation no.5 (47)
Improvisation no.6
Improvisation No. 7 (a.k.a. No. 2)
Improvisation of the First Movement of the Concerto in D Minor by J.S. Bach
Improvisation on Tchaikovsky's Pathetique (Andante)
Improvisation on Tchaikowsky's 'Pathétique' Andante
Improvisation on the First Movement of the Concerto in D Minor by J.S. Bach
Improvisation on the First Movement of the Concerto in D Minor by JS Bach
Improvisation on Tiger Rag
Improvisation sur l'Andante de la symphonie n°6 de Tchaikovsky
Improvisation sur la danse norvégienne
Improvisation Sur La Danse Norwegienne
Improvisation sur le 1er mouvement du concerto en re mineur de J. S. Bach
Improvisation sur le 1er mvt concerto re mineur
Improvisation sur le premier mouvement du concerto en ré mineur de J.S. Bach
Improvisation sur le premier mouvement du concerto en ré mineur de Jean-Sébastien Bach
Improvisation Sur Tiger Rag - Ride, Red, Ride
Improvisation sur un thème mineur
Improvisation sur une danse Norwegienne
Improvisations on the First Movement of the Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor
Improvision No. 2
In a Sentimental Mood [Ellington, Mills, Kurtz]
In a Sentimental Moon
In Solitaire: Complete Recordings for Solo Guitar 1937-1950
In the Still of the Night
Incomparable Django Reinhardt, The
Indécision (Undecided) [Shavers, Robin]
Indispensable Django Reinhardt (1949–1950), The
Inoubliable, L'
Insensiblement (1st version)
Insensiblement (2nd version)
Instant D'Infini, Un
Intégrale, Volume 1: "Presentation Stomp"
Intégrale, Volume 10: "Nuages"
Intégrale, Volume 11: "Swing 42"
Intégrale, Volume 12: "Manoir des mes rêves"
Intégrale, Volume 13: "Echoes of France"
Intégrale, Volume 14: "Django's Dream"
Intégrale, Volume 15: "Gipsy With a Song"
Intégrale, Volume 16: "Festival 48"
Intégrale, Volume 17: "La Mer"
Intégrale, Volume 18: "I'll Never Be the Same"
Intégrale, Volume 19: "Troublant Boléro"
Intégrale, Volume 2: "I Saw Stars"
Intégrale, Volume 20: “Pour que ma vie demeure”
Intégrale, Volume 3: "Djangology"
Intégrale, Volume 4: "Magic Strings"
Intégrale, Volume 5: "Mystery Pacific"
Intégrale, Volume 6: "Swinging With Django"
Intégrale, Volume 7: "Christmas Swing"
Intégrale, Volume 8: "Swing From Paris"
Intégrale, Volume 9: "H.C.Q. Strut"
Interprétation swing du 1er mouvement du concerto en ré mineur de J-S. Bach
Interprétation Swing du premier mouvement du concerto en ré mineur de J.S. Bach
Interview & orgue/organ
Interview / Yesterdays
Introduction & Djangology
Introduction to Django Reinhardt: His Best Recordings 1934-1942, An
It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got that Swing)
It Had To Be You [Kahn - Jones]
It Might as Well Be Spring
(It's Only a) Paper Moon
It’s the Bluest kind of Blues My Baby Sings
It was so Beautiful
J'ai besoin de toi
J'Attendrai (Tornerai)
J'Suis Pas Un Ange
Jam Session (Fine and Dandy)
Japanese Sandman [Egan, Whiting]
Japanese Sandman, The
Jazz Ballads 7: Django Reinhardt
Jazz & Blues Collection (disc 2: Bis)
Jazz Greats, Volume 13: Django Reinhardt: Crazy Rhythm
Jazz in Paris Collector's Edition: The Great Artistry of Django Reinhardt
Jazz in Paris: Django et compagnie
Jazz in Paris: Django Reinhardt in Paris
Jazz in Paris: Django's Blues
Jazz in Paris: Nuages
Jazz in Paris: Nuits de Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Jazz in Paris: Place de Brouckère
Jazz in Paris: Swing 39
Jazz in Paris: Swing 48
Jazz in Paris: Swing From Paris
Jazz indispensable
Je Sais Que Vous Etes Jolie!
