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Gazzaniga, M. S.
Gazzaniga (, Michael)
Gazzaniga, Michael S.
Gazzaniga, Michael Saunders
Gazzaniga, Mike
Michael Gazzaniga (American neuroscientist)
Michael Gazzaniga (americký neurovědec a psycholog)
Michael Gazzaniga (Amerikaans psycholoog)
Michael Gazzaniga (psicologo e neuroscienziato statunitense)
Michael Gazzaniga (US-amerikanischer Neurowissenschaftler, Professor für kognitive Neurowissenschaft)
Мајкл Газанига
ガザニガ, M. S
ガザニガ, マイケル. S
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Language material
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publishing director
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Bizzi, Emilio
California Institute of Technology
ebrary, Inc
Festinger, Leon (co-author)
Halpern, Diane F.
Heatherton, Todd F.
Human frontier science program Workshop (isRelatedTo)
Ivry, Richard B.
Ivry, Richard B. (co-author)
Kaldy, Pierre (co-author)
LeDoux, Joseph E.
LeDoux, Joseph E. (co-author)
Mallett, Dagmar
Mangun, G. R. (1956-)
Mangun, George R. (1956-)
Mangun, George Ronald (1956-...)
Mangun, George Ronald (1956-)
Nowak, Agnieszka
Nowak, tłumacz
Polanis, Jacques (co-author)
Reis, Maria João
Russell, Tamara
Schachter, Stanley
Senior, Carl
Senior, Carl (co-author)
University of California Santa Barbara Affiliation (see also from)
関, 啓子 (1948-)
Abnormal Moral Reasoning in Complete and Partial Callosotomy Patients
Acetylcholinesterase staining in human auditory and language cortices: regional variation of structural features.
Anterior and posterior callosal contributions to simultaneous bimanual movements of the hands and fingers.
bisected brain, The
Brain and conscious experience.
Brain and mind, 1998:
Brain and mind evolutionary perspectives
Brain mechanisms underlying perceptual causality.
Brain size, head size, and intelligence quotient in monozygotic twins.
Braincutting for psychiatrists: The time is ripe
calculating hemispheres: studies of a split-brain patient., The
Can perceptual expertise accountfor the own-race bias in face recognition? A split-brain study.
caudal infrasylvian surface in dyslexia: novel magnetic resonance imaging-based findings., The
Cerebral and callosal organisation in a right hemisphere dominant "split brain" patient.
Cerebral specialization and interhemispheric communication: does the corpus callosum enable the human condition?
Cerebrally lateralized mental representations of hand shape and movement.
Cerebro ético, El
cérebro social á descoberta das redes do pensamento, O
cerveau dédoublé, Le
Cerveau social
Chi comanda? : scienza, mente e libero arbitrio ; traduzione di Silvia Inglese
Cognitive electrophysiology
Cognitive neuroscience the biology of the mind
cognitive neurosciences, The
Collaboration between the hemispheres of a callosotomy patient. Emerging right hemisphere speech and the left hemisphere interpreter.
Combined spatial and temporal imaging of brain activity during visual selective attention in humans
Continuing Progress in Neuroinformatics
Conversations in the Cognitive Neuroscience
Cortical and subcortical contributions to the representation of temporal information.
Cortical and subcortical interhemispheric interactions following partial and complete callosotomy
Cuestiones de la mente : cómo interactúan la mente y el cerebro para crear nuestra vida consciente
deficit in perceptual matching in the left hemisphere of a callosotomy patient., A
disconnection syndrome. Basic findings reaffirmed., The
Dissociating processes supporting causal perception and causal inference in the brain.
dissociation between spatial and identity matching in callosotomy patients., A
Dissociation of spatial and temporal coupling in the bimanual movements of callosotomy patients
emergence of the capacity to name left visual field stimuli in a callosotomy patient: implications for functional plasticity., The
erkennende Gehirn Entdeckungen in den Netzwerken des Geistes
ERP and RT signs of a rightward bias for spatial orienting in a split-brain patient.
espírito natural, O
Ethical brain : the science of our moral dilemmas
Extending psychological frontiers selected works of Leon Festinger
Extensive individual differences in brain activations associated with episodic retrieval are reliable over time.
Failure to remap visuotactile space across the midline in the split-brain.
Fate of neglected targets: a chronometric analysis of redundant target effects in the bisected brain.
Forty-five years of split-brain research and still going strong
From facial cue to dinner for two: the neural substrates of personal choice.
Functional connectivity: Integrating behavioral, diffusion tensor imaging, and functional magnetic resonance imaging data sets
Functional neuroscience
Fundamentals of psychology; an introduction
Futatsu no nō to hitotsu no kokoro
Graspable objects grab attention when the potential for action is recognized
Guided visual search is a left-hemisphere process in split-brain patients
Handbook of cognitive neuroscience
Handbook of psychobiology
Harmful moratorium on stem cell research
Hemispheric asymmetries for simple visual judgments in the split brain.
Hemispheric asymmetries in the parietal lobes.
Hemispheric Encoding Asymmetry Is More Apparent Than Real
Hemispheric Processing Asymmetries: Implications for Memory
Human Being Redux
Human callosal function: MRI-verified neuropsychological functions.
Human the science behind what makes us unique
Ich-Illusion wie Bewusstsein und freier Wille entstehen
Illusory contour perception and amodal boundary completion: evidence of a dissociation following callosotomy.
Illusory countour perception and amodal boundary completion: Evidence of a dissociation following callosotomy
Independent attentional scanning in the separated hemispheres of split-brain patients
Independent hemispheric attentional systems mediate visual search in split-brain patients.
