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Ike + Tina Turner
Ike and Tina
Ike And Tina Turner
Ike and Tina Turner Grupo musical
Ike and Tina Turner Revue
Ike and Tina Turner Revue Grupo musical (Musical group or band)
Ike et Tina
Ike & Tina Turner
Ike & Tina Turner Grupo musical
Ike & Tina Turner (Musical group or band)
Ike & Tina Turner Revue
Ike & Tina Turner Revue Grupo musical
Ike & Tina Turner with The Ikettes
Ike & Tine Turner
Ike Turner and Tina Turner
Ike Turner & Tina
Turner, Ike & Tina
began 1960 until 1976
Location / Nationality: 
United States Missouri St. Louis
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Beach Boys
Bee Gees
Ocean, Billy
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
Righteous Brothers
Sam and Dave
Sledge, Percy (1941-)
The Ikettes (see also from)
Turner, Ike (1931-2007; see also from)
Turner, Ike (1931-2007)
Turner, Ike (hasMember)
Turner, Ike (see also from)
Turner, Tina (1938-)
Turner, Tina (1939-; see also from)
Turner, Tina (hasMember)
Turner, Tina (see also from)
1-A-Jewel Paula Ronn
1-B-Jewel Paula Ronn
100 Tracks
18 Classic Tracks
18 greatest Hits
27 St. Louis sizzlers
3 O’clock in the Morning Blues
Absolutely the Best
Acid Queen
After Hours
Ain’t Got Nobody
Ain't nobody's business
Ain't Nobodys Business
Ain’t That a Shame
Akadama Red
All I Can Do Is Cry
All I Could Do Is Cry
All I Could Do Was Cry
All in My Mind
Alle 40 Goed - Ike & Tina Turner
Am a Motherless Child, I
Am I a Fool in Love
Annie Had a Baby
Another Day (I Keep Missing Your)
Archive Series Volumes 1 & 2, The
Argument, The
(As Long as I Can) Get You When I Want You
Baby, Baby, Get It On!
Baby, Don’t Do It
Baby - Get It On (Disco Version)
Baby, Get on It
Baby Take a Walk With Me
Baby (What You Want Me to Do)
Back In The Day
Basic: Original Hits
Be My Love
Beauty Is Just Skin Deep
Beauty Is Just Skindeep
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Beauty Is Only Skindeep
Beauty's Only Skin Deep
Been Loving You Too Long
Before And After Restoration Comparison
Believe, I
best of 70's, The
Best of Ike & Tina Turner, The
Bet'Ch Can't Kiss Me
Bet'cha Can't Kiss Me
Betcha Can't Kiss Me (Just One Time Baby)
Betta Get ta Steppin', I
Betta Get to Steppin', I
Better Get ta Steppin’, I
Better Get to Steppin', I
Better Get Two Steppin', I
Better Getta Steppin', I
Billboard Hits U.S.A.
Black Angel
Black Beauty
Black Coffee
Black’s Alley
Blacks Alley
Blues, The
Bold Soul Sister: The Best of the Blue Thumb Recordings
Bootsey Whitelaw
Bootsie Whitelaw
Bootsy White Law
Bootsy Whitelaw
Born Free
Box Top
Burrito, El
Can See for Miles, I
Can’t Believe What You Say (For Seeing What You Do), I
Can't Chance a Break Up
Can't Change A Break-up
Can't Change a Breakup
Can't Stop Lovin' You, I
can't stop loving you (Live), I
Can’t You Hear Me Callin’
Can't You Hear Me Calling
Cashbox Blues
Chances Are
Chicken Shack
Chopper, The
Club Manhattan
Collection, The
Come Together (live)
Come Together (Promo 1)
Come Togheter
Complete Pompeii Recordings 1968 - 1969, The
Contact High
Copper Capers: I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine
Country Girl, City Man
Country Girl City Men
Cray ’Bout You Baby
Crazy About You Baby
Crazy 'bout My Baby
Crazy ’bout You Baby
Cussin' Cryin' and Carrin' On (Big Beat mix)
Cussin’, Cryin’ and Carryin’ On
Cussin', Cryin' & Carry In' On
Cussin', Crying and Carryin' On
Cussing, Crying and Carrying On
Daily Bread
Dear John
Deep River Mountain High
Delilah's power
Delilahs Power
Diamonds are forever : The diamond collection
Dig You, I
Do the Chicken
(Do the) Locomotion
Doin' It
Doin’ the Tina Turner
Don't Believe Her
Don't Believe Nothing
Don't Fight It (Feel It) / Knock on Wood
Don't Look Back
Don’t Need, I
Don't Play Me Cheap
Don't Want Nobody, I
Don’t You Blame It on Me
Done Got Over It
Down in the Valley
Down & Out (Vocals by Tommy Hodge)
Drift Away
Dust My Broom (I Believe I'll Dust My Broom)
Dynamite! + Dance with Ike & Tina Turner's Kings of Rhythm
Early in the Mornin'
Early in the Morning
Early One Morning
Early Sessions
Eight Ball
Essential, The
Every Day I Have to Cry
Every Hit Single 1960-74
Everyday I Have to Cry
Everyday People (The Ikettes)
Fancy Annie
Fed Up, I
Feel Alright, I
Feel for You
Feel Good
Feel It (a.k.a. Don't Fight It, Feel It)
Feel It (Aka Don't Fight It) / Knock On Wood
Feel the Groove
Festival of Live Performances
[Fifty] rock 'n' roll hits, 50
[fifty] soul hits, 50
Find Her
Finger Poppin' Time
Five Long Years
Flee, Flee, Fla
Flee Flee Flaw
Flee Flee Flee
Fool for a Fool, A
Fool for You, A
Fool in Love, I
Fool in Love (radio mix) (DJ Skooby House mix), A
Fool in Love / The Millennium Versions, A
Fool Too Long, A
Forever Gold
Forever Mine
Freedom Sound
Freedom to Stay
Freedom to Story
Fun, Fun, Fun
Funk, De
Funker Than A Mosquita's Tweeter
Funkier Than a Mosquita’s Tweeter
Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter
Funky Ball
Funky Bull
Funky Byll
Funky Mule
Funky Street (live)
Game of Love, The
Génies du Blues, Volume 3: The Queen of the Rhythm'n'Blues, Les
Get Back (live)
Get Back (The Original Single Hits)
Get It - Get It!
Get It On
Get It Out of Your Mind
Getting Nasty
Ghetto Funk
Gimme Some Lovin'
Gimme Some Loving
Give It to Me
Give Me a Chance
Give Me Your Love
Going Home
Going Our Separate Ways
Gold Collection: Die wertvolle Auswahl auf 2 LP
Golden Collection (disc 1), The
Golden Empire (version 1)
Golden Impire
Gonna Find Me a Substitute
Gonna Have Fun
Good Good Lovin'
Good Good Loving
Good Hearted Woman
Good Times
Goodbye, So Long
Got a Man, I
Got It Ready for You Baby, I
Got My Mojo Working, I
Gotta Man, I
Great Ike & Tina Turner (disc 3), The
Greatest Hits Volume One
Groove, The
Gulley, The
Had a Notion, I
Hard Times
Having a Good Time (live)
He Belongs to Me
He Don't Love You
He's Mine
He’s the One
Heard It Through the Grapevine (live), I
Heard It Trought The Grapevine(Live), I
Heaven Help Us All
Help Him
Help Me Make It (Through the Night)
Her Man… His Woman
Here Is Your Heart
Here's Your Heart
Hi - Heel Sneakers
High Heel Sneakers (live)
Higher Ground
Hits Collection, The
Hold on baby
Honest I Do
Honey Child Baby
Honey Child, I'm Over You
Honky tonk woman
Honky tonk women
Hot & Tight
Hully Gully I (vocal)
Hully Gully II (instrumental)
Hully Gully (III)
Humpty Dumpty
Hunger, The
Hunter and Outta Season, The
Hunter / Bold Soul Sister, The
Hurt Is All You Gave Me
I'd Better Got to Steppin'
(I'll Do Anything) Just to Be with You
I'll Keep You Happy
I'll Never Need More Than This / Cashbox Blues
I’ll Weep No More (Vocals by Betty Everett)
I'm a Motherless Child
I’m Blue
I'm Fallin in Love
I'm Falling in Love
I’m Fed Up
I’m Fired Up
I'm Gonna Cut You Loose
I'm Gonna Do All I Can (To Do Right by My Man)
I'm Gonna Do All I Can / You've Got Too Many Ties That Bind
I’m Jealous
I'm Just Not Ready for Love
I'm Looking for My Kind
I’m Looking for My Mind
I'm Movin' On
I'm Ripe
I'm Yours (Use Me Any Way You Wanna)
I’m Yours (Use Me Anyway You Wanna)
I'm Yours (Use Me Anyway You Want)
I've Been Lookin' for My Mind
I've Been Lovin' You Too Long
I've Been Loving You So Long
I've Been Loving You to Long (live version)
I've Been Loving You Too Long (But I Can't Stop Now)
I've Been Loving You Too Long (Live '71)
Idealize You, I
Idiotize You, I
Idolise You, I
idolize you, I
If I Can't Be First
If I Knew Then, (What I Know Now)
If I Only Had You
If It Can't Be First
If It’s Alright With You
If Sho' Ain't Me
If This Time Was Out Last Time
If You Can Hully Gully (I Can Hully Gully Too)
If You Could Hully Gully
If You Want It
Ike & [and] Tina Turner - Greatest hits including Proud Mary, Nutbush city limits, Baby, get it on
Ike & [and] Tina Turner - Live at Circus Krone 1973
Ike and Tina Turner - Live in Paris, Olympia 1971
Ike and Tina Turner Mix
Ike & [and] Tina Turner - Musical history
Ike & [and] Tina Turner revue live
ike and tina turner revue rockin and rollin sr
Ike & [and] Tina Turner revue - Shake a tail feather, The
Ike & [and] Tina Turner's greatest hits
Ike and Tina Turner's revue.
Ike & [and] Tina Turner - the original single hits
Ike’s Tune
Ike & Tina Turner Box Set
Ike & Tina Turner Story: 1960-1975, The
Ike & Tina Turner - the archive series
Ike & Tina Turner, Volume 1
Ike & Tina Turner, Volume 2
Ike y Tina Turner en escena
In the Beginning
Intro by DJ Frankie Crocker and MC Eddie Burkes
Intro – Space Race
Intro to Tina by MC Eddie Burkes
It Ain’t Right (Lovin’ to Be Lovin’)
It only took a moment
It's All Over Now (live)
It’s Crazy Baby
It's Gonna Work Out Fine (Instrumental)
It's Gonna Work Out Fine (Interface mix)
It's Gonna Workout Just Fine
It's My Own Fault
It's my party das Album mit 30 heissen Party-Hits
It's My Time Now
It's Your Thing
It Sho’ Ain’t Me
It Sure Ain't Me
Jesus, Jesus
Jo Jo
Judgement Day
Just Want Your Love Sometime
Kay Got Laid (Joe Got Paid)
Keep Missing You Another Day, I
Keep on Pushin'
Keep on Pushing
Keep on Using Me
Keep You Guessing, I
Kent Years, The
Kinda Strange
Knock on Wood
Know / Bold Soul Sister, I
Know (You Don't Love Me No More), I
Know (You Don't Want Me Anymore), I
Know (You Don't Want me no More), I
Land of 1000 Dances
Land of a Thousand Dances
Lay It Down
Lean on Me
Leave Me Alone, Let Me Be
legend of music, The
Legends Live in '71, The
legends of music, The
Let It Be Me
Let Me Be There
Let Me Touch Your Mind
Let's dance with Ike & [and] Tina Turner
Let's Get it On
Let the Good Times Roll (live)
Letter From Tina, A
Like It, I
Little Help From My Friends, A
Live in ’71
Live in Paris Olympia 1971
Livin' for the City
Living for the city
Living in the City
Loco Motion, The
Locomotion, The
(long as I Can) Get You When I Want You
Looking Back
Lose My Cool
Louie Louie
Love Baby, I
Love Like You, A
Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knockin’ Every Day), A
Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knockin’ Everyday), A
Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knocking Every Day), A
Love machine the great soul edition
Love What You Do to Me, I
Lovin’ Him Was Easier
Make 'em wait
Make Me Over
Make Them Wait
Makin’ Plans Together
Mama Tell Him
Man's Crazy, The
Masters: Ike & Tina Turner, The
May Babe
Mean Old World
Medley: Don't Fight It (Feel It) / Knock on Wood
Medley : Gimme Some Loving, Sweet Soul Music
meilleur d'Ike & Tina Turner, Le
Merry Christmas Baby
Millenium Collection
Mind in a Whirl
Missipi Rolling Stone
Mississipi Rolling Stone
Mississippi blues
Mississippi D Goodman
Mississippi Rollin' Stone
Mississippi Rolling Stone
Mississippi Rolling Stones
Mocha Soul
Mocking Bird
Mojo Queen / Got My Mojo Workin'
Motherless Child
Moving into Hip Style-A Trip Child!
Mr. Bootsey White Law
Mr. & Mrs. Soul
My Baba
My Babe
My Baby Now
My Everything To Me
My Man's Wedding Vows / All I Could Do Is Cry (live)
My Man's Wedding Wows / All I Could Do Is Cry (live)
Need a Man, I
Need Some Understanding
Never Been to Spain
Nice 'n Rough
Night Time Is the Right Time, The
No More Lovin'
Not Bush City Limits
Notbush City Limits
Nothing Comes to You When You're Asleep But a Dream
Nothing You Can Do Boy (to Change My Way)
Nuff Said (Part I)
Nuff Said (Part II)
Nutbrush City Limits
Nutbush City Limit
Nutbush City Limits (2:55 version)
Nutbush City Limits (extended disco version)
Nutbush City Limits / Feel Good
Nutbush City Limits / Help Him
Nutbush City Limits (Hong Kong Ping Pong remix)
Nutbush City Limits (live)
Nutbush City Limits (original)
Nutbush City Limits (re-recording)
Nuttin' Up
Ode to Billie Joe
Ode to Billy Joe
Oh Baby! (Things Ain’t What They Used to Be)
Oh My My (Can You Boogie)
Oh Poo Pe Doo
Old gold retold
Olympia 1971
Only Woman Bleed
Only Women Bleed
Ooh poo pah doo early sixties soul 1960 - 1965
Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Live)
Ooh Pooh Pah Doo
Ooo Poo Pah Doo
Oooh poo pee do (Live)
Orange Collection
Original Gold
Original Single Hits, The
Outta Season
Over You
Phil Spector - echoes of the 60's [sixties]
Philadelphia Freedom (live)
Philadelpia Freedom
Philly Dog
Pick Me Up (take Me Where Your Home Is)
Piece of My Heart (The Ikettes)
Play Your (piano)
Please Don't Hurt Me
Please Love Me
Please, Please, Please
Poor Little Fool
Portland City Limits
Potato Mash
Proud Mary (Edit)
Proud Mary (encore)
Proud Mary / Funkier Than a Mosquita's Tweeter
Proud Mary [German]
Proud Mary (live)
Proud Mary: The Best of Ike and Tina Turner
Proud Mary (version 1)
Puppy Love
Pusher, The
Put on Your Tight Pants
Rainer Nitschke präsentiert: Old gold retold
Raise Your Hand (U Got to)
Raise Your Head
Raised on rock
Ready for You Baby
Real Me, The
Reconsider, Baby
Revue Live
River Deep Mountain High (alternate version)
River Deep - Mountain High (live)
River Deep, Mountain High (Re-Recorded) (with VO Intro)
River Deep, Mountain High (version 1)
Rock and roll explosion stars and hits
Rock fever
Rock Me Baby: A Collector's Classic
Rock 'n' roll
Rock 'n' soul - 16 [Sixteen] original hits
Rockin' and Rollin' Again
Rooster, The
Rough Bootsie
Sad Sam
Save the last dance for me
Scotty Souling
Selection of Ike & Tina Turner Vol. 2
seventies, The
Sexy Ida (1a Parte)
Sexy Ida (2a Parte)
Sexy Ida (Part 1)
Sexy Ida (Part 2)
Sexy Ida (Part I)
Sexy Ida, Part II
Sexy Idea, Part 2
Sexy, Seductive, Provocative
Shake a Hand
Shake a Tail Feather
Shake It Baby
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Shake That Tail Feather
Shake Your Hand
Shame, Shame, Shame
She Belongs to Me
She came in through the bathroom window
She Can Rock
Sing Great Rock & Pop Classics
Sit and Hold Your Hand
Smell Trouble (live), I
Smooth Out the Wrinkles
So Blue Over You
So fine
So I Can Be With You
Soft ballads
Somebody (Somewhere) Needs Me
Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You
Something Came Over Me
Something Came Over You
Something's Got a Hold of Me
Something's Got a Hold on Me (live)
Son Of A Preacher Man (Live)
Soul Anthology, The
Soul collection
Soul deep [the best of sweet soul music]
soul of Ike and Tina - Dynamite, The
soul of Ike & [and] Tina Turner, The
Soul of Ike & Tina Turner: 60 Slices of Sensuous Soul on 3CDs, The
Soul party time 65 soul party hits
Soul Session
Soul to soul music from the original soundtrack; recorded live in Ghana, West Africa
Soul To Soul (Music Video)
Spectorcular - Wall of hits
spirit of the 60s [sixties] - Still swinging, The
Stagger Lee and Billy
Stand by Me (live)
Stand by Your Man
Steel Guitar Rag
(Still Keep) Missing You (live)
Stop the Wedding (All I Could Do Was Cry)
Stop the Wedding/Please, Please, Please
Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All the Time)
Strut 'n' get up funky fat slices of groove cut from Blue Note
Such a fool for you
Suffering With the Blues (live)
Sugar Hill
Sugar, Sugar
Sunshine of Your Love
Sweet Flustrations
Sweet Inspiration
Sweet Rhode Island Red
Sweet Soul Music
Take the Time (live)
Take You Higher
Tell Her I’m Not Home
Tell Me Why
Tell the Truth
Tell Them I’m Not at Home
That’s Alright
That’s My Purpose
That's the City
Them Changes
There's Nothin' I Wouldn't Do
There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do
Things I Used to Do, The
Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine, I
Thinking Black
This Is Our Last Time
This man's crazy
Three O'Clock in the Morning Blues
Tina's Dilema
Tina's Dilemma
Tina's prayer
To Hot To Hold
Too hot to hold
Too Hot Too Hold
Too Many Tears in My Eyes
Too Many Ties That Bind
Too Many Women
Too Much Man for One Woman
Too Much Men for One Woman
Too Much Woman (For a Hen Pecked Man)
Too Much Woman (For A Henpecked Man)
Too much woman for one man
Took a Trip
Tra la la la la Proud Mary
Trackdown Twist
Treat Me Right
Trouble on My Mind
Trying to Find My Mind
Tuff Hooked Up
Tuff Looked Up
Turn You Loose (live)
Tweedle Dee
Tweedlee Dee
Twist and Shout (live)
Twist (live), The
Two Is a Couple
Uncle Ekil
Unhappy Birthday
United States of Germany
Up Hard
Up in Heah
Up In Neah
Up on the Roof
Use Me
Very Best Ike & Tina Turner Album Ever, The
very best of Ike & Tina Turner river deep, mountain high, The
very best of rock 'n' roll, The
Very Best of Vol. 1, The
Very Best of Vol. 2, The
Wake Up
Wanna Jump, I
Wanna Take You Higher (live), I
Want to Take You Higher / Contact High, I
Want to) Take You Higher (live), (I
Want to Take You Higher (reprise), I
Want To Take You Highier, I
Way You Love Me, The
We Had It All
We Need an Understanding
We've Always Had The Blues
Wedding Vows (live), The
What Do You Think
What Kind of Love
What You Don’t See (Is Better Yet)
What You Hear Is What You Get – Live at Carnegie Hall
What You See Is What You Get
When I Lost My Baby
White on White
Whole Lotta Love
Why I Sing the Blues
Why Oh Why
Why Should I
Wish It Would Rain (live), I
Wish My Dreams Would Came True, I
Wish My Dreams Would Come True, I
With a little help from our friends
Woke Up This Morning
Won't You Forgive Me
Wonderful Music of..., The
Words & [and] music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Workin’ Together
Working Together
Worried and Hurtin' Inside
Ya Ya
You Ain’t Woman Enough to Tame My Man
You Are My Sunshine (live)
You Better Think of Something
You Can’t Blame Me
You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
You Can’t Love Two
You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had
You Cheat, I Cheat
You Don't Love Me No More
You Don’t Love Me (Yes, I Know)
You Got Me Hummin’
You Got Me Running
You got what you wanted
You Keep on Using Me
You Keep on Worrying Me
You'll Always Be My Baby
You Must Believe in Me
You Paid Me Back (With My Own Coin)
You Paid Me Back With My Own Coins
You're Love Is Mine
You're No Good
You're so fine
You're Still my Baby
You’re Up to Something
You Shoud’a Treated Me Right
You Should’a Treated Me Right
You should have treated me right
You Should've Treated Me Right
You Shoulda Treated Me Right
You Took A Trip
(You've Got To) Put Something into It
You've Got Too Many Ties That Bind
You Weren’t Ready
Young and Dumb
Your So Fine
[zwanzig mal] Pop-Gold, 20 x
Zwanzigmal Pop-Gold
Contributed to or performed: 
…and the Beat Goes On! 34 Dance Hits of the 70’s
'60s Rock, Volume I
'70s Smash Hits, Volume 3
’70s Soul Gold
"alte Ami" Rik DeLisle präsentiert: Das große Super-Oldies-Paket, Der
100 Big Hits of the ’60s
100 Golden Oldies of the 50s 60s & 70s
100 Greatest Northern Soul
100 Hits American Woman
100 Hits Rock Show
100 Hits She's a Lady
100 Hits Taxman
100 Hits: 70s Classics
100 Hits: Funk & Soul
100 Hits: Guitar Heroes
100 Hits: Party Classics
100 Hits: Rock Classics
100 Hits: Super 70s
100 Hits: The Best Northern Soul Album
100 Légendes de la Soul, Les
100 Mejores Canciones de Nuestra Vida, Volumen 6: 1963-1973, Las
100 Non Stop Party Hits
100 Nr. 1 Hits, Volume 2
100 Rock 'n' Roll Hits
100 Soul Hits
100% Blaxploitation
100% Blues & Soul
100% Hits Soul
100% Ladies of Rock
100% Rock
100% Rock Live
100% School’s Out!
100% Smooth Jazz
1000 Klassiekers - De Eindejaarstop Van Radio 2
101 70s Hits
101 Driving Songs
101 Floorfillers
101 Hits: Jukebox Classics
101 Moments in Music
101 Moments in Music, Volume 2
101 Northern Soul Anthems
101 Party Hits
101 Pirate Radio Hits
101 Running Songs
101 Sixties Party Hits
101 Soul Anthems
101 Ultimate Beer Songs
101% Oldies
101% Pure Party-Perlen
102 UK Top 10 Hits From the 70’s
120% Soul
16 All-Time Rock Hits 2
16 All-Time Rock Hits 6
16 All-Time Soul Hits - 2
1960's Christmas
1974 - Die Stars - Die Hits - Die Facts
20 Super Hits of the Century: The 70s
20 United Stars of America
200 Partyhits
200 Tracks From the Super Seventies
2012: Soundtrack to the End of the World
20th Century Hits for a New Millennium: 40 Hits of 1965-1969
20th Century Hits for a New Millennium: 40 Hits of 1970-1974
25 ans avant Nova
25 Jaar Popmuziek: 1965/1966
25 Jaar Top 40 Hits, Deel 2: '69-'72
25 Jaar Tophits
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 10
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 11
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 2
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 3
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 6
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 7
25 Oldies Best, Vol. 8
25 Rock Hits: The Masters of the Rock Era, Vol. 1
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 2
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 3
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 5
25 Rolling Oldies, Vol. 8
25 Years of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1973: 20 of the Year’s Greatest Tracks
30 Jaar Top Hits 1967–1997
30 Jahre HIT
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 1
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 2
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 3
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 4
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 5
40 Golden Oldies, Volume 6
40 Jahre Disco: Disco Glitter
40 Number 1 Hits
50 Chartbusters & Milestones, Volume 1
50 Golden Milestones, Volume 1
50 Jaar Radio Veronica: The 60’s
50 Jaar Radio Veronica: The 70’s
50 Years Around the Rock
60 Jahre Rock - Pop Vol. 1
60 Soul Classics
60 Top Hits: American Dreams
60's Collection, The
60s Party
70's Bigbox
70s Maximun
70s Soul Sessions
70s Summer Party
70s, The
70s: 111 Original Hits
70s: 130 Original Hits
70s: Best of 1970-1971, The
70s: Platinum Collection
72 Golden Pop Hits
75 Milestones Hits
75 Milestones of Pop & Rock
80 From America
80 Golden Soul Hits
ABC del Rock, El
Absolute Hits of the 70's
Absolute Sixties
ACE - 30 Años de Soul, Blues y Rock'n'Roll
Action Hits
After Dark
After Hours: Northern Soul Masters
All Right Now
All the Best
All the Best Of, Volume 1
All the Breaks: The 300 Most Essential Drum Breaks of All Time
All Time Greatest Hits of Rock 'n' Roll
All Time Greats, Volume 2
All You Need Is Rock, Volume Two
All-Time Favourites
All-Time Favourites, Volume Two
All-Time Rock
Alle 40 Goed - Driving Songs
Alle 40 Goed - Soul
Alle 40 Goed: Feest!
Allerbeste Uit Radio 1 Classics 1000 2017, Het
Alltime Greatest Rock Classics 4 of the 70s, 80s & 90s, The
Amen Brother / Cussin', Cryin' and Carryin' On (Panned, Left) / Honky Tonk Woman (Panned, Right)
American Bandstand's Greatest Hits of the Century: 70's
American Classics: 17 Greats From the States
Aprés Ski Rockparty 2012
Après Skihut 8, De
Arcade Hot 100
ARTE: Summer of Soul
As Melhores do Século (vol. 2)
Atlantic Blues
Atlantic Blues: Guitar
Baby Boomer Classics: Rockin’ Seventies
Baby Love (Soul Sisters)
Back in Time… The Sound of the Seventies
Back to Black
Back to Blues, Volume 2
Back to Mono
Back to Mono (1958–1969)
Back to the 70's
Back to the 70’s, Volume 2
BBC Radio 2's Tracks Of My Years With Ken Bruce
Be My Baby
Beat Goes On: The Greatest Hits of the 60's and 70's, The
Beg, Scream & Shout! The Big Ol' Box of '60s Soul
Bell Bottom Rock (disc 2)
Best Duets… Ever!, The
Best Ever 70’s Hits
Best Ever Disco Album, The
Best Funk Album in the World, The
Best of Blaxploitation, The
Best of Blaxploitation: Cinematic Soul and Badass Funk Classics, The
Best of Blues
Best of Blues, The
Best of Cool Yule, The
Best of de pre historie '70
Best of Disco
Best of Driving Rock
Best of Glam & Glitter
Best of Loma Records: Rise and Fall of a 1960s Soul Label, The
Best of Louie Louie, Volume 2, The
Best of Rock
Best of Sampled, The
Best of Solid Gold, Vol 5, The
Best of Soul Music, The
Best of Soul, The
Best of the 70's
Best of the 70’s
Best of the 70’s: 60 Fantastic Songs
Best of the 70s, The
Best of the Seventies
Best Party Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best Pub Jukebox in the World… Ever!, The
Best Seventies Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best Singles of All Time, The
Best Singles of All Time, Volume 2
Best Soul, The
Beste aus dem Musikladen, Das
Beste aus dem Musikladen: Die legendären Rock-Hits, Das
Beste Pop Klassiekers, De
Beste Uit 40 Jaar De Pre Historie, Het
beste uit de MNM 1000: Limited Edition 2011, Het
beste uit de MNM 1000: Limited Edition 2012, Het
Beste uit de Top 100 Allertijden: Editie ’93, Het
beste uit de top 60 van de jaren 60, Het
beste uit de Top 70ies 700, Het
Bestseller auf dem Plattenteller (73–77)
Big City Beats 4
Big Hits of the 70s
Bild Oldies
Billy Connolly’s ‐ Route 66
Birth of Soul, Volume 3
Birthday Rock
Black Gold: The Greatest Hits of Black Music
Black Is Beautiful, Volume 7: Funk Inferno
Black Magic - Move Your Body, Volume Two
Blowing the Fuse: 31 R&B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox in 1960
Blue Break Beats, Volume 4
Blue Collar
Blues & Soul Sessions
Blues Breakers
Blues Brother Soul Sister, Volume 2
Blues Brother Soul Sister, Volume 3
Blues Brothers & Soul Sisters
Blues Legends: The Best of the Blues
Blues on the Rocks
Blues Soul
Blues Story
Blues Story n°5 Le Rock'n'Roll noir & le Rhythm'n'Blues
Blues Women Anthology, Volume 2
Body & Soul
Boulevard des hits : Années 70
Boulevard des hits: Années 70
Box of Rock
Broken Hearted
California Dreamin': Rare West Coast Rock
Can Hear Music, I
canzoni del secolo, Volume 4, Le
Capital Gold Seventies Legends
Capital Gold: Legends II
Capital Gold: Rock Legends
Capitol Rare, Volume 3
Century of Rock: The Greatest Ever Hits of Rock, The
Champions of Music
Chartbusters USA, Volume 2
Child's Celebration of Soul, A
Cien de la 100, Las
Classic 70's, Volume 2
Classic 70's, Volume 3
Classic Blues, Volume 2
Classic Cuts Presents: 70’s Night: The Definitive DJ Collection: T to Z
Classic Cuts Presents: 70s Theme Nights
Classic Cuts Presents: The Soul Box
Classic Rhythm + Blues Collection: 1960-1963, The
Classic Rock Box
Classic Rock Songs
Classic Rock: 1969–1970
Classic Rock: 1970-1974
Classic Rock: Les classiques de Marc Ysaye
Classic Rock: The Immortals (disc 3)
Classic Rock: Undercover
Club Classics, Volume 1
Club Rotation, Volume 34
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 48
Coca Cola Hits 2005
Collected Recordings: 60s to 90s, The
Come On Let’s Party 71
Come Together
Contact High
Country Classics
Cruisin’ 2: Highway Hits
Daily Mirror: That Weekend Feeling, Volume 1
Dance Classics
Dance On and On Different Styles
Dancechart Volume 13
Date With John Waters, A
Decades of Pop: Hits of the 60's, 70's & 80's
Decades: The Story of the 60’s / 70’s / 80’s
Devil's Music, The
Dinner Party: Smooth Sounds
Disco Classics (Ekstra Bladet)
disco del Mese (disc 5: I grandi cantano i Beatles), Il
Disco Fever
Disco Legends: Disco Nights
Do You Remember, Volume 6
Do You Remember... 20 Golden Hits of the Sixties
Doin’ It
Don’t Stop Till You Drop: 60 Great Party Hits
Donna Top 5000
Drakkar Noir: Best of Rock, Volume 2
Drive Time
Drive: 20 Original Tracks To Accelerate The Pulse
Driven by the 60s: 100 Essential Driving Songs
Drivin Blues
Drivin Hits
Easy Introduction to R&B/Soul: Top 15 Albums, An
Easy Rider - 100 Songs Of The '60s & '70s
Echt Kultig: Die Internationale
Elite Rock Collection
Elite Soul
EMI Legends of Rock n' Roll: 24 Greatest Hits of All Time
Encyclopedia of Music: Best of 70's, Volume 1, The
Enjoy the 70's
Essential 70’s
Essential 70s: 54 Huge Hits From Across the Decade
Essential Phil Spector, The
Essential Rock: 54 Electrifying Guitar Greats
Essential Seventies
Evil Man
Explosive Hits of the 70s
Fab 60’s, The
Fab Sixties, The
Fame Greatest Popsongs, Part 3
Feber 2: Lennart Persson - Sweethearts
Feel the Adventure
Feelin' the Spirit: Groovy Rhythm 'n' Soul Gems Collected by Blue Note
Feeling ’70s
Fetenhits: 70’s Best Of
Fetenhits: The Real Classics 4
FetenMix, Vol. 3: 80 Party–Klassiker im Megamix
Fight for Your Right to Party
Finest Masterpieces in Pop & Rock, Volume 1, The
Flashback Of The 70's, The
Flashback to the 70’s
Floor Fillers: Party Classics
Floorfillers: The Ultimate Collection
Floorfillers: The Ultimate Party Album
Flower Power
Flower Power, Volume 3
Flower Power: Let's Go to San Francisco
Fool in Love, A
For Connoisseurs Only - Volume 1
Foute CD Box - De Ultieme Foute Collectie
Foute CD van Deckers en Ornelis, Volume 5
From Route 66 to the Flamingo
Full Speed
Full Throttle
Funk Essentials
Funk Fever, Vol. 2
Funk Soul Brothers & Sisters
Funk: The Very Best Of
Gammon - Cool Hits
Gegen den Wind 2
Get on the Right Track: Mod R&B, Jazz & Ska
Get the Hits 2
Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert
Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert (bonus disc: B.B. King and Ike & Tina Turner's Sets)
Get Yer Ya‐Ya’s Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert
Get Your Kicks on Route 66
Golden Age of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1960, The
Golden Age of Underground Radio, Vol. 2, The
Golden Hit Collection
Golden Hit Memories: Die großen Hits der 60er
Golden Hits for All
Golden Sixties
Golden Soul Hits of the 60's
Golden Soul Hits, Volume 3
Good Morning Saigon 3
Good Morning Vietnam
Good Morning Vietnam: A Soundtrack to the Sixties
Goodbye, So Long
Goodnight Saigon
Grandmaster 70s, Vol. 2
Great R&B Duets
Great Tomato Blues Package, The
Greatest 50 Disco & Jukeboxhits, The
Greatest 70s Album, The
Greatest Driving Rock Collection 4, The
Greatest Duets of All Times, The
Greatest Ever! Soul: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Hits 105 Classic 70's
Greatest Hits of Soul and R&B
Greatest Hits of the 60s
Greatest Hits of the 70’s
Greatest Mod & Northern Soul Album, The
Greatest Mod and Northern Soul Album, The
Greatest Seventies Collection, The
Greatest Soul Divas
Groove & grind : rare soul
Groovin' Greats of the 60's
Happy Birthday Disco Diva
Happy Hippie Hits
Happy Hippie Hits 1/5
Happy Hour
Happy Songs
Harlem Shuffle, Volume 1
Harley Davidson: Songs of Legend
Harley-Davidson: One for the Road
Heart and Soul
Heatin’ Up: Cool Tunes for Hot Days
Heavy Rhythm
HEAVYbreathing, Volume 2: Thrill Me!