Je Suis Sex-Appeal
Je Voudrais Vivre
Jeepers Creepers
Jeespers Creespers
Jersey Bounce
Jimmy's Bar
Jour Ou Je Te Vis, Le
Jour Sur La Mer, Un
Joyeuse fumée
Jumpin' at the Woodside
Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
Just a Gigolo
Just for Fun
Just One of Those Thing
Just One of those Things
Keep Cool
Kind of Reinhardt
King of the Gypsies
Know That You Know [Caldwell, Youmans], I
Know That You Know Me, I
Know What I Know, I
Know What You Know, I
L’Œil noir
Lacombe Lucien
Lady be good
Lambeth Walk, The
Lentement Mademoiselle [Countryside]
Lentement, Mademoiselle [Reinhardt]
Lentement Masemoiselle
Liebesfreud (2 min 35 s)
Liebestraum, N° 3
Liebestraum N°3
Liebestraum No. 3 [From Sweet and Lowdown (1999)]
Liebestraum No3
Liebestraume No.3
Liebstraum n°3
Lilly Belle 05.June
Lily Belle May June
Limehouse blues (2 min 43 s)
Limehouse Blues [Furber, Braham]
Limeshouse Blues
Little Love a Little Kiss, A
Little White Lies
Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)
Louise (2 min 27 s)
Love Is Here to Stay
Love's a Melody
Love's mood
Love You for Sentimental Reasons, I
Lover Come Back to Me (alternative take from 78’s)
Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)
Low Cotton [Stewart]
Lucky Thirteen
Ma régulière
Mademoiselle Adelaine
Mademoiselle Adeline
Magic Strings
Maman, Ne Vends Pas La Maison!
Man I Love, The
manisero (Peanuts Vendor), El
Manoir de mes rêves (aka Django’s Castle)
Manoir de Mes Reves [Hoboken]
Manoir de mes rêves, Le
Manoir De Mes Rêves [Reinhardt]
Manoir De Mes Reves (Version 2)
Manoir des mes rêves
Marseillaise, La
Masters of Jazz
Masters, The
Meilleur de Django Reinhardt (Les Légendes du Jazz), Le
Melodie Au Crepescule
Mélodie Au Crépuscale
Mélodie au crepuscule (extrait)
Meme Coup, Le
Mer, La
Micro (Mike) (version 1)
Micro (Mike) (version 2)
Micro (Moppin' the Bride) (Danse nuptiale)
Midnite Jazz & Blues: Hot Club De France
Mike (Mirco, Swing Dynamique)
Minor Blues (Blues d'autrefois)
Minor Swiing (John Beltran's Remember New Orleans mix)
Minor Swing [1950]
Minor Swing (John Beltran's Remember New Orleans remix)
Minor Swing [New Ark]
Minor Swing [Reinhardt, Grappelli]
Minor Swings
Miss Annabel Lee
Miss Annabelle Lee
Miss Annebelle Lee
Miss Columbia
Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable to Lunch Today)
Mitos do jazz, Volume 20: Django Reinhardt
Moi aussi
Mome La Gratiche
Mon Coeur Reste Pres De Toi
Montagne Sainte-Geneviève
Montmartre (Django's Jump)
Montmartre [Stewart]
Moon Glow
Moppin' the Blues
Moppin' the Bride (Micro)
Moten Swing & Theme
Musette to Maestro
My Blue Heaven
My Carolina Hideaway
My Melancholy Baby
My Melancoly Baby
My Serenade [Reinhardt]
My Sweet
Mysteric Pacific
Mystery Pacific [Reinhardt, Grappelli]
Nagasaki [Dixon, Warren]
Naguine [Reinhardt]
Nature Boy
Ne Sois Pas Jalouse
Nerves and Fever
New York City
Night and Day (1st version)
Night and Day (2nd version)
No Gypsies
No Name Blues / Mélodie au crépuscule / Manoir des mes rêves
Noël Blues
Nothing but Django
nouveau quintette du hot club de france, Le
Novel Pets
Nuage - Daphne
Nuages (Recorded in 1951) [remastered]
Nuages [Reinhardt]
Nuages (solo)
Nuages (take 1)
Nuages (take 2)
Nuages - Tears
Nuages (The Bluest Kind of Blues)
Nuages (version 1)
Nuits de Saint Germain des Prés
Nuits de St. Germain-des-Pres
nulle part (Out of Nowhere), De
Object of My Affection, The
Oh Didn't It Rain
Oh! Lady Be Good [G & I Gershwin]
Oiseaux de Iles
Oiseaux des Iles [Countryside]
Oiseaux Des Iles [Reinhardt]
Okay Toots
Ol’ Man River
Old man river (3 min 21 s)
On the Alamo
On the sunny side of the street
Ondee, L'
Onze heures vingt
Or de Django, L'
Organ Grinder's Swing
Oriental Shuffle [Reinhardt]
Où es-tu, mon amour? (Where Are You, My Love?)
Oui, c'est ça
Oui [Reinhardt]
Oui (Si tu me dis oui)
Out Of Nowhere [Heyman, Green]
Over the Rainbow
P. B. Flat Blues
Pam Pam
Panassié stomp (3 min 02 s)
Par correspondance
Paramount Stomp
Parce que je vous aime
Parfum / Improvisation
Parfum [Reinhardt, Grappelli]
Paris Blues
Pas Sur La Bouche
PB Flat Blues
Peanut Vendor, The
Pêche à la mouche (Fly Fishing)
Pêche à la Mouche - The Great Blue Star Sessions 1947-1953
Pennies From Heaven
pergola, La
Petit Homme C'est L'Heure D'Faire Dodo
Petit Mensongnes (Little White Lies) [Donaldson]
Petit mesonges (Little White Lies)
Petite Ile, La
Petite Lili
Petite Lily
Petits mensonges (Little White Lies)
Petits Mensonges (Three White Lies)
peu de rêve, Un
Place ce Brouckere
Place de Brouckère
Place de Broukère / Seul se soir
Planet Jazz: Django Reinhardt
Platinum Collection Trois CD
Playback Guitare Manouche
Plays Django Reinhardt
Please be Kind
Pluie de printemps
Plus Belle, La
Poczekalnia PKP
Points Roses
Port Cabello
Porto Cabella
Porto Cabello
Portrait of Django Reinhardt, A
Pour commencer
Pour terminer
Pour Vous (Exactly Like You) [Fields, McHugh]
Pourquoi, Pourquoi?
Premiere De Idee D'Eddie
Prenez Garde Au Grand Mechant Loup
Présentation par/by André Francis
Presentation Stomp
Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody, A
Quatre Farceurs, Les
Quatre tickets
Quelquefois (Pour que ma vie demeure)
Quintessence: Paris-Bruxelles 1934-1943, The
Quintet of the Hot Club of France: First Recordings!
Quintette du Hot Club de France
R. vingt-six
Rare Django (1928-1938)
Rendez-vous sous la pluie
Renown & Resistance 1937-1943
Rétrospective: 1934-53
Rhe Continental
Rhythm futur
Rhythme Futur ['Just for Relaxation', Gramophone]
Rhythme Futúr [Reinhardt]
Rhytme futur
Ric et Pussy
Riddle's Blues
Ride, Red, Ride
Ride, Ride, Ride
Ridin’ Along the Moscowa
Rock-A-Bye Baby
Rock-A-Bye Basie
Rockabye Basie
roi Marc, Le
Rome, 1949-1950, Volume 1
Rome, 1949-1950, Volume 2
Rose Room [Hickman, Williams]
Roumba-Da-Boum, La
Royal garden blues
RTL Jazz: La Collection
Run Mary, Run / Didn't It Rain
Runin' Wild
Runnin' Wild (Course Mouvementee)
Running Wild
Russian Songs Medley
Russian Songs Melody
Rythm Futur
Rythme futur
Sain-Louis Blues
Saint James Infirmary
Saint Louis blues
salades de l'oncle François, Les
Saw Stars, I
Scatter Brain
Scherzo in minore
Selection of...
September Song (1st version)
September Song (2nd version)
Sérénade d'hiver
Serenade for a Wealthy Widow
Seul ce soir
Seul se soir
Sheik, Le
Sheik (of Araby), The
Shine (Foxtrot)
Shine [Mack, Brown, Dabney]
Si j'aime Suzy
Si J'Avais Ete
Si tu savais
Siffler en travaillant
Sifflez en travaillant (Whistle While You Work)
Sing Guitars
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Smoke Rings [Gifford]
soir, Le
Solid Old Man [Stewart, Taylor, Bigard]
Solitude (3 min 04 s)
Solos/Duets/Trios, Volume 2
Some of the Days
Some of These Days [Shelton, Brooke]
Somebody Loves Me
Sometimes I'm Happy
Song d'automne
Songe d'automne
Songs d'automne
Sophisticated lady
Souce Ambiance
Sounds of the 20th Century: Gipsy Jazz
sourire en chantant (With a Smile and a Song), Un
St. James' Infirmary
St. Louis Blues [Handy]
St. Louise Blues
Stephen’s Blues
Stompin' at Deca
Stompin’ at Decca
Stompin’ at the Savoy
Stomping at the Decca
Stormy weather
Studio 24
Sunshine of Your Smile, The
Sur la peinture de Django / On Django's Painting
Sur la peinture en Fa dièse mineur / On Painting In F Sharp Minor
Sur le Concert Parisien de Benny Goodman / On Benny Goodman's Concert in Paris
Sur les bords de l'Alamo
Surrender, Dear, I
Swanee river (2 min 59 s)
Swannee River
Sweet Atmosphere
Sweet Chorus Crazy
Sweet Chorus [Reinhardt, Grappelli]
Sweet Georgia Brown [1938]
Sweet Georgia Brown [Pinkard, Bernie, Casey]
Sweet Georgia Brwon
Sweet Georgie Brown
Sweet Serenade
Sweet Sue, Just You [Harris, Young]
Swing '39
Swing 41 [Reinhardt]
Swing '42
Swing 47
Swing '48
Swing 49
Swing De Paris [Reinhardt]
Swing dynamique
Swing forty two
Swing from Paris
Swing Guitar
Swing Guitars [Reinhardt, Grappelli]
Swing in Paris, 1936-1940
Swing in the Springtime
Swing Interpretation of the First Movement of the Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor
Swing Interpretation of the First Movement of the Concerto in D Minor by J.S. Bach
Swing Jazz of Django Reinhardt, The
Swing quarante et un
Swingin' Guitars
Swingin' the Blues
Swingin' with Django
Swinging Down
Swinging in Springtime
Swinging with Django
Swingtime in springtime (3 min 06 s)
Swingtime in the Springtime
Taj Mahal
Tango Django
Tchaikovskt's Starry Night
Tchaikovsky's Starry Night
Te veo in mis sueños (I'll See You in My Dreams)
Tea For Two [Ceasar, Youmans]
Tea for Two, Part 2
Tears Paris
Tears [Reinhardt, Grappelli]
Tel quel
Terrain A Vendre
Them There Eyes
Them Three Eyes
This Kind of Friend
Three Little Words
Tiger Rag / Confessin’
Tiger Rag / I Saw Stars
Tiger Rag [La Rocca]
Time After Time
Time on my Hands
Tisket a Tasket, A
To Each His Own (symphonie)
To Each His Own Symphony
Ton doux sourire (The Sunshine of Your Smile)
Tonerai (J'attenrai)
Tons d'ébène
Tornerai (J'attendrai)
Tous mes souvenirs me tuent
Tout Le Jour, Tout La Nuit
Tout le jour, toute la nuit
Triomphes du Jazz (disc 7: Le Manouche Aux Doigts D'or), Les
Troublant Boléro (version 1)
Twelfth Year
Two Improvised Guitar Choruses
Two Is Company: Complete Studio Duets 1937-1942
Two of a King
Ultimate Django's Book bonus CD, The
Ultra Fox
Uptown Blues
Valse Manouche
Vendred 13
Vendredi 13 [Downtown]
Vendredi 13 [Reinhardt]
Verve Jazz Masters 38
Very Best of 1934-1939, The
Vieni Vieni
Viper's Dream [Allen]
Vivre Pour Toi
Vol.3 1936-1937 Swing Guitars - Classic Recordings by Quintette Du Hot Club De France
Vol. 5: The Solo Sessions
Vol. 6: Nuages
Vol. 8 Americans in Paris Part Two 1938 - 1945
Vous et moi
Vous, Oui Passez Sans Me Voir
Vous qui passez sans me voir
Vouz qui pasez sans me voir
Waltzing With A Dream
War Clouds
We Were So Young
Week-End Stomp
Weekend Stomp
Welcome (2e partie)
Welcome (2ème partie)
Welcome, Part 2
What a Difference a Day Made
What a Difference a Day Makes
What is This Thing Called Love?
What Kind Of Friend
When Day is Done
When Day Is Gone
When Days Is Done
When My Ship Comes In
Where Are You My Love? (Ou es-tu mon amour?)
Whoa Babe
Whoa Baby
Why Should I Care?
Why Shouldn't I?
Why Wouldn't I
With Strings and Brass
With Vocals (1933-1941)
Won't Dance, I
Wonder Where Is My Baby Tonight, I
Wonder Where My Babe Is Tonight, I
Wonder Where my Baby is Tonight, I
Works. Selections
World Is Waiting for the Sunrise, The
World Is Waiting for the Sunshine, The
Y En N'A Pas Deux Comme Moi
Yeus Noirs (Dark Eyes), Les
yeux noirs (2 min 15 s)
yeux noirs (Dark Eyes), Les
Yeux Noirs, Le
Yeux Noirs (lent), Les
Yeux Noirs (rapide), Les
Yeux Noirs [Reinhardt], Les
Yeux noirs (trad.), Les
You And The Night And The Music
You Rascal, You (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead)
You Rascal You [Theard]
You're Driving me Crazy
You're Driving My Crazy
You Took Advantage of Me
Younger Generation, The
Yours and Mine
Zeit: Legenden des Jazz, Die
Zuiderzee Blues
Гитара на все времена
لاکومب، لوسین
Contributed to or performed: 
¡Mira Quién Baila!
"C" Jam Blues
[Album No. 207]
100 ans de jazz
100 ans de jazz - George Gershwin
100 Best Jazz Tunes of the 1950's, The
100 Best of Blue Note
100 Greatest Jazz Hits (disc 1)
100 Hits: Jazz Greats
100 Jazz Greats
100 Jazz Masters
100 Plus Belles Mélodies Jazzy, Les
100 Plus Grandes Chansons de Jazz, Volume 1, Les
100% Cole Porter - The Greatest Songs of the Legendary Composer
16 All-Time Jazz Sessions, Volume 2
2 CD essentials
20 All Time Jazz Classics, Volume 3
25 Géants du Jazz : Enregistrements Historiques
25 Jazz Greats, Volume 2
25 Jazz Greats, Volume 3
25 Jazz Greats, Volume 4
36 Masterpieces of Jazz Music, Volume 1
50 Xmas Songs - 50 Classic Christmas Songs for the Perfect Holiday, Volume 3
60 Minutos de Jazztel
A-Tisket, A-Tasket
A-Z Encyclopedia of Jazz, The
Aerobleu: The Spirit of Cool
After You've Gone
Ain't Misbehavin'
Ain’t Misbehavin
Ain’t Misbehavin’
Alabama Bound
Alabamy Bound
All of Me
All the Things You Are
All Time Jazz
All Time Jazz Classics
All-Time Greatest Swing Era Songs
American in Paris: Jazzmen Love France
Americans in Paris
Anniversary Song
Appel Direct
Appel Direct (Appel Indirect)
Appel Indirect
Are You In The Mood?
Artillerie lourde
Artist’s Choice: Willie Nelson
As Good as It Gets: Swing
Avalon / Djangology
Aviator, The
Aviator: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Babik – Bi-Bop
Bart&Baker Present: Swing Party
Battle of Guitars
BBC Jazz: Classic Cuts From 80 Years of Jazz
BD Music Presents Woody Allen's Movies, Vol. 1
Begin the Beguine
Beginner's Guide to Swing
Believe It, Beloved
Belle Vie, La
Belpop - De Eerste Vijftig Jaar
Belpop 100
Belpop Bonanza (Het mooiste uit de Belgische popgeschiedenis)
Best Jazz... Ever!, The
Best Of Jazz Manouche
Best of Jazz Take Five
Best of Paris, The
Best of Yesterday, Volume 4
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Beyond the Sea (La Mer) (Remastered 2002)
Big Band Remixed and Reinvented
Big Bands & Classic Jazz 2
Bill Coleman Blues
Billets Doux
Bioshock Licensed Soundtrack
Bioshock Soundtrack (Ultimate OST)
Black And White
Black Night
Blue 'n' Boogie
Blue Drag
Blue Drag / Swanee River
Blue Drop
Blue Lou
Blue Moon / Star Dust
Bluebird Jazz Sampler
Bluebird: 1991 Jazz Sampler
Blues Clair
Blues for Barclay
Blues for Ike
Blues Primitif
Blues Riff
Body And Soul
Boogie Woogie
Bouncin’ Around
Brass Pins And Match Heads: International 78s, Volume 2
Brick Top
Brussels 1947, Paris 1951, 1952, 1953
Bruxelles 1947 / Paris 1951 1952 1953
Bugle Call Rag
Burg Waldeck Festival 1967 – Chanson Folklore International
C Jam Blues
Café de Paris
Café de Paris : 75 Grands Succès français
Café Paris
Can't Give Anything but Love, I
Can't Give You Anything But Love, I
Can’t Believe That You’re in Love With Me, I
Capital Gold Jazz Legends
Caro Emerald Presents: Drum Rolls & Heart Breaks
Century of Glory, A
Cette chanson est pour vous (Life Is a Song)
Chansons d'amour, Volume 3
Chansons de la Libération, Les
Chansons de Paris : Quais de Seine
Chants de la liberté, Les
Chasing Shadows
Chasing Shadows / I’ve Had My Moments
Chasing Shadows / Some of These Days
Chez moi
Chez moi à six heures
China Boy
Chinatown, My Chinatown
Christmas Jazz
Christmas Swing
Christmas Time With the Stars
Chronological Classics: Rex Stewart 1947-1948, The
Chronological Classics: Stéphane Grappelli 1935-1940, The
Cigale et la Fourmi, La
città del Jazz, Le
Clair de Lune
Classic Jazz: The Forties
Classic Jazz: The Ultimate Collection
Classics Collection: 5 Years 300 CDs, The
Clouds / Believe it, Beloved
Cocktail Pour Deux
Cole Porter - The Essential
Cole Porter: A Great American Songwriter
Complete Blues: The Roots of the Allman Brothers Band
Confessin’ / The Continental
Confessin’ / Ultrafox
Continental / Ton Doux Sourire, The
Continental, The
Cool Concept “Blues”, The
Cool Jazz
Cover the Waterfront, I
Crazy Rhythm
D.R. Blues
D'ici & D'ailleurs
Dangerous Curves: The Art of the Guitar
Danse nuptiale
Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
Del salle
Diminushing Blackness
Dinah (reprise)
Dinah / Lady Be Good
Dinah / Tiger Rag
Dinner for Two
Disque de Noël, Le
Django Reinhardt / Stéphane Grappelli
Django Reinhardt / Stephane Grappelli et le Quintette du Hot Club de France, Volume 3: “Inedits”
Django Reinhardt & Sidney Bechet : Deux géants du jazz
Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli
Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli
Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France
Django's Spirit
Django's Tiger
Django’s Castle
Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Double Whisky
Douce Ambiance
Dream of You
Duke and Dukie
Duke and the Dukie, Part 1
Duke and the Dukie, Part 2
Easy Living: Essential Jazz Ballads
Echoes of France
Echoes of France (La Marseillaise)
Echoes Of Spain
Eddie’s Blues
Embraceable You
Encyclopedia of Jazz, Part 2/5: Swing Time - The Heyday of Jazz, The
Encyclopedia of Jazz, The
Enregistrements Originaux
Entertainers, Volume 1, The
Épopée du Jazz, L'
Essential French Café Music
Essentials noël
Exactly Like You
Fantaisie sur une danse norvégienne
Farewell Blues
Festival 48
Festival Swing
Fiddle Blues
Fiddle’s Blues
Fine and Dandy
Finest Vintage Jazz
Flat Foot Floogie, The
Flat Foot Foogie, The
Flat-Foot Floogie, The
Flèche D'Or
Fleur D'Ennui
Fly Me to the Moon
Folie à Amphion
Folie a amphion / Anniversary Song
Found a New Baby, I
Géants du Jazz, Les
Génération Django
Georgia On My Mind
Giants of Jazz
Giants of Jazz Collection, The
Giants of Jazz Sampler
Giants of Jazz: The Guitarists
Giants of Swing
Gipsy Jazz School: Django's Legacy
Gold Collection, The
Golden Years of Jazz Volume 9, The
Golden Years of Jazz, Volume 1, The
Got Rhythm, I
Grande Histoire du Jazz: Au temps du Middle Jazz et du Bop 1952 > 1955, La
Grappelli and Reinhardt
Great Prestige Jazz Collection: Volume 1, The
Great Soloists, The
Grooving High
Guitar Visions
Guitare / Autour de Minuit
Guitares Jazz
Guys Got to Go
Gypsy Jazz
Gypsy Swing
H C Q Strut
H.C.O. Strut
H.C.Q. Strut
H.C.Q. Strut 1
Hallelujah !
Harmony Jazz : Le Chant des rêves
Have Had My Moments, I
HCQ Strut
Heart & Soul
Historia del Jazz: Moderna/Antigua
History of Jazz: 100 Jazz Hits as Featured in the Celebrated TV Series, The
Hittin’ on All Six: A History of the Jazz Guitar
Honeysuckle Rose
Hot Club De France
Hot Club De France, Volume 1, Le
Hot Club De France, Volume 2, Le
Hot Club De France, Volume 3, Le
Hot Club De France, Volume 4, Le
Hot Jazz Fiddles
Hot Lips
How High The Moon
How High The Moon I
How High the Moon? [1949]
I'll Be Home for Christmas
I'll Never Be the Same
I'll See You In My Dreams
I'm Confessin'
I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)
I'm Confessin' That I Love You
I'Se a Muggin'
I'se A-Muggin'
I've Found A New Baby
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
I've Had My Moments
I’m Confessin’
I’ve Found a New Baby
I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
Ich mag keinen Jazz, aber das gefällt mir
Idiot's Guide to Jazz
If I Had You
Improvisation J.S. Bach, Part 2
Improvisation n°4 (sic)
Improvisation No. 2
Improvisation no. 5
Improvisation Nº1
Improvisation Nº2
Improvisation Nº3
Improvisation on Debussy’s Rêverie
Improvisation on Tchaikowsky's 'Pathétique' Andante
Improvisation sur le 1er mouvement du concerto en ré mineur de J-S. Bach
Improvisation Sur Le Premier Mouvement Du Concerto En Re Mineur De Jean-Sebastien Bach
Improvisation sur une danse norvégienne
Improvision No 2
In a Sentimental Mood
In London - Echoes of France
In Memoriam Django Reinhardt
In The Still Of The Night
Indecision (Undecided)
Intégrale Charles Trénet, Volume 6, 1939 ‐ 1951 : "L'Âme des Poètes"
Interprétation swing du 1er mouvement du concerto en ré mineur de J-S. Bach
Interpretation Swing du 1er mvt du concerto en re mineur
Interpretation Swing J.S. Bach, Part 1
It Don't Mean A Thing
It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing
It Don’t Mean a Thing
It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
It Had to Be You
It Had To BeYou
It Was So Beautiful
It's Only a Paper Moon
J'Attendrai (Tournerai)
Japanese Sandman
Jazz (Integral Collection)
Jazz & Crooners
Jazz à la gitane, Volume 2: Gypsy Jazz Around the World
Jazz Anthology
Jazz Ballads: Prelude to a Kiss
Jazz Best: 20 Immortal Jazz Standards
Jazz Burns Ken (WFMU 2002 Marathon Premium)
Jazz Café: Afterhours
Jazz Café: At the Movies
Jazz Cafe: Guitar
Jazz Christmas: Noël Jazz
Jazz Classics
jazz de cabu, Le
Jazz Double Bill - Sidney Bechet & Django Reinhard
Jazz for the Small Hours
Jazz From the Vaults
Jazz Gitan: 1939/1943
Jazz Goes Steampunk! Electro Swing Invasion
Jazz Greats
Jazz Greats, Volume 52: Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang: Two Tone Stomp
Jazz Greats, Volume 79: Sounds of Surprise
Jazz Guitar
Jazz Guitar - Verve 50
Jazz Guitar Giants
Jazz Guitar Ultimate Collection, Volume 1
Jazz Hits, Volume 3
Jazz Hot, 20 Jazz Masterpieces, Le
Jazz in Little Belgium: De collectie Robert Pernet
Jazz in Paris, Volume 1: Champs-Élysées 1917-1949
Jazz in Paris, Volume 3: Saint-Germain-des-Prés 1946-1956
Jazz in Paris: 1917/1959
Jazz in Paris: From Belgium With Love
Jazz in Paris: Sampler
Jazz in Paris: The 100's Most Beautiful Melodies
Jazz in the Night
Jazz Legends
Jazz Lounge
Jazz manouche, Volume 1
Jazz manouche, Volume 3
Jazz Manouche, Volume 4
Jazz manouche: Best Of
Jazz Masters
Jazz Masters Play Gershwin
Jazz on Vogue
Jazz Panorama
Jazz Signatures
Jazz Station, The
Jazz Swing
Jazz Years - History of Jazz Box set, The
Jazz: The First 100 Years
Jazz. Zigan
Jazzin' the Classics (disc 1: A Musical Sacrilege: From Bach To Liszt)
Je n'aime pas le jazz mais ça j'aime bien
Je n'aime toujours pas le jazz, mais ça j'aime bien !