Individual variation of cortical surface area asymmetries.
Insights into the functional specificity of the human corpus callosum.
integrated mind, The
investigation of the line motion effect in a callosotomy patient., An
Islands of residual vision in hemianopic patients
Isolation of a right hemisphere cognitive system in a patient with anarchic (alien) hand sign.
Istota człowieczeństwa : co czyni nas wyjątkowymi
Kdo to tady řídí?
Kto tu rządzi - ja czy mój mózg ? : neuronauka a istnienie wolnej woli
Language and speech capacity of the right hemisphere.
Lateralization of Language: Toward a Biologically Based Model of Language
Le cerveau social
Le libre arbitre et la science du cerveau
Learned Dynamics of Reaching Movements Generalize From Dominant to Nondominant Arm
Left Hemisphere's Role in Hypothesis Formation, The
libre arbitre et la science du cerveau
Maindo matāzu
Memory encoding following complete callosotomy
Memory lost and regained following bilateral hippocampal damage.
Methods in mind
Mike or me? Self-recognition in a split-brain patient
Mind matters : how mind and brain interact to create our conscious lives
Mind's past
Modular Organization of Cognitive Systems Masked by Interhemispheric Integration
Monitoring the visual world: Hemispheric asymmetries and subcortical processes in attention
Motor experience with graspable objects reduces their implicit analysis in visual- and motor-related cortex.
MRI assessment of spared fibers following callosotomy: a second look.
Nasotemporal overlap at the retinal vertical meridian: investigations with a callosotomy patient.
Nature's mind the biological roots of thinking, emotions, sexuality, language, and intelligence
Neocortical Epilepsies
Neural Substrates of Visual Implicit Memory: Do the Two Hemispheres Play Different Roles?, The
Neurologic & Cognitive Analysis of Callosotomy Patients
Neuroscience: Regional differences in cortical organization
Neurosciences cognitives la biologie de l'esprit
New Cognitive Neurosciences, The
Ningenrashisa towa nanika : Ningen no yunīkusa o akasu kagaku no saizensen
Nō no naka no rinri : Nō rinrigaku josetsu
Numerical processing in the two hemispheres: Studies of a split-brain patient
O tajemnicach ludzkiego umysłu : biologiczne korzenie myślenia, emocji, seksualności, języka i inteligencji
On neural circuits and cognition.
OPINION: Databasing fMRI studies -- towards a 'discovery science' of brain function
Out of contact, out of mind: the distributed nature of the self.
Pasado de la mente, El
passado da mente como o cérebro constrói a nossa experiência, O
Perspectives in memory research
Placing a tool in the spotlight: spatial attention modulates visuomotor responses in cortex.
Principles of human brain organization derived from split-brain studies.
Psychological science
¿Qué nos hace humanos? : la explicación científica de nuestra singularidad como especie
¿Quién manda aquí? : el libre albedrío y la ciencia del cerebro
raízes biológicas do pensamento, das emoções, da sexualidade, da linguagem e da inteligência, As
Reflexive joint attention depends on lateralized cortical connections.
Reis door het brein : de magische wegen van de geest
Relatos desde los dos lados del cerebro : una vida dedicada a la neurociencia
Representation of visuotactile space in the split brain.
Representations of physical plausibility revealed by event-related potentials.
Research report: Brain mechanisms underlying perceptual causality
Residual vision with awareness in the field contralateral to a partial or complete functional hemispherectomy.
role of the corpus callosum in the representation of lateral orientation., The
Seeing John Malkovich: the neural substrates of person categorization.
Selective activation of a parietofrontal circuit during implicitly imagined prehension.
Sensorimotor interactions following callosotomy
Sequential operation of disconnected cerebral hemispheres in split-brain patients.
Shakaiteki nō
Sharing neuroimaging studies of human cognition
Social brain discovering the networks of the mind
Some effects of cerebral commissurotomy on monkey and man
Speculations on the neural basis of islands of blindsight.
Stati della mente, stati del cervello : come l'interazione di mente e cervello crea la nostra vita cosciente ; presentazione di Luigi Pizzamiglio ; traduzione di Gabriele Noferi
Structural Organization of the Corpus Callosum Predicts the Extent and Impact of Cortical Activity in the Nondominant Hemisphere
Svobodná vůle a neurověda
Tales from both sides of the brain : a life in neuroscience
Temporal discrimination in the split brain
Three-dimensional quantitative analysis of hemispheric asymmetry in the human superior temporal region.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation: delays in visual suppression due to luminance changes.
Unilateral medial temporal lobe memory impairment: type deficit, function deficit, or both?
ventriloquist in motion: illusory capture of dynamic information across sensory modalities., The
Visual and tactile interhemispheric transfer compared with the method of Poffenberger
Visual implicit memory in the left hemisphere: evidence from patients with callosotomies and right occipital lobe lesions.
Wann ist der Mensch ein Mensch? Antworten der Neurowissenschaft auf ethische Fragen
Who's in Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain
Within grasp but out of reach: evidence for a double dissociation between imagined hand and arm movements in the left cerebral hemisphere.
マインド・マターズ : 心と脳の最新科学
二つの脳と一つの心 : 左右の半球と認知
人間らしさとはなにか? : 人間のユニークさを明かす科学の最前線
社会的脳 : 心のネットワークの発見
脳のなかの倫理 : 脳倫理学序說
Contributed to or performed: 
Thesis (Ph. D.)--California Institute of Technology, 1965