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Boreus, Roberto de
Boreus, Roberto de, (conde de Essexia,)
D'Evreux, Robert, (Earl of Essex,)
De Boreus, Roberto
De Boreus, Roberto, (conde de Essexia,)
Devereux of Essex, Robert
Devereux, Robert
Devereux, Robert, (2ème comte d'Essex))
Devereux, Robert E.
Devereux, Robert, (Earl of Essex,)
Devereux, Robert, (hrabě z Essexu,)
Devereux, Robert (II.; Essex, Earl)
Devreux, Robert
Devreux, Robert de
Devreuxus, Robertus
Essex, Robert
Essex, Robert (2nd Earl of,)
Essex, Robert D. of
Essex, Robert Devereux
Essex, Robert Devereux, (2nd Earl of,)
Essex, Robert Devereux, (comte d')
Essex, Robert Devereux, (Earl of,)
Essex, Robert Devereux Earl of (English peer, military leader, 1566-1601)
Essex, Robert Devereux of
Essex, Robert, (Earl of,)
Essex, Robert of
Essex, ... van
Essexia, Roberto de Boreus
Essexia, Roberto de Boreus, (conde de,)
Esssex, Robert Devereux
Evreux, Robert de
Robert Devereux, 2-a Grafo de Essex
Robert Devereux, 2:e earl av Essex
Robert Devereux, 2. Earl of Essex (Liebhaber der Königin Elisabeth I. von England)
Robert Devereux, 2. jarl af Essex
Robert Devereux, 2. jarl av Essex
Robert Devereux (2e graaf van Essex)
Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (English nobleman)
Robert Devereux, 2ú Iarla Essex
Robert Devereux, Early of Essex
Robert Devereux, II conde de Essex
Robert Devereux, II conte d'Essex
Robert (Earl of Essex,)
Roberto (Conte di Essex,)
Roberto (Earl of Essex,)
Роберт Деверё, 2-й граф Эссекс
Робърт Девъро
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Notated music
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Claesz, Cornelis (Amsterdam)
Collier, John Payne (1789-1883)
Coolhaas, Caspar (1536-1615)
De Vere, Edward (1550-1604 comte d'Oxford)
elizabeth i queen of england
Elizabeth I, Koningin van Engeland (1533-1603)
Gentili, Alberico (1552-1608))
Howard, Charles (1536-1624)
Howard, Charles (1536-1624))
Malden, Henry Elliott
Pérez, Antonio (d. 1611)
S.n. (S.l.)
Schilders, Richard (Middelburg)
Antonio Perezii ad comitem Essexium ... & ad alios Epistolarum centuria vna.
Apologie of the earle of essex
Apologie oft verantwoordinge vanden grave van Essex, teghen de ghene die hem jaloerselick ende ten onrechten schelden als beletter des vredes ende ruste zijnes vaderlands.
arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Robert Earl of Essex, and Henry Earl of Southampton, The : at Westminster the 19th of February, 1600 ... for rebelliously conspiring and endeavouring the subversion of the government, by confederacy with Tyr-Owen, that popish traytor and his complices; of whom these following, viz. Sir Christopher Blunt, Sir Charles Danvers, Sir Gillie Merrick and Henry Cuffe were the 5th of March following, by a special commission of Oyer and Terminer, arraigned, condemned, and executed : The peers had to their assistance the learned judges : Counsel for the Queen, Sir Henry Yelverton ... Sir Edward Cook ... Mr. Bacon ....
Declaratie van de causen, moverende hare conincklijcke majesteyt van Enghelandt, een vlote van schepen ter zee af te verdigen, tot defensie van hare landschappen, tegen tghewelt des coninghs van Spaengien ...
Declaration des causes qui ont meu la royne d'Angleterre, à declarer la guerre au roy d'Espagne.
declaration to... send a navy to the seas
Devereux papers with Richard Broughton's memoranda (1575-1601)
Dichiaratione delle cause che hanno indotta la Serenissima Maestà, della Reina d'Ingilterra, di preparare & mandare sopra il mare una armata per la difesa de i suoi regni contra le forze d'el Re di Spagna, 1596:
Histoire angloise. -
iure belli, libri III, De
Patent for the Government of [Ophaly] called the King's County No. 158
poems of Thomas, Lord Vaux: (died 1562) Edward, Earl of Oxford: (died 1604) Robert, Earl of Essex: (died 1601) and Walter, Earl of Essex: (died 1576), The
Profitable instructions. -
Relaçam do succedido na ilha de Sam Miguel ... 1981:
Trial for treason
true coppie of a discourse written by a gentleman employed in the late voyage of Spaine and Portingale ...
unhappy favourite, 1682:, The