Je n’aime pas le jazz mais ça j’aime bien
Je sais que vous êtes jolie ! / Par correspondance
Jeepers Creepers
Jive at Five
Jive Bomber
Jour J : Les chansons de la victoire, Le
Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
Just A Gigolo
Just for Fun
Just One of Those Things
Keep Cool
Ken Burns Jazz: The Story of America's Music
Kings of Jazz Guitar
Klara Best of Jazz
Klara Best of Jazz 2
Know What I Know, I
L’Intégrale Jazz
Lade Be Good
Lady Be Good
Lambeth Walk
Late Night Jazz: Essential Jazz for a Midnight Mood
Lazy Afternoon Jazz
Légendes du jazz, Les
legendes van de jazz, De
Legends & Friends: Billie Holiday, The
Legends & Friends: Joséphine Baker, The
Legends of Guitar Jazz, Volume 2
Leieberstraum No. 3
Lentement, Mademoiselle
Liebenstraum No.3
Liebestraum #3
Liebestraum No. 3
Liebestraum No.3
Lilly Belle May June
Lily Belle May June / Smoke Rings
Lily Belle May June / Sweet Sue, Just You
Limehouse Blues
Lips Flips
Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)
Love Jazz, I
Love Paris: The City of Light in Song, I
Love You, I
Love You) For Sentimental Reasons, (I
Love's Melody
Lover Man
Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be)
Low Cotton
Mafia II
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
Maison du Père Noel, La
Man I Love, The
Manoir De Mes Rêves
Manoir Des Mes Reves
Masters of Jazz play Gershwin
Mega XXème siècle - Les Années 40-60
Mellow Jazz
Mélodie au crépuscule
Memories of Jazz Legends
Mer (Beyond The Sea), La
Mer, La
Mes plus belles berceuses jazz et autres musiques douces pour les petits
Midnight In Paris - Featuring the Music of Cole Porter, Sidney Bechet, Django Reinhardt and More
Midnite Jazz & Blues: That's Jazz, Volume 2
Mike (Mirco, Swing Dynamique)
Minor Blues
Minor Swing
Minor's Swing
Miss Anabelle Lee
Miss Annabell Lee
Miss Annabelle Lee
Miss Annebelle Lee
Moon Glow
Moppin' the Bride
Moten Swing
Music For When You're Blue
Music From Scorsese Movies
Music From the Films of Woody Allen
música do século, volume 26, A
música do século, volume 28, A
Musiques jazz & blues pour petites oreilles
Muziek uit de oorlogsjaren
My Melancholy Baby
My Serenade
My Sweet
Mystery Pacific
Nature Boy
Night & Day
Night And Day
Night of Jazz, A
Norwegian Dance no. 2
Nova - Danse 1930–2020
Nova Danse 1930 | 2020
Nuages, Volume 2
Nuits de Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Nuits de St-Germain-des-Près
Oh, Lady Be Good
Oiseaux Des Iles
Ol' Man River
Ol'Man River
Old Man River
Oriental Shuffle
Où es-tu mon amour?
Où es-tu, mon amour?
