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Ceyms Edvard Smit
Iacobus Eduardus Smith
James Edward Smith (botaniste, fondateur de la Linnean Society)
James Edward Smith (britischer Botaniker)
James Edward Smith (Engels botanicus)
James Edward Smith (English botanist)
James Edward Smith (entomologo e botanico inglese)
Smith, J. E.
Smith, Jacobo Eduardo
Smith, Jacobus Eduardus
Smith, Jacobus Edvardus
Smith, Jacobus Edwardus
Smith, Jacobus Euardus
Smith, Jacques Édouard
Smith, James
Smith, James E.
Smith, James Edward
Smith, James Edward (Sir)
Джеймс Едвард Сміт (англійський ботанік, засновник Лондонського Ліннеївського товариства)
Смит, Джеймс Эдвард
Смит, Жеймс Эдвард
ג'יימס אדוארד סמית (בוטנאי אנגלי)
جيمس إدوارد سميث
جیمز ادوارد اسمیت
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Davis, Jonas (175.?-181.? imprimeur)
Dilly, Charles (1739-1807)
Johnson, Joseph (1738-1809)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Linné, Carl von (1707-1778)
Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green
Sherwood, Neely and Jones William
Sibthorp, Joannes (1758-1796)
Sibthorp, John (1758-1796)
Sowerby, James (1757-1822)
Symonds, Henry Delahoy (17..-18.. libraire)
Taylor, Richard (1781-1858)
White, Benjamin (175.?-18.. libraire)
White, John (17..-18.. libraire)
Botano-theology, an arranged compendium, chiefly from Smith, Keith, and Thomson.
Caroli Linnaei Flora Lapponica
Catalogue of the manuscripts in the library of the Linnean Society of London.
Characters of a new Liliaceous genus called Brodiaea
Descriptions of ten species of lichen collected in the South of Europe
Disputatio physiologica inauguralis quaedam de generatione complectens quam, annuente summo numine, ex auctoritate ... Nicolai Georgii Oosterdyk, Joann. Fil. ... pro gradu doctoratus ... eruditorum examini submittit Jacobus Eduardus Smith ... ad diem XV Julii MDCCLXXXVI.
DNB. Dizionario biografico universale
English botany ; or, Coloured figures of british plants, with their essential characters, synonyms, and places of growth. To which will be added, occasional remarks. By James Edward Smith, M.D. F.R.S. member of the imp. acad. naturæ curiosorum, the academies of Stockholm, Upsal, Turin, Lisbon, Lund, Berlin, Philadelphia, and the nat. hist. society of Paris ; president of the Linnæan society. The figures by James Sowerby, F.L.S. Vol. XXIV.
English flora, The
Exotic botany : consisting of coloured figures, and scientific descriptions, of such new, beautiful, or rare plants as are worthy of cultivation in the gardens of Britain; with remarks on their qualities, history, and requisite modes of treatment.
Flora Britannica
Flora Graeca : annotated re-issue
Flora graeca Sibthorpiana
Flora Græca, sive, Plantarum rariorum historia quas in Provinciis aut insulis Græciæ : legit, investigavit, et depingi curavit Johannes Sibthorp : hic illic etiam insertæ sunt pauculæ species, quas vir idem clarissimus, Græciam versus navigans in itinere præsertim apud Italiam et Siciliam, invenerit
Flora tonbrigensis: or, A catalogue of plants growing wild in the neighbourhood of Tonbridge Wells
Floráe græcæ prodromus:
Gleanings of botany
Grammar of botany, illustrative of artificial, as well as natural classification: with an explanation of jussieu's system
[Icones pictae plantarum rariorum]
introduction to physiological and systematical botany, An
Iter Lapponicum.
John Abbot's Insects of Georgia. reproduced from the original watercolours in the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand
Lachesis Lapponica, or a tour in Lapland, now first published from the original manuscript journal of the celebrated Linnaeus
Letter adressed to the president and vice-presidents of the British association for the advancement of science
Lógos eisagōgikós... perí tḗs archḗs kai proódou tḗs physikḗs istorías, idiaitérōs ... tēs botanikḗs.Syngraphtheís men eis to Anglikón ypó tou perikleoús Iakōbou Odoardou Smith,...Metaphrastheís dé ek tou Italikoú metá tinōn yposēmeiṓseōn ypó tou Dēmētríou Poúlou, ...
mechanic, or, Compendium of practical inventions containing two hundred and thirteen articles, selected and original arranged under the following heads: I. Manufactures and trade II. Philosophical apparatus and the fine arts III. Rural and domestic economy, and miscellanies, The : illustrated by one hundred and six copperplate engravings : with a copious analytical index
Memoir and correspondence of the late Sir James Edward Smith
Memorials of John Ray, consisting of his life
Museum S. R. M. Adolphi Friderici, Regis Suecorum.
Natural history of the rarer lepidopterous insects of Georgia
On the Festuca spadicea and Anthoxantum paniculatum, of Linnæus
Reflections on the study of nature; and A dissertation on the sexes of plants.
Reise durch Holland, frankreich und Italien, aus dem englischen übersetzt von G. Chr. Reich ...
Reliquiae Rudbeckianae, sive, Camporum Elysiorum. Libri primi, olim ab Olao Rudbeckio patre et filio, Upsaliae anno 1702 editi, quae supersunt, adjectis nominibus Linnaenis. Accedunt aliae quaedam icones caeteris voliminibus Rudbeckianis aut destinatae, aut certe haud alienae, hactenus ineditae. Cura Jacobi Edvardi Smith.
Remarks on the Sedum ochroleurum, or Aeizōon to mikron of Dioscorides in a Letter to Alexander Mac Leay : read 1808
selection of the correspondence of Linnæus, and other naturalists, A
sketch of a tour on the continent, A
Sowerby's English botany
specimen of the botany of New Holland, by James Edward Smith, ... The figures by James Sowerby, ..., A
Spicilegium botanicum
Tentamen botanicum de filicum generibus dorsiferarum
Tracts relating to natural history. By James Edward Smith, ...