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Département américain de la marine
États-Unis Department of defense Navy department
États-Unis Department of the navy
États-Unis Navy
États-Unis Navy department
Förenta staterna Navy
Navy (U.S.)
Navy United States
Spojené státy americké Naval Establishment
Spojené státy americké Navy
U.S. Navy
United States Department of the navy
United States Dept. of the Navy Navy
United States Naval Establishment
United States. Navy
United States Navy department
United States Navy Department Navy
United States Navy Dept Navy
US Navy
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Spojené státy americké Continental Navy (see also from)
United States Continental Navy (see also from)
United States Navy Department (see also from)
Anglo-American naval relations 1917-1919
Biological investigation of Malpelo Island, Colombia., The
Bluejackets' manual., The
Department of the Navy's civilian acquisition workforce, The : an analysis of recent trends
Eddy Duchin show., The
Improving naval aviation depot responsiveness
Increasing aircraft carrier forward presence : changing the length of the maintenance cycle
Interpretation of borehole geophysical logs, aquifer-isolation tests, and water-quality data for sites 1, 3, and 5 at Willow Grove Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base, Horsham Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Jahrbuch der US Navy ...
List of officers of the Navy of the United States and of the Marine corps from 1775 to 1900 : comprising a complete register of all present and former commissioned, warranted, and appointed officers of the United States Navy, and of the Marine corps, regular and volunteer
[Map of the defeat of the Confederate ship Alabama by the U.S. steamer Kearsarge on June 19, 1864, off Cherbourg, France].
Map showing the defences of Savannah, on the approaches of Wilmington and Savannah Rivers, Georgia. Flag St[eame]r "Harvest Moon" Feb. 8th 1865.
Map showing the route of the late expedition, commanded by Rear Admiral Porter, U.S.N., in attempting to get into the Yazoo River by the way of Steel's Bluff [i.e., Bayou] and Deer Creek.
Measures of effectiveness for the information-age Navy : the effects of network-centric operations on combat outcomes
Message address dir.
Message address directory
Nachrichten aus der U.S. Navy vierteljährlich erscheinende Informationszeitschrift, seit 1962
Nachrichten aus der US Navy
Naval analytical capabilities improving capabilities-based planning
Navy enterprises : evaluating their role in planning, programming, budgeting, and execution (PPBE)
Navy news serv.
Navy-wide examination advancement guide for E-6/7.
NLW : tactical employment of nonlethal weapons.
Officer manpower and personnel governance in the U.S. Navy : law, policy, and practice
Official transaction
On-site calibration of flow metering systems installed in buildings
Part of Federal point entrance to Cape Fear River. Sketch showing line of rebel forifications captured by the combined naval and military forces
Pearl Harbor - how America's guard was dropped.
PERA ready resource material program
Photographs of early molded plywood
Plan of Fort Anderson, Cape Fear River, N.C. showing the line of attack by the gun-boats February 18th 1865
Plan of the attack by gun-boats on Forts Strong and Lee, Cape Fear River, N.C. February 20th and 21st 1865
Plan showing the defences of the fort on Red River
Posters issued by U.S. Navy
Power in the Pacific, a dramatic sequence of official navy, Coast guard and Marine corps photographs, depicting the men, the sea, the ships and planes, bombardments, landing operations and attacks on the enemy's fleet ...
Power in the Pacific; official U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard photographs exhibited at the museum of modern art, New York;
Priority-setting and strategic sourcing in the naval research, development, and technology infrastructure
Proceedings of the Adaptive Sensor Array Processing (ASAP) Workshop (CD-ROM)
Proceedings of the ... annual Adaptive Sensor Array Processing (ASAP) Workshop
Project Tektite I: a multiagency 60-day saturated dive conducted by the United States Navy [and others]
Ready resource material guide
Recruiting posters issued by the U.S. Navy since the declaration of war.
Register of commissioned and warrant officers of the United States Navy and reserve officers on active duty.
Register of Navy officers on the active-duty list
Register of retired commissioned and warrant officers, regular and reserve, of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
Sabbatical leaves for Navy Surface Warfare Officers
Sea surface topography from space; proceedings.
Second attack upon Fort Fisher by the U.S. Navy
[Secretary Frank Knox speaks at the NBC fifteenth anniversary program].
Sketch of rebel fortifications at Hayne's Bluff.
Survival on land and sea
Tactical employment of nonlethal weapons
Three civilians were killed in this shrapnel-riddled car by a bomb dropped from a Jap plane eight miles from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941
Transitioning NAVSEA to the future : strategy, business, organization
U.S. aircraft carrier industrial base, The : force structure, cost, schedule, and technology issues for CVN 77
U.S. Navy and Marine Corps guide to Native American groups--eastern United States
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps purchase card training & interactive customer assistance
U.S. Navy's official website, welcome aboard
U.S. Navy shipyards : an evaluation of workload- and workforce-management practices
U.S. Navy war photographs : Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay
Underwater and hyperbaric medicine.
Uniform regulations
United States aircraft carrier industrial base
United States Navy shipyards
United States Navy welcome aboard., The
Using value to manage repair parts : a documented briefing
Vicksburg and vicinity.
View of Fort Hindman, Arkansas Post. [January 11, 1863]
Warfighting and logistic support of Joint Forces from the joint sea base
Welcome aboard
World ocean floor