Heavyweight 2: Breaks, Beats & Grooves
Hedwig's Theme From Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (The Sorcerer's Stone) And Other Music From the Movies
Here Come The Nice
Here's Johnny... Magic Moments From the Tonight Show
Heroes of Pop Music: 32 Masterwork of Pop Music, The
Highlights of Rock & Pop of the 60-70-80th
Highway Classics
History of Pop 1967-1969, The
History of Pop 1973-1976, The
History of Rock, Volume 9, The
History of the Blues & Soul, Volume 2, The
Hit Giganten: Best of Funk & Soul, Die
Hit History, Volume 17: 1971
Hit Sound of Levi's 501, The
Hit-Giganten: Best of 60s, Die
Hit-Giganten: Best of 70s, Die
Hit-Giganten: Cover-Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Flower Power, Die
Hit-Giganten: Hits der 70er, Die
Hit-Giganten: Soul Hits, Die
Hitarchief Top 2000
Hits der 60er, Die
Hits der 70er
Hits der 80er
Hits of the 60’s
Hits of the 70's
Hits of the 70's, The
Hits of the 70s
Hits of the Century: 60s
Hitsen Från Topplistorna/70-talet vol 1
Hol dir den Beat zurück, Vol. I
Hölle, Hölle, Hölle: Der Party Wahnsinn
Hollywood: The Best of Movie Themes
Holy Mackerel! Pretenders to Little Richard's Throne
Honky Tonk Woman
Honky Tonk Women
Hot Rock
Hour of Blues and Soul Giants, An
I’m Every Woman
Icons, The
Ilja Richter präsentiert Disco 1970–1979
Ilja Richter präsentiert: Disco 72-73
In Crowd: The Ultimate Mod Collection, The
In Yo' Face! The History of Funk, Volume 2
Inside the Music: Women on Top
Intro / Soul Serenade
It Ain’t Right (Lovin’ to Be Lovin’)
It's Magic
It's Only Rock & Roll
It’s Only Rock & Roll: 50 Years of Music & Film
Jack Rabbit Blues: The Singles 1958 to 1960
Jackie: Love Songs
Jackie: The Annual 2010
Jackie: The Party Album
Jagger/Richard Songbook
Jazz & Blues Legends
Jeans Rock: Born to Be Wild
Jewel-Paula Records Story
Jimmy Z prestens… 4PLAY: Anthems, Vol. 1
JOY 94.9 Melbourne, Volume 3
Jukebox: 115 Original Hits
Jump Blue: Rockin’ the Jukes
Just the Way You Are
Keep On Walkin’ (Don’t Look Back)
Kneipenhits: 70's Party
Kneipenhits: Die Kölsche, Volume 5
Kneipenhits: Rock Classics
Koffer Vol Muziek Met De Leukste Liedjes Voor Onderweg!, Een
L’Intégrale Disco
Ladies Night
Larry präsentiert: Party Rock
Later Lounge, The
Legends of Decades
Legends of Soul
Legends, Volume 10
Legends, Volume 9
Legends: 54 Original Gold Hits
Lennon & McCartney Songbook
Let It Be (Black America Sings Lennon, McCartney and Harrison)
Let's Have a Party! CD 3
Let’s Have a Party Tonight
Let’s Party
Lets Go Disco
Lieblings… 70er
Light FM: Songs and Ballads From the 70’s and 80’s
Listen to the Sound of Route 66
Little Bit of Hurt, A
Little Blues in Your Soul, A
Liver Than You’ll Ever Be
Livin’ the Blues
Living the Blues: Ladies Sing the Blues
Lock, Stock: The TV Series
Lost and Found in the Seventies
Lots of Love
Love Ballads
Love Music 1965–1969, I
Love Music 1970-1974, I
Love Music 1970-1974: Teenage Rampage, I
Love Music, I
Love Rock & Roll: Hits of the 70's, Volume 3, I
Love Songs
Love Story: Over 7 Hours of Great Lovesongs
Love to… Boogie, I
Made in the U.S.A.
Maestros del blues
Magic Soul
Mai 68 : La Bande originale
Many Faces of Deep Purple, The
Many Faces of The Beatles, The
Massive Hits! Driving Rock
Massive Hits! Rock
Mastercuts Soul
Mastercuts: Funk
Mastermix Classic Cuts 98: Early Soul
Mastermix Classic Cuts: The Sixties Box 2
Mastermix Presents The 100 Collection 60s, 70s Soul & Motown
Mastermix Professional Engineered for DJs 17: 60s
Mastermix Professional Engineered for DJs 18: Soul & Motown
Maxi 3CD Soul
Maxi Tubes Années 70, Volume 7
Maximum 70's
Maximum Power 2
Media Markt: Best of 70s
Medley: All I Could Do Was Cry / Please, Please, Please / Baby, I Love You
Medley: Gimme Some Lovin' / Sweet Soul Music
Mega 70's
Mega Beat Box
Mega Jukebox Top 100
Mega Soul
Mega Soul (disc 1)
Men Are Like Street Cars... Women Blues Singers 1928-1969
Merry Christmas With the Stars
Millennium Hits 1960–1969
Millennium Hits 1970 - 1979 - Rock
Millennium Party
Millennium Pop Box - CD 1
Million Dollar Riff
Minit Records Story, The
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
Mittrich & Mittrich Test Special
Mod Anthems
Mod World
Mojo Music Guide, Volume 3: Raw Soul
Mojo: Southern Soul
More 60’s
More 70's
More Adventures of Funksoul Sisters
More Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country
More Greatest Hits of the 70’s
Most Beautiful Love Songs Volume Three
Move On Up - 20 Of The Greatest Soul Hits
Mum’s Favourite Songs
música do século, volume 25, A
música do século, volume 26, A
música do século, volume 34, A
música do século, volume 35, A
My Generation, Volume 1: Stomp! The Best Dance Hits of the 60s & 70s
My Guy
mySounds: Ready to Load & Play: Party
Natural Woman, A
New York Collection, 1971
New York Collection, 1973
NME Ace Case (Side 2)
No.1 Hits of Three Decades
Non-Stop Christmas Party
Non-Stop Seventies Party
Northern Soul
Northern Soul - The Collection
Northern Soul's Diamonds & Pearls
Number 1 Blues Album, The
Official American Bandstand Library of Rock & Roll: 70s, The
Oh What a Year! 1965-1969
Oktoberfest Rockparty: Wies'n Hits 2010
Oldie Club
Oldie Festival
Oldie Hit-Box
Oldies but Goodies, Volume 2
On The Good Foot - Essential Funk Classics
On the Road
On the Road Again
Once Upon a Song
One and Only 60's Album, The
Only Rock ’n’ Roll 1970‐1974
Only the Best '70, Volume 4
Original Artists: Twenty Classic Tracks
Original Christmas Box Set, The
Original Disco Dance Collection, Vol. 1: 1975–1979, The
Original Hits - 70's Pop
Original Hits - Rap & Soul
Original Hits: Christmas
Original Legends Versions - V.A.
