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Ignatius Jones
Inigo Jones
Inigo Jones (Architect)
Inigo Jones (architecte, fondateur, English school of architecture)
Inigo Jones (architekt angielski)
Inigo Jones (architetto, scenografo e costumista britannico)
Íñigo Jones (arquitecto)
Inigo Jones (britisk arkitekt)
Inigo Jones (Brits architect)
Inigo Jones (brittisk arkitekt)
Inigo Jones (englischer Architekt)
Iones, Inigo
Jones, Enego
Jones, Henygo
Jones, Inigo
Jones, Inigo (English architect, designer, and painter, 1573-1652)
Джонс, Иниго
Иниго Џонс
Иниго Џоунс
Ініга Джонс
Ініго Джонс
ინიგოუ ჯოუნზი
Ինիգո Ջոնս
איניגא דזשאנס (ענגלישער ארכיטעקט)
איניגו ג'ונס
إنيغو جونز
อินิโก โจนส์
이니고 존스
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Davenant, William (1606-1668)
Harris, John (1931-)
Johnson, A. W.
Johnson, Anthony W.
Kent, William (1684/85-1748)
Lefkowitz, Murray (1924-)
Orgel, Stephen
Palladio, Andrea (1508-1580)
Parry, Graham
Ricci, Sebastiano (1659-1734))
Strong, Roy C.
Vardy, John (d. 1765))
Ware, I.
Webb, John (1611-1672)
Webb, John (1611-1672))
Altro diletto che imparar non trouo.
Architecture. : 5 parts.
Architecture de Palladio divisée en quatre livres... avec des notes d'Inigo Jones... le tout revu... par Jaques Leoni... trad. de l'italien [par Nicolas du Bois].
Architecture De Palladio Divisée En Quatre Livres : Dans Lesquels Après un Traité des cinq Ordres, joint aux observations les plus nécessaires pour bien bâtir : Il Est Parlé De la Construction des Maisons [...].
architecture of A. Palladio; in four books., The : Containing a short treatise of the five orders, and ... observations concerning all sorts of building: as also the different construction of private and publick houses, ... Revis'd, design'd, and publish'd by Giacomo Leoni, ...
Britannia triumphans : a masque presented at White Hall by the Kings Majestie and his Lords, on the Sunday after twelfth-night, 1637
catalogue of the drawings by Inigo Jones (1573-1652), John Webb (1611-1672) and Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington, (1694-1753) in the Burlington-Devonshire collection, A
Chorea Gigantum or Stone Heng restored to the Danes..., The
Coelum Britannicum, 1640:
complete body of architecture, adorned with plans and elevations, from original designs., A
Designs by Inigo Jones for masques & plays at court; a descriptive catalogue of drawings for scenery and costumes mainly in the collection of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, K.G.
designs of Inigo Jones, consisting of plans and elevations for publick and private buildings., The
Disegni teatrali di Inigo Jones. Della collezione del duca di Devonshire a Chatsworth.
Inigo Jones and the European classicist tradition
Inigo Jones complete architectural drawings
Inigo Jones on Palladio : being the notes by Inigo Jones in the copy of I Quattro libri dell architettura di Andrea Palladio, 1601, in the Library of Worcester College, Oxford.
Inigo Jones reconstrueert Stonehenge : architectuurgeschiedenis tussen memoria en narratio
Inigo Jones, Vitruvius Britannicus : Jones e Palladio nella cultura architettonica inglese, 1600-1740
King's Arcadia, The : Inigo Jones and the Stuart court : a quatercentenary exhibition held at the Banqueting House, Whitehall, from July 12th to September 2nd, 1973
London churches of the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries.
Loves triumph through Callipolis. -
masque of Christmas, 1947:, The
Most notable antiquity of great britain vulgarly called stone-heng, on salisbury plain, restored
Most notable antiquity of Great Britain vulgarly called Stonehenge 1655
New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2001, The
Oeuvres complètes.
Old English and French ornament: for the interior embellishment of houses, for carvers and decorators; with designs for doors, windows, fire-places and chimney glasses, ornamental furniture, &c., &c.
plays of William Shakspeare in twenty-one volumes. With the corrections and illustrations of various commentators. To which are added notes, by Samuel Johnson and George Steevens. Revised and augmented by Isaac Reed, with a glossarial index., The
[Recueil. Oeuvre de Inigo Jones]
Roman Sketchbook]
Some designs of Mr. Inigo Jones and Mr. Wm. Kent.
Tempe restord : a masque presented by the queene and foureteene ladies to the Kings Maiestie at Whitehall on Shrove-Tuesday 1631.
Tempe restored
temple of love., The : A masque...
Theatre of the Stuart court, The : including the complete designs for productions at court, for the most part in the Collection of the Duke of Devonshire, together with their texts and historical documentation
Three volumes annotated by Inigo Jones: Vasari's Lives (1568), Plutarch's Moralia (1614), Plato's Republic (1554)
Trois masques à la cour de Charles Ier d'Angleterre : The triumph of peace, The triumphs of the prince d'amour, Britannia triumphans
Webster's new biographical dictionary, 1988: