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Academia harniensis
Académie royale des sciences et des lettres Danemark
Académie royale des sciences et des lettres de Danemark
Copenhagen Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab
Danische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Royal
Danske Videnskabernes Selskab
Danske videnskabernes selskab, Copenhagen
Danske videnskabernes selskab, Kongelige
Datskai︠a︡ korolevskai︠a︡ akademii︠a︡ nauk
Det Københavnske Selskab af Laerdoms og Videnskabers Elskere
Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab
Kjøbenhavnsk selskab af lærdoms og videnskabers elskere
Kjøbenhavnske selskab af lærdoms og videnskabers elskere
Kongelig viidenskabers societet (Denmark)
Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab
Kongelige videnskabers selskab Danemark
Kongeligt dansk videnskabernes selskab (Denmark)
Kongeligt videnskabers selskab (Denmark)
Königlich Dänische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Regia Academia Scientiarum Danica
Regia societas scientiarum danica
Royal Academy of Science and Letters of Denmark
Royal Danish Academy of Science
Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Selskab af Laerdoms og Videnskabers Elskere København
Societas Hafniensis Bonis Artibus Promovendis Dedita
Societas regia bonis artibus promovendis dedita
Société royale des sciences (Denmark)
Videnskabernes selskab (Denmark)
Location / Nationality: 
Denmark Kobenhavn
Creation class: 
Language material
Related names: 
Det Kongelige Videnskabers Selskab København (see also from)
Ebbesen, Sten
Hansen, Mogens Herman
Sigmund, Peter
Toll, Christopher
Wessel, Caspar
Wiin-Nielsen, A.
Acta zoologica
Annual report (The Royal Danish Academy of sciences and Letters)
Arabic plant names of Peter Forsskål's Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica, The
Arkaeologisk-kunsthistoriske skrifter.
'Arṣû and 'Azîzû : a study of the West Semitic "Dioscuri" and the gods of dawn and dusk
Biologiske meddelelser.
Biologiske skrifter.
Comparative ethnobotanical studies of the Amerindian groups in Coastal Ecuador
Conceptions of numbers : the perspectives of hearing impaired Norwegian schoolchildren
Corpus Medicorum Graecorum.
critical Pāli dictionary, A
Daniel Frederik Eschricht (1798-1863), Peter Wilhelm Lund (1801-1880): Danish pioneers in sedimental physiology historians, philosophers and practitioners on Claude Bernard's "Introduction à l'étude de la médecine expérimentale"
Den moderne republikanisme og dens kritik af det liberale demokrati
Det Kongelige Danske videnskabernes selskabs publikationer, 1917-1956 : med samlet prisliste 1742-1956 : with a list of prices, 1742-1956
Det Kongelige Danske videnskabernes selskabs skrifter
electronic structure of ferrocene, The
Everybody talks about it-
Eyak Indians of the Copper River Delta, Alaska, The
Filosofiske meddelelser
Forhandlinger (Kongelige Norske videnskabers selskab)
Fundamental processes in sputtering of atoms and molecules (SPUT92) : symposium on the occasion of the anniversary of the Royal Danish Academy of sciences and Letters : Copenhagen, 30 August - 4 September, 1992 : invited reviews
H.C. Ørsted's Theory of force : an unpublished textbook in dynamical chemistry
Historic scientific instruments in Denmark
Historisk-filosofiske meddelelser
Historisk-filosofiske skrifter
inégalité de Kolmogoroff et les fonctions presque-périodiques, Une
Infinitive control in Danish
Introduction to an inventory of poleis : symposium August, 23-26 1995
Ion beam science : solved and unsolved problems : invited lectures presented at a symposium arranged by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen, 1-5 May 2006
Iron, steel and cast iron before Bessemer : the slag-analytical method and the role of carbon and phosphorus
Italie dans l'imaginaire romantique, L' : actes du colloque de Copenhague 14-15 septembre 2007
John Buridan and beyond : topics in the language sciences, 1300-1700
Kanslere og kancellier : især "tyske" i Danmark og Holsten hen imod Enevælden
Law and the Islamic world : past and present : papers presented to the joint seminar at the Universities of Copenhagen and Lund, March 26th-27th, 1993, organized by Christopher Toll, Jan Hjärpe, Jacob Skovgaard-Petersen and Ditlev Tamm
Lesson of quantum theory, The
Lidt om Vibeke Kruse, kong Christian 4.s sidste samlever
logarithmic potential in higher dimensions, The
Lower estimates of the isoperimetric deficit of nearly spherical domains in RE̮TA in terms of asymmetry
Magnetism in metals : a symposium in memory of Allan Mackintosh, Copenhagen, 26-29 August 1996 : Invited Review Papers
Matematisk-fysiske meddelelser
Matematisk-fysiske skrifter.