Original Oldies: 60’s & 70’s, Volume 4
P.S.: I Love You
Pacha Experience, The
Paint It Black: The Compilation of The Rolling Stones Cover Tracks
Party Alarm: Hits - heißer als die Polizei erlaubt
Party Party
Party Party: Legends Party
Party Power
Party Power Pack, Volume 5
Party: 120 Original Hits
Phil Spector Collection, The
Phil Spector: It Felt Like a Kiss (disc 1)
Phil Spector's Flips and Rarities
Phil Spector's Wall of Sound Retrospective
Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound Retrospective
Planet DJ, Volume 2
Platinum Collection, The
Platinum Collection: Disco Funk
Play Back: Good Music, Re-visited
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 5
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 8
Play Me the Blues... The Legendary Blues Singers, Volume 9
plus belles voix du monde, Les
Pop Aranykora 4, A
Pop Giganten: Hits der 70er
Pop Heaven
Pop Muzik: The Story of 70s Pop
Pottery Barn: Radio Soul
Pre Historie 1971, Volume 1, De
Pre Historie 1978, Volume 2, De
Promarkt CD, Volume 1, Die
Pulp Fusion: Revenge of the Ghetto Grooves
Pure Rock 1973
Pure Rock 1975
Pure Soft Rock
Pure Soul Power
Putumayo Presents: Mississippi Blues
R&B Box: 30 Years of Rhythm & Blues, The
R&B Humdingers, Volume 14
Raise Your Hand - 20 Of The Greatest Soul Hits
Raise Your Hand (U Got To)
Raise Your Hands
Raise Your Hands (club edit)
Raise Your Hands (Milk & Sugar remix)
Raise Your Hands (U Got to)
Raise Your Hands (U Got to) (Milk & Sugar remix)
Raise Your Hands (U Got to) (Nick Nite radio edit)
Raise Your Hands (U Got to) (Nick Nite remix)
Raise Your Hands (U Got to) (Paul Lomax remix)
Reborn to Run: The 35th Anniversary of Mustang
Recovered, Volume 3
Remember the 60's
Remember The 60's (Volume 5)
Remember the 70’s
Remember The 70’s (Volume 5)
Remember the Seventies
Remember the Titans
Remember Woodstock
Remembering Lennon & The Beatles
Renault Car Music, Volume 3
Renault CarMusic, Volume 3
Respect: A Century of Women in Music
Retro, Volume 1
Return of the 70s
Return of the Pusherman - Hustlin' Soul
Reunited, Volume 3
Revenge of the Pusherman: BaadAsssss Soul!
Revolution of the 60's, The
Rhino Instant Party: Hot! Hot! Hot!
Rhythm & Blues
Rhythm & Blues Classics
Rhythm & Blues: 1960
Rhythm & Blues: 1961
Rhythm & Blues: 1971
Rhythm & Soul N°2
Road Trip: A New Journey
Rock 'n' Roll Era: R&B Gems II, The
Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, Volume VI, Back In the USA
Rock 'n' Roll Music
Rock ‘n’ Roll Era: 1960 Still Rockin’, The
Rock ’n’ Roll Era: The ’60s: Keep On Rockin’, The
Rock & Pop 1955-1985
Rock & Pop CD 4
Rock & Pop Classics
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1973
Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits of the 70's Volume 1
Rock Ahoy: Katia Kaapt De Ether! Volume 3: Badness!
Rock and Pop Hits
Rock and Roll Jukebox, The
Rock Ballads Forever
Rock Box: 54 Classic Rock Anthems, The
Rock Chicks
Rock Classics
Rock Collection: Raised on Rock, The
Rock Collection: Rock Power, The
Rock Diamonds
Rock Diamonds, Volume 2
Rock Era - Black Magic
Rock Festival, Volume 1
Rock Giants
Rock Giants, Volume 1
Rock Giants, Volume 2: 1994
Rock Messages
Rock of the Seventies, Volume 3
Rock on Route 66: Die stärksten Rocksongs
Rock Power
Rock the Night
Rock the World, Vol. 3
Rock the World, Vol. 4
Rock Times plus, Volume 2: 1959-1962
Rock Times plus, Volume 5: 1971-1974
Rock: 120 Original Hits
Rock: The Greatest Rock Hits
Rock'n' Soul
Rock'n'Roll Classix
Rocket 88 - The Original 1951-1960 R&B And Rock & Roll Sides
Rockin' Softly
Rockland Radio: Welcome to Classic Rock! Chapter 1
Rolling Back the Years: 1966-1967
Roots of AC/DC, The
Roots of Rhythm: Restless Soul
Roots of Soul 1928-1962
Rubber Souled
Running Hits
Sampled, Volume 4
Satisfaction: A Tribute to the Rolling Stones
SATURN Party Edition: Die geilsten 70er Hits
Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America
Scorched Earth
Selection of the 70s
Sensational 70s
Seventies Complete, Volume 1
Seventies Legends 3
Seventies, The
Sex Machine: The Sound of Temptation
Sex, Drugs + Rock'n Roll
Simply Soul
Simply the Best of the 70's
Sing a Simple Song / Bold Soul Sister / Sing a Simple Song / Sing a Simple Song
Sixties Legends
Sixties Power Ballads
Sixties Soul Machine
Slums of Beverly Hills
Smashie & Nicey, Let's Rock!