Out Of Nowhere
Over The Rainbow
Pallbearer, The
Pallbearer: Music From the Miramax Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Paper Moon: Original Recordings Featured In The Soundtrack
Paramount Stomp
Paris Cafe Songs
Parisian Swing
Pennies From Heaven
Peppermint Candy
petit dictionnaire du jazz classique en 80 musiciens, Le
Petit mesonges (Little White Lies)
Petits mensonges
Place de Brouckère
Place De Broukère
Planet Jazz: Sampler
Play Summer: Good Music, Re-visited
Please Be Kind
Plus Belles Chansons De Noël, Les
Porto Cabello
Porto Cabello (Il Mexicano)
Pour ceux qui aiment le jazz
Pour vous
Pour Vous (Exactly Like You)
pre historie: Muziek uit de oorlogsjaren ’40-’45, De
Presentation Stomp
Prime All-Time-Hits: Jazz and Blues Club, Volume 6
Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar
Pure Jazz Encore
Quintessential Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli, The
Quintet of the Hot Club of France, The
Quintette du Hot Club de France 1934-1935
R 26
R-Vingt Six
Rain Down My Favorite Songs
RCA Victor Jazz/The First Half-Century: The 40's
Real Jazz
Reinhardt & Christian
Rendez-vous à Paris
Rendezvous à Paris
Rhythme Futur
Riceboy Sleeps
Ride Red Ride
Romance of Jazz: In the Still of the Night
Rose Room
Rough Guide to Gypsy Swing, The
Rough Guide to the Music of Paris, The
Runnin' Wild
Rythme Futur
Saint Louis Blues
Saw Stars, I
September Song
Sheik Of Araby, The
Si Tu Savais
Simply France
Smoke Rings
Smoke Rings / I’m Confessin’ That I Love You
Soft Swinging Jazz Hits
Soir, Le
Solid Old Man
Some of These Days
Some of These Days / Djangology
Somebody Loves Me
Song d'Automne
Songe d'automne
Songs for a Lazy Sunday: Summer Edition
Songs for a Lazy Sunday: Winter 2002
Spirit of Cool Jazz
Spirit of Jazz
St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Blues / China Boy
Star Dust
Stéphane Grappelli
Stephane Grappelli - Live In Warsaw
Stéphane Grappelli Swinging with Django Reinhardt
Stephane's Blues
Stephen's Blues
Stephen’s Blues
STEPS TO VILLAGE (Jazz Anthology Vol.2)
Stompin' At Decca
Stompin' at the Savoy
Stomping At Decca
Stormy Weather
Story of Jazz (disc 1), The
Story of the Giants of Jazz, A
Studio 24
Sunday Times Music Collection: Vintage Jazz, The
Sunshine of Your Smile, The
Surrender Dear, I
Swanee River
Swannee River
Sweet Chorus
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sweet Sue
Sweet Sue, Just You
Sweet Sue, Just You / The Sunshine of Your Smile
Swing '39
Swing 39
Swing 41
Swing 42
Swing Collection
Swing de Paris
Swing de Paris 1922-1951
Swing From Paris
Swing Guitars
Swing in Paris
Swing Kids
Swing Kids: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack
Swing manouche 1933-2003
Swing That Music
Swing Time
Swing Time for Dancing
Swing to Bop
Swing With Django
Swingin' Songs
Swingin' With Django
Swinging Paris
Tea Dance - Another Cup
Tea For Two
Tea for Two Cafe Jazz
Teri & JM: The Wedding Soundtrack
Them There Eyes
Three Little Words
Tiger Rag
Tiger Rag / I Saw Stars
Time On My Hands
To Each His Own
To Each His Own + Symphonie
Ton doux sourire
Ton doux sourire / Ultrafox
Totally Jazz Guitar
Tradition Manouche
Traffic Jam Jazz
Trésors du Jazz 1952 (disc 1), Les
Trésors Jazz
Tribute to Woody Allen: Music from his Movies
Triomphes du jazz, Les
Troublant Bolero
Trzeszcząca płyta
Twelfth Year
Twelth year
Ultimate Collection, The
Ultimate Jazz & Blues
Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 19: Swing to Bebop, Modern Jazz, The
Ultimate Nostalgia Collection, The
Ultra Fox
Ultrafox / I’ve Had My Moments
Up on Teddy's Hill
Vendredi 13
Verve Jazz Masters 60: The Collection
Verve New Releases: September 1996
Very Best Jazz Instrumentals, The
Very Best Of, The
Victoire en chansons, La
Vintage Vaults: Jazz
Vogue Years, The
Vol. 2: Nuages
Vous et Moi [1942]
Vous qui passez sans me voir
Vous, Oui Passez Sans Me Voir
Way Down Upon the Swanee River
Welcome (2ème partie)
What a difference a day made
What Is This Thing Called Love
What Is This Thing Called Love?
When Day Is Done
White Mink : Black Cotton (Electro Swing versus Speakeasy Jazz)
Why Should I Care?
Why Shouldn't I?
Wie man mit Jazz die Herzen der Frauen gewinnt
With the Quintet of the Hot Club of France
Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight, I
Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight?, I
Wonderful World of Swing, The
Woody Allen & la Musique: de Manhattan à Midnight in Paris
Woody Allen Experience, The
Woody Allen: Music From His Movies
Woody Allen's Film Stardust Memories
Woody Allen's Movie Music
Woody Allen's Movies
World Best of Guitar Jazz: The Guitar Masters in Jazz, The
World Is Waiting For the Sunrise, The
World of the War Years
Yeux Noires, Les
Yeux Noirs, Les
You 'Re Driving Me Crazy
You Rascal You
You Took Advantage of Me
You're Driving Me Crazy
Younger Generation
Younger Generation, The
Zazous : 1940-1945, Les
Zuiderzee Blues