Mathematisk-fysiske meddelelser
Medieval analyses in language and cognition : acts of the symposium The Copenhagen School of Medieval Philosophy, January 10-13, 1996
Mémoires de l'Académie royale des sciences et des lettres de Danemark.
Mlabri and Mon-Khmer : tracing the history of a hunter-gatherer language
Natural sciences in China : report from a visit to the People's Republic of China
Naturvidenskabelig og mathematisk afdeling
New approaches to the history of late medieval and early modern Europe : selected proceedings of two international conferences at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen in 1997 and 1999
Niels Bohr's philosophical background
Nogle danske statistikeres liv og deres værker
Nord-Sud. Colloque tenu les 16 et 17 Septembre 1965 à Copenhague à l'occasion de la VIIIe assemblée génerale du C. I. P. S. H. [Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines].
Northern antiquities and national identities : perceptions of Denmark and the North in the eighteenth century : symposium held in Copenhagen, August 2005
Notes on the language and ethnography of the Zoroastrians of Yazd
Olympia and the classical Hellenic city-state culture
On atmospheric waves
On limited predictability
On pairwise related strong Stieltjes distributions
origin of phonolites and trachytes from the Col de Guéry area, The : le Mont-Dore, Massif Central, France
Oversigt over Selskabet Virksomhed (Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab)
Peter Oluf Brøndsted (1780-1842) : a Danish classicist in his European context : acts of the conference at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen, 5-6 October 2006
Phosphors and phosphorus in early Danish natural philosophy
Plant diversity and complexity patterns : local, regional and global dimensions : proceedings of an international symposium held at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters in Copenhagen, Denmark, 25-28 May, 2005
Poetry of the Baxtiārīs : love poems, wedding songs, lullabies, laments
Polis and city-state : an ancient concept and its modern equivalent : symposium, January 9, 1998
polis as an urban centre and as a political community, The : symposium, August, 29-31 1996
Poly-unsaturated fatty acids : neural function & mental health : proceedings of an international and interdisciplinary symposium, The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, August 9, 2007
Religious texts in Iranian languages : symposium held in Copenhagen, May 2002
Snorre Sturlassöns historieskrivning
solubilities of some sparingly soluble salts in aqueous solutions of urea and dioxane, The
Some accurate half-life determinations
Sound propagation in a dilute Fermi gas at zero temperature
Sources for the ancient Greek city-state : symposium : August, 24-27 1994
Stjernefortegnelse indeholdende 10000 positioner af teleskopiske fixstjerner imellem--15 og + 15 graders deklination. Udledet af egne observationer, anstillede med Kjøbenhavns meridiankreds i aarene 1861, 1862 og 1863 samt reducerede til begyndelsen af 1865
Stopping cross section in carbon of 0.1-1.0 MeV atoms with 6<Z₁<20
Stopping of 50 keV ions in gases
Stopping power of electron gas and equipartition rule
structure of barium bromide dihydrate, The
Studies in the population of Aigina, Athens and Eretria
Studies on fused systems containing the 1,4-diazepine nucleus
sum of Cantor sets, A : an elementary observation
Surface transformation classes of algebraically finite type
theorem on Toeplitz determinants with elements containing Tchebycheff polynomials of the first kind, A
Topographical studies in the Ǧabla Plain
trial of Sokrates - from the Athenian point of view, The
Tychonis Brahe Dani, die XXIV Octobris A.D. MDCI defuncti, operum primitias De nova stella
Tyge Brahes Meteorologiske dagbog, holdt paa Uraniborg for aarene 1582-1597.
Über das Koeffizientendarstellungsproblem Dirichletscher Reihen
Über den einfluss des akkommodationskoeffizienten auf die wärmeleitung und radiometerkraft in gasen
Über die Absorption des Schalles in trüben Medien
Über fastperiodische Bewegungen in ebenen Bereichen und auf Flächen
Untersuchungen über Calciumchlorid und dessen Moonhydrat [i.e. Monohydrat]
Untersuchungen über die Radiometerfunktion und die Knudsen'sche Radiometerkraft
Untersuchungen über die Spektren des Silbers
Untersuchungen über Niederspannungs-Ionenquellen
Variétés développantes et variétés développées
Videnssamfundet i det 12. og 13. århundrede : forskning og formidling
Vulcientia vetustiora : a study of archaic Vulcian bronzes
Wenzelslegende des Mönchs Christian, Die