Smile Like Yours, A
Soft Rock Classics
Solid Gold Soul 1960
Solid Gold Soul 1961
Solid Gold Soul 1971
Solid Gold, Volume 3: Sweet Soul Music
Solid Gold, Volume 4: Hits of the 70s
Solid Steel presents Hexstatic: Listen & Learn
Son of a Preacher Man
Songs for Aussie Mums, Volume 2 (disc 1)
Songs for Help
Soul & Blues
Soul & Blues, Volume 1
Soul Anthology: A Retrospective of Smooth n' Funky Soul Grooves
Soul Ballads
Soul Box, The
Soul Chronology Vol. 5: Singing From My Soul
Soul City
Soul Classics
Soul Collection, Volume 4
Soul Diva Sessions
Soul Explosion
Soul Feeling
Soul Food
Soul For Dancers 2: Out On The Floor Firecrackers
Soul Highway
Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Volume 3
Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Volume 4
Soul Legends
Soul Legends - Soul Deep
Soul Legends: Knock on Wood
Soul Machine, Volume 1
Soul Magic
Soul Men (Soul Collection, Volume Two)
Soul Music
Soul Of Blues Vol. 2, The
Soul of Lennon and McCartney, The
Soul of Minit Records, The
Soul Sensations, Volume 2
Soul Sisters & Brothers
Soul Spectacular! The Greatest Soul Hits of All Time
Soul Story, Volume 1, The
Soul to Soul
Soul to Soul, Volume 2
Soul to Soul: 18 Black Power Hits
Soul Train
Soul Tribute to the Beatles
Soul Years: 1973
Soul, Volume 1
Soul: Los grandes éxitos
Soul: Sexual Healing
Soul: Volume Four
Soul: Volume Three
Soulful Divas: Instore Play Sampler
Soultown: A Walk Through the Capitol of Soul
Sound of the Century: 1970–1979, The
Sound Selections From EMI Legends of Rock n' Roll Series
Sounds From the Motor City and More
Sounds of a Generation
Sounds of the Seventies: Super 70s
Sounds of the Sixties: Made in the USA
Sounds of the Sixties: Soul Classics
Special Soul
Spirit of the 60s: 1966: Still Swinging, The
Stand by me
Stand by Me 22: Original Soul Hits
Stars & Stripes (disc 1)
Stars of the 60s: 60 Classic Sixties Hits
Stars Of: American Anthems
Step Back & Boogie
Strictly Dance Fever
Strut'n' Get Up: Funky Fat Slices of Groove Cut from Blue Note
Sue Records Story
Summer Hits
Summer of Love: The Ultimate Collection
Summer Rock: Walking on Sunshine
Summer Superstars
Summer Superstars, Volume 2
Sunday Soul
Sunday Soul, Volume 1
Super 70’s Rock
Super Ingo präsentiert Autofahrer Hits
Super Oldie Hits, Volume 2
Super Oldies
Super Party Box (Rock'n Roll Party), Die
Super Rock Hits
Super Sixties
Super Soul Legends, Volume 1
Super Sound of the 70's, Volume 1, The
Superblues, Volume 1
Superfly Soul: Dynamite Funk and Bad-Assed Street Grooves
Superfly Soul: Riding Through the Ghetto
Sweet '70s Soul
Sweet Soul
Sweet Soul & Funky Music Vol.2
Sweet Soul Music - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Sweet Soul Music: 26 Scorching Classics From 1971
Sweet Soul Music: 31 Scorching Classics From 1961
Sweet Soul Music: 31 Scorching Classics From 1964
Sweetest Feeling: The Golden Age Of Soul, The
Swing Back to the 70's
Swingin' Sixties, The
Swinging Soul Hits
Sylvesterparty 2015
Talcum Soul 3
Testament van de Seventies
Testament van de Sixties
That Weekend Feeling…
That's Soul: Think
That’s Soul: Respect
That’s the 70’s
This is Funk, Volume 1
This Is Funk: The Juiciest Collection of Pure Funk Grooves
This Is Soul
This Is Soul, Volume 1
THIS is the 60s
This Is… 1973
Those Where the Days - The Seventies
Thumbsucker Revisited #1
Tiger Hits
Tijdloze honderd, Volume 4
Tijdloze, Vol. 4, De
Time Life Music - The Ultimate 70s Compilation: Dance Party & Disco Edition
Time to Remember: 1973, A
Time Will Tell: Songs We Shouldn’t Forget
Too Much Woman (For a Henpecked Man)
Top 2000 Editie 2013
Top 40 Hitdossier 1971-1972
Top 40 Hitdossier 1975-1976
Top of the Pops 1973
Top of the Pops Rock
Top of the Pops: 1970–1974
Top Of The Pops: 70s Soul
Top of the Pops: Year by Year Collection 1964 - 2006
Top Pop: Just the Best, Vol. 2
Topcollectie '60, De
Totally 70’s
Totally No. 1 Hits of the 70's
Tour of Duty: The Golden Popclassics From the 60's
Tour of Duty: Top 100
Tower Records Tribute to the Beatles, A
Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival, A
Tribute to the Beatles, A
Trip Tease, Volume 2: More Fine Moments From the Blue Note and Capitol Catalogue
Trouble Up The Road: The Recordings 1961
Turn Your Radio On
Twist & Shout
Twogether Années 60
Twogether Années 70
Twogether Soul
Typisch Zestig!
UK Sue Label Story: The Soul Of Sue, The
UK Sue Label Story: The World of Guy Stevens, The
Uk Sue Story! Vol. 4, The
Ultimate 60's Party Collection, The
Ultimate Collection: Driving Songs, The
Ultimate Grammy Collection: Classic R&B
Ultimate Legends
Ultimate Rock, Volume 2
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rock-Classics aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rock-Hymnen, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Solo-Trips aller Zeiten, Die
Ultime Rock
Uncut, 2002.11: Instant Karma 2002: A Tribute to John Lennon
Uncut, 2002.12: The Devil's Music: Keith Richards' Selection of Blues, Soul and R&B Classics
Uncut: The Devil's Jukebox
Unlucky Creature
Venezia Soul
Very Best of Legends, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1970-71, The
Very Best of the 70's, Volume 5
Very Best of the 70's, Volume 6, The
Vicious Cuts 2
Video Hits 1000th Show Celebration
Vilde Riis
Vitaminic: 50 MP3 Songs
Wall of Sound: The Very Best of Phil Spector 1961–1966
Want to Take You Higher, I
Was het nu 70, 80 of 90? File 4
We Are Marshall
We Can Work It Out (4hero mix)
We Can Work It Out (Straight Up)
What Happenin Stateside
Why Can’t We Be Happy
Wickie, Slime und Paiper, Volume 2
Wir rocken den Sommer
With a Little Help
Women Of R&B
Woodstock Generation
Woodstock Generation: Songs of a Love Generation, The
Working for a Living
World of Soul / Hold On, I’m Comin’ (disc 1), The
World of Soul / Knock on Wood (disc 2), The
World of Soul / Sex Machine. (disc 4), The
World of the Sensational Sixties, The
World's Biggest Driving Songs, The
World’s Biggest Seventies Anthems, The
Wow That Was the 70's
X5 Free Sampler: AM Radio Gold
Year in Your Life: 1973, Volume One, A
Yesterdays Gold, Volume 8
Yesterdays Gold: 120 Golden Oldies, Volume 2
Young and Dumb
Young Collection 2
Your Face or Your Kneecaps