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Cobbet, William
Cobbett (Guilherme)
Cobbett, Wilhelm
Cobbett, Wiliam
Cobbett, William
Cobbett, Wm
Cobett, William
Jonathan (one of the people called Christians)
Peter Porcupine
Porcupine, Peter
Porcupine, Peter (Pseudonym)
Retort, Dick
William Cobbet
William Cobbett (Brits journalist (1763-1835))
William Cobbett (englischer Schriftsteller, Herausgeber der Wochenzeitung "Political Register")
William Cobbett (English pamphleteer, farmer and journalist)
Коббет, У
Коббет, Уильям
Уильям Коббет
コベット, ウィリアム
ca 1763-1835
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
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William Duane Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Wilson, David A.
Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick
Woodcock, George (1912-1995)
Woodcock, George (co-author)
庄司, 浅水 (1903-1991)
Advice to young men and (incidentally) to young women
After the great reform act 1833-35
American writings 1794-1800
Autobiography of William Cobbett, The : the progress of a plough-boy to a seat in parliament
Avis aux jeunes gens et aux jeunes femmes de toutes les classes de la société
Bloody buoy, thrown out as a warning to the political pilots of America
Bone to gnaw for the Democrats
Cannibals' progress; or The dreadful horrors of French invasion as displayed by the Republican officers and soldiers, in their perfidy, rapacity, ferociousness and brutality, exercised towards the innocent inhabitants of Germany. Translated from the German, by Anthony Aufrer, Esq. [Three lines of Scripture texts], The
Cobbett in Ireland a warning to England
Cobbett on socio-religious themes 1821-35
Cobbett on the French and the French revolution 1794-1800
Cobbett's legacy to labourers, or, What is the right which the Lords, Baronets, and Squires have to the lands of England? in six letters addressed to the working people of England
Cobbett's weekly political register
collected social and political writings of William Cobbett, The
Cottage economy : containing information relative to the brewing of beer, making of bread, keeping of cows, pigs, bees, ewes, goats, poultry and rabbits, and relative to other matters deemed useful in the conducting of the affairs of a labourer's family ...
Democratiad a poem, in retaliation, for the "Philadelphia jockey club" [Two lines of verse] By a gentleman of Connecticut, The
Democratic judge
Democratic principles illustrated. Part 1
Democratic principles illustrated. Part 2
Detection of a conspiracy formed by the United Irishmen : with the evident intention of aiding the tyrants of France in subverting the government of the United States of America. By Peter Porcupine.
Doom of the tithes, 1836:
English gardener
full and accurate report of the trial of William Cobbett, Esq., before Lord Tenterden and a special jury, on Thursday, July 7, 1831, in the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall., A
Geschichte der protestantischen Reform in England und Irland, in einer Reihe von Briefen an alle verständigen und billigen Engländer.
Geschiedkundige brieven over de protestantsche hervorming in Engeland en Ierland
Grammar of the English language the 1818 New York first edition with passages added in 1819, 1820, and 1823, A
Historia de la reforma protestante en Inglaterra é Irlanda : por la que se demuestra que dicha reforma ha empobrecido la masa del pueblo de ambos países
history of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland
History of the Protestant Reformation in Great Britain and Ireland
Historya reformy protestantskiej, wprowadzonej do Anglij i Irlandyi w kształcie listów pisanych do narodu angielskiego.
Lectures on the French Revolution 3rd
Lectures on the French Revolution 4th
Lectures on the French Revolution 8th
Lectures on the French Revolution 9th
Legacy to parsons or, Have the clergy of the established church an equitable right to the tithes, or to any other thing called church property, greater than the Dissenters have to the same? and ought there, or ought there not to be a separation of the church from the state? In six letters.
Letters from William Cobbett to Edward Thornton : written in the years 1797 to 1800
Letters of William Cobbett
Letters to the right honourable Lord Hawkesbury, and to the right honourable Henry Addington, on the peace with Buonaparte to which is added, an appendix, containig a collection of all the conventions, treaties, speeches, and other documents connected with the subject
Lettres sur l'histoire de la réforme en Angleterre et en Irlande
life and adventures of Peter Porcupine, with a full and fair account of all his authoring transactions, The : being a sure and infallible guide for all enterprising young men who wish to make a fortune by writing pamphlets
Life and adventures of Peter Porcupine, with... The scarecrow, Remarks of the pamphlets, Talleyrand : a spy, Farewell to America, A court-martial, A retrospect, by William Cobbett
life and letters of William Cobbett in England and America based upon hitherto unpublished family papers, The
life of Thomas Paine with a history of his literary, political and religious career in America, France, and England, The
little plain English, addressed to the people of the United States, on the treaty, negociated with His Britannic Majesty, and on the conduct of the president relative thereto; in answer to "The letters of Franklin." With a supplement containing an account of the turbulent and factious proceedings of the opposers of the treaty. By Peter Porcupine. [Eight lines from Shakespeare], A
maître d'Anglais, ou grammaire raisonnée pour faciliter aux français l'étude de la langue anglaise, Le
making of a political radical 1792 and 1805-1809, The
Not by bullets and bayonets Cobbett's writings on the Irish question, 1795-1835
Nuevas cartas de William Cobbett a los ministros de la Iglesia de Inglaterra e Irlanda : o sea continuacion de la Historia de la reforma del mismo autor
Observations on a pamphlet entitled "The political progress of Britain"
Observations on the emigration of Dr. Joseph Priestley, and on the several addresses delivered to him, on his arrival at New-York.
Paper against gold, or, The history and mystery of the Bank of England, of the debt, of the stocks, of the sinking fund, and of all the other tricks and contrivances, carried on by the means of paper money
political censor, or, Monthly review of the most interesting political occurrences relative to the United States of America, The
Political radicalism and political economy 1809-16
Political writings 1820-25
Political writings 1826-30
poor man's friend, The : or, Essays on the rights and duties of the poor
Porcupine revived, 1813:
Post war crisis 1816-20
prospect from the Congress-gallery, during the session, begun December 7, 1795 Containing the president's speech, the addresses of both houses, some of the debates in the Senate, and all the principal debates in the House of Representatives; each debate being brought under one head, and so digested and simplified as to give the reader the completest view of the proceedings with the least possible fatigue. With occasional remarks, by Peter Porcupine, A
republican judge: or the American liberty of the press, as exhibited, explained, and exposed, in the base and partial prosecution of William Cobbett, for a pretended libel against the King of Spain and his embassador, before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. With an address to the people of England by Peter Porcupine, The
Republican rush-light, The
Riot and reform 1830-32
Rural rides and social commentary 1821-34
Rural rides in the Southern, Western and Eastern counties of England, together with Tours in Scotland and in the Northern and Midland counties of England and Letters from Ireland, by William Cobbett... Edited... by G. D. H. and Margaret Cole... Vignettes by John Nash...
scare-crow, The : being an infamous letter sent to Mr. John Oldden, threatening destruction to his house and violence to the person of his tenant, William Cobbett : with remarks on the same
soldier's friend; or, Considerations on the late pretended augmentation of the subsistence of the private soldiers ..., The
Storia della Riforma in Inghilterra ed in Irlanda... : In una serie di lettere indirizzate a tutti sensati...
topographical and political description of the Spanish part of Saint-Domingo, A : containing, general observations on the climate, population, and productions, on the character and manners of the inhabitants, with an account of the several branches of the government : to which is prefixed, a new, correct, and elegant map of the whole island
Tour in Scotland. Selections
trial of unfortunate Byrne (late coachman to the Hon. John Jocelyn) at the suit of the present and absent Bishop of Clogher, The : before the Commission at the Sessions-House, Green-Street, October 28, 1811, for accusing His Lordship of endeavouring to seduce him to commit an unnatural crime : in which are given the splendid speech of Mr. Bushe, Solicitor-General and counsel on the part of the prosecution, together with the charge of Judge Day and the luminous admonitory and rebuking sentence passed by Mr. Justice Fox : to which is annexed the opinion of that great political writer Mr. Cobbett, on the late abominable and disgusting transaction.
War, peace and the economy 1800-1805
William Cobbett : selected writings
works of Peter Porcupine., The
Works. Selections
year's residence, in the United States of America; treating of the face of the country, the climate, the soil, the products, the mode of cultivating the land, the prices of land, of labour, of food, of raiment; of the expenses of house-keeping, and of the usual manner of living; of the manners and customs of the people; and of the institutions of the country, civil, political, and religious. In three